WooCommerce Predictive Search

WooCommerce Predictive Search gives your customers the most awesome search experience on the web. Simply stunning product search results.

Author:a3rev Software (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:6.0
WordPress version tested:6.5
Plugin version:6.0.1
Added to WordPress repository:01-08-2012
Last updated:28-03-2024
Rating, %:64
Rated by:49
Plugin URI:https://a3rev.com/shop/woocommerce-predictive...
Total downloads:266 702
Active installs:1 000+
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Predictive Search for WooCommerce engine delivers users instant and changing results as they type in the dropdown which shows the product thumbnail, product title and description. Users can click through from the dropdown to the ‘All Results Search page’ that features endless scroll.


  • Search objects include Product name, Post name, Page name
  • Add Predictive Search box via the Predictive Search Widget or Predictive Search Shortcodes.
  • Predictive Search engine delivers 100% accurate results, 100% of the time.
  • Super-fast results even on sites with 1,000’s of products, posts and pages
  • Results show in search box dropdown as soon as you start to type.
  • Full in plugin search box and search results dropdown style and layout options
  • Click through to see all search results on a designated page (features endless scroll)
  • Pretty URL for the All Search Results pages.


Predictive Search is compatible with any WordPress theme or page builder that supports widgets or shortcodes.


  • Add Predictive Search box via the Predictive Search Widget or shortcode
  • Set Placeholder text that shows in the search box on front end – example ‘Search Here’
  • Choose which objects- Products, Posts, Pages should be included in the search
  • Set the number of results to show for each object type e.g. Products 6
  • When there are more results than can show in the dropdown a link is added to the dropdown footer to see all results
  • Set order that the search object shows in the dropdown and on the All Results Search page.
  • Option to show just product, post, page title in results
  • Option to show Product, Post or page feature image thumbnail with results
  • Option to show description extract with results including the length in characters
  • Option to show Product prices
  • Option to show Add to Cart Button on serach box results.


There are 2 customizable templates built in – Widget Template and Header Template. Style the Search Box and results dropdown then apply the template required from the Predictive Search Widget or shortcode.


Recently added features
* Jan 2024 – Option to Add to Cart right from the search box dropdown product results.
* Dec 2022 – Add Search box by shortcode, with built in shortcode generator. Supports all page builders.
* Feb 2020 – Mobile Search Display. Option on Widget and Header Templates to just show search icon in mobiles when clicked the search box opens. Great for search boxes placed in headers and other areas where space is limited in mobile.
* Feb 2020 – Second Search Box and results dropdown template (Header Template) added
* Jan 2020 – Completed upgrade of plugin frontend and backend PHP to Composer PHP Dependency manager (Jan 2020)
* Oct 2019 – Major re-write of the Search box dropdown user interface in mobile phones. As massive improvement in the user experience on mobiles.
* Aug 2019 – Added Grid View of product results on All Search Results Page.
* Aug 2019 – Upgraded PS widget to work with Elementor and Elementor Pro. Add search box by widget to any Elementor Template


  • On install the plugin auto creates a Predictive Search page with shortcode
  • Page title and url can be edited to your liking
  • All results search page has option to show results in list format (Default) or Grid view for products
  • All results search page results show with endless scroll feature
  • Option to set the number of results to show per endless scroll action – default is 10
  • Option to show description extracts and set the number of description characters to show – default is 100 characters
  • Option to show product SKU with Products search results
  • Option to show product prices with Product search results
  • Option to show Add to cart button with Product search results
  • Option to show Categories meta for each Product and Post result
  • Option to show Tags meta for each Product and Post result
  • All results show with featured image thumbnails


  • Exclude any product from showing in Predictive Search results
  • Exclude any post from showing in Predictive Search results
  • Exclude any page from showing in Predictive Search Results


  • Special Characters near match. Query strings that CONTAINS a special character eg d’E return all matches found for d’e and de.
  • Special Characters Prepend and Append near match e.g. Query (Purple) will return all matches found for (Purple) and Purple.
  • Option to turn Special Characters Function ON or OFF
  • Option to select any Special Characters used on your site. Results returned with or without special character input


  • Returns results when user adds plural (s) to search term – the s is ignored e.g. bike and bikes will both return the same results


  • Predictive Search Database is auto updated each time a Product, Post or Page is created, updated or deleted
  • Manual Database Sync option to manually sync Predictive Search database with WooCommerce and WordPress databases if required
  • No Conflict. Can be used in conjunction with any other Search plugin without conflicts occurring
  • Results are cached not on your server but on the user’s machine via Backbone.localStorage.js (saving you oon bandwidth)
  • NO-CACHE option – should be turned on when testing, OFF when not.


For those that want a deeper store search there is the Premium Predictive Search plugin. The Premium has all of the features of the FREE version plus these advanced search features

  • Additional Search objects – Product Attributes, Product SKU, Variation SKU’s, Product Category and Product Tags
  • Search in Product Category Feature. From Search box use can select a Product category and Search just within that category or select a category and click the search icon and will open the Product category page
  • Predictive Search PHP tag for adding search to your sites header (when header does not support widgets) or into theme templates
  • Focus Keywords – Predictive Search meta section on each product page, post and page for setting ‘Focus Keywords and Keyword Phrases’
  • Full integration with Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins
  • Full integration with the Google Analytics Site Search Feature
  • Performance enhancement settings for sites that have very large stores example 10,000+ products or posts


When you download Predictive Search for WooCommerce, you join our the a3rev Software community. Regardless of if you are a WordPress beginner or experienced developer if you are interested in contributing to the future development of Predictive Search or any of our other plugins on Github head over to the Predictive Search for WooCommerce GitHub Repository to find out how you can contribute.
Want to add a new language? You can contribute via translate.wordpress.org


  1. WP admin > WooCommerce menu > Predictive Search menu – Settings

  2. Open the + Search Results No-Cache and turn On the Results No-Cache option while you are setting up and testing

  3. Go to WordPress Appearance menu > Widgets

  4. Locate Predictive Search widget and drag it into the sidebar where you want it to show.

  5. Configure the search widget to show the desired results and meta on the frontend and click SAVE.

  6. Now that Predictive Search is live on your site go back to the Predictive Search menu and on the Widget Template style the search box and results dropdown to match your theme.

  7. Enjoy your outstanding quality site search