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Ajaxify Filters (CedCommerce )
description plugin | | |
Ajaxify your filters without wasting time in page load
4.7.502-01-20172 08600
WC Gateway nPay (AxisThemes)
description plugin | | |
Adds nPay as payment gateway in WooCommerce plugin.
Ban Subdomain Emails (Jamie Chong)
description plugin | | |
Prevent people from registering with emails that contain a subdomain to help reduce spam.
Talk to Composer (Andreas Heigl )
description plugin | | |
Add all your active plugins to a composer.json-File.
Shop Calendar (Kazunari Matsumoto)
description plugin | | |
In the store for the calendar to display the holiday shop in the widget.
WordPress DNS Manager by DigitialPixies (Robert Huie)
description plugin | | |
Manage a self hosted DNS from Wordpress.
4.8.012-06-20171 19500
Easy Digital Downloads - Cardsave Gateway (Daniel J Griffiths)
description plugin | | |
Adds a payment gateway for Cardsave to Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads - Customer.io Connect (Daniel J Griffiths)
description plugin | | |
Track your customers the easy way with Customer.io
Instant support chat (Promoheads)
description plugin | | |
add FREE instant support service chat to your WP website
CINDA: Volunteers Networks (SI2 Pequeñas y Grandes Soluciones)
description plugin | | |
Client-server platform for managing contributions of volunteers in campaigns of citizen science platform.
Easily Integrate Google Analytics (Madhu Kiran)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to add Google Analytics of your wordpress blog by hooking into wp_head.
Glindr (Glindr)
description plugin | | |
Apply for access and start syndicating your posts to Glindr today!
MagniFinance Invoice System (WebDS)
description plugin | | |
MagniFinance Invoice System for WooCommerce.
The Total Views (Fredd)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to display the total number of articles views by widget or/and by shortcode.
Cartpipe QuickBooks Desktop Integration for WooCommerce (Cartpipe.com)
description plugin | | |
Cartpipe QuickBooks Desktop Integration for WooCommerce
Gravitation Slider (Ulises Freitas)
description plugin | | |
A Plugin to integrate slider
Video on Checkout (Ivan Skorodumov)
description plugin | | |
Say thank you to your customers using video
Page Presentation Shortcode (alineainteractive)
description plugin | | |
Create a rolling presentation using the pages and posts on your site.
Restrict Content Pro - Easy Digital Downloads Wallet (John Parris)
description plugin | | |
Deposit funds into a member's Easy Digital Downloads Wallet when they subscribe to a membership on your Restrict Content Pro site.
Debug with TogetherJS (Webdesign Marketing Service (@WMSchneider_))
description plugin | | |
Add a #debug at the end of your URL to start TogetherJS.
Easy Video and Image Gallery (soliles)
description plugin | | |
Easy video and image gallery plugin is a very easy way to manage images and videos into a smart gallery or portfolio. It is fully responsive.
4.5.201-06-20161 97900
Monthly Data Sheets (Reenu Shomy K)
description plugin | | |
Monthly Data Sheets plugin allows you to create data sheets for each month with custom rows and columns
Event Tickets+ Meta CSV (Night Cirque)
description plugin | | |
Add-on for Event Tickets Plus 4.1+. Include ticket meta information in CSV export of event attendee list.
Vacation Rentals (mrahmadawais, maedahbatool, WPTie)
description plugin | | |
Add vacation rentals to your WordPress site with membership, agents, partners, search, and frontend booking features.
WordPress / WooCommerce AJAX Search (AdaptXY)
description plugin | | |
WordPress/WooCommerce Search makes your user's search for products/posts/formus/topics quick and useful. This could be achieved using a simple Sh …
Markdown Highlighter (Sohel Amin)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to parse the markdown content from post then highlight it as syntax highlight.
4.5.228-05-20161 13000
Ascend Marketing Tools (Ascend Marketing and Consulting)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to add a high-conversion mobile CTA with two buttons, as well as inject any code you need into your theme headers (fb pixel, an …
Comment Date and Gravatar remover (Venugopal.)
description plugin | | |
By default this plugin removes the comment date and gravatar. If you want to enable anything, go to this plugin settings and uncheck the checkbox.
4.9.419-03-20181 18600
Blendle Button (Blendle)
description plugin | | |
The Blendle Button is a button placed on your website so any reader has quick and easy access to your paid articles.
WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Plus (ezosc)
description plugin | | |
Setting sequential order numbers for new orders in WooCommerce
4.6.123-09-20161 24800
CustomEmail (Vishnu Dutt)
description plugin | | |
CustomEmails,Dynamic Emails, Emails you can create and use the email
Custom Excerpt Length (The Krotek)
description plugin | | |
Adds Excerpt Length option on Reading page, which can be used to set the number of words in post excerpt.
Custom Transliteration (The Krotek)
description plugin | | |
Transliterates post slug from any language to Latin characters, using custom character arrays.
WG Bootstrap Carousel (Ghiath Alkhaled)
description plugin | | |
This plugin give you the Bootstrap Carousel with powerfull ability to make it and define id ,time ,drag and drop ability to order the silder and much
Limit quantity for WooCommerce (Mohit Agarwal)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds input box in the WooCommerce product backend allowing to choose a maximum…
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