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MockingFish Integration (Velocity Software Solutions)
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Our Mocking Fish heat map tool has simply broken barriers and can be accessed and used by different websites based on any eCommerce development software or CMS platforms. We have always believed in the equal access to the technology and high end services irrespective of the platform and nature of business. Taking this notion ahead, we have offered our WordPress heat map tool that is designed entirely for our WordPress based site owners. There are two basic steps that are involved in utilizing this wonderful heat map tool for your site. Firstly, you need to install that Mocking Fish plugin onto your WordPress site. Secondly, add a code snippet of Mocking Fish heat map tool onto your WordPress site so as to avail its wonderful services and features. Let us take a step by step approach towards the above task by providing you installation steps for WordPress heat map tool.

It is a day of big achievement as we have brought our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool for the service of the numerous users that are having their websites on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Now, you have the glorious opportunity to get access to our top notch A/B testing tool through Mocking Fish at an affordable price that is simply hard to resist. In order to avail our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool, WordPress site owners have to first install our A/B testing tool and then insert a small Mocking Fish code onto their CMS platform.

Dynamic Step Pricing (fuxlab)
description plugin | | |
Dynamic variable products with step pricing.
WP Easy Notices (Nate Conley)
description plugin | | |
WP Easy Notices adds a simple notice bar to your site to display information to your visitors! Easily add notices and configure them right from the Wo …
WPM Simple Calendar (Ariful)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will be enable in your any wordpress themes.you can embed news ticker via shortcode in everywhere you want even in theme files.
update the excerpt (Ketan umretiya)
description plugin | | |
plugin allow html tag in the_exrpte update word length , Readmore text.
PointFast Email Marketing Analytics (PointFast)
description plugin | | |
PointFast Website Tracking Plugin for WordPress
SpecFit-Virtual Try On Woocommerce (DugudLabs)
description plugin | | |
Vitual EyeWear Try-On SpecFit allows customers to virtually try eye wears products on their face…
News Ticker by minhaj (minhazur rahman)
description plugin | | |
Shortcorde 1. General ticker [ticker_list id="1"] speed change [ticker_list id="2" speed="1000" ] 3.
WOP Random Image Refresh (Wordpress Outsourcing Partners)
description plugin | | |
The WOP Random Image Refresh plugin help you to show a different image every time the page loads. The plugin very easy to use and also provide feature …
Tweetific (Tom Hanstead)
description plugin | | |
Super customisable Twitter plugin for WordPress
Viaduct Essential Options (Viaduct.pro)
description plugin | | |
Viaduct Essential Options is a small plugin which helps admins to easily enable some of the options without manually adding them into functions.php
Locicrays Wp Portfolio & Gallery (Logicrays)
description plugin | | |
LR Portfolio & Gallery is an amazing and powerful WordPress portfolio plugin designed to help…
WP Smart Tooltip (Nurul Amin, Mohammad Saiful Islam)
description plugin | | |
Easily add Bootstrap tolltip to your site. You can create custom post and use as tolltip anywhere in your site with short code.
Toolbar Login Button (Volkan Kucukcakar)
description plugin | | |
Show Wordpress toolbar (admin bar) with a login button on front end for remembered (previously logged in) browsers. Misc. show/hide/remember options.
Cron Tasks Viewer Redux (Roy Orbison, Dr. Max V.)
description plugin | | |
Displays all scheduled WP-Cron tasks.
WP Country Class In Body Tag (Kashan Shah)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is developed to add visitor's country class on the body tag of the page to use in displaying country based content on the website! By …
Kips Sync (Kips)
description plugin | | |
Kips sync official extension allows you to synchronize products with the Kips platform.
WordPress Instagram Widget (Upendra Singh Tomar)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Instagram widget is a WordPress widget to showcase your latest Instagram Photos.
WP MAPGrip (Maplinc Pty Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Create your community map and discover places from maps shared by other people
LetItPlay Widget Loader (Vadim Kropotin)
description plugin | | |
Plugin allows to insert LetItPlay widget in footer of WordPress site
Vishwa 301 Redirects (Vishwa Infoways)
description plugin | | |
Vishwa 301 Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your…
AE Connect (appreciationengine)
description plugin | | |
The AE Connect WordPress plugin integrates Appreciation Engine's rich data analytics tools with your WordPress website.
WordPress Technical Support – Free 24/7 WordPress Technical Support by Hired WP (Hired WP)
description plugin | | |
Hired WP provides the WordPress technical support and maintenance services needed to grow your small business.
Hide admin bar for different roles (Mykhailo Karhut)
description plugin | | |
Appropriate for sites where there is a few users.
VILLOID – brand integration (VILLOID)
description plugin | | |
It enables integrations of your WooCommerce shop with VILLOID platform
Xoo Disable Updates (Peter Valenta)
description plugin | | |
Disables Theme and Plugin update reminders selectively.
WPPM Login Security Notification (Pradeep Maurya)
description plugin | | |
Sends an useful information with email to the administrator each time a user successfully logged in or fails to connect.
Plugin Name: Scoreboard Widget (Jonathan Wong)
description plugin | | |
Create custom scores post and widget. Display scores at widget.
Rapidly load YouTube (YouTube高速ローダー) (densuke)
description plugin | | |
Speed ​​up loading YouTube videos at your posts.
TinyMCE shortcode Addon (Themeone)
description plugin | | |
Foreigncodes Tinymce Shortcodes, is a wordpress tinymce addon, that jazz up your wordpress post with cool design.
Parcel2Go Shipping (Parcel2Go.com)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will use your Parcel2Go.com account and your existing prepay balance to book your orders with a courier. We will find the cheapest price …
Instagram Profile Widget (Jamal Pinang)
description plugin | | |
Embed widget Instagram profile on your website
Coothemes Icons (Coothemes.com Team)
description plugin | | |
Easily and quickly use 2,000+ beautifully designed SVG font icons on your website
Simple Social Share Block (Bastien Ho)
description plugin | | |
Social sharing block for Gurtenberg. Gutenberg should be activated for this plugin to work.
JetWoo Widgets For Elementor (CrocoBlock)
description plugin | | |
JetWooBuilder is a plugin that allows adding WooCommerce Products and Categories into stylish grid and…
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