Plugin Screenshots, FAQ, ChangeLog were added

plugin screenshots faq changelog Plugin full details pages were updated. Each page has plugin Screenshots, FAQ and ChangeLog sections. You can find them just under plugin description. These data are hidden by default. In order to see needed section click on its link, e.g. click on “Screenshots” link will show screenshots for this plugin. Click on the link again to hide full section. Continue reading

Last updated date is more exact now

last updated date Last updated date of plugin is very important attribute as the majority of WordPress users consider to select recently (at least this year) updated plugins. As developer of WordPress plugins I update them from time to time. I saw after commit of next version to repository, that public WordPress plugins directory some times doesn’t change last updated date, while shows the latest version of plugin correctly. Working on synchronization of plugins database with WordPress repository I met with this subject again. Continue reading

WordPress plugin details page link is added

wordpress plugin details WordPress plugin details page is now available for any plugin found here, at Just click on the plugin name or the second icon in the actions list under plugin name – you see it on the screenshot to the left. You can check all valuable information about selected plugin at one place at once.
Plugin full details page contains plugin banner (if such exists at WordPress plugins repository). Other attributes you can find on this page are: author, author URI, WordPress versions (required and tested), plugin version, date it was added to WordPress plugin repository, date of last update, rating %, number of ratings, total downloads quant, plugin URI at, download link and full description from plugin author. Continue reading

WordPress plugins search service birthday

Happy birthday ChoosePlugin.comA lot of people, who use WordPress, spend time searching good plugins. I’m one of them. I have a few WordPress sites and use different plugins their. Right place to search plugins is the WordPress plugins repository. It contains 20 000+ (for more exact information visit home page) free plugins from hundreds of enthusiastic authors right now. That’s excellent. But that has a drawbacks too. Plugins developers appear and disappear. Every day new guys started new work, but some guys or girls stop it, forever. Thus the list of plugins is overwhelmed by old, outdated code, which is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. When you search plugin you waste time to select your right tool from that old code. Did you ever dream about convenient and powerful search engine for WordPress plugins? Me do. Continue reading