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Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita (vCita.com)
description plugin | | |
Let clients book appointments & services on you website - get more bookings and business with the #1 online scheduling system out there.
4.8.117-08-2017230 6597889
LifterLMS Labs (Thomas Patrick Levy, codeBOX LLC)
description plugin | | |
A collection of experimental, conceptual, and possibly silly features which improve and enhance the functionality of the LifterLMS core.
4.8.117-08-20173 7211002
WooCommerce iDeal Gateway (HoverDevelopment)
description plugin | | |
Payment gateway for WooCommerce that allows iDeal via Stripe. This does not require a Chamber of commerce number!
Advance Canonical URL (Usman Ali Qureshi)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin to avoid duplicate content throughout the website with advance settings.
Authorizer (Paul Ryan)
description plugin | | |
Authorizer limits login attempts, restricts access to specified users, and authenticates against external sources (e.g., Google, LDAP, or CAS).
4.8.117-08-201712 8941007
Mroonga (Yasuhiro Horimoto)
description plugin | | |
Fast and rich full text search features for WordPress!
Grid (Palasthotel (in person: Benjamin Birkenhake, Edward Bock, Enno Welbers))
description plugin | | |
Grid is a containerist landingpage editor.
4.8.117-08-201721 6291001
WooCommerce Shipping Pro with Table Rate (XAdapter)
description plugin | | |
User friendly Weight and Country based WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Dynamic Weight Based Shipping Rates, set Shipping Rate for Country Groups
4.8.117-08-201731 0578216
Our Team Showcase (Smartcat)
description plugin | | |
The best way to display your employees, team members, or any type of list. Multiple appealing templates,SEO friendly, re-order functionality.
4.8.117-08-2017152 4767031
NativeFeeds (NativeFeeds)
description plugin | | |
Customise WordPress site with product offers feeds.
RumbleTalk Live Group Chat – HTML5 (RumbleTalk Ltd)
description plugin | | |
560,000 websites are already using RumbleTalk HTML Chat room, Join NOW!
4.8.117-08-201783 4518428
feuerball3D – Plugin für 360° Animationen (Florian Bube)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is the easiest way to implement animations which are created with feuerball.design software.
WP SoundSystem (G.Breant)
description plugin | | |
Manage a music library within Wordpress; including playlists, tracks, artists, albums and live playlists. The perfect fit for your music blog !
Fontsampler (Johannes Neumeier)
description plugin | | |
This is a plugin directed primarily at type designers, foundries or resellers to showcase webfonts by embedding interactive specimens via shortcodes.
Mailster Live! (EverPress)
description plugin | | |
see who opens your newsletter campaigns in real time
4.8.117-08-20171 14400
WordPress Facebook Conversion Pixel (sony7596, miraclewebssoft, reachbaljit)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows user to embed Facebook conversion pixel script to wordpress website. You can also add pixel code to particular page/post.
4.8.117-08-20172 0241002
Active Directory Integration for Cloud (miniorange)
description plugin | | |
Login to publicly hosted wordpress site using credentials stored in Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other LDAP servers. No need to have LDAP extension.
4.8.117-08-20172 8771004
Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite (phoeniixx)
description plugin | | |
With this free Sign Up/ Login plugin, you can easily create a sign up and login process for your ecommerce site.
4.8.117-08-201740 5595814
adgoal (adgoal)
description plugin | | |
Using adgoal, you can monetize your content by the automated affiliation of external links.
imacPrestashop (imacreste)
description plugin | | |
Conecta Prestashop con Wordpress para extraer los productos y mostrarlos en los artículos.
Push Monkey – Native Desktop Push Notifications for WordPress (moWOW Studios)
description plugin | | |
Engage & delight your readers with Chrome, Safari and Firefox notifications sent directly to their desktops, clear stats and seamless integration
4.8.117-08-20175 467845
WooRechnung (ZWEISCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG)
description plugin | | |
WooRechnung ermöglicht Ihnen Rechnungen, Gutschriften, Kunden und Versandmarken aus WooCommerce direkt in vielen Providern automatisch zu erzeugen.
4.8.117-08-20176 32210016
Memsource Connector (Memsource)
description plugin | | |
Translate pages and posts while preserving images, layouts and any custom HTML.
FG Magento to WooCommerce (Frédéric GILLES)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to migrate your Magento e-commerce store to WooCommerce
4.8.117-08-201711 2389815
Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce – Lite (Tyche Softwares)
description plugin | | |
Allow the customers to choose a delivery date on the frontend product page for WooCommerce.
4.8.117-08-20172 6421002
Save Leads (bosonet)
description plugin | | |
The plugin Save Leads organizing all data and tracking your Leads on easily.
Facebook Pixel – Pixel Cat (Formerly "Facebook Conversion Pixel") (Fatcat Apps)
description plugin | | |
Facebook Pixel Management Made Easy. From Facebook retargeting to conversion tracking, this plugin includes everything you need to run successful Face …
4.8.117-08-2017243 7678021
WP Simple Iconfonts (awethemes)
description plugin | | |
A dead simple, icon fonts manager for WordPress. Provides integration for icon bundles and icon…
Reduce HTTP Requests, Disable Emojis & Disable Embeds, Speedup WooCommerce (pigeonhut, Jody Nesbitt, optimisation.io)
description plugin | | |
Reduce HTTP requests - Disable Emojis, Disable Gravatars, Disable Embeds and Remove Querystrings. SpeedUp WooCommerce, Added support to disable pingba …
4.8.117-08-201712 53610015
Asgaros Forum (Thomas Belser)
description plugin | | |
Asgaros Forum is the best forum solution for WordPress! It comes with dozens of features in a beautiful design and stays slight, simple and fast.
4.8.117-08-2017110 2329671
WP Mega Menu (Themeum)
description plugin | | |
WordPress Mega Menu is a responsive, highly customizable drag and drop menu builder plugin. Download free WordPress megamenu plugin.
4.8.117-08-20172 779988
Publish kintone data (Takashi Hosoya)
description plugin | | |
The data of kintone can be reflected on WordPress.
Web2Store from Adelya (Adelya Loyalty Operator)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows to integrate web2store modules to the wordpress pages.
Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress – Everest Counter Lite (AccessPress Themes)
description plugin | | |
Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress | Showcase your stat counter in a beautiful way | Easy to use!
Nav Menu Trim (thingsym)
description plugin | | |
This WordPress plugin trim html id/class attributes of Nav Menu.
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