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Compose the perfect image for a WordPress post. Access millions of stock images and stunning SVG stickers. Add animation or amazing text effects.

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WordPress version required:5.0
WordPress version tested:6.4.2
Plugin version:4.0.7
Added to WordPress repository:19-05-2019
Last updated:29-01-2024
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This feature-packed AI art generator has prompt history, preset styles, variations, inpainting and outpainting. Additional tools to immediately use your generated images for social media, cover photos, multi-layered slideshows or even music videos. You also get SVG stickers and text to embellish your images or slideshow. ChatGPT integration helps craft ads or product descriptions. Free AI image credits when you make a Tweet. After activating, auto-install the API key and you’re all set.

All Your Favorite AI Image Models

Use top AI image generators like DALLE3, and Midjourney from one simple interface. Genolve’s single interface saves registering and paying on multiple AI image sites and having to learn different interfaces. If your AI image prompt is missing the target with one model, switch to a different model with one click. Suggested prompts are automatically generated with ChatGPT. Your images are only seen by you instead of posting on a public interface. Several beta testers commented that they greatly prefer our interface over Midjourney’s own interface. Refill credits at the same rate the vendor charges.

AI Features

  • Prompt Generation – Generate AI images from a prompt, use preset styles to refine it. ChatGPT automatically suggests a better prompt.
  • Out Painting – Easily expand the crop on AI generated images as well as your own images in the media library.
  • In Painting – Touch up any image using a brush to add new details or remove unwanted objects.
  • Variations – Get further variations on any AI generated image.
  • GhatGPT – At your fingertips to help create ads, product descriptions, proofread text or generate quotes.
  • Gutenberg Image – Generate AI pictures right from the image block.
  • Current models – As soon as a new version is released it’s added in.
  • At Cost – You pay the posted rates as if you used the models directly from the AI model creator.

Image Features

  • Image Filters – Hundreds of filters to enhance your AI photos; blur, tint, posterize, background stripping, etc.
  • Image Masks – Hundreds of masks to shape your AI pics into animals, plants, polygons or text.
  • Image Tiles – Put AI generated tiles straight into a tiled background.
  • Image Transitions – lots of image transitions for slideshows; mask reveal, fade-in, blur-in, slide-in, brush stroke, etc.
  • Image Background remover – Remove backgrounds from AI images or your own photos.
  • Royalty free photos – Grab stock images from Wikimedia’s vast collection or stock photos from Pixabay’s sublime collection.
  • Panoramas – autofit and scroll animation for panoramas in a slideshow.

Bonus Features

  • Templates – Speed up the design process with hundreds of pre-designed templates.
  • Animations – Add slide-in, fade-in, zoom-in and many more effects including path animations.
  • Quotes – Seamlessly pull quotes from Wikiquote the largest accurate quote collection on the internet.
  • Fonts – Use our suggested fonts or set your own Google font.
  • Featured Image – When making a slideshow you can also make a featured image for social media posts.
  • Video Recording – When making a slideshow you get a video that can be used in emails or posted on YouTube.
  • Text to Speech – AI text2speech with several voice styles.
  • Sound Effects – Add sound effects to object animations (including a 3d effect in beta testing).
  • Easy Resizing – After making a music video for YouTube, quickly resize, do some touchups and make a music video for TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Gutenberg Separator – Ornate Separator divides paragraphs with pizaz.
  • Falling Snow – Add falling snow, confetti, etc. that people see on their first visit to your site.

Try it Now

The AI image generator used in WordPress is the same one used on the main Genolve site:
* See What People are Making w/ Genolve
* Genolve Plugin Page
* Video Tutorials

Simple To Use as SlideShow

Whenever you create a slideshow you get a coverphoto image representing that slideshow, simply place that coverphoto where you want the slideshow to go. The image will be swapped for the slideshow using the same responsive settings the image had. That’s it, no shortcodes or other parameters to mess with.

Free Version is Awesome

Genolve is free to use! Just get your API key on and you’re all set. You can do a lot with the free version, unlike some other plugins. Get a Premium membership to unlock more features and capabilities. Premium Members can make slideshows fully interactive with buttons or game-like interactions powerful enough to construct a Rube Goldberg machine.

No Spam

No emails, dashboard notices or admin banners except for valid notices you wouldn’t want to miss like security updates or an expiring membership.

About Genolve

Genolve is an innovator in AI and generative design. It hosts the internet’s largest collection of evolving SVG shapes. The designs evolve using simulated evolution. Whenever you click on a design, new variations of that design are automatically generated. Anything you create will be unique; found nowhere else but on your site. New designs added daily by artists and generative art experts. Genolve Terms of Use.