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WebDefender – Complete WP Security Protection (formely CWIS Antivirus) (CobWeb Security Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
PRO Security – Antivirus Scanner, 2-Layer Protection Hide & WAF, Brute Force & Anti-SPAM, Login…
4.9.518-03-2018101 6239012
WPAutoTests (WPAutoTests)
description plugin | | |
Install and activate this plugin so that WPAutoTests.com can run automated browser tests and monitor your WordPress site.
WordPress Moodle (sony7596, miraclewebssoft, reachbaljit)
description plugin | | |
Plugin used to Synchronize Moodle Courses into wordpress and Register wordpress users into moodle.
MultiPress Lite – Multi Step Registration Form Plugin By Witoni Software (Witoni)
description plugin | | |
MultiPress is an all in one wordpress plugin to create multistep registration forms with intersting…
Bulk menu creator (KubiQ)
description plugin | | |
Create multiple menu items at once
Tracko – Track and Manage Mobile Work (Tracko)
description plugin | | |
Install plugin to get Native Mobile apps for Consumer/Customers, Multi Vendor, Marketplace, Admin and Catalog. (Android and iOS Platform)
Posts Table with Search & Sort (Barn2 Media)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to display all your posts in a searchable and sortable table or…
4.9.417-03-201810 813987
Rate my Post (Blaz K.)
description plugin | | |
Allows visitors to rate your posts/pages and send you private feedback about each post or page.
WatchMan-Site7 (Oleg Klenitskiy)
description plugin | | |
The plugin keeps a log of site visits, monitors system files and site events. The…
GEO my WordPress (Eyal Fitoussi)
description plugin | | |
Using Google's API tools GEO my WP provides an advance proximity search for any post type or buddypress's members based on a given address a …
4.9.517-03-201891 6589063
BasePress Knowledge Base (8Bits in a row)
description plugin | | |
Build a Single or Multi product knowledge base with ease. Let users find the information they need and reduce the cost of customer support.
Safe SVG (Daryll Doyle)
description plugin | | |
Enable SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website
4.9.417-03-201854 69210025
Disable updates, Updates manager, Disable automatic updates (Webcraftic )
description plugin | | |
Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.
WP Editor.MD (淮城一只猫)
description plugin | | |
WP Editor.MD是一个漂亮又实用的在线Markdown文档编辑器。
4.9.417-03-201819 2858813
Edublogify Contact form (Prashant Kansal)
description plugin | | |
ECF is a mobile responsive contact form solution, so your contact form will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).
Unbounce To Gravity Form (U2GF) (HK Infosoft)
description plugin | | |
Fetch leads from Unbounce landing pages to Gravity forms.
Accordion for WordPress – Accordion, FAQ, Tabs Shortcode and Widgets (ThemeEgg)
description plugin | | |
This plugin help you to make accordion of post type, category, tags, taxonomy, menu etc. You can show accordion from accordion post widget, accordion …
ThemeHunk Customizer (ThemeHunk)
description plugin | | |
ThemeHunk Customiser plugin will add features of testimonial, team and service.
4.9.417-03-201874 4151001
SpritesFeed (SPRITES SOFTWARE, s.r.o.)
description plugin | | |
SpritesFeed is a social feed plugin that allows you to setup your API's and fetch…
Recruitly (Recruitly Support)
description plugin | | |
Recruitly wordpress plugin.
WP phpMyAdmin (ProtectPages.com)
description plugin | | |
phpMyAdmin - Database Browser & Manager (for MySQL & MariaDB)
517-03-20181 0071002
ARI Fancy Lightbox – WordPress Popup (ARI Soft)
description plugin | | |
Lightbox for WordPress with social and viral features. Mobile friendly. Show photos, gallery, PDF, videos,…
4.9.417-03-201824 0309427
Include Fussball.de Widgets (Alexander Böhm)
description plugin | | |
Easy integration of the Fussball.de widgets (currently in the version since season 2016).
smart Archive Page Remove (Peter Raschendorfer)
description plugin | | |
Completely remove unwanted Archive Pages from your Blog
4.9.417-03-201812 982987
fancyBox 3 for WordPress (w3dev)
description plugin | | |
Seamlessly integrates the fancyBox 3 script into your WordPress installation: Upload, activate, and you're done.…
4.9.417-03-20181 825902
Variations Select Menu For Woocommerce (Drazen Duvnjak)
description plugin | | |
Variations Select Menu on every page
ASD Products (Michael H Fahey)
description plugin | | |
Defines an "ASD Product" Custom Post Type in order to create Rich Content using JSON-LD Structured Data. Included are a grouping Taxonomy, a …
Facebook Auto Publish (xyzscripts.com)
description plugin | | |
Publish posts automatically to Facebook page or profile.
4.9.417-03-2018492 89196489
EME Sync Facebook Events (Franky Van Liedekerke)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to sync Facebook events to the Events Made Easy plugin.
4.9.417-03-20189 9911003
Functionality (Shea Bunge)
description plugin | | |
Creates a functionality plugin where you can add your functions.php code snippets.
4.9.417-03-201827 1989410
Custom login page (Anowar Anik)
description plugin | | |
Custom login page Customizer, Add custom logo,Custom background and more.
description plugin | | |
Features Creates a new meta box under Posts, Pages and Categories named HREFLANG Supports all languages that WordPress supports Integrates with Word …
4.9.417-03-201836 6397013
WooCommerce – Gift Cards (WP Ronin)
description plugin | | |
Gift Cards for WooCommerce allows you to create gift cards that your customers purchase on…
4.9.417-03-2018106 3666237
Divi Mega Menu – QuadMenu (Mega Menu)
description plugin | | |
Create a Mega Menu in Divi.
Zigaform – Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder Lite (ZigaForm.Com)
description plugin | | |
Create estimation forms using this powerful drag and drop estimation form builder which makes you to build estimation forms on few minutes
4.9.417-03-20183 797645
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