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Events Made Easy (Franky Van Liedekerke)
description plugin | | |
Manage and display events, memberships, recurring events, locations and maps, widgets, RSVP, ICAL and RSS feeds, payment gateways support.
4.9.115-12-2017355 0759279
SMS.RU for Wordpress (Anton Shelestov)
description plugin | | |
Отправка смс уведомление на телефон через смс сервис рассылок sms.ru.
4.9.115-12-20172 9431003
Papion Ajax Registration Form Validation (Diego Betto)
description plugin | | |
Simple Ajax validation for Registration Form
Zoho CRM Lead Magnet (Zoho CRM)
description plugin | | |
Websites are one of the most important sources of leads for your business. That means your CRM system should be well integrated with your website to c …
Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce (Zakeke)
description plugin | | |
Innovative platforms to enable your customers with live product customization on your e-store. Multi-language, multi-currency, real-time 3D and print- …
4.9.115-12-20172 0921007
WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout using RingCaptcha (RingCaptcha)
description plugin | | |
Phone verification on WooCommerce checkout using RingCaptcha.
Email Subscribers & Newsletters (Icegram)
description plugin | | |
Add subscription forms on website, send HTML newsletters & automatically notify subscribers about new blog posts once it gets published.
4.9.115-12-20171 062 37496296
Vuukle Comments – Audience Development Platform (Vuukle)
description plugin | | |
Fastest growing audience development platform with comments, ratings, reactions widgets, related news based on user profile and monetization.
4.9.115-12-201713 7388612
Advanced ads Management by Inazo (Inazo)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is an ads manager, that allow you to add ads with widget on your website.
Mango Popup (Mango Popup)
description plugin | | |
Mango Popup helps you grow your email list with just few clicks. Only thing you need to do is focus on making content, we do the rest.
Inazo’s flamingo automatically delete old messages (Inazo)
description plugin | | |
This plugin help you to auto removed all information stored by flamingo.
Tor Blocker by Inazo (Inazo)
description plugin | | |
This plugin blocks Tor users by preventing them from viewing your website.
Mis Cursos (Ignasi Tort)
description plugin | | |
Requires at least: 3.5 Tested up to: 4.9.1 Stable tag: /trunk/ License: GPLv2 or later 'Mis Cursos' manages courses, subscribers users and …
WP AUDIO GALLERY (Husain Bandook Wala)
description plugin | | |
An easy to use, modern looking audio player plugin. Works on all modern browsers including…
WooCommerce Cart (XootiX)
description plugin | | |
Adds a site wide basket icon that displays all added items in the side cart…
4.9.115-12-20175 68610016
Froont for WordPress (Froont)
description plugin | | |
Publish your Froont projects as posts or pages.
Security FireWall & Malware scan by CleanTalk (CleanTalk Security)
description plugin | | |
Security, FireWall, Malware scan by CleanTalk, protects from Brute force hacks, online threats. Report to email. Security plugin.
4.9.115-12-201737 4459873
Clean Login (codection)
description plugin | | |
A plugin for displaying useful forms in front-end only using shortcodes. Login, Registration, Profile Editor and Lost Password forms
4.9.115-12-2017128 7439496
SIP Mautic integration for WooCommerce (Shopitpress)
description plugin | | |
Sync customers from WooCommerce to Mautic CRM.
Views Counter – Pages/Posts (Akhtarujjaman Shuvo)
description plugin | | |
Simple Plugin for showing the post or page view on Admin Column.no need to add code to theme file.just activate the plugin and enjoy.
Simple Blog Layout (Akhtarujjaman Shuvo)
description plugin | | |
Simple Plugin for Blog a custom blog layout
WP w3all phpBB (axew3)
description plugin | | |
WordPress w3all phpBB integration - easy, light, secure, powerful
4.9.115-12-201715 7609017
WordPress Posted Display (Kazuya Takami)
description plugin | | |
Plug-in Posted Display Widget & ShortCode Add. You can also save and display your browsing history to Cookie.
4.9.115-12-20171 9291001
WooCommerce Multivendor Membership (WC Lovers)
description plugin | | |
A simple membership plugin for offering free AND premium subscription for your multi-vendor marketplace.
miso (Jidaikobo Inc.)
description plugin | | |
light weight MVC Framework which coexist with WordPress role system and routing.
Essential Real Estate (G5Theme)
description plugin | | |
Completely plugins Real Estate. Management system which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, intro website.
4.9.115-12-201713 9459412
Appmaker WooCommerce Mobile App Manager (Version 2) (Appmaker.xyz)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin is used to connect your WooCommerce Store and your mobile app created from Appmaker.xyz
4.9.115-12-20178 3351007
SEO Slider (SEO Themes)
description plugin | | |
Displays a lightweight slider optimized for search engines, accessibility and mobile devices.
Post Category Image With Grid and Slider (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
Post Category Image With Grid and Slider plugin allow users to upload category image and display in grid and slider.
Portfolio and Projects (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
Display Portfolio OR Projects in a grid view.
4.9.115-12-20173 5941001
Popup anything on click (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
Display a modal popup by clicking on a link, image or button
Meta slider and carousel with lightbox (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
Plugin add a gallery meta box in your post, page and create a Image gallery menu tab. Display with a lightbox.
4.9.115-12-201714 1021005
Maintenance Mode with Timer (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
A quick, easy way to add and display maintenance mode with countdown timer on your…
4.9.115-12-20171 6301002
Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram (icegram)
description plugin | | |
The best WP popup plugin that let's you create a popup within seconds. Customize popup, target popups to show offers, email signups, social butto …
4.9.115-12-2017551 22896176
Instagram Slider and Carousel Plus Widget (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
A very simple plugin to display your instagram pictures in Grid, Slider and Widget.
4.9.115-12-20171 4641001
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