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WP Issues CRM (Will Brownsberger)
description plugin | | |
CRM for offices that receive and respond to high-volume correspondence from broad constituencies.
4.9.822-10-20185 2511004
Micropub (Ryan Barrett)
description plugin | | |
A Micropub server plugin. Available in the WordPress plugin directory at wordpress.org/plugins/micropub.
4.9.822-10-20183 2191003
AdRotate Banner Manager (Arnan de Gans)
description plugin | | |
Monetise your website with adverts while keeping things simple. Start making money today!
4.9.822-10-20182 078 45586546
Mythic Smooth Scroll (Mythic Design Company)
description plugin | | |
Smooth scrolling plugin with optional offset for fixed/sticky headers.
Embed Steam store widget (Xhats.com)
description plugin | | |
For any game with a visible purchase option in the Steam store, you can create a widget with information about your product, current price, any discou …
Instagram Lander (James Low)
description plugin | | |
Landing page featuring a mirror of your instagram feed with links to related posts
CSS JS Files (James Low)
description plugin | | |
Select files CSS/JS and/or write CSS/JS rules to any single page or post or globally
4.9.822-10-20181 6251002
Reward Points for wc-marketplace (Excellentwebworld)
description plugin | | |
Reward points for wc-marketplace is used to add reward point system to your woocommerce store in which your store has multiple vendors.
List Field Character Limit for Gravity Forms (Adrian Gordon)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to set character limits for list fields
3r Elementor Timeline Widget (B.M. Rafiul Alam)
description plugin | | |
Adds Timeline Addons/Widgets that are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Elementor Page Builder.
Infobox field for Gravity Forms (Adrian Gordon)
description plugin | | |
Extends the Gravity Forms plugin - adding an infobox field that can be used to display information throughout the form.
5.022-10-20183 5131001
WS Form – Build Better WordPress Forms (Westguard Solutions)
description plugin | | |
WS Form allows you to build faster, effective, user friendly WordPress forms. Build forms in a single click or use the unique drag and drop editor to …
Gravity Forms – Start progress bar at zero percent (Adrian Gordon)
description plugin | | |
Forces the progress bar on multi-page forms to start at zero percent.
5.022-10-20184 3281002
Web to Print Online Designer (Netbaseteam)
description plugin | | |
Web to Print Online Designer for Woocommerce lets your customers design or customize their perfect product online.
4.9.822-10-201812 8889418
Drop Down Options in List Fields for Gravity Forms (Adrian Gordon)
description plugin | | |
Gives the ability to add drop down (select) fields inside of a list field column
5.022-10-201817 527947
Zita Site Library (WpZita)
description plugin | | |
Using Zita site library Import pre made websites in just one click.
Free Regenerate thumbnails, Optimize, Delete Unused – WP Thumbnails Regenerator (Way2enjoy)
description plugin | | |
Regenerate thumbnails & Optimize Free. Half size same quality.click regenerate & regenerate thumbnails, delete unused thumbs.
4.9.822-10-20185 242929
Sif (adpu)
description plugin | | |
Sif is a simple wordpress plugin that adds hover or flipper image in woocommerce product list, category list and related products list.
Amd (Jordi Verdaguer)
description plugin | | |
Amd is a simple wordpress plugin that allows you to add and manage meta description and title tag of your posts and pages.
WooCommerce Ajax Login/Register (Zorem)
description plugin | | |
improve your WooCommerce shop UI/UX with AJAX-powered login & registration process, no page refreshes!
Remove RSS Feed (Boopathi Rajan)
description plugin | | |
Remove RSS Feed is the best plugin to remove RSS feed from your website.
WC Vendors Marketplace (WC Vendors)
description plugin | | |
The number one marketplace plugin for WooCommerce. Now you can allow anyone to open a…
5.0.022-10-2018408 45488104
Shortcode for Current Date (Imtiaz Rayhan)
description plugin | | |
Insert current Date, Month or Year anywhere in your WordPress site with a simple shortcode.
5.022-10-20189 9341008
Transporters.io (transporters.io)
description plugin | | |
Easily add Transporters.io quote forms to your site. Ideal for minibus, coach and bus hire…
5.0.022-10-201810 5021004
Admin Color Bar (Gregg Franklin)
description plugin | | |
Configure the color of the admin bar in the WordPress admin area.
Database Collation Fix (Dave Jesch)
description plugin | | |
Convert tables using utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci or utf8_unicode_520_ci collation to a more portable Collation Algorithm.
5.022-10-20181 8991004
DesktopServer for WordPress (Stephen Carnam)
description plugin | | |
DesktopServer for WordPress
5.022-10-201873 9319224
WPSiteSync for HTTP Authentication (WPSiteSync)
description plugin | | |
Adds support for sites protected with HTTP Authentication via .htaccess rules.
Windows Compatibility Fix (Dave Jesch)
description plugin | | |
Fixes long filename problem on Windows systems when doing updates, such as updating from EDD based sites.
5.022-10-20183 0371005
WPSiteSync for Content (WPSiteSync)
description plugin | | |
Provides features for synchronizing content between two WordPress sites.
5.022-10-201822 9886413
WP Coupons and Deals (Imtiaz Rayhan)
description plugin | | |
Best WordPress Coupon Plugin. Generate more affiliate sales with coupon codes and deals.
4.9.822-10-201820 96310048
Auto Listings (WP Auto Listings)
description plugin | | |
List, manage & sell cars easily. Advanced search, vehicle data from 1941, lead capture, gallery,…
4.9.822-10-20185 905704
蜜蜂采集-BeePress 微信公众号今日头条知乎专栏简书等平台文章采集插件 (Bee)
description plugin | | |
小蜜蜂(BeePress) 是一款能够帮助你导入微信(WeChat)公众号文章、知乎专栏文章、简书文章、今日头条文章的插件,支持采集规则配置,基本可以实现大多数网站的采集,免费试用,可以单篇或者批量导入、自动同步文章、采集指定公众号所有历史文章,支持将图片资源保存到本地,突破防盗链。虽然功能也许不及 …
4.9.822-10-201823 3921004
Nav Menu Roles (Kathy Darling)
description plugin | | |
Hide custom menu items based on user roles. PLEASE READ THE FAQ IF YOU ARE NOT SEEING THE SETTINGS.
4.9.822-10-2018842 86698177
WP-DBManager (Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan)
description plugin | | |
Manages your WordPress database.
4.9.822-10-20182 186 7708681
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