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Let WooCommerce customers set their exact location for delivery on Google Maps at checkout.

Author:Uriahs Victor (profile at wordpress.org)
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WordPress version tested:6.5
Plugin version:1.9.1
Added to WordPress repository:08-06-2021
Last updated:17-03-2024
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Do you run a WooCommerce store where you need more detailed location information from a customer? If so, then why not let them choose their exact location on Google Maps?

Kikote (pronounced Key-Ko-tay) is a Location Picker At Checkout plugin for WooCommerce which allows store owners to add more flexibility to their WooCommerce store by letting their customers choose exactly where they’d like their product(s) delivered.

This plugin is excellent for stores with delivery personnel that ship products to customers within a moderate geographical area. It can also work for websites which offer Pickup services such as Private Taxi websites.

Kikote – Location Picker At Checkout for WooCommerce enables store owners to get more precise location details without having to contact customers via other means for location information or directions. With this plugin, lots of time can be saved by allowing customers to select their exact location on Google Maps at checkout with WooCommerce.

NOTE ????

The plugin does not currently support the WooCommerce Blocks checkout. To use this plugin you need to have a normal checkout page that has the [woocommerce_checkout] shortcode. If you’re setting up a brand new website with a fresh version of WooCommerce installed on it, then by default, WooCommerce will create your checkout page as a Blocks checkout page.

For this plugin to work, you need to delete all contents of that blocks page and add the shortcode: [woocommerce_checkout] inside it. You can see this link for reverting to classic checkout WooCommerce doc

Once thats done you’ll have the normal WooCommerce checkout page and the plugin options will show. Still need help? Submit a support request here.

Works Great with Delivery & Scheduling WooCommerce Plugin!

The plugin works great with Delivery & Pickup Scheduling for WooCommerce. Feel free to try them both out!

How Can Location Picker At Checkout for WooCommerce Help Me?

Kikote is a Checkout Location Picker plugin for WooCommerce that is suitable for any website that offers Delivery or Pickups for their customers. A Delivery website example would be an online restaurant, a Pickup website example would be a private taxi website. The plugin adds a Google map on the WooCommerce checkout page that customers can use to select their desired location. Alternatively, the plugin can be set up to also allow it to automatically detect the customer’s location on checkout page load and allow them to make any corrections

Kikote – Location Picker at Checkout makes use of the Google Maps API to carry out it’s functions; it can work as any of the following:

✅ WooCommerce Checkout Map Plugin

This plugin adds a Google Map to the checkout page of WooCommerce which customers can use to select their location whether for deliveries or pickups.

✅ WooCommerce Billing & Shipping Address AutoFill Plugin

Kikote can work as a checkout address autofill for WooCommerce making it a full-featured autocomplete address and location picker for WooCommerce plugin. It can automatically fill in the WooCommerce checkout fields with the information pulled from the Google map or from the Google Places API. Save users some typing while pulling accurate address information.

✅ WooCommerce Shipping Zones (Regions) by Drawing Plugin

Kikote comes with a PREMIUM Shipping Zones by Drawing feature for WooCommerce which lets store owners draw custom shipping regions. Drawn shipping regions can have a name, price and background color. It’s also possible to display the shipping regions on the checkout page’s google map so customers can see the cost for shipping to different regions.

During checkout, if a customer location falls within a shipping region, the cost set for that shipping region will automatically be set as the shipping fee for the customer.

Create as many shipping zones and draw as many shipping regions as you like. Kikote will automatically set the cost of the shipping method once a customer falls within those drawn regions.

Optionally, set Kikote to only allow customers to place an order if their geolocation falls within shipping zones/regions that you draw.

✅ WooCommerce Shipping Cost by Distance Plugin

Kikote is a robust WooCommerce checkout location picker plugin that also allows you to calculate the shipping cost for a customer’s order based on how far away that customer is from your location. Simply set the cost per Kilometer or Mile and let Kikote do the rest.

Optionally, set Kikote to only allow customers to place an order if their geolocation falls within a maximum distance that you have set for shipping.

✅ WooCommerce Shipping Cost by Store Plugin

Does your store have multiple locations(branches, pickup spots) ? Great! Set the cost for each of your store locations and let customers select which one they’d like their order to originate from. The shipping price will update based on the store location selected.

✅ WooCommerce Restaurant & Food Delivery Plugin

Kikote is excellent for online restaurants or food delivery websites that deliver customer orders after they have been placed. You can also create mulitple store locations that customers can select from at checkout if you business has multiple branches!

Works Great with Printus – Cloud Printing Plugin for WooCommerce!

The plugin works great with Printus – Cloud Printing Plugin for WooCommerce. A remote cloud printing plugin that allows you to print receipts, invoices and package labels for WooCommerce. Feel free to try them both out!

✅ WooCommerce Pickup Plugin

If you ran a website where customers select their location for pickup then Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce(Kikote) would be a suitable plugin for your website.

✅ WooCommerce Autocomplete/Autofill Checkout Address Plugin

Though the primary focus of the plugin is to allow customers to select accurate locations by using a map. Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce also allows store owners to enable the Places autocomplete feature on their checkout address fields. This feature shows customers address predictions as they type in their address. When a customer clicks the desired address from the dropdown, it can also automatically fill in the rest of the checkout fields. This feature is also known as Google Address Autofill.

✅ Saved Addresses for WooCommerce Plugin

Allow customers to save multiple different addresses to their account that they can select from when placing an order. This feature is useful for customers who might be placing orders on your store from multiple locations.

A customer placing an order might not always be at the previously used address, with this feature they can select any previously saved address such as “Work”, “Home”, “Grandma’s” etc. Think of it as an address book for WooCommerce.

✅ WooCommerce Custom Shipping Zones Plugin

The PRO version of Kikote allows you to create custom shipping zones by drawing them on a Google Map. These Zones can each have their own shipping cost and you can additionally prevent customers from checking out if they do not fall in any of the custom shipping zones.

✅ WooCommerce Delivery Area Plugin

Kikote comes with multiple features to fine tune where you deliver to and how much you wish to charge. These include features such as “Cost by Distance”, “Cost by Distance Range”, “Cost by Region”, “Cost by Store Distance”, Maximum shipping distance, as well as Cost by Store.

✅ WooCommerce Map Plugin

The plugin comes with a Map Builder feature that allows store owners to create custom Google Maps with their store locations and shipping regions and add those maps anywhere on their website using a shortcode.

✅ WooCommerce Multistore Shipping Plugin

In the PRO version of Kikote, you can attach shipping methods to the store locations you’ve created. Then you can attach Shipping Workflows to those shipping methods.
This allows you to create powerful shipping options for the customer by charging Cost by Region for a certain origin store (location) and Cost by Distance for a different origin store (location).
Customers will only be able to select the shipping method that is available for a particular origin store (location). In this context “origin” and “store” means where the order will be getting shipped from or taking place.

Below are a few types of stores that would benefit tremendously from this plugin:

  • Online food delivery websites
  • Online supermarkets
  • Online furniture websites
  • Restaurants offering delivery via their website
  • Hardware Rental & Delivery websites
  • Car Rental websites
  • Pickup service websites
  • Taxi and pickup scheduling websites
  • And more

Free Features ⭐

  • Detect current location of customer at checkout (Automatically or on click of a button)
  • Allow customers to pick their exact location using Google Maps
  • Autofill checkout fields with information pulled from Google Maps
  • Open directions to customers in Google Maps or Waze
  • Store Location Selector – Create multiple store locations and allow customers to choose the one they’d like to order from.
  • Show/Hide Map based on Shipping Method
  • Show/Hide Map based on Shipping Class
  • Show Map based on Coupon Code
  • Hide Map for Guest Checkout
  • Include a QR Code, Static Map or Button link to the customer’s selected location in the WooCommerce order emails.
  • “View on map” button to allow admin to view exact location for delivery of any order.
  • Customers can see the delivery location they selected on past orders.
  • Option to turn on Places Autocomplete(Google Autofill) feature. Learn More
  • Customizable Map container
  • Automatically translated map buttons based on the website’s language (set in WordPress’ general settings) or using a filter.

Premium Features ????

  • Custom Google Maps designs
  • Custom Marker Icons
  • Export Order Locations
  • Plot Orders on a map – See where your orders are coming from and determine your most popular order locations
  • Multiple Customer Saved Addresses
  • Shipping Cost by Region
  • Shipping Cost by Distance
  • Shipping Cost by Distance Range
  • Shipping Cost by Store Distance
  • Shipping Cost by Store Location
  • Multi-store distance pricing – Set the cost by distanced based on the origin store the customer selected.
  • Show/Hide Map based on Shipping Zone
  • Hide Map until a minimum cart total is reached
  • Hide Map when a maximum cart total is reached
  • More Map Visibility Rules
  • Restrict Places Autocomplete feature to selected countries
  • Map Builder – Create custom WooCommerce Google Maps with your store locations and shipping regions and add them to anywhere on your website using a shortcode.
  • Attach shipping methods to store locations. Allow customers to only select a particular shipping method for a certain store. Attach different Shipping workflows to speficific shipping methods to create powerful and accurate shipping costs.
  • And More

???? Checkout the PRO Demo ????

Feature Requests

Have a feature in mind? Feel free to submit it here.

Kikote has support for the following custom checkout page plugins:

  • Funnel Builder for WordPress by FunnelKit
  • FunnelKit (AeroCheckout)
  • Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce
  • Online Ordering System For Restaurants & Local Retail by Orderable
  • CheckoutWC custom checkout plugin

Kikote – Location Picker at Checkout is the last WooCommerce checkout map plugin you’ll need.

Configuring Plugin:

  • The plugin settings are located in WordPress Admin Dashboard->SoaringLeads->Kikote – Location Picker At Checkout.

Plugin Documentation

  • You can find the plugin documentation Here >>>


  • [kikote_store_selector] – Adds a store selector dropdown that lets user’s choose their preferred store to order from.
  • [kikote_map id='x'] – Adds a custom Google Map that you’ve created using the Map Builder anywhere on your website. The ID for the map can be retrieved from within the Map Builder screen.


  • Translators are welcome! Please consider translating to your language Here >>>


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This plugin is free software, and the most important features have been kept free and open to use so that all can benefit. If you like the plugin and believe that it’s helped grow your business, then please consider leaving a review.