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WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture – Save Abandoned Carts (Streamline.lv)
description plugin | | |
Plugin instantly saves WooCommerce checkout field data before they are submitted.
4.9.719-07-20183 2591005
Store Locator WordPress (AGILELOGIX)
description plugin | | |
Agile Store Locator is a premium store finder plugin designed to offer you immediate access…
4.9.719-07-201811 6789811
Popup Builder (GhozyLab, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
The best Popup Builder plugin to display image, video, notify or announcement with very ease and elegant.
4.9.719-07-201842 7187017
Addy's NZ Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce (Addy Limited)
description plugin | | |
Address Validation Plugin: Checkout address suggestion and autocomplete for WooCommerce stores.
Real Estate Agency (Patrick Petit)
description plugin | | |
Transforme votre WP en site Internet pour agence immobiliere. Responsive pour mobile. This plugin relying on a 3rd party as a service to manage back o …
Gravity Forms Fields Persistence (Radish Concepts )
description plugin | | |
GravityForms Field Persistence plugin This plugin makes it able to save users data, in order to prefill the data in other forms on the site.
Wechat download 付费下载 (迅虎网络)
description plugin | | |
4.9.719-07-20183 19900
WooCommerce Frontend Manager – WC Marketplace, WC Vendors & Dokan with Bookings & Listings (WC Lovers)
description plugin | | |
Vendor frontend product/shop manager for WC Marketplace, WC Vendors, WC Product Vendors & Dokan with…
4.9.719-07-2018103 4749687
Awesome Project Manager WordPress Plugin (M Abdur Rokib Promy)
description plugin | | |
Project manager WordPress plugin is the best project manager plugin for WordPress. You can manage project simply and easily.
KD Coming Soon (Kalli Dan.)
description plugin | | |
KD Coming Soon - responsive and fluit landing page for Wordpress web sites. Use it as a Coming Soon or Under Maintenance page for your site.
4.9.719-07-20182 22500
Transdirect Shipping Plugin for Woocommerce (Transdirect)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides delivery quotes from Australia's largest carriers in a seamless checkout process.
4.7.1119-07-20186 234743
Style Manager (Pixelgrade)
description plugin | | |
Auto-magical system to style your WordPress site.
Suffice Toolkit (ThemeGrill)
description plugin | | |
Suffice Toolkit is a companion for Suffice WordPress theme by ThemeGrill
4.8.719-07-201817 72200
Fancy Facebook Comments WordPress (Team Heateor)
description plugin | | |
Integrate Facebook Comments at your WordPress website easiest possible way
4.9.719-07-201823 384969
Hide Admin Bar Based on User Roles (Ankit Panchal)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is very useful to hide admin bar based on selected user roles and user capabilities.
CBX Accounting (Codeboxr)
description plugin | | |
Accounting solution SME business inside wordpress
4.9.719-07-20184 7491002
LadiPage WordPress Plugin (LadiPage)
description plugin | | |
Connector to access content from LadiPage service.
GDPR Cookie Consent (webtoffee)
description plugin | | |
A simple way to get GDPR Cookie Consent as per EU GDPR/Cookie Law regulations. Style it to match your own website.
4.9.719-07-20181 345 99992184
Simple Espace Table (fbchville)
description plugin | | |
SIMPLE eSPACE TABLE (SeT) is designed to take the power of eSPACE, a product from CoolSolution Group, and output the event in a simple html table form …
Everest Forms – Easy Contact Form and Form Builder (WPEverest)
description plugin | | |
Drag and Drop form builder to easily create contact forms and more.
4.9.719-07-2018101 8111003
Before + After Images for Divi (Aaron Bolton)
description plugin | | |
This extension adds a Divi module that allows the user to create a simple composite Before/After image from two images at a set size.
W2E Image Optimizer and Resize Image – WordPress Image Compression (Way2enjoy)
description plugin | | |
Compress and optimize image, PDF, MP3 by W2E image optimizer. Resize image and compress image…
4.9.719-07-201860 76196104
WooCommerce DP Internetmarke (STINA)
description plugin | | |
Purchase your Deutsche Post Internetmarke vouchers directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Image Size Selection for Divi (Aaron Bolton)
description plugin | | |
This extension adds a Visual Builder compatible Divi module called "Image at Size" that allows the user to select images cropped to a set si …
PPV Live Webcams – Paid Videochat (VideoWhisper.com)
description plugin | | |
Setup a PPV live webcam videochat site, for performers and clients.
4.9.719-07-201819 545828
Regenerate thumbnails – Thumbnail Regenerator for Themes (Way2enjoy)
description plugin | | |
Regenerate thumbnails like pro.click on regenerate & regenerate thumbnails, delete unused thumbs free. Regenerate thumbs…
GDPR Tools: comment ip removement (fabian heinz webdesign)
description plugin | | |
Removes the ip adresses saved in comments after saving into database and prevents saving as required in GDPR.
Post Affiliate Pro (QualityUnit)
description plugin | | |
This plugin integrates Post Affiliate Pro software into any WordPress installation. Post Affiliate Pro is the leading affiliate tracking tool with mor …
4.9.719-07-201824 5329017
OpenHouseVideo (OpenHouseVideo, LLC)
description plugin | | |
OpenHouseVideo is an extension of the capabilities of the OpenHouseVideo project.
JS Job Manager (JoomSky)
description plugin | | |
JS Job Manager is Word Press best job board plugin. It is easy to use…
4.9.719-07-201816 0867216
Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce (phoeniixx)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Advance Reporting System plugin is a plugin which shows you a complete sales report of Total Summary, Recent Orders, Top Billing Country, …
4.9.719-07-20186 3328210
IdeaPush (Martin Gibson)
description plugin | | |
IdeaPush is a feature request management system for WordPress
ClickGUMSHOE – Click Fraud Detection & Protection (chongclicktac)
description plugin | | |
ClickGUMSHOE – We Stop Click Fraud
Google Map Widget (Di Themes)
description plugin | | |
Simply display your address on Google map using Widget.
TP Education (Theme Palace)
description plugin | | |
Enhance your educational sites more efficiently. Allow user to utilize post types and meta data on your site with TP Education.
4.9.719-07-20185 1821003
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