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A Complete WordPress LMS plugin to create and sell online courses in no time.

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Masteriyo LMS – Best Free WordPress LMS Plugin

Masteriyo LMS is the most user-friendly and most powerful WordPress LMS solution to create and sell online courses. Comes with a super-fast and minimalist course builder that lets you make online course easily and quickly. And, absolutely no coding is required.

Powered by React JS, Masteriyo WordPress LMS offers a whole new course building experience which is amazingly smooth, fast, and super-easy like never before.

Want a course building tool fast and smooth like ‘creating a status in Facebook’? That’s possible with Masteriyo LMS. You can instantly add lessons and courses without a full page reload.

Not only that, but it provides a separate and beautiful user interface for creating courses, handling memberships, payments, and all under one roof. That makes it terrifically easier than other LMS solutions that use the native WordPress post system. Here, you won’t need to bother about grouping lessons, courses, quizzes, and waiting a long time to save the changes.

Also, you’ll have an integrated eCommerce and payment option, so selling your online courses won’t require you to install any extra plugins.

Not to mention, this great eLearning software lets you make brilliant learning pages for students with easy course navigation, distraction-free learning mode, course progress bar, and dedicated questions & answers sections, etc.

Built with passionate instructors and eager students in mind, Masteriyo is indeed a revolutionary learning management system (LMS) for WordPress!

You may teach anything, you may not have any coding skills, but you can easily build an online teaching website with Masteriyo and help your students succeed.

Masteriyo Site | Demo | Documentation

Masteriyo WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Features

Masteriyo LMS is power-packed with incredible LMS features to help you create an online learning platform.

Here’s a brief detail of each feature offered by this WordPress online course plugin.

  • Easy Drag & Drop Course Builder: Create, edit, and manage your courses effortlessly with an easy drag and drop course builder. Forget the pain of wandering around different pages to create a single course. Our one-stop interface allows you to create the courses right from one place.

  • Section and Lesson Builder: Create different sections and add unlimited lessons with ease. You can also upload featured images and videos. Our WordPress LMS plugin fully supports YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos.

  • Effortless Quiz Builder: Quizzes enhance the fun of taking courses plus strengthen the students’ understanding of the topics. With our easy quiz builder, one can create multiple quiz types like True/False, Single Choice, or MultiChoice questions to evaluate the students’ progress through the course.

  • Sell Courses: Besides creating online courses, selling them should also be as easy as anything else. That’s why we have our own inbuilt order system, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of installing a separate eCommerce plugin to sell your courses. Masteriyo supports both PayPal and offline payment out of the box.

  • Setup Wizard: Setting up Masteriyo LMS plugin on your WordPress site is just a walk in a park. A minimal learning curve means more time to manage and focus on what you are good at.

  • Clean User Interface, Well-designed, and Modern Course Builder: Masteriyo LMS is a modern course builder plugin that is unique, well-thought, and beautifully designed. It comes with a clean and minimalistic interface that pleases your eyes.

  • Interactive Learning Page: A Learning page denotes the pages where students interact with the courses after enrollment. We’ve focused on making the learning page as smooth as silk for a better learning experience with Masteriyo powered by React JS. So, the learning page looks excellent in terms of both design and functionality.

  • Interactive Learning Page Header: The header in the learning page comprises the site logo to return to the homepage of the site, course informative progress bar, and the student account.

  • Course Progressive Bar: Interactive learning page comes with a dynamic course progressive bar at the top that helps students locate at which step of the course curriculum they are at. It provides students with ideas about the part of the course they’ve completed and the remaining parts that are yet to be completed. This percentage meter also encourages them to complete the course.

  • Learning Page Course Navigation: You’ll also find a vertical navigation section for courses at the left side of the learning page. It helps you navigate through all the sections, lessons, and quizzes of the course curriculum.

  • Distraction-Free Learning Page: We strongly believe that students should be able to focus on their courses entirely. And that’s why we have put our utmost effort into making the learning page free of any distractions. The page is independent of your site design and based on React JS for a better learning experience. Additionally, students also get the complete freedom to hide the header and navigation section of the learning page if they want to.

  • Questions and Answers in Learning Page: Taking courses becomes more fun and effective if students interact better with the instructor and other fellow students. That’s precisely why we have a dedicated section for questions and answers on the learning page.

  • Students Account Page: Masteriyo LMS comes with a beautiful student account page from where every student can get a quick overview of the courses they have enrolled in or purchased. They can also edit other information related to their account.

  • Compatible with Any WordPress Theme: Our WordPress LMS plugin follows the best coding practices so, it fits well with any WordPress theme. Hence, there’s no doubt that the plugin automatically blends into your WordPress theme design.

  • Course Archive Page: All the courses you create are displayed beautifully and in an organized manner on a course archive page.

  • No Coding Required: Masteriyo is a wonderful LMS plugin designed with simplicity in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to have any coding skills to set and use this plugin. Even a beginner and non-tech savvy can build an online course with ease.

  • Responsive Design: It doesn’t matter whether your students browse your eLearning website from laptops, desktops, or various hand-held devices like mobiles, iPhones, tablets, etc. Your LMS website is sure to look pixel-perfect with our fully responsive WordPress LMS plugin.


Masteriyo LMS offers several powerful features that make it the best WordPress LMS plugin for creating impactful courses online.

So, let’s explore these exclusive features provided by the plugin.

  • Easy Course Creation: You don’t need to waste time switching between courses, lessons, and quizzes to create an individual course anymore. We’ve removed all the unnecessary WordPress general user interfaces and replaced them with our own neat and clean single-page interface. So, you can now create courses, lessons, and quizzes from the same page without even reloading it.

  • Super-Fast Backend: Our course builder has a lightning-fast backend that you won’t find in any other WordPress LMS plugin. And when we say this, we really mean it. Masteriyo is based on React JS, which also powers the WordPress Gutenberg system and Facebook. Therefore, creating courses is a breeze. You can try and feel the difference on your own.

  • Super-Fast Learning Page: Since the frontend of the course learning page is also powered by React JS; your student can experience a high-speed learning environment. Thus, they can give their full attention to learning.

  • Clean and Easy User Interface: While designing our WordPress LMS plugin, we focused on keeping it simple, sorted, yet powerful. Therefore, Masteriyo LMS possesses such a clean, minimal, and beautiful design that site owners are sure to acquire the super-easy course-building experience while using the plugin.

  • No Third-Party Plugin Dependency: Masteriyo does not depend on any other plugin to create a complete Learning Management System. It has got its own ordering system and PayPal payment gateway to sell courses. So, it eliminates the need to install extra plugins, thus making your site faster.

  • Unique Learning Page: We have an exclusive learning page based on React JS. Hence, it can be considered as one of the important factors contributing to the unique learning page. It makes the page fast to help students learn smoothly. Also, it comes with an eye-pleasing interface for efficient learning.

  • Intuitive Quiz Builder: Quizzes can make your courses even more interactive and effective. Our intuitive quiz builder allows you to create questions easily and quickly on a single screen. Further, you get the option to set different quiz types like True/False, Single Choices, and Multiple Choices.

  • Backed Up by Masteriyo Team: Even though Masteriyo LMS is a free LMS plugin, you can remain assured to get great customer service. Our dedicated team of experts will help you build your dream LMS website.


Masteriyo LMS is suitable for anyone who wants to share their knowledge or skills online and sell courses to earn good revenue. It can be used by both an individual instructor as well as a well-established institution, educational consultant, and so on.

Thus, Masteriyo is the perfect WordPress LMS plugin for educators, as mentioned below.

  • Teachers to build any kind of courses
  • Musicians to sell music courses
  • Photographers to sell photography courses
  • Chefs/Cooks to sell cooking courses
  • Designers to sell designing courses
  • Programmers to sell programming courses
  • Gym Coaches to sell gym courses
  • Yoga Instructors to sell yoga courses
  • Any kind of artists to sell art courses
  • School, Colleges, or other institutions to empower their learning system


  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Unlimited Lessons
  • Unlimited Quiz
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Inside Course
    • Course Name
    • Course Description
    • Course Highlights
    • Course Live Preview
    • Course Category
    • Course Featured Image
    • Course Builder
    • Course Difficulty
    • Course Curriculum Visibility Option
    • Course Pricing Options
    • Course Review System
    • Student Limitation on Course
  • Inside Lesson
    • Lesson Name
    • Lesson Description
    • Lesson Featured Image
    • Lesson Video
    • Video Support for YouTube, Vimeo and Self-hosted Videos
  • Quiz Builder
    • Quiz Name
    • Quiz Description
    • True/False Question
    • Single Choice Question
    • Multiple Choice Question
    • Points System for Questions
    • Course Full Mark and Pass Mark
    • Time Limit for Quizzes
    • Quiz Attempts Limit
  • Questions Pagination
  • Free Course with Registration
  • Open Free Course (No Registration Required)
  • Closed Free Course (Registration Required)
  • Paid Course
    • Sell Course
    • Inbuilt Order System
    • Supports PayPal Gateway
    • Offline Payment
  • Interactive Learning page
    • Distraction Free Learning Page
    • Course Navigation Section
    • Course Informative Progress Bar
    • Students Questions and Answer Section
    • Lesson Next/Previous Buttons
  • Clean and Well-designed Student Account Page
    • Custom Account Endpoints for Orders, Courses, Edit-account and more
    • Information about Enrolled Courses
    • Progress Information on Enrolled Courses
  • Registration and Login Form
  • Global Settings
    • Primary Color
    • Course Search Option in Course Listing Page
    • Course Per Row
    • Course Per Page
    • Enable/Disable Review System for Course
    • Enable/Disable Q&A Section for Learning Page
    • Payment Options
    • Quiz per Page
    • Email Options
  • Advanced Options
    • Pages Setup Options
    • Permalink Options
    • Account Endpoints
    • Checkout Endpoints
    • Debug Options
  • More Awesome Features Coming Down the Pike