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Media Guide-O-Matic Plugin (Flewid Inc.)
description plugin | | |
The purpose of the plugin is to help journalists ensure their reporting does not contribute to stigma around mental illness.
Lndr (Incc.io)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to deploy Lndr landing page to your wordpress websites.
geo2wp (Gerhard Hoogterp)
description plugin | | |
Geotools for WP, replaces and extends "GPS MAP Widget". Part of the phototools plugins
Woocommerce Pricing Table (Phihai1910)
description plugin | | |
Plugin Pricing Tables plugin is to be designed for compatibility with Woocommerce and Wordpress to display pre-designaaed
Memeni Community Widget (Memeni)
description plugin | | |
After you have launched your community, it is essential to make your community easily accessible for your audience. Along with your mobile app, Memeni …
Fact Check (Fiona Coulter)
description plugin | | |
You can create your own fact checking web site for Wordpress using this plugin. This Fact Check plugin makes that easy to do with Wordpress, by creat …
DataPaga Woocommerce Plugin (Elaniin)
description plugin | | |
Woocommerce-minimum-order-amount (getJuicy)
description plugin | | |
Woocommerce Minimum order amount allows you to set a minimum order amount on your store
Flickr Gallery (WebKinder)
description plugin | | |
Flickr gallery integration for WordPress
Quick Image Transform (Finevisuals GmbH)
description plugin | | |
You can Provide width and height Provide only width and keep aspect ratio Provide only height and keep aspect ratio The Images will be uploaded …
Hearty Image Hover Light (Hearty Plugins)
description plugin | | |
Free WordPress plugin that lets you upload any image and assign it a title and on hover a description and read more link.
WP Bannerized Categories (Apoorva Sharma (Ranosys Technologies Pte. Ltd.))
description plugin | | |
Place a custom banner and link at the top of your category and post pages. Easily update the image through your category edit page.
Alias Pay (Alias Pay, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Alias Pay allows your customers to make payments without revealing their credit card numbers. All payments are processed securely using Stripe.
Lead Generation – tools for marketing: Popups, Forms, Floating Buttons and other (Dmytro Lobov)
description plugin | | |
Convert your website visitors into leads with the most feature-rich tools for marketing: Popups, Forms,…
NebuCore (The NebuCore Team)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce extension to send order data JSON to NebuCore on successful WC order.
WooCommerce PDF Invoice and More (Aazztech)
description plugin | | |
It helps to generate PDF Invoices, Packing Slips etc for WooCommerce orders.
WooCommerce Ajax Login/Register (Zorem)
description plugin | | |
improve your WooCommerce shop UI/UX with AJAX-powered login & registration process, no page refreshes!
Easy Social Sharebar (Noman Akhtar)
description plugin | | |
Easy Social Share provides you an easy way to display various popular social share buttons anywhere within your post or page etc.
Contact Form 7 HubSpot (CRM Perks)
description plugin | | |
Send Contact Form 7, Contact Form Entries Plugin and many other contact form submissions to hubspot.
Advanced WpBakery Addons – Formerly Visual Composer Page Builder (themescup)
description plugin | | |
Advanced and Creative addons bundle for WPBakery Page Builder
REST Logger (Kyle Benk)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress Plugin that logs WP-API REST Requests.
Testimonials Slider Plugin (Navin Kumar)
description plugin | | |
Testimonial slider plugin used to add custom post type field where you can add custom post type title, content, feature image and Testimonial author.
WP Admin Page Browser Tab Title (Rajesh Kumawat)
description plugin | | |
This plugin are display current page title in browser tab title in wordpress admin section.
Simcast (Erick Arbe)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that connects your WordPress website to your Simplecast podcast hosting account. Displays your most recent podcast episodes and their show no …
Content Marketing for WordPress by Detailed (Roberto Ramos for Detailed.com)
description plugin | | |
Get title suggestions for your posts and pages
Sort posts by parent page in Dashboard (TazoTodua)
description plugin | | |
Add ability to sort posts using their parent (in dashboard)
Insight Stash (Insight Stash)
description plugin | | |
Plugin provies a simple integration with Insight Stash platform.
Negotiabl for WooCommerce (Gravitum)
description plugin | | |
Negotiabl for WooCommerce boosts cart completions for merchants by sparking instant negotiations over Facebook Messenger.
4.9.4, Woo29-04-201813500
Multi shipping address (SearchFriend)
description plugin | | |
Searchfriend is a plugin to help manage multi-shipping address. It included: 1) Back-end: Manage orders, users, custom address(no user), order logs 2) …
EXIFwidget (Gerhard Hoogterp)
description plugin | | |
Shows EXIF info as widget or in the text using a shortcode. Part of the phototools plugins
Woo SMS Gateway (Hamza Rauf)
description plugin | | |
Automatically send sms notification on new order creation to the customer. Admin Settings Page Help Page
Loomup (Loomup)
description plugin | | |
Le plugin loomup vous permez de retrouvez vos vidéos loomup, accompagnées chacune d'un shortcode pour pouvoir les intégrer facilement dans vos
StableHits – Website Traffic Redirector (StableHits)
description plugin | | |
Redirect traffic from StableHits to a random post on your website.
ZWP Modal (Zardoz Creative Studio)
description plugin | | |
A simple pop-up modal plugin for wordpress.
Modern Slider (Push Labs)
description plugin | | |
Modern Slider is a quick and easy image slider that you can place anywhere. Simply specify where you want it, and Modern Slider will do the rest.
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