Contact Form 7 Polylang Module

This plugin allows multilingual contact form 7 management using the polylang plugin.

Author:Aurovrata V. (profile at
WordPress version required:4.7
WordPress version tested:6.4.2
Plugin version:2.4.1
Added to WordPress repository:06-05-2016
Last updated:13-12-2023
Rating, %:80
Rated by:11
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Total downloads:96 137
Active installs:6 000+
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NOTE v2 is now an extension of the CF7 Smart Grid-layout plugin. You need to install it to use this plugin. Why is this? You can read this thread, and this post.
This plugin allows multilingual contact form 7 management using the polylang plugin. As of version 2.0 of this plugin, it is now developed as an extension of the CF7 Smart Grid-layout plugin. All 3 plugins, Polylang, CF7 Smart Grid-layout and Contact Form 7 need to be installed prior to installing this plugin. Works with multisite installations too.

  • Now you can use a single CF7 form shortcode for all your translations.
  • WARNING: ensure you follow the installation instructions along with the PolyLang settings adjustments.

Make your CF7 Form more portable

this plugin introduces form keys (which you can modify in the CF7 admin table). Keys are unique for each form, allowing you identify a form my its key rather than an ID. Why is this priceless? IDs changes from one server to the next because they are the custom post ID attributed by the WordPress installation, and therefore you develop your form in a local machine only to find out that the IDs are different when you move your form to your production server. To overcome this problem, we suggest you use a form key along with this plugin’s contact form shortcode, [cf7-form key="contact-us"]. Don’t worry your old contact form 7 shortcodes will still work too, behind the scenes we simply map the key to the ID and call the regular contact form 7 shortcode.

Similarly you can use any translated form shortcode, and the plugin will make sure the right language is loaded.

Please follow the Installation instructions carefully, especially the part about saving your Polylang settings after you have activated this plugin.

English subtitled video on youtube, Spanish & French subtitles available in the caption settings.

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Thanks to

GĂ©rard Mathiuet for providing a fix for PolylangPro.
Peter J. Herrel for improving the language folder management.
Didier (@swissspaceboy) for pointing out an issue with the CF7 Special Mail tag [_site_url].

Privacy Notices

This plugin, in itself, does not:

  • track users by stealth;
  • write any user personal data to the database;
  • send any data to external servers;
  • use cookies.


  • introduce ‘cf7pll_sync_form_metakeys’ to filter the synchronised form metakeys between translations.
  • improve translation sync from original post.


  • fix language update.
  • add notice to post-new pages.


  • enable other plugins to add their translation files.
  • added ‘cf7pll_load_plugin_translation_resource’ filter.


  • fix broken translations of new form templates.


  • fix ZipArchive class missing Fatal error for PHP 7.3 onwards.


  • fix continue warning.


  • clean up deprecated delete posts code.


  • added hidden field _wpcf7_lang to front-end form.
  • instroduce special mail tag [_home_url].


  • fix for CF7 bug on special mail tag _site_url.


  • fix notices.
  • improved translations


  • allows plugin update without cf7 smart grid, but restricted functionality.


  • removed empty front-end css/js from script queue.


  • major update to plugin to integrate with WP std admin pages for cf7 offered by cf7 smart grid plugin.
  • code update to fix issue with polylang v2.3+ changes.