WordPress plugin details page link is added

wordpress plugin details WordPress plugin details page is now available for any plugin found here, at ChoosePlugin.com Just click on the plugin name or the second icon in the actions list under plugin name – you see it on the screenshot to the left. You can check all valuable information about selected plugin at one place at once.
Plugin full details page contains plugin banner (if such exists at WordPress plugins repository). Other attributes you can find on this page are: author, author URI, WordPress versions (required and tested), plugin version, date it was added to WordPress plugin repository, date of last update, rating %, number of ratings, total downloads quant, plugin URI at WordPress.org, download link and full description from plugin author.
You can discuss any theme concerning this plugin, not support questions only, using site comment system. Bonus, there is not need to register, if you don’t wish that, just leave your message. You will get the answer, definitely. I monitor this discussions every day.

Live example of WordPress plugin details page

Better to show one time than to talk about a lot – look on this page as an example. Or, what is more suitable for you, start your plugin search session here.

This service functionality is still under development and more stuff will come.

Happy searching!