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Showing live sales notification or popup, encourages your visitors to buy from you as they…

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WordPress version required:3.0.1
WordPress version tested:5.8.1
Plugin version:2.1.39
Added to WordPress repository:05-04-2019
Last updated:24-10-2021
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This Live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin will increase your overall sales, as your visitors will get more confidence in buying from you when they see how others are buying from you.

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Here are some of the important features of the Live sales notification for WooCommerce:

Core feature

  • Show original order placed as a Live sales feed to other visitors
  • There is no restriction of numbers of products that will be shown, as other plugins have in there Free version
  • If you don’t have large numbers of orders then you can show virtual orders as well
  • Virtual orders can be generated from visitors recent product view, in this case there recently viewed product will be shown in the notification. This will encourage the visitor to buy it
  • Create virtual orders from your selected products
  • You can create custom message that will be shown in the notification, E.g: Mr. Dave from New York just purchased XYZ,
  • You can customize message using short codes like {date}, {time}, {first_name}, {city}, {state}, {country}, {product}, {price}
  • When the order is original this short code information comes from the original order when the order is virtual this information is auto-generated for you
  • Set how much old orders should be extracted for the notification, you can set this in Weeks, month and hours.
  • Select product from categories to create virtual orders

Layout feature

You can control complete look and feel of the notification from plugin setting

  • Disable notification on mobile, mobile breakpoint start from 968px
  • notification width, image width in the notification
  • Link image to product or not
  • Open link in a new tab or in the same tab
  • Background color of the notification
  • Position of the notification
  • Text color, font size, and weight of the notification Text
  • You can even customize color, font size, and weight for each of the text coming from short codes, so you can have different font size for {date}, and different font size for {product}
  • You can disable the closing notification option for the user, so user cant close notification

BENEFITS OF WooCommerce SALES feed

  • Make your online store trustworthy by showing others are buying from your site.
  • Shows that your WooCommerce site is popular and busy.
  • Creates a sense of urgency by showing how much stock is remaining.
  • Boosts your conversion rate by showing the sales feed.
  • Shows trending products by using WooCommerce notification.

PRO features

  • Privacy protection Give Option to customer to exclude there info from live feed
  • It allows you to translate the message text, we have our own translation system for the message shown.
  • You can disable out of stock product from showing in notification
  • You can choose from many animation options for showing and hiding the notification
  • Set different date and time format for the short code {date} and {time}
  • You can show notification throughout the site, or you can control the notification page from these conditions, front page, product page, cart page, checkout page, shop page, product category page
  • Premium support: We respond to all support topics within 24 hours
  • Free version show 1-day old orders in the popup, PRO you can configure how old order to show
  • Set background image for the sales popup
  • Admin can also exclude any order from appearing in the live sales feed
  • Dismiss notification option, so buyer can disable the notification completely
  • Set how long the notification will remain disabled for that user
  • Show how long back the particular order was placed, “2 hours back”
  • Create urgency by showing stock left for the product
  • Set a fake stock amount that will be shown for the product where you don’t do stock management
  • Set product placeholder image