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StackMover Lite (Team StackMover)
description plugin | | |
Migrate your site onto a Amazon LightSail instance. Backup wordpress and database to S3 and…
Jigoshop – WooCommerce – Migrator (GaJeLabs)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin supports the migration of: Products ** Categories ** Tags ** Brands ** Attributes ** Variations Orders ** Order Key ** Order User ** Ord …
SEO Auto Image Tags (Web Chemistry)
description plugin | | |
Auto generate clean ALT tags for your images as they are uploaded. Removes hyphens, periods and other characters to generate clean alt tag names.
Meridian One Features (MeridianThemes)
description plugin | | |
Why do I need this plugin with Meridian One theme: This plugin adds widgets that are used on the homepage of the theme. The widgets are not part of …
Social Icons Lite (ThemeEgg)
description plugin | | |
Lightweight social icons Widget for WordPress
WP HTTPS Redirect (Ozvacatecleaning)
description plugin | | |
This plugin helps you redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS without the need of touching any code.
RevGlue Coupons (RevGlue)
description plugin | | |
RevGlue Coupons connects your wordpress site with RevGlue. It imports the stores, categories, coupons and banners you selected at RevGlue to your word …
RevGlue Mobile Comparison (RevGlue)
description plugin | | |
This plugin connects your wordpress site with RevGlue. It imports the stores, mobiles, mobile deals and banners you selected at RevGlue to your wordpr …
RevGlue Daily Deals (RevGlue)
description plugin | | |
RevGlue Daily Deals connects your wordpress site with RevGlue. It imports the stores, categories, deals and banners you selected at RevGlue to your wo …
Cryptothanks (Mudimedia)
description plugin | | |
This is the plugin where your visitors make payment to you. You can change the…
RevGlue Product Feeds (RevGlue)
description plugin | | |
RevGlue Product Feeds connects your wordpress site with RevGlue. It imports the stores, categories, deals and banners you selected at RevGlue to your …
RevGlue Cashback (RevGlue)
description plugin | | |
RevGlue Cashback connects your wordpress site with RevGlue. It imports the stores, categories, cashback and banners you selected at RevGlue to your wo …
Theme and Plugin file Search (Mahesh M. Waghmare)
description plugin | | |
Add the search filed in theme & plugin file editor window.
Creator Five for WooCommerce (Koffeeware)
description plugin | | |
Creator Five for WooCommerce simplifies building photo personalization ecommerce shops.
YourCareEverywhere Feed (YourCareEverywhere)
description plugin | | |
The YourCareEverywhere content widget allows you to display content from YourCareeverywhere.com to visitors on your website for free.
BoldGrid Easy SEO (BoldGrid.com )
description plugin | | |
Easy SEO provides easy to use website search engine optimization!
Disable Embeds (LittleBizzy)
description plugin | | |
Disables both external and internal embedding functions to avoid slow page render, instability and SEO issues, and to improve overall loading speed.
Mapinco Easy Maps (Mappa Incognita)
description plugin | | |
Create simple and personalized maps based on Leafletjs.
Instagram Testimonials (Elfsight)
description plugin | | |
Let real Instagram testimonials increase trust in your brand with Elfsight Instagram Testimonials.
OptinSpin (wpexpertsio)
description plugin | | |
OptinSpin for WooCommerce converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. There have been many marketing tools being released in the last ce …
Woo Cart Fields (Liam Bailey (Webby Scots))
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to create fields in wp-admin, and these fields are displayed for user input on the cart page.
SMTP Override (cbezzy)
description plugin | | |
A SMTP Settings manager Override default wp_mail and use basic SMTP settings , when active look in your settings for a new "SMTP Options" …
Ys-Fp_md2pd (YuuWoods)
description plugin | | |
Future post, adjust the modify date to post date.
BP Post From Anywhere (Wbcom Designs)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will generate shortcode and widgets for post updates section for activities so you can post update from anywhere, it might be sidebar, som …
WooCommerce Review Collector (Md. Ohidul Islam)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Review Collector Plugin is all about collecting reviews and ratings from your woocommerce customers by email.
MWS Click-to-reveal (Andy Ryan - Modern Web Services)
description plugin | | |
Prevent spam-bots from harvesting your email address or other sensitive information form your website by requiring users to click to reveal the infor …
Admin Bar Menu Packer (Kazuyuki Kumai)
description plugin | | |
Gather many menu items on toolbar into one menu to prevent the bar from getting cluttered. Simple and easy but useful.
Smilee.io (Smilee)
description plugin | | |
Smilee Chat is a powerful tool to connect with your customers
Pricing Tables for Easy Digital Downloads (WP Online Support)
description plugin | | |
Easily create pricing tables for Easy Digital Downloads
Product Showcase (Maik Schmaddebeck)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin displays a product showcase.
Affiliates Ninja Forms (itthinx)
description plugin | | |
Integrates Affiliates, Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise with Ninja Forms.
Prodlytic (D4 Software)
description plugin | | |
You add, change, or remove metrics as if you’re using your product or browsing your website, and historical data populates your dashboard straight awa …
Coupon Helper for WooCommerce (Mohit Agarwal)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds one more type of coupon type to the WooCommerce coupon type list, which allows you to give discount equal to the least expensive prod …
CampTix Paystack Payment Gateway (Tunbosun Ayinla)
description plugin | | |
CampTix Paystack Payment Gateway allows you to accept online payments from local and international attendees using the CampTix Event Ticketing plugin
Native Performance (Cristian Álvarez)
description plugin | | |
Improve the performance of your WordPress: Reduce load times, solve common errors and more using the Native Performance plugin.
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