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Woo Auction Software is one of the flexible and intuitive WordPress Auction Plugin to host your online auctions.

Author:WPeka Club (profile at wordpress.org)
WordPress version required:4.6
WordPress version tested:6.0
Plugin version:1.2.6
Added to WordPress repository:03-07-2020
Last updated:20-06-2022
Rating, %:76
Rated by:9
Plugin URI:https://demo.wpeka.com/woo-auction-software/
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WPAuction software is built for WordPress website owners who want to run successful auctions on their websites.

???? Demo Site: Click Here
???? Learn More About WPAuction software(PRO): Click Here

This is a powerful auction plugin for WordPress that allows you to host live auctions on your website. You can do this without any coding knowledge.

Combine the ease of use of WordPress and the power of WooCommerce with this plugin to setup eCommerce auctions quickly. You can run auctions for digital or physical products.

WPAuction software supports these types of auctions:

➡️ Forward Auctions Buyers bid for your products, highest bidder wins.
➡️ Reverse Auction Sellers bid the price at which they are willing to sell their products or services, Lowest Bid Wins.????
➡️ Penny Auction (PRO) – Host a bidding fee auction, allowing participants to pay a non-refundable fee to place each bid. The auction can be extended each time a new bid is placed.

Here are some key features:

➡️ Sign up users to host auctions on your website (PRO) – Setup eBay style auctions by allowing users to host auctions on your site for a fee.
➡️ WooCommerce Payment Integration – Accept payments online from bidders using PayPal, Stripe or other supported payment gateways.

WPAuction software WordPress auction management plugin is designed to be simple, elegant, and easy to operate. It takes only a few minutes to install and get started.

It is easy to create, edit, and manage auctions on your website using the plugin’s intuitive interface. You can create unlimited auctions, and schedule them to go live in the future.

With this free online auction plugin, you get access to various filters that save your users time and effort when they search for an auction. The plugin gives you the ability to relist auctions manually or enable the automatic relist option. It is also possible to reopen a closed auction if required so that bidders can continue bidding.

The WordPress auction plugin also offers multi-vendor options. This helps you create an eBay-style vendor auction marketplace on your site. This feature allows your website visitors and other 3rd parties to host their own auction on your website and sell to your audience. This gives your website visitors a variety of auctions to choose from and bid, and you can also monetize by the commissions earned.

WPAuction software plugin integrates with WooCommerce to provide a diverse set of payment gateways so that your users can place bids in their native currency through any popular payment gateway supported.

This plugin can be used to host auctions in any language with the help of local translation plugins. You may be a novice or an expert, this plugin supports all types of users needing no technical or coding skills on your part.

Here’s what Darryl has to say about WPAuction software:

This was exactly what I was looking for. WPAuction software has provided me with features and functionalities that make a perfect auction site. – Darryl Lane

How to get started with WPAuction software

It is effortless to set up WPAuction software in different auction modes. You can use these auctions to create professional auction websites, eBay-type auctions, and many more. The plugin comes with pre-designed email templates that make it easy for you to customize the email notifications. The plugin works with all modern WordPress themes available.

The various types of WooCommerce Auctions supported by this plugin are:

????Forward Auction: It’s the most common type of auction. Auction starts from a specific price, and users bid for the product. If the reserve price is met at the end of the auction, the user with the highest bid can buy the product.

????Reverse Auction: This auction is the reverse of a Forward auction. The auction will start from a specific price, and users place bids to lower the bid price. The user with the lowest bid wins. This auction is suitable for government contracts, service contracts, work to be awarded to lower bidders.

????Penny Auction (PRO version): In Penny auction, the user needs to buy credits/bids. Once the user places a bid, the amount set (usually a penny) gets deducted. This amount is non-refundable, and the bidder with the highest bid can buy the product. You can also extend the auction each time someone places a new bid. This way, you let your users bid aggressively and sell them products at attractive prices.

This online auction plugin allows you to create a vendor auction marketplace on your website, allowing other users to host their auctions on your site. All they need to do is simply register on your auction website and list their products. You can then specify the percentage of commission for every single vendor.

See what Jennifer has to say about WPAuction software:

I love the way sellers can get paid through the site. It is a handy and simple-to-use plugin having an integrated payment system. – Jennifer Wesley


The WPAuction software auction management plugin is built with scalable features –
???? Forward Auction – Simple forward auctions to build a variety of auction sites — antiques, art, or charity auctions.
???? Reverse Auction – Set up auctions to invite sellers and vendors to compete for the lowest bid price.
???? Quality Assurance –Quality tested with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.
???? Extensive Plugin –Integrated with WooCommerce Hooks that makes it easily extendable.
???? WooCommerce Templates –Uses the “WooCommerce templates” system. Helps to create and work with popular WooCommerce themes.
???? Widgets –Rich Widgets to use in sidebars or homepages.Admins can promote auctions using the starting soon, ending soon, and upcoming auctions widgets.
???? Variety of products to host –Supports multiple product types (Physical, Digital, Virtual Products/Services).
???? Email Notifications –Participants are automatically sent configurable emails, before and after auctions begin or end.
???? AJAX Updates Support –Ajax updates of latest bids and prices.
???? Customer Pricing –Define your price configuration: Starting Price of Auction, Increment Levels, Buy it now price, Reserve Price, Penny Auction credit adjustments, etc.
???? Schedule Auctions –Schedule Auctions in advance with a set start & end time.
???? Define Bid Range –Define your bid ranges for increments. At lower prices, the price for the next bid can be a smaller range ($10), for higher-priced products the minimum increment can be a higher amount ($100).
???? WooCommerce Payment Integration –Supports multiple payment gateways.
???? Local Translate Auctions –Multilingual compatible (PO Files) available to help translate the auction in any language as desired.
???? Anti sniping –Anti sniping feature allows other users to place bids on the auction in the last seconds of the auction end. Automatically extends auctions by a custom period to prevent last minutes bids and sniping.
???? Proxy Bidding –Allows users to place system-generated auto bids on auctions.
???? Bid Watchlist – Users can keep track of bids happening on their favorite auctions by adding them to a bid watch list.
???? Exclude auction fields –Selected fields will not be shown on the product page. For example: If you do not want to show the ‘Item Condition’ text on the product page, you could select ‘Item Condition’ from the select dropdown.
???? Penny Auction (Pro) – Set up fast, exciting, bidding fee auctions where participants pre-pay non-refundable fees.
???? Multi-Vendor Auction (Pro) –Enable end-users to create their auctions. Charge a fee for auction setup(via multi-vendor plugin)
???? SMS notification (Coming Soon) – Send SMS notifications to users about the status of their bids.
???? Variable Increment (Coming Soon) – Define Bid Incremental values for different bidding intervals this will help you receive higher bid margins.
???? Silent bidding (Coming Soon) – Host anonymous auctions where users are not aware of each other’s bid amount.

Email notifications

Send email notifications to auction participants automatically. You can specify the types of emails to send as:

✉️- Auction Start Emails –Email to bidders to start placing bids.
✉️- Auction End Emails –Email to all bidders that the auction has ended
✉️- Winner Notification Emails –Email to the auction winner and admin.
✉️- Outbid Notification Emails –Email to all bidders who have been outbid.

Widgets included

WPAuction software plugin supports the following type of auctions:

⭐Ending Soon Auctions
⭐Featured Auctions
⭐Coming Soon Auctions
⭐My Auctions
⭐Random Auctions
⭐Recent Auctions
⭐Recently Viewed Auctions
⭐Expired Auction (Coming Soon)
⭐Future Auctions (Coming Soon)
⭐Live Auctions (Coming Soon)

See what Thomas has to say about the WPAuction software:

I just love WPAuction software. It is by far the best auction plugin with all the features and at a reasonable price. Support is good too. – Thomas B.

Looking for the PRO Features?

Unlock the PRO version now, Visit – ➡️WPAuction software Pro⬅️

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