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ACTUS Animated Words Slider (Stelios Ignatiadis)
description plugin | | |
An image slider with a unique effect. Mixing words and images of your post in an elegant animation.
Vleks.com WooCommerce Integration (Vleks.com)
description plugin | | |
This plugin gets your WooCommerce products ready to be imported by Vleks.com!
Parallel Extensions (Themely)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds widgets required by the Parallel WordPress theme by Themely.
4.9.129-12-20177 27000
Discounts based on Email for WooCommerce (extensionhawk)
description plugin | | |
Do you want to increase customer retention on your WooCommerce store?
WooCommerce Links to Product (Ernesto Ortiz)
description plugin | | |
Add links to your woocommerce products (in order to consider many retailers, extend product information, etc.).
Customize Plugin Manager (Nick Halsey)
description plugin | | |
Live preview in the customizer allows you to see what plugins do to your site instantly. This experimental plugin brings the ability to activate and d …
Bulma Shortcodes (Joshua Bartlett)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a collection of WordPress shortcodes for Bulma components as well as a…
WP Custom Social Sharing (Alok Shrestha)
description plugin | | |
WP Custom Social Sharing is a free WordPress plugin that makes any content on you website social-share-friendly by allowing anyone easily share their …
Simple FAQ by LukasK (Łukasz Kirylak)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin for FAQ (Q&A). Allows you to define HTML skeleton and adds FAQ post-like section to admin panel. You can add question and answer us …
Bookingenius (Begenius)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to display all your customers reviews on your WordPress site.
experitour.com search widget (experitour.com)
description plugin | | |
1.0.0 Plugin created
Affiliates Manager Stripe Payments Integration (wp.insider, affmngr)
description plugin | | |
Process an affiliate commission via Affiliates Manager after a Stripe Payments checkout
Show weather get msn.com (Huỳnh Hoàng Anh)
description plugin | | |
widget Show weather get msn.com
Disable Permanently REST API (Salvatore Cordiano)
description plugin | | |
The most simple plugin to disable permanently REST API on WordPress 4.7+
Infugrator – Infusionsoft + Wordpress (Cosmin Schiopu)
description plugin | | |
The best solution to integrate Infusionsoft with your Wordpress powered website.
Easy WP Tiles (Vasilis Triantafyllou)
description plugin | | |
Easy WP Tiles
TwitchPress Login Extension (Ryan Bayne)
description plugin | | |
Add Twitch social login and registration to your TwitchPress service. This plugin acts as an extension to TwitchPress and has no purpose on it's …
EaWo Profile Widget Docker Hub (Eamon Woortman - eamonwoortman)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress widget that utilises the Docker Hub API to display a snapshot of your Docker Hub profile on your WordPress blog.
Disable The Comments (FALEME Jonathan)
description plugin | | |
Disable the Wordpress comments functions on your website.
Amazon Product Search (Kashyap Padh)
description plugin | | |
Amazon Product Search Plugin using AWS API
Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress – Everest Counter Lite (AccessPress Themes)
description plugin | | |
Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress | Showcase your stat counter in a beautiful way | Easy to use!
ICustomizer (INFORMATUX (Patrice BOUTHIER))
description plugin | | |
Personnalisation de votre administration et de votre site web
Track Package отследживание посылок Новая Почта, Интайм, Автолюкс, Деливери и УкрПочта (justcodeUA)
description plugin | | |
Description: Плагин отследживания посылок, почтовых отправлений, груза или товара.
VC Animation (WPclever.net)
description plugin | | |
VC Animation is a Visual Composer add-on helps you add animation for any elements. Impress your visitors with many effects, eg.
Rapo MultiAuthors (Menaka S.)
description plugin | | |
Display a box with the biography and social media presence of one or more author(s) of the post.
Huge Addons for Visual Composer Lite (NCreative)
description plugin | | |
Huge collections of addons for Visual Composer.
Telecash Ricaricaweb (Gabriele Valenti)
description plugin | | |
LH Image Renamer (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Gives attached image uploads a intuitive file name.
Korporacja Kurierska – Metoda wysyłki dla WooCommerce (Korporacja Kurierska)
description plugin | | |
Integracja Korporacji Kurierskiej dla wysyłki zamówień w WooCommerce. Główne funkcjonalności integracji: automatyczne zamawianie kurierów, generowa …
Admin Events Extended (Todd Halfpenny)
description plugin | | |
Adds further source to community events and news to the admin dashboard widget.
Aus Stocks (Web and Print Design)
description plugin | | |
Display your Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Share Price, Graph and Announcements automatically on your website.
WooCommerce Coupons by Categories and Tags (Tyche Softwares)
description plugin | | |
Did you ever feel the need to keep your WooCommerce coupons tidy? Like a way of grouping/sorting them, for example into folders to keep ones created f …
Great Carousel (Manu225)
description plugin | | |
Create beautiful carousel, with any contents (image, text, video...)
WooCommerce Voxy API Integration (Mircea Sandu)
description plugin | | |
Enables WooCommerce subscription products & regular products to be associated with Voxy organizations.
Instana End User Monitoring (Instana)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides an easy way to insert the Instana Web End User Monitoring (EUM) beacon to your Wordpress site.
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