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Front End PM (Shamim Hasan)
description plugin | | |
Front End PM is a Private Messaging system and a secure contact form to your…
5.2.125-05-2019117 17896124
Image Photo Gallery Final Tiles Grid (Green Tree Labs)
description plugin | | |
Image Gallery + Photo Gallery + Portfolio Gallery + Tiled Gallery in 1 plugin. Includes lightbox and hover effects. It supports Pinterest (masonry) ph …
5.2.125-05-2019437 15196247
Opal Estate (WPOPAL)
description plugin | | |
Opal Real Estate Plugin is an ideal solution and brilliant choice for you to set…
5.2.125-05-201922 980828
Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce – Increase Average Order Value (VillaTheme)
description plugin | | |
Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce is display the total amounts of customer to reach minimum order amount Free Shipping system.
5.2.125-05-20199 2618614
Cenchat (Cenchat)
description plugin | | |
Messaging for websites and blogs
WPA WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Lite (WPAddons)
description plugin | | |
The most beautiful image gallery for WooCommerce product single page, this gallery support image zoom…
Easy Woocommerce Auto Sku Generator (Pds Zakirov)
description plugin | | |
A very simple plug-in of auto-generating SKU for those who are too lazy to fill in the article (SKU) of the product when it is created.
PT Elementor Addons Lite (Param Themes)
description plugin | | |
PT Elementor Addons lite for Elementor Page Builder.
5.2.125-05-201945 999929
Greeklish-permalink (Panagiotis Kontogiannis)
description plugin | | |
This plugin converts Greek characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters. (Greeklish).
5.2.125-05-201925 9919419
Typed JS (Brendan O'Neill)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to use Typed JS in your wordpress installation. Just put your content between the [typedjs][/typedjs] tags.
WPS Visitor Counter (TechMix)
description plugin | | |
WPS Visitor Counter is a widgets which will display the Visitor counter and traffic statistics on WordPress. Some of the features offered include Toda …
Digi-ID Authentication (Taranov Sergey (Cept), digicontributor)
description plugin | | |
Plugin extends default Wordpress authentication with the Digi-ID protocol. User might one time open Users->Digi-ID and scan QR from his DigiByte Ap …
WPMobile.App (WPMobile.App)
description plugin | | |
Android and iOS mobile application for any WordPress wesbite. Easy setup, free test.
5.0.425-05-2019102 1539249
Sales Countdown Timer (VillaTheme)
description plugin | | |
Sales Countdown Timer helps display countdown timer for scheduled sale products and a progress bar…
5.2.125-05-20192 325502
Softech Form Builder (Softechure)
description plugin | | |
Create simple contact forms with Softech Form Builder. No coding knowledge required.
Sendy Elements (José Sotelo)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin that integrates Elementor Pro form widget with Sendy via API.
Social Share Buttons – Modern Social Media Share Icons & Floating Share Buttons (Premio)
description plugin | | |
Simply add social share buttons to your WordPress site. 12 social networks - Facebook, Twitter,…
5.2.125-05-201917 284804
PG Context Sidebar (PeoplesGeek)
description plugin | | |
Show different content in the sidebar for each page or post - great for emphasising related offers, ideas, or quotes
5.2.125-05-20195 64300
Photo Box (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
Plugin view images popup, auto popup in home page, slide show popup, responsive popup for gallery in posts, pages, ...
5.1.125-05-20192 1291001
Adsense Code (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
Plugin show custom code (Google Adsense, Ads Code, auto add ads, js, script, ... )…
5.1.125-05-20191 13800
SMTP Mail (PhotoBox One)
description plugin | | |
SMTP settings, mail function to send mail, save data in WP Mail ( php mailer ). It is extremely easy to configure and very fast.
5.1.125-05-201913 0021001
Posts in Sidebar (Aldo Latino)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a widget to display a list of posts in the WordPress sidebar.
5.2.025-05-2019246 40110077
Cool Timeline (Cool Plugins)
description plugin | | |
Cool Timeline WordPress plugin creates vertical and horizontal history timeline blocks in ASC or DESC order based on year and date of stories.
5.2.125-05-2019125 66592127
Import Export WordPress Users (WebToffee)
description plugin | | |
Import users and export users made simple! Easily Export Users to CSV, Import Users from…
5.2.125-05-2019164 1339455
Branded SMS (Host & Soft)
description plugin | | |
Add to your WooCommerce store SMS notifications to your customers when order status changed.
SlidersPack – All In One Image/Post Slider (WP OnlineSupport)
description plugin | | |
SlidersPack - All In One Image Slider plus FancyBox for WordPress. Also work with WordPress…
5.2.125-05-20196 5021005
Picture Gallery – Frontend Image Uploads, AJAX Photo List (VideoWhisper.com)
description plugin | | |
Picture Gallery plugin enables users to share pictures in galleries. Can integrate galleries for custom posts.
5.2.125-05-20192 1011001
Stock Portfolio (David White)
description plugin | | |
Keep track of the percentage gain/loss performance of up to 12 stocks in your portfolio
Ajax Archive Calendar (osmansorkar)
description plugin | | |
Ajax Archive Calendar .
5.2.125-05-20198 121925
Softech Wp Clock (Softechure)
description plugin | | |
Softech wp clock display a Time zone clock on your page/post set to your city's timezone. Choice of clocks, colors and sizes.
Ultra Community (UltraCommunity)
description plugin | | |
Ultra Community is a powerful community plugin for WordPress that takes your site beyond the…
5.1.125-05-20197 25310016
Woo Manage Fraud Orders (Prasidhda Malla)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will add the functionality to black list the customer from checking out.
Cloudanix (Website Operation Tools) (Cloudanix)
description plugin | | |
View your Website essentials, Uptime check, Speed Test (from US, EU & Asia Regions), Privacy Score, DNS Monitoring, OWASP Security Tests and other …
OG (Marcin Pietrzak)
description plugin | | |
Simple method to add Open Graph metadata to your entries so that they look great when shared on sites like Facebook and Google+.
5.2.125-05-201984 2909667
Everest Toolkit (everestthemes)
description plugin | | |
A essential toolkit for themes made by everestthemes (everestthemes.com). Everest toolkit helps you to setup…
5.1.225-05-20195 02100
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