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Makes your site even faster and lighter by automatically removing Unused CSS from your website.

Author:RapidLoad (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:5.0
WordPress version tested:6.4.4
Plugin version:2.2.16
Added to WordPress repository:11-11-2020
Last updated:08-05-2024
Rating, %:82
Rated by:61
Plugin URI:https://rapidload.io/
Total downloads:157 263
Active installs:1 000+
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Automated site speed optimization for WordPress [PAID PREMIUM PLUGIN]

RapidLoad is a tool that can greatly improve your website’s performance and user experience. It offers easy installation and onboarding, optimizing various elements like CSS, JavaScript, and images. With a global content delivery network(CDN) with Page Caching techniques, your site will load quickly for users worldwide. Plus, it includes the TITAN OPTIMIZER feature for page speed optimization.

Unlock the speed monster in you with these features

  • Titan Optimizer
    • Built-in Google Page Insight Reports
    • Recommended Actions for Audits
    • No more back and forth switching between websites
    • See all optimization status in one place
  • RapidLoad CDN
    • Tier 1 Global Network
    • 121 Edge Locations
    • 24 ms Average Worldwide Latency
    • NVMe+ SSD Servers
  • Image Delivery
    • Automatic on-the-fly Image Optimization
    • Modern WEBP, AVIF Support
    • Built in Image CDN
    • Adaptive Responsive Images
    • Automatic width height setup
    • Automatic LCP image prioritization
    • Lazy Load Images
  • CSS Delivery
    • Unused CSS Removal
    • Critical CSS Generation
    • Minify
  • Javascript Delivery
    • Defer Javascript
    • Delay non-critical Javascript
    • Minify
  • Font Delivery
    • Self-Host Google Fonts
    • Preload Fonts
  • Page Cache
    • Automatic Page Cache
    • Cache Preloading
    • Cache Purging

More about what’s in RapidLoad


Introducing Titan Optimizer, the ultimate tool for boosting your WordPress website’s speed and performance. In today’s digital world, having a fast, user-friendly site is crucial. Titan comes with an inbuilt Google PageSpeed Insights report generator, saving you the hassle of using external tools. It provides a thorough analysis of your site’s performance, covering everything from audits to diagnostics, all within your content management system (CMS).

But Titan doesn’t stop at analysis; it offers practical solutions to improve identified issues. It not only diagnoses problems but also gives you clear steps to fix them. With Titan, you’ll not only understand your site’s performance but also have a roadmap for making it better.

If you want an all-in-one solution to supercharge your WordPress site’s speed and user experience, Titan Optimizer is your answer. Say goodbye to the confusion of multiple tools and hello to streamlined web optimization with Titan.


RapidLoad is a specialized CSS optimization tool for WordPress websites. It improves site performance through several key features. First, it identifies and removes unused CSS, resulting in faster loading times and better user experiences. Second, it generates Critical CSS, ensuring above-the-fold content loads instantly. Additionally, RapidLoad minimizes CSS code by eliminating unnecessary characters, further speeding up loading times. It offers various other CSS optimization features, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing website speed and user satisfaction. This optimization not only improves user experience but can also positively impact search engine rankings, making it a valuable tool for website owners.


RapidLoad offers powerful image optimization to enhance your website’s visual appeal and performance. It balances faster load times with maintaining stunning image quality. With advanced compression techniques – lossy, glossy, and lossless – you can choose the right balance between speed and quality. Lossy achieves the highest compression rate, glossy retains image authenticity, and lossless preserves the original quality, making it ideal for various image types.

RapidLoad also introduces efficient lazy-loading for images and iframes, reducing initial page load times and improving user experience. Plus, the Priority LCP Images feature prioritizes and preloads above-the-fold images, ensuring a seamless browsing experience from the moment your site loads, keeping users engaged and satisfied. It’s a comprehensive solution to captivate visitors with visually stunning and high-performing web content.


RapidLoad utilizes a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with 112 strategically located edge servers worldwide to efficiently distribute website content. With a remarkable 27ms latency, it ensures rapid access to resources, resulting in faster page loading and an exceptional user experience. RapidLoad’s CDN accelerates content delivery, making slow loading times a thing of the past, ultimately delighting your audience with seamless browsing and faster website performance.


RapidLoad offers top-tier tools to optimize JavaScript for superior performance and user experiences. With its JavaScript minification, you can shrink file sizes and streamline code, resulting in faster load times, increased user engagement, and higher conversions. RapidLoad also excels in JavaScript deferring, intelligently delaying non-critical script loading for quicker initial page loads. Moreover, you can enhance user interaction by postponing JavaScript until needed, ensuring a seamless and immersive browsing experience while preventing slowdowns during the initial page load.


Fonts play a crucial role in a website’s character, and RapidLoad’s font delivery enhances this aspect. It offers self-hosted Google Fonts, allowing you to store and serve fonts from your server, giving you more control over your website’s voice and reducing reliance on external resources. Additionally, you can improve speed with font URL preloading, downloading font files before they’re needed, reducing page load times, ensuring faster font rendering, and enhancing user experience, making your content more accessible and visible.


Page Cache is the “memory” of a website, storing previously accessed data or resources to be quickly retrieved, reducing server load, and enhancing page loading speed for a greater user experience.

RapidLoad empowers your website with a cutting-edge page cache, resembling a powerful memory bank that stores previously accessed data and resources. By quickly retrieving cached content, RapidLoad significantly reduces server load and supercharges page loading speed. Providing seamless browsing, reduced latency, and delighted users with RapidLoad’s advanced page cache.

RapidLoad goes the extra mile to optimize your website’s mobile experience. Our innovative mobile cache ensures lightning-fast loading times and a seamless browsing experience for your mobile users. Benefit from reduced latency minimized data usage, and enhanced mobile performance with RapidLoad’s dedicated mobile cache.

Elevate your mobile website’s speed with RapidLoad cache and let your users get the best website experience from any device.