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WordPress anti spam plugin that eliminates automated comment spam without reCAPTHCA or quizes. The ultimate…

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WordPress version required:5.3.0
WordPress version tested:6.5.4
Plugin version:2.0
Added to WordPress repository:27-11-2019
Last updated:07-06-2024
Rating, %:100
Rated by:6
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Total downloads:30 069
Active installs:2 000+
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Fed up with being overwhelmed with WP comment spam?! Say goodbye to those pesky spambots for good with this fantastic WordPress plugin!

Introducing the ultimate anti-spam solution – our plugin detects spam bots with laser-like precision to keep your comments section sparkling clean. And it does it all without annoying your real readers with tedious captchas.

Just install and activate for immediate spam-zapping powers! Sayonara spam, hello helpful conversations!

Good news, it’s a totally free download for personal, commercial and business sites alike. No keys, no catches – just spam-vanquishing joy.

Check out the rave reviews! Your comment auto-spammers don’t stand a chance against this anti-bot. This is the spam-slaying champion you’ve been searching for.

Tired of spam clutter? Want to easily moderate a spam-free zone? Our plugin is the answer – your new best friend in the never-ending war against comment junk.

If you need a brilliant bot-blocker that just works, look no further than this fantastic anti-bot hero!

Additionally, the plugin has custom allow/deny rules for email patterns, IP and IP subnets and text string patterns, jut can block even more than just bot comment spam, by making up your own rules. Putting you in control.

Anti Spam Protection Free Features

  • It stores suspected spam comments in the moderation queue for review.
  • Comments marked as spam can be automatically deleted after a set number of days.
  • It also manages comments submitted through the wpDiscuz plugin.
  • There is an option to set the spam retention period.
  • Can be used alongside other security and spam prevention plugins, such as Akismet and Anti-Spam Bee.
  • For sites with large volumes of historic spam, it will automatically clean up past comments marked as spam.
  • It is GDPR compliant and allows opting in/out of anonymously submitting spam/ham reports.
  • No cookies are used for spam/bot detection.
  • Custom allow/deny lists can be set for IP addresses, email patterns and text.

It is FREE

Free for any use, personal, commercial, and business sites with no API key required.

We are able to provide this free plugin because we have a Pro version that enables us to fund the development of this free plugin and pay for the avocado on toast that our developers insist on having for breakfast every morning.
Let’s just say it isn’t cheap to keep that lot happy! But we love ’em really, even if they do spend half the day napping and the other half moaning about how hard they’re working.
As long as the cash keeps rolling in from you top chaps who purchase the Pro version, the freebies will keep on coming and the developers will continue living the dream (or nightmare depending on who you ask!). So in summary – buy the Pro version and you’ll not only get some swanky new features but you’ll also be indirectly paying for the livelihood of a bunch of scoundrels who wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real job. Bargain!

It Works

Check out our reviews, and you’ll find that Fullworks Anti Spam is widely recognized as an anti-spam solution that truly stops spam comments on your blog posts.

It is good for SEO

How can an anti-spam plugin improve SEO? Well they can’t but they can damage SEO by damaging performance. Other well known anti spam plugins make calls to the cloud to analyse
comments and this can slow down your site. This plugin is fast and lightweight and so by using this plugin, over some others, you can be avoiding damaging your SEO.

It is good for Security

How can spam protection improve security? The biggest threat to website or any technology security is ‘Social Engineering’ where people are tricked into revealing credentials. These attacks all start with an out of the blue contact
, maybe a phishing link or maybe something else believable, once hooked the hackers dig in. All these types of attacks start with a contact, such as a comment on a post. The majority of these attacks start with an automated (bot) campaign. This free plugin protects your blog comments from these auto campaigns.

It is easy to use

The plugin is designed to be ‘set and forget’. Once installed it will start protecting you from spam. You can review the spam comments if you wish, but you don’t have to.

It is safe

The free plugin does not send any data to any third party. It does not use cookies. It does not track users. It does not collect any personal data.

Go Pro

Our view is the free version should deal with the most prolific spam elements that come with the free blogging platform, namely comments.

And the Pro version should be affordable to the smallest of businesses and deal with the more sophisticated spam elements that plague them, namely contact forms and registration forms.

Upgrade to ‘Pro’ from within your WordPress dashboard to get these further pro anti spam features

  • Three extra levels of spam protection

    • IP Blocklist checking using industry spam list
    • Statistical text analysis to determine spam probability
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) natural language server to beat the most creative spammers
  • Help with GDPR and privacy laws

    • Option to not send any third party data to the AI server but still have local AI spam detection through machine learning textual analysis, no need for a DPA / SCC
  • Protect forms

    • Jetpack contact form
    • Contact Form 7
    • Gravity Forms
    • WP Forms
    • Quick Contact Form
    • Fluent Forms
      ( and more in the pipeline )
  • Message Store

    • Store message for ham / spam review and deletion for plugins that don’t have their own message store (optional)
      • Contact Form 7
      • WP Forms Lite
      • Fluent Forms
  • Stops phantom registrations

    • WooCommerce
    • WordPress users
  • No limits on number of detections

  • Automatically block and discard the worst spam
  • Control spam retention
  • Automatic spam statistics reporting
  • Optional spam notifications alerts, so you can review them
  • Set your own Allow or Deny lists of IP addresses, email patterns and text patterns

Free trial, sign up directly from the plugin settings page.

Or visit the Pro product page

Privacy and GDPR

This free plugin does not collect, process or send any website visitor personal data anywhere unless you chose to opt in to sharing the spam comments you mark as spam or ham with our spam detection server.

PHP 8.3

Tested against PHP 8.3