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Thrinacia Atlas CrowdFunding (Thrinacia)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to easily create a CrowdFunding portal/website by using Thrinacia Atlas infrastructure.
Sunshine Photo Cart (Sunshine Photo Cart)
description plugin | | |
Client Proofing Gallery & Photo Cart Plugin. Sell prints from your own WordPress website.
4.9.423-02-201840 4289677
SendPress Newsletters (SendPress)
description plugin | | |
A Newsletter Plugin for WordPress to create, send, manage and track your Newsletters in one place.
4.9.423-02-2018380 3449254
TRANSAX For WooCommerce (Transax)
description plugin | | |
Extends WooCommerce by Adding the TRANSAX Gateway.
WP phpMyAdmin (ProtectPages.com)
description plugin | | |
phpMyAdmin - Database Browser & Manager (for MySQL & MariaDB)
WordPress Share Buttons (Max Foundry)
description plugin | | |
Our Wordpress Share Button plugin gets you up and sharing within minutes.
4.9.423-02-20182 82800
Shift8 Remote Management (Shift8 Web)
description plugin | | |
A wordpress plugin that implements an API framework for you to control and manage one or many Wordpress sites from a central location.
Proofreading (Scribit)
description plugin | | |
Proofreading allows you to correct texts on your Wordpress site. This plugin allows you to proofread in 30 different languages on articles and pages o …
PushEngage Browser Push Notifications Plugin (Radha Krishna B)
description plugin | | |
If your website runs on Wordpress, you can use our Plugin to get automatic notifications at time of publishing a new post.
4.9.423-02-201820 5061004
Locatoraid – Store Locator Plugin (hitcode.com)
description plugin | | |
Add a store locator map to your site and get your visitors to start finding…
4.9.423-02-201845 3348613
PlaySMS – Woocommerce (App World Sp. z o.o.)
description plugin | | |
Kiyoh / Klantenvertellen (bpluijms)
description plugin | | |
Show customer reviews from KiyOh or Klantenvertellen.nl on your website with a Widget or Shortcode.
Scramble Email (Felipe Paul Martins - Opus Magnum)
description plugin | | |
Simple shortcode to scramble (hide) email addresses to email bot harvesters.
MoreNiche Soft Pixel Tracking (MoreNiche)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds MoreNiche specific code to your website. Once you activate the plugin your website will have the soft pixel code installed.
Androapp – Native Android & IOS mobile app for wordpress site (Genius Fools)
description plugin | | |
Native mobile app for android / ios platform, create a beautiful mobile app for your wordpress blog in minutes, no programming knowledge required.
4.8.523-02-201845 1129448
Excerpt below Title (Kuuak)
description plugin | | |
Move the excerpt metabox below the post title
WooCommerce payment plugin – Novalnet (Novalnet)
description plugin | | |
Novalnet payment plugin provides all popular online payment methods for your WooCommerce webshop.
4.9.423-02-201824 837864
Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders (Liam McArthur)
description plugin | | |
Autocomplete your WooCommerce v2+/v3+ orders with ease.
WP Compress – Image Optimizer (WP Compress)
description plugin | | |
Compress and optimize images to shrink file size, improve load times and boost PageSpeed scores in just one click using WP Compress image optimization …
4.9.423-02-20181 0421002
Product Import Export for WooCommerce (XAdapter)
description plugin | | |
Easily import products into WooCommerce store or export WooCommerce products from the store. Import WooCommerce Products from any CSV to WooCommerce.
4.9.423-02-2018222 5779662
Magforest Affiliate Plugin (Genjitsu Labs for Magforest)
description plugin | | |
Many websites earn money through Affiliate Referrals. This plugin lets you build your own custom Magazine Reseller website in Minutes!
description plugin | | |
Integre el calendario de Avirato en su Web de forma sencilla y en el formato que prefiera.
RegistrationMagic-Custom Registration Forms (Registrationmagic)
description plugin | | |
Create customized user registration forms, accept payments, track submissions, manage users, analyze stats, assign user roles and more!
4.9.423-02-2018287 51092284
Gartentechnik.com (Gartentechnik.communications GmbH)
description plugin | | |
Gartentechnik.com ist ein kostenfreies, open source WordPress-Plugin zur Benutzung der kostenpflichtigen API des gleichnamigen Service für Motorgeräte …
hiWeb Image Orient (Den Media)
description plugin | | |
The plugin automatically turns photos taken on a smartphone, reading EXIF information from jpeg file.…
Embed Google AdWords Codes on WooCommerce (StoreYa)
description plugin | | |
The ultimate Woocommerce plugin for Google AdWords advertising - embedding Conversion Tracking and Remarketing codes…
4.9.423-02-20187 941887
Woocommerce Disable Product (Purvik)
description plugin | | |
Disable woocommerce product on front-end
StoreYa Like Box (StoreYa)
description plugin | | |
Like Box plugin increasing your Facebook Community from day one!
4.9.423-02-201812 638746
Clickx Analytics- Free Marketing Plugin for WordPress (Click X)
description plugin | | |
This is the wordpress plugin for the lead form feature of Clickx. This plugin is required to use lead form in wordpress sites.
Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets (dashed-slug )
description plugin | | |
Turn your blog into a bank: Let your users deposit, withdraw, and transfer bitcoins and…
4.9.423-02-201814 3641004
FV Flowplayer Video Player (FolioVision)
description plugin | | |
WordPress's most reliable, easy to use and feature-rich video player. Supports responsive design, HTML5, playlists,…
4.9.423-02-2018860 1179250
Security Headers (Simon Waters (Surevine Ltd))
description plugin | | |
Plug-in to ease the setting of TLS headers for HSTS and similar
4.9.423-02-20186 1251005
GA Code Visibility (Off-Site Services, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Easily add Google Analytics code to your head and use it only when site is switched to "Search Engine Visibility".
MultiDealer (Bill Minozzi)
description plugin | | |
New. For Dealers manage and sell products online quickly. Create Your Own Fields and Search Bar.
Simple Link Directory (QuantumCloud)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Directory plugin to curate topic based link collections. Curate gorgeous Link Directory, Link List, Link Archive, Partners or Vendors Direct …
4.9.423-02-201823 6829430
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