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Peer Feedback (Alex Furr)
description plugin | | |
Create project groups and allow students to give written or point distribution feedback on their peers.
Project2App – Turn Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App (Joshua Clinton)
description plugin | | |
Turn your WordPress website into a custom mobile app with the Project App plugin!
4.7.521-08-20171 72000
Ni WooCommerce Sales Report By User Role (anzia)
description plugin | | |
Ni WooCommerce Sales Report by user role provide the option to link the sales order with your sales agent or salesperson.
Easy Shuffle Widget (Darrin Boutote)
description plugin | | |
Easily display random posts, comments, or users. Supports all custom post types!
DW Anything (Factory.DocWriter.Ru)
description plugin | | |
Create custom database-driven widgets without programming.
Calldrip Call Referer Tracking (CallDrip)
description plugin | | |
Dynamically inserts/swaps telephone numbers based on query string parameter highlighting source.
Responsive Check (Kevin Dewindt)
description plugin | | |
Just a Responsive check tool. You can check the responsiveness of every website with this tool by just entering the url in shortcode.
Only Admins (pcoitinho)
description plugin | | |
Only Admins is a minimal plugin that restricts your entire WordPress site to Admins.
Bouncehelp WP Plugin (Dmitri Kozhevnikov)
description plugin | | |
Turn more visitors into customers with Bouncehelp.
Enable SVG (Room 34 Creative Services, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Enables SVG uploads in the Media Library. Compatible with changes to file upload validation introduced…
SpamifyGuard (DigiSquare)
description plugin | | |
Spamify Guard self learning algorithm can detect evil spambot traffic on his own, and block it instantly.
Wordpress Paybox Payment plugin (Paybox Verifone)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is a Paybox payment gateway for Wordpress
Woo Document Preview (Wbcom Designs )
description plugin | | |
This will allow you to add document preview at single product page. Which helps to offer more better idea when you are selling ebooks, pdf or some doc …
Woo Audio Preview (Wbcom Designs )
description plugin | | |
Allows playing the audio files in sample mode to prevent unauthorized downloading of the audio…
MavenVX (MavenVX )
description plugin | | |
The simplest way to drive revenue uplift and keep your readers engaged longer using video.
Shoppable Snippet Wordpress Plugin (Shoppable.nl)
description plugin | | |
Here is a short description of the plugin. This should be no more than 150 characters. No markup here.
CBX Google Map (Codeboxr)
description plugin | | |
Easy google map embed using shortcode, Responsive.
Easy Digital Downloads支付宝个人版 (迅虎网络)
description plugin | | |
Easy Digital Downloads支付宝个人版,免签约,免认证,免备案,立即接入WordPress网站收款
4.9.523-04-20181 35200
Easy Digital Downloads微信支付个人版 (迅虎网络)
description plugin | | |
EDD微信支付个人版,免认证,免备案,Easy Digital Downloads立即接入微信收款
4.9.523-04-20181 03500
Twitter Feed (umarbajwa)
description plugin | | |
Twitter feed plugin to display your Twitter posts on your website.
CustumFieldSearch (custmu filed search plugin)
description plugin | | |
It is a plugin to search for custom fields.
Simple FB Feeds (Amy Beagh)
description plugin | | |
Simple FB Feeds provides immediate access to your Facebook pages, Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos.
Podamibe 2Checkout (Podamibe Nepal)
description plugin | | |
A perfect plugin for online payment using 2Checkout.
Official Pricerunner Product Feed (Modified Solutions ApS)
description plugin | | |
Get your product catalog listed on Pricerunner with this new official plugin from Pricerunner.
a-folio (a-idea studio)
description plugin | | |
Manage and display your portfolio projects using a customizable grid layout
SEO Spider Tool (bharatkambariya)
description plugin | | |

You no longer need to check the how many h1 is available on your page. Simply activate the plugin and visit the setting page to SEO Spider Tool and check the how many h1 is available on your pages.

Marktfeed (EasyAds)
description plugin | | |
Publish and manage your ads automatically on Marktplaats.nl with Marktfeed | Free setup by the Marktfeed team
WP Featured Image Widget (Nanhe Kumar)
description plugin | | |
Provides a widget that displays the featured image for a post or page with custom settings.
multi Scheduler (bdtask)
description plugin | | |
Multi Scheduler – Appointment Booking and Schedule Plugin Easy schedule
Upscribe oEmbed Provider Support (Upscribe)
description plugin | | |
Embed Upscribe's beautiful newsletter signup forms anywhere on you Wordpress website.
Surbma - SalesAutopilot Shortcode (Surbma)
description plugin | | |
A simple shortcode to include SalesAutopilot forms into WordPress.
WP Raffle ( System ) (Plonta Creative)
description plugin | | |
WP Raffle (system) is an advance system plugin for wordpress web application (build) for automatic raffle online.
Tournament Bracket Generator (Blake)
description plugin | | |

Tournament Bracket Generator provides an easy way to create a stunning bracket for any sport or event. Tournament Bracket Generator creates the bracket based on 4 setting fields in the settings page. The bracket is generated from the admin dashboard and then placed on any page using the [bracket] shortcode.

4.7.120-01-20174 09400
Zedna Bulk Custom Fields Update (Radek Mezulanik)
description plugin | | |
Change your post custom fields by bulk update.
LH Woocommerce Invoicing (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Adds membership functionality to LH Teams.
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