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DevItems Front-End Submission Lite (DevItems)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin allow registered users to publish post from frontend.
Pet Webcam Widget (Coop Cam)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin which will display a live pet webcam stream on your website. Prior setup required, please see: http://www.coopcam.co.uk/faq/setup-your
Elearning Video Player (Huy Le)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that helps your viewers interact with your videos via quizzes inside player.
ccSouba (kazunii_ac)
description plugin | | |
"ccSouba" is a plugin providing cryptocurrency price. How to use: http://accountingse.net/2016/07/971/ (Sorry, Japanese only...)
EDD FES Draft (Tsunoa)
description plugin | | |
Adds draft submissions to Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions plugin.
iThemeland Logo Showcase for wp (iThemelandco)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin Ideal For Show Logos, Partners, Sponsers And Clients.
4.708-12-20161 34200
Simple Comment Reply Notification (Himalay Majkhand)
description plugin | | |
A simple and light-weight plugin for sending email notification on reply to a comment.
WooSearch (CTKPro)
description plugin | | |
WooSearch is a search plugin which provides real-time ajax product search based on WooCommerce.
MP Recent Post Widget (MediumPixel)
description plugin | | |
Recent Post Widget with date, author and post thumbnail
4.5.303-08-20161 28400
Deemtree (Deemtree)
description plugin | | |
Sell your branded vouchers, gift cards, deals and offers online from 0% Commission. Sell via your Website, Facebook Page and Deemtree.com.
Woo Add To Cart Custom Redirect (KungWoo)
description plugin | | |
Redirect customers to custom URL after a WooCommerce product is added to the cart.
Woo Add To Cart Custom Notifications (KungWoo)
description plugin | | |
Set and show custom add-to-cart notifications.
Custom Access Roles (Room 34 Creative Services, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Create custom roles with editing capability for only specific pages, categories and post types.
5.0.321-02-20192 12600
WPCF7 Stop words (Social Media Ltd)
description plugin | | |
A plugin developed by Social Media Ltd, to prevent form submission when the message contains custom predefined words.
AMP 301 (Gamer Network)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that integrates AMP with Simple 301 Redirects
WooCommerce Import Export Plugin (Ravi)
description plugin | | |
Plugin for WooCommerce customization.
Row Column Testimonials with widget (Bijon Krishna Bairagi)
description plugin | | |
A quick, easy way to add and display responsive, clean client's testimonial on your website using a shortcode or a widget.
Classified Maker – Company Profile (projectW)
description plugin | | |
Create Company Profile for Classified Maker.
4.9.810-10-20181 86300
Dovedi (Eric Mann)
description plugin | | |
Time-based One Time Password authentication for WordPress.
Slim Facebook Fanpage Stream (Mirjam Schrepler)
description plugin | | |
Widget für die Posts einer Facebook Fanpage (ohne Page Plugin per graph.facebook.com). Inklusive Filterung per Hashtag und vier schicken Styles.
WC – APG City (Art Project Group)
description plugin | | |
Add to WooCommerce an automatic city name generated from postcode.
5.001-11-20181 53100
Classified Maker – Location (projectW)
description plugin | | |
Location for Classified Maker
4.9.810-10-20182 36100
SuperAuth Passwordless Authentication (SuperAuth)
description plugin | | |
SuperAuth is the truly passwordless authentication system. No passwords, no usernames, no typing, nothing to forget, and completely secure.
WP mail-sending Widget (Prashad)
description plugin | | |
This is the most lite, SEO friendly and WordPress mail sending widget plug in for WordPress.
Pins Widget (Bruter Dregz)
description plugin | | |
Pinterest Widget is an awesome tool for your websites. Enjoy the limitless fun with pinterest using our Pinterest Widget.
Zeus Payment Gateway Integration for Woocommerce and Paychoice (David Ramirez)
description plugin | | |
Zeus Payment Gateway Integration for Woocommerce and Paychoice
wp-idados-crud (naldovieira)
description plugin | | |
Um mini-sistema CRUD que faz funcionar os cadastros nos módulos subsequentes tais como cadastro de clientes, associados, produtos, etc.
Zij CareerBuilder Jobs (Habib Ahmed)
description plugin | | |
Zij career builder jobs. Let you show the career builder jobs into your wordpress installation easily.
Chat2 (Chat2)
description plugin | | |
Chat2 Live Chat for wordpress is the easiest way to add live chat to your wordpress website.
하나 최근글 위젯 (HanaWordpress)
description plugin | | |
하나 최근글 위젯 플러그인은 하나보드 워드프레스 게시판 뿐 아니라 블로그 포스트, Product, 최근댓글 등 모든 포
WC List Product Color Variation (Malin Kylegård)
description plugin | | |
A choice to make a list of product variations, in this case color. Only requirement for this plugin is to have woocommerce installed.
Timed Email Offers (Rymera Web Co)
description plugin | | |
Increase repeat orders with automatic follow-up offer emails in WooCommerce
SSV Frontend Members (Jeroen Berkvens)
description plugin | | |
SSV Frontend Members is a plugin that allows you to manage members of a Students Sports Club the way you want to.
Ajax Load More Post (iKhodal Team)
description plugin | | |
Create the multiple ajax posts list/grid view widgets and content block shortcodes with various ajax pagination options.
4.9.220-01-20181 80100
GPLUS Badge Slider Display (Bruter Dregz)
description plugin | | |
GPLUS Badge Slider Display - is the common way to display your google plus profile or business on your website. With our GPLUS Badge Slider Display yo
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