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ListShine Signup Forms (mporcic)
description plugin | | |
A responsive and intuitive plugin for using your ListShine signup forms on your wordpress website! Share all of your favorite listshine signup forms o …
EatMySpam (Daniel Jost)
description plugin | | |
EatMySpam checks your comments and Contact Form 7 submissions against the EatMySpam web service to classify if it is spam or not.
Parler For WordPress (Parler LLC)
description plugin | | |
Parler (Pronounced /par-lay/) is a Commenting, Social News, and Influence Network. Create more dialog between your users and increase engagement!
Gimme Filter (Kirill Antonov)
description plugin | | |
Flexible and simple WordPress taxonomy filter
Cybersoldier (Mattias Kallio)
description plugin | | |
Battle rap plugin for Wordpress
SpreadsheetCloudAPI (SpreadsheetCloudAPI Inc.)
description plugin | | |
The WordPress plugin for the SpreadsheetCloudAPI service allows you to display parts of spreadsheet files stored in the service within your blogs.
Recent Shots Widget (OUTLANE)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin that allows you to display your shots feed from Dribbble in a sidebar area of your website.
Wordpress Integration for Konzilo (Fabian Sörqvist)
description plugin | | |
Integrate your wordpress site with Konzilo.
KRoute (Kimerikal -Custom software development-)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that supply shortcodes to get current dynamic URLs on wordpress editor.
Bugyard (Bugyard)
description plugin | | |
This plugins help you quickly deploy bugyard feedback widget in your wordpress website.
listig (Andreas Ek)
description plugin | | |
List manager for WordPress posts
Social Embed Photo WP (Leandro Nix)
description plugin | | |
With this Wordpress plugin you can use a shortcode to display an embed box with your last Instagram photo.
Keep Category List Order (FALEME Jonathan)
description plugin | | |
Keep the category hierarchy order on the post editing screen
ZPLMOd – Title Checker (ZPLMOd)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin that checks the title of any post, page or custom post type to ensure it is unique title, provides alert message for prevent duplicate …
Themepaste Secure Admin (Themepaste Team)
description plugin | | |
Themepaste secure admin protects your wp-admin and you can change wp-admin URLs yourself, check login attempts manage users roles.
Wpenlight Pricer (wpenlight)
description plugin | | |
Enlight pricer tool is a plugin that allows you to create wonderful tables which can…
Texte Inclusif (Bunker D)
description plugin | | |
Aide à mettre en forme l’écriture inclusive féminin·masculin : utilise le séparateur choisi, et évite d’affecter l’expérience des usagers malvoyants.
One-click-print (Print In London)
description plugin | | |
Adds the ability to print any post or post element using a simple [one-click-print] shortcode. Extra jQuery Jedi love given to filled out forms.
JTPP Share Buttons (aki-t)
description plugin | | |
You can display share-buttons at all of single posts and single pages very easily.
UserInfo (Rahul Ranjan)
description plugin | | |
Save User information.
Hack-Info (WPGear)
description plugin | | |
Ext Security. Add-On for "iThemes Security". Our reports - Simply, Briefly and in Detail.
Sharemark (1Byte Beta)
description plugin | | |
Sharemark lets you integrate ASX market information to your website.
Kemp Customizer (Shawn Kemp)
description plugin | | |
The Kemp Customizer gives you a safe place to add CSS, Javascript, and PHP code to your WordPress website. This allows you to not have a child theme a
Syrup (eface2face Spain)
description plugin | | |
Integrate Syrup (https://tastesyrup.com/) into your wordpress web.
Elementor BEMAX (Miguras)
description plugin | | |
Elementor Plugin to extends Elementor Sections capabilities. Includes Elementor Sidebar, Elementor Scrolbar and more.
Bulk Edit Easy Digital Downloads in Spreadsheet (WP Sheet Editor)
description plugin | | |
Bulk Edit Easy Digital Downloads in Spreadsheet
Zenmetrics for WooCommerce (zenmetrics)
description plugin | | |
WC requires at least: 3.1.1 WC tested up to: 3.2.3
Steel Hardness Calculator (Joshua Morley - Digital Marketing)
description plugin | | |
This is a Steel Hardness Calculator showing the approximate hardness of steel using Brinell, Rockwell B and C and Vickers scales
TuffTuffTime (Marco Hyyryläinen)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress widget that shows the current and future stops at a train station in Sweden.
Only Allow Administrators (Sumon Hasan)
description plugin | | |

Only Allow Administrators is a simple and useful plugin. Without Administrators user, nobody can't log in your WordPress dashboard.

NBP Kurs Złota (Paweł Rudnicki)
description plugin | | |
PL:Aktualny kurs złota z Narodowego Banku Polskiego. EN: Live price of Gold from NBP.
Su WP Email (Suson Waiba)
description plugin | | |
Just a plugin which will change default wordpress@domain.com to anything you wish.
MJPostFormats (Morgan JOURDIN)
description plugin | | |
MjPostFormats is a simple plugin to create an infinite post format.
RAML Console (Dejim Juang)
description plugin | | |
Provides a way to embed a RAML Console in a page or post. Plugin adds…
Prices by role for Woocommerce (Milton Espinoza)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allow you to set discounts (in percents) for each user role. this discount…
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