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VidYen Point System (VidYen, LLC)
description plugin | | |
The VidYen Point System [VYPS] allows you to create your own rewards site on WordPress…
Organize Media Library by Folders (Katsushi Kawamori)
description plugin | | |
Organize Media Library by Folders. URL in the content, replace with the new URL.
4.9.817-08-201822 040727
Enable Database Tools (Jeff Starr)
description plugin | | |
Enables WP Database Tools. So you can optimize and repair InnoDB and MyISAM tables.
Zip Recipes (HappyGezim)
description plugin | | |
Zip Recipes is the perfect plugin for recipe/food blogs. Creating elegant recipes with images that increase your Google ranking is easy and simple.
4.9.817-08-201858 1659881
Experience Builder (Monoloop)
description plugin | | |
Profile your visitors and transform your static site into a dynamic personalized experience.
VK All in One Expansion Unit (Vektor,Inc.)
description plugin | | |
This plug-in is an integrated plug-in with a variety of features that make it powerful your web site.
4.9.817-08-2018338 4651002
Stripe Checkout (naa986)
description plugin | | |
Sell anything from your WordPress site with Stripe. Accept credit card payments via streamlined checkout…
4.9.817-08-20184 0331002
WP Content Copy Protection (Tyche Softwares)
description plugin | | |
WP Content Copy Protection uses aggressive techniques in protecting your online content (text/source/images/video/audio) from being stolen.
4.9.817-08-2018397 67272133
Live Streaming / Broadcast Live Video (VideoWhisper.com)
description plugin | | |
Live video streaming, webcam broadcasting app and player with chat, external apps support, 24/7 IP…
4.9.817-08-2018176 1518021
BUKAZU Search widget (Bob van Oorschot)
description plugin | | |
Create a simple search widget for bukazu search calendar
Arconix FAQ (Tyche Softwares)
description plugin | | |
Arconix FAQ provides an easy way to add FAQ items to your website.
4.9.817-08-2018105 2159871
BlossomThemes Toolkit (blossomthemes)
description plugin | | |
BlossomThemes Toolkit provides you necessary widgets for better and effective blogging.
4.9.817-08-201817 6881001
WP Extended Search (5um17)
description plugin | | |
Extend default search to search in selected post meta, taxonomies, post types and all authors.
4.9.817-08-201830 9619824
Lessify WordPress (Nirmal Kumar Ram)
description plugin | | |
Combine the power of WordPress with the power of Less and create something awesome.
4.9.817-08-20181 812925
WP Editor.md (淮城一只猫)
description plugin | | |
WP Editor.MD是一个漂亮又实用的在线Markdown文档编辑器。
4.9.817-08-201834 9508814
GoQSmile (GoQSystem Inc.)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Product Galllery Images Slider (UnikInfotech)
description plugin | | |
Instantly transform the gallery on your WooCommerce Product page into a fully Responsive Stunning Carousel Slider.
WP Travel Engine (WP Travel Engine)
description plugin | | |
WP Travel Engine is a free travel booking WordPress plugin to create travel and tour packages for tour operators and travel agencies.
4.9.817-08-201834 859929
Shortcode Maker (CyberCraft)
description plugin | | |
The plugin to help you make shortcode by yourself or chose builtin shortcodes to use them easily
4.9.817-08-201815 8258417
OSS Upload (Link)
description plugin | | |
使用阿里云 OSS 作为媒体库附件存储空间,支持原创增强的 OSS 协议包装和全原生图像编辑及衍生功能。
4.9.817-08-20186 5271002
GatewayAPI (OnlineCity ApS)
description plugin | | |
Send SMS'es and enable SMS-based two-factor security.
4.9.817-08-20181 4311003
Dashboard Welcome for Elementor (IdeaBox Creations)
description plugin | | |
Replaces the default WordPress dashboard welcome panel with custom designed Elementor template.
4.9.817-08-20181 0961004
WP Frontend (CyberCraft)
description plugin | | |
Frontend profile builder, authentication and post submission plugin for wordpress. Evenrything is in frontend.
Magforest Affiliate Plugin (Genjitsu Labs for Magforest)
description plugin | | |
Many websites earn money through Affiliate Referrals. This plugin lets you build your own custom…
ThemeFarmer Companion (ThemeFarmer)
description plugin | | |
Advance Extension For ThemeFarmer Theme. enjoy full functionality of ThemeFarmer theme by installing this plugin.
Molongui Authorship (Amitzy)
description plugin | | |
Complete suite on all about authors and authorship: Multiple authors, guest authors and author box.…
4.9.817-08-201811 8849617
Arconix Shortcodes (Tyche Softwares)
description plugin | | |
Arconix Shortcodes provides a number of useful design elements like buttons, boxes, tabs and toggles to help compliment any website.
4.9.817-08-201883 2319423
SupportCandy (SupportCandy)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds to WordPress the features of a complete helpdesk ticket system. Easy to configure and easy to use is our first priority.
TrackFree – WooCommerce Tracking (TrackFree)
description plugin | | |
TrackFree – a solution that enables businesses to better engage with customers and inspire long-term…
Qwizcards – online quizzes and flashcards (Dan Kirshner)
description plugin | | |
Qwizcards lets you create quizzes and flashcard decks using an interactive WYSIWYG editor -- it adds simple shortcodes to your page or post
4.9.817-08-201813 9531005
Google Drive Embedder (Dan Lester)
description plugin | | |
Browse for Google Drive documents and embed directly in your posts/pages. Extends Google Apps Login…
4.9.817-08-2018139 9308433
Import Export WordPress Users (WebToffee)
description plugin | | |
Import users and export users made simple! Easily Export Users to CSV, Import Users from…
4.9.817-08-201837 9508213
Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin (Awesome Support Team)
description plugin | | |
The most versatile and feature-rich help desk and support plugin for WordPress. Provide awesome support…
4.9.817-08-2018136 35590124
WordPress Tooltips (Tomas Zhu | Docs | FAQ | Premium Support)
description plugin | | |
Add custom tooltips automatically for post's content/title/tag/excerpt/gallery/menu, easily add image / video / audio /…
4.9.817-08-201896 8367633
Photo Box (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
Photo Box is a plugin view images popup, auto popup in homepage, slide show popup, responsive popup, slider for gallery in posts, pages, do shortcode.
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