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Deny All Firewall (webd.uk)
description plugin | | |
Blocks access to everything except genuine site content using .htaccess
5.2.315-09-20191 09600
Private groups (Robin Wilson)
description plugin | | |
For bbPress - Creates private forum groups
5.2.315-09-201996 2169839
WP Security Safe (Sovereign Stack, LLC)
description plugin | | |
This WordPress security plugin helps you quickly audit, harden, and secure your website.
5.2.315-09-20193 6291003
All in One Time Clock Lite – A WordPress Employee Time Tracking Plugin (Codebangers)
description plugin | | |
Employees can easily clock in and out. Managers can easily keep track of employees/volunteers/contracts and their time.
5.2.315-09-20195 0231005
Member Chimp – User Profile & Community Plugin (Member Chimp)
description plugin | | |
Create frontend user profiles, user registration, user login, password reset, account dashboard and online communities for WordPress.
5.2.315-09-20191 5661002
Very Simple WP SlideShow (Juan Chaves)
description plugin | | |
Very Simple WP SlideShow
annasta Woocommerce Product Filters (annasta.net)
description plugin | | |
A powerful, SEO friendly product filters solution for your Woocommerce shop, with support for AJAX…
Social Sharing Buttons | WPSSO Add-on (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
Traditional social sharing buttons with support for hashtags, short URLs, bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and much…
5.2.315-09-2019527 5879011
Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons | WPSSO Add-on (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
Ridiculously Responsive (SVG) Social Sharing Buttons for your content, excerpts, CSS sidebar, widget, shortcode, editor…
5.2.315-09-201933 5039814
Quizess (Tihomir Selak )
description plugin | | |
Gutenberg plugin; provides a simple way of creating online quizes. Fully customisable.
Search URL (Network EGYPT)
description plugin | | |
This plugin convert your search results url from /s?=xyz to /search/xyz , This will make your search result very powerful and SEO ready
Comments To ActiveCampaign (Haktan Suren)
description plugin | | |
The simplest way to collect leads from your comments to ActiveCampaign.
HandL Hide Content (Haktan Suren)
description plugin | | |
HandL Hide Content is for people who want to hide contents based on the GET,REQUEST or POST parameters.
HandL YouTube Extra (Haktan Suren)
description plugin | | |
Get more from your YouTube videos...
Schema JSON-LD Markup | WPSSO Add-on (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
Schema JSON-LD markup and Google SEO Rich Results for Articles, Events, Local Business, Products, Recipes, Reviews and many more.
5.2.315-09-2019139 7609242
Ratings and Reviews | WPSSO Add-on (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
Ratings and reviews for WordPress comments with Aggregate Rating meta tags and Schema Review markup.
5.2.315-09-20199 661966
WPSSO Core | Advanced Open Graph, Rich Pin, Twitter Card, Meta Tags, SEO Rich Results, and Schema Markup (JS Morisset)
description plugin | | |
WPSSO Core makes sure your content looks great on all social and search sites, no…
5.2.315-09-20192 379 13392209
DigitalPUSH notifications (DigitalPUSH)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to to implement push notifications with your WordPress blog.
Aria Font (آریا وردپرس)
description plugin | | |
Change WordPress Theme Font.
5.2.315-09-20196 3791002
Easy PDF Restaurant Menu Upload (Nikel Schubert)
description plugin | | |
This lightweight plugin is the right choice for you, if you are looking for an easy and fast way of managing your menu pdfs.
My Affiliate Link (Ludwig Media)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that creates shortcodes for use with any affiliate cloaking service or plugin. Formats affiliate links so they aren't indexed by the sea …
Beautiful Cookie Consent Plugin – WordPress Plugin (Nikel Schubert)
description plugin | | |
This really lightweight plugin wraps the solution provided by osano (https://cookieconsent.osano.com/download/) into a wordpress plugin.
5.2.315-09-20191 9671001
ITP Cookie Saver – Convert javascript cookies to server cookies (Nikel Schubert)
description plugin | | |
This plugin removes the seven days limitations of cookies in certain browsers. Many browsers start to limit the cookie lifetime of cookies which are s …
Timber (Jared Novack + Upstatement)
description plugin | | |
Helps you create themes faster with sustainable code. With Timber, you write HTML using Twig Templates http://www.upstatement.com/timber/
5.2.315-09-2019460 9279861
WooCommerce XML Twoja Giełda (Twoja Giełda)
description plugin | | |
Wtyczka generuje pliki XML, umożliwiający integracje sklepu z serwisem ogłoszeniowym TwojaGielda.com.
Orthodox Calendar (David L.)
description plugin | | |
Orthodox Calendar
5.2.315-09-20191 87100
Advanced WpBakery Addons – Formerly Visual Composer Page Builder (themescup)
description plugin | | |
Advanced and Creative addons bundle for WPBakery Page Builder Formerly Visual Composer Page Builder. As…
5.2.315-09-20191 6341003
Login Protection – Email login and phone login with SafePassword Login Security (Schway)
description plugin | | |
Login Protection - Email login and phone login with SafePassword Login Security protect your users…
Security Site (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Secure your site from the Anti-Spam, Check Browser, XSS Attack.
Custom Setting (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Disable comments, emojicons, block editor. Add JS/CSS into header/footer. Auto remove all tag (script, style, link, meta) in post content, meta value.
5.2.315-09-20191 31800
Photo Box (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
Popup images of gallery, block gallery - Gutenberg editor.
5.2.315-09-20192 9121001
Adsense Code (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
Ads code, Ads widget, Google Adsense.
5.2.315-09-20191 90700
SMTP Mail (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
SMTP settings, mail function, send test, save data ( phpmailer ). It is very easy to configure and fast.
5.2.315-09-201916 981743
Contact Form 7 Preview (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Preview Form before save in edit form for Contact Form 7.
5.2.315-09-20191 2421001
Mini Program API (艾码汇)
description plugin | | |
由丸子小程序团队基于 WordPress REST 创建小程序应用 API 数据接口,实现 WordPress 连接小程序应用数据。获取文章数据及分类数据,使用 WordPress REST API ,可以点击这里查看使用帮助。 自定义 API 接口功能如下: 支持微信小程序 / QQ 小程序 …
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