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Easy Form Builder (WhiteStudio)
description plugin | | |
Easy Form Builder is a user-friendly plugin to help you create powerful forms. With Easy…
6.1.109-02-202313 2621008
Kirim.Email Form Integration (Kirim.Email)
description plugin | | |
Kirim.Email Form Integration add subscription form to your post. You also be able to set which form that will show as pop up or bar.
6.1.109-02-20238 091902
AI Engine: ChatGPT Chatbot, GPT Content Generator, Custom Playground & Features (Jordy Meow)
description plugin | | |
GPT AI for WordPress. ChatGPT-style chatbot, image/content generator, finetune and train models, etc. Customizable and…
6.1.109-02-202328 67110059
AM LottiePlayer – Vector animations for WordPress (Aarstein Media)
description plugin | | |
The most complete Lottie Player yet. Lightweight, easy to use, accepts LottieJSON and dotLottie, and works with Gutenberg, Divi Builder, Elementor and …
Cart tracking for WooCommerce (Simple Plugins)
description plugin | | |
Keep track of what people are adding or removing from their cart. See most added/removed products lists.
YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer (YayCommerce)
description plugin | | |
Customize WooCommerce email templates with live preview & drag and drop email builder
6.1.109-02-2023296 98292115
Admin Column (DevUI)
description plugin | | |
Customise columns on the administration screens for post(types), pages and users.
Ads Code (Photoboxone)
description plugin | | |
Ads code, Ads widget, Google Ads.
6.1.109-02-20235 69500
SMTP Mail (Photoboxone)
description plugin | | |
SMTP settings, mail function, send test, save submited data ( phpmailer ). It is very easy to configure and fast.
6.1.109-02-202344 514804
Photo Box (Photoboxone)
description plugin | | |
The Photo Box will set popup for all images in galleries.
6.1.109-02-20237 8001001
Preview Form (DevUI)
description plugin | | |
The preview form for Contact Form 7.
6.1.109-02-20232 9631001
Advanced Custom Data (DevUI)
description plugin | | |
Custom Data to display anywhere.
6.1.109-02-20232 1481001
Icon Separator (Phi Phan)
description plugin | | |
A simple, lightweight, accessibility-ready icon separator block.
6.1.109-02-20232 4851003
Bakrypt Blockchain Tokenization Extension for WooCommerce (Wolfgang Leon)
description plugin | | |
A plugin made to extend Woocommerce features.
PixxPay (Diletec)
description plugin | | |
PixxPay ITP by U4C Bem vindo! Este plugin te dá acesso para realizar operações de ITP (Iniciador de pagamento via OpenFinance) diretamente no WordPr …
AR for WooCommerce (Web and Print Design)
description plugin | | |
Augmented Reality for WooCommerce plugin is an all in one solution to allow you to present your 3D models in an interactive 3D model viewer and AR vie …
6.1.109-02-20236 0971004
AR for WordPress (Web and Print Design)
description plugin | | |
Augmented Reality for WordPress plugin is an all in one solution to allow you to present your 3D models in an interactive 3D model viewer and AR view …
6.1.109-02-202311 631908
CP Image Store with Slideshow (CodePeople)
description plugin | | |
CP Image Store with Slideshow is an online store for the sale of image files: images, predefined pictures, clipart, drawings, vector images.
6.1.109-02-202333 494604
Media File Renamer: Rename Files (Manual or Auto) (Jordy Meow)
description plugin | | |
Rename and move files directly from the dashboard, either individually or in bulk. You can even set it to automatically rename your files for you! Nic …
6.1.109-02-20231 883 14492368
All in One Invite Codes (ThemeKraft)
description plugin | | |
Intelligent automatic invite codes system. Create Invite only Registration Funnels, Products and more.
6.1.109-02-20237 2791003
VK All in One Expansion Unit (Vektor,Inc.)
description plugin | | |
This plug-in is an integrated plug-in with a variety of features that make it powerful your web site.
6.1.109-02-20233 756 465845
Custom Login Page styler | Customize Admin Login Page | Login Security (Zia Imtiaz)
description plugin | | |
Custom Login Page stuler plugin allows you to easily customize the layout of your login, admin login, client login, register and forgot password forms …
6.1.109-02-2023200 65486162
Flat Preloader (Thien Nguyen)
description plugin | | |
Flat Preloader helps you create the loading page with many excited gif icons.
6.1.109-02-202358 42210011
Sell Downloads (CodePeople)
description plugin | | |
Sell Downloads is an WordPress eCommerce for selling downloadable files: audio, video, documents, pictures all…
6.1.109-02-202384 3618421
Auto Robot – WP Autoblogging and RSS Feed News Aggregator (wphobby)
description plugin | | |
Auto blogging and generate WordPress posts automatically from RSS Feed, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo,…
6.1.109-02-202363 313728
Music Store – WordPress eCommerce (CodePeople)
description plugin | | |
Music Store - WordPress ecommerce is an online store for selling audio files: music, speeches,…
6.1.109-02-2023175 5197845
Openagenda (OpenAgenda)
description plugin | | |
Display calendars from https://openagenda.com on your site.
6.1.108-02-20232 3741002
YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter (YITH)
description plugin | | |
YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter offers you the perfect way to filter all products of your WooCommerce shop.
6.1.108-02-20233 498 3357080
Tranzly: AI DeepL WordPress Translation (tranzly)
description plugin | | |
Translate your WordPress Website content automatically including WooCommerce and Yoast using Tranzly, A revolutionary AI DeepL WordPress Plugin.
6.1.108-02-20232 52200
WP Mailster (brandtoss)
description plugin | | |
WP Mailster allows your users to be part of a group and communicate by email without having to log into a website.
6.1.108-02-202318 0229624
ct4gg (Franck VANHOUCKE)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress customiser tools for beginer and confirmed users.
6.1.108-02-20232 51400
StoryChief (StoryChief)
description plugin | | |
All-in-one Content Marketing Workspace
6.0.308-02-202343 3679813
Tito (Tady Walsh)
description plugin | | |
Probably the best event management software on the web, Tito brings ticket sales directly to your website.
6.0.308-02-20232 32700
WP phpMyAdmin (Puvox.software)
description plugin | | |
[ ✅ ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? b???? ???????????????????? ] phpMyAdmin - Database Browser & Manager (for MySQL & MariaDB)
6.0.308-02-2023604 3099046
ELEX Minimum Order Amount for WooCommerce (ELEXtensions)
description plugin | | |
ELEX WooCommerce Minimum Order Amount plugin helps you to configure minimum and maximum order amount based on WordPress user roles.
6.1.108-02-20238 20800
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