WordPress plugins search service birthday

Happy birthday ChoosePlugin.comA lot of people, who use WordPress, spend time searching good plugins. I’m one of them. I have a few WordPress sites and use different plugins their. Right place to search plugins is the WordPress plugins repository. It contains 20 000+ (for more exact information visit ChoosePlugin.com home page) free plugins from hundreds of enthusiastic authors right now. That’s excellent. But that has a drawbacks too. Plugins developers appear and disappear. Every day new guys started new work, but some guys or girls stop it, forever. Thus the list of plugins is overwhelmed by old, outdated code, which is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. When you search plugin you waste time to select your right tool from that old code. Did you ever dream about convenient and powerful search engine for WordPress plugins? Me do.

So, I decided to help myself and, of course, to you, and overcome such little inconvenience. I developed this service using my everyday experience of searching information in large data volumes. You should be capable to use multiple criteria at one time, not text search in plugin description only. Now we have new WordPress plugins search engine. Go to the search page press “Filter”, input your search criteria and start. I hope you will like it with the same rate as I do :). If you have some questions about how it works, read About page. Do not hesitate to contact me directly via ChoosePlugin.com comments system or this site contact form.

Hello World! – said me today newborn WordPress plugins search engine, this ChoosePlugin.com site. Such first sentence we see on the fresh WordPress installation at its first post, made automatically.
– Hello World! – I wish to say hello you myself, as this site is build on WordPress platform too.

This is a first time I posting here. This is a first day I removed a dummy page and opened result of my work with ChoosePlugin.com to the world.

Welcome to the real world, ChoosePlugin.com! Let’s it will not be inhospitable to you, my young, lovely, small, but powerful and (I hope) fast growing WordPress plugins searching service. Let’s your audience will find you quickly and you will not be alone on endless Internet vastness.