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WPPerformanceTester (Kevin Ohashi)
description plugin | | |
WPPerformanceTester benchmarks your server's performance through a variety of PHP, MySql and WordPress tests
5.011-12-20183 352764
AddFunc WYSIWYG Helper (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Highlights prominent HTML elements in the WYSIWYG editor, to help Editors see what they're editing. Sort of a WYSIWYM (the M is for mean).
5.011-12-20185 9621002
AddFunc Adaptive Content (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Adds functions, shortcodes & quicktags to empower WordPress users to have better control of when content is served, based on device.
AddFunc Backgrounds (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Create backgrounds as a content type. Select your backgrounds for any page. Many options and…
AddFunc IDs (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Adds two convenient buttons to easily add/remove an id attribute to any element.
SpeedMetriks (Matt Vanderpol)
description plugin | | |
A self-contained service to see how visitors experience your site.
AddFunc Head & Footer Code (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
Easily add code to your head, footer and/or immediately after the opening body tag, site-wide and/or on any individual page/post.
5.011-12-201894 44910022
AddFunc Slides (AddFunc)
description plugin | | |
An easily manageable slide content type with intuitive shortcode & widget interfaces, including standard slidshow…
5.011-12-20181 6511001
EmbedPress – Embed Google Docs, Vimeo and Wistia videos, Giphy and Imgur photos, and more (EmbedPress)
description plugin | | |
EmbedPress provides embeds for major sites, from YouTube and Twitch videos, to Google Maps and…
4.9.811-12-201848 5599412
YoutubeSubscriberCount Plugin/Widget for WordPress (Ron A.)
description plugin | | |
YoutubeSubscriberCount Plugin/Widget for Wordpress A customizable widget that allows admins to add a Youtube Button to their Wordpress site.
WordPress Ads & AdSense plugin – Ad Inserter (Igor Funa)
description plugin | | |
Insert and manage ads: Google AdSense ads, Amazon banners, ad rotation, sticky widget ads, PHP, tracking, footer, AdSense header code, AMP ads
5.011-12-20182 980 413100814
Mimi Captcha (Shuqiao Zhang)
description plugin | | |
简洁的中文验证码插件。在WordPress登陆、注册或评论表单中加入验证码功能,支持字母、数字、中文和算术验证码。 Adds Captcha Code anti-spam methods to WordPress forms. Supports numbers, alphabets and Chin …
Bolt Checkout for WooCommerce (Bolt)
description plugin | | |
Bring the world's fastest checkout to your WooCommerce site
Theme Blvd Layout Builder (Theme Blvd)
description plugin | | |
When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom…
5.011-12-2018143 2961005
Dokan Vendor Info Hider – Hide Vendor info from Store-list and store page (csCode Team)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will help you to hide the informations of vendors on your marketplace.
Ninja Gutenberg Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection (gutendev)
description plugin | | |
A wide collection of beautiful, customizable page building blocks for the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress.
Marcus Hiles Wistia Shortcodes (Marcus Hiles)
description plugin | | |
Easily embed Wistia videos using a shortcode or with a Wistia video Gutenberg block.
Single Sign On for Windows (miniOrange)
description plugin | | |
Single Sign On provides SSO/Login to your WordPress site with your Windows Domain Credentials (AD,…
5.0.011-12-20185 2831002
Unify (CodeClouds )
description plugin | | |
A CRM payment plugin which enables connectivity with LimeLight/Konnektive CRM and many more.
Login with ADFS (miniOrange)
description plugin | | |
ADFS Login provides simple secure login to your Wordpress site via user's ADFS account (uses secure SAML).Support MFA if enabled.
5.0.011-12-20181 7791001
nuBuilder Forte (nuSoftware)
description plugin | | |
nuBuilder is the world's best: open-source, low-code application and report builder.
FA WP Admin Menu Icons (Patrik Csak)
description plugin | | |
Use Font Awesome icons for custom post types and custom menu pages.
4.9.811-12-20181 417743
IgniteUp – Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode (Ceylon Systems)
description plugin | | |
Create your Coming Soon, Under Constructions or Maintenance Mode page with a few clicks. More than 9 mobile responsive templates to choose.
5.011-12-2018136 6839638
WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce (WPclever.net)
description plugin | | |
WPC Product Bundles is a plugin help you bundle a few products with pre-defined quantity, offer them at a discount and watch the sales go up!
5.011-12-201885 2259244
Page Builder: KingComposer – Free Drag and Drop page builder by King-Theme (King-Theme)
description plugin | | |
Lightweight and extremely powerful Page Builder. Allow you to easily create pages like a true professional without programming knowledge required.
5.011-12-2018426 7729250
Apocalypse Meow (Blobfolio, LLC)
description plugin | | |
A simple, light-weight collection of tools to harden WordPress security and help mitigate common types…
5.011-12-201841 39210017
MI Carousel (MI Dexigner Team)
description plugin | | |
This is a MI Carousel Slider Lightweight slider and easily integrate on your theme
LaunchPage.app Importer (launch-page-importer)
description plugin | | |
Import landing pages you created on LaunchPage.app
Ultimate Blocks – Custom Gutenberg Blocks (Imtiaz Rayhan)
description plugin | | |
Essential Collection of Custom Blocks for Gutenberg Editor.
5.011-12-20181 07300
Dable (Dable)
description plugin | | |
Best way to recommend personalized content and targeted native ads to users: Increase page views per user and monetize your website.
WOVN.io (beta) (Minimal Technologies)
description plugin | | |
Localize your website, translate web pages in minutes.
4.8.711-12-20181 24300
Stripe Payments (Tips and Tricks HQ, wptipsntricks)
description plugin | | |
Easily accept payments on your WordPress site via Stripe payment gateway.
5.011-12-2018159 7259423
Mad Mimi Forms by Optin Cat (Fatcat Apps)
description plugin | | |
Mad Mimi Forms by Optin Cat for WordPress Makes It Super Simple To Create Beautiful, Conversion Optimized Mad Mimi Sign-up Widgets & Forms In Minu …
5.0.011-12-20182 6531002
12 Step Meeting List (Meeting Guide)
description plugin | | |
This plugin helps twelve step recovery programs list their meetings. It standardizes addresses, and displays…
5.011-12-201826 61710019
Wizhi Multi Filters (WordPress 智库)
description plugin | | |
Wizhi Multi Filters 为WordPress的文章类型添加按照自定义分类法进行多条件筛选的功能。
5.011-12-20181 94600
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