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Easily create customized emails to send to users registered on your site.

Author:Etoile Web Design (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:5.0
WordPress version tested:6.6
Plugin version:1.3.1
Added to WordPress repository:19-10-2017
Last updated:16-07-2024
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Versatile plugin that lets you send email and SMS notifications to your users and that also integrates with WooCommerce and WPForms to offer enhanced notifications for those plugins, as well as being a full-featured SMTP and email logging solution.

Key Features

  • Send email messages to specific users, lists or all users.
  • Trigger automatic email notifications based on specific actions or events.
  • Trigger automatic SMS notifications based on specific actions or events.
  • Trigger custom WooCommerce SMS or email notifications for specific actions, including a new purchaser, an abandoned cart, etc.
  • Add SMS notifications to WPForms submissions.
  • Full email logging, so you can keep track of sent emails and troubleshoot any sending issues.
  • Add your SMTP info, so you can route emails via your real address/server and greatly reduce the chances of them getting blocked/marked as spam.

Advanced Email Notifications

With Ultimate WP Mail, you can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of customized email messages and templates, which you can send directly to registered users on your site. You can send one-time emails to specific users or create templates that you can use repeatedly, such as when creating custom send events (discussed below), and which can be sent to individual users, all users or to specific lists of users that you can put together in the plugin.

With an easy-to-use visual designer, you can craft your email templates in no time. Or just use one of our included base templates! And, with the smart previewing features, you’ll be able to see what your email will look like before sending it.

SMS Notifications (ultimate version feature)

The ultimate version of the plugin also comes with the ability to send SMS notifications. These can be sent manually or automatically via triggers and send actions that you can create (more on that below). Imagine being able to text your customer with order details or site updates. A much more effective way to notify them. These can also be integrated with the available WooCommerce features (discussed below).

By combining the SMS notifications with email notifications, you can greatly improve not only your ability to reach your users and customers in a timely manner, but also improve your CRM while automating the workflow on your end!

WooCommerce Notifications

Ultimate WP Mail comes with a suite of built-in WooCommerce integration features that give you the ability to send emails or SMS notifications to WooCommerce users on your site, including specific subsets of users (e.g. previous purchasers of a certain product), and also to create automatic WooCommerce email and WooCommerce SMS send triggers for specific actions (e.g. when someone has an abandoned cart, when a new product is added, etc.).

WooCommerce notification features include:

  • Send a custom SMS and/or email message to new and past purchasers of specific products or products within a specific category.
  • Mix and match this with custom lists you’ve created for targeted WooCommerce emails. The perfect CRM for WooCommerce!
  • Assign a specific email or SMS notification to send to users when a new product is added.
  • Automatically notify users who have an abandoned cart, to help boost WooCommerce conversions.
  • Send an automatic message a specific amount of time after a WooCommerce purchase (e.g. as a follow up or requesting a review, etc.)

WPForms SMS Notifications (ultimate version feature)

The ultimate version of the plugin also integrates directly with the WPForms plugin. Now, when you create a new form in WPForms, you can add SMS notification triggers, which allow you to send an SMS messages directly to people who fill out the form, so you can make sure they know their submission was received and provide them with any necessary info.

You also have the ability to make the SMS notification dependent on a specific input value in the form, so you can keep your customers/users updated and provide them with real-time feedback.

Not only is this helpful to reassure your users and keep them engaged, but it provides you with a new avenue for marketing and/or CRM, via a method the user is much more likely to view and actually read.

This can all be set up directly in the WPForms plugin when creating your new form or modifying an existing one. We’ve built it as a new panel in the WPForms editor, so you can stick to the workflow you’re already used to and easily set up your SMS notifications.

Automatic Send Events/Triggers

Ultimate WP Mail comes with the ability to create send events. These are triggers that will automatically send out a notification (email and/or SMS) when something specific happens on your site. There are many available send events, including the WooCommerce features mentioned above as well as site-specific triggers like when a profile is updated, a password is changed, a new post is published, a new comment is created, and more.

You can assign any email or SMS that you have created in the plugin to each send event. You could even create multiple send events for the same trigger and assign multiple different notifications to them. The possibilities are endless!

Available send actions include:

  • New user registration
  • When a user profile is updated
  • When a user role changes
  • When a user password is reset
  • After a specified amount of time that a user has not logged in
  • When a new post is published
  • When a there is a new comment
  • A specified amount of time after a WooCommerce cart has been abandoned
  • When a WooCommerce product is purchased
  • A specified amount of time after a WooCommerce purchase
  • When a new WooCommerce product is added
  • When a WooCommerce subscription is purchased/created


Ultimate WP Mail is a great tool to strengthen your CRM (customer relationship management) toolset. Create an email list, email subscription or newsletter signup. Schedule emails to send at any time and then track the email statistics after it is sent. The included templates, as well as the email builder tool, create a responsive email that will look good when opened on any device

Email Logging

The Ultimate WP Mail plugin also includes a powerful email logging tool. This logs not only the emails sent by the plugin itself, but all emails sent out from your WordPress. This is invaluable for knowing whether or not your messages are getting through and, if not, why. The details included in the log are:

  • Email status (e.g. success, failure, failure reason)
  • Subject
  • Recipient
  • Send date
  • Output of the email content

We have also included an option to send a notification to the admin whenever the log detects that an email has failed to send. You can customize this message with your own content and dynamic template tags that will automatically include pertinent information about the failed email.


We have also included the ability for you to add in your own SMTP information for email sending. With this you can send emails from your real email address/server/host.

WordPress users often find that automatic emails sent from their site fail to get to the recipient. This is usually because they are blocked or flagged as spam. If you have checked the logs and noticed the emails are being sent, but not received, then it’s usually a good idea to use the SMTP feature to send emails via your real address. This will greatly reduce the chance of them getting blocked.

The following SMTP info can be entered/customized:

  • SMTP host
  • Encryption type
  • Port number
  • Email address authentication

You will also find options that let you specify the from name and address for your automatic emails.

Subscription Interests

The Ultimate WP Mail plugin also comes with the ability for you to let users choose different interests for which they can receive notification updates. This can be added to the user profile page and the user registration form. You can also add it anywhere else on your site using the handy included Subscription Interests Gutenberg block or shortcode.

Here they can choose from the following interests:

  • WooCommerce product categories
  • Post categories
  • Unique Ultimate WP Mail categories, which you can include in the plugin and utilize for custom emails

If a user has selected any subscription interest, they will automatically receive a notification when that event happens (new product or post is published, etc.).

Additional Features

Ultimate WP Mail comes with a number of other advanced email sending features that will help you make your email management and email sending as efficient and effective as possible. Additional features include:

  • User statistics that show the number of emails opened and links clicked
  • Email categories, which can be used in combination with user lists to create well-targeted emails
  • Option to automatically include an unsubscribe link in emails
  • Styling options to further refine the look of your emails (email background color, email text alignment, email block styling)
  • Labelling options, so you can change the text of elements like the subscribe and unsubscribe links as well as the subscription interests form

The emails created in and by Ultimate WP Mail are all responsive emails. If you are looking for a tool that will help you send out mobile emails or help with your mobile CRM setup, this is it. A perfect complement to your current email marketing efforts, you can send a bulk email or mass email to any or all users. And, with the included newsletter signup email widget, you can get new users and email subscribers effortlessly.

Set up WooCommerce reminders and WooCommerce notifications, as well as email reminders for other elements. Create notifications for specific actions and send emails directly to your users. With Ultimate WP Mail, the notification sending possibilities are endless.


You can use the following filters and actions to add your own functions.

– ewd_uwpm_title: Parameters are the email’s subject and the Params array for that email
– ewd_uwpm_content_pre_substitutions: Parameters are the email’s content and the Params array for that email
– ewd_uwpm_content_post_substitutions: Parameters are the email’s content and the Params array for that email
– ewd_uwpm_headers: Parameters are the email’s headers array and the Params array for that email

– ewd_uwpm_email_sent: Parameters are the Params array for that email and the email’s unique identifier, if the email was sent to a user
– uwpm_register_custom_element: Used for registering custom email variables, post in the forum if you need help using it!
– uwpm_register_custom_element_section: Used for registering sections for custom email variables

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