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Social Shadow (compemperor)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin that shadows an available Facebook page.
Probuilder – Visual live CSS editor (Christoph Anastasiades)
description plugin | | |
Probuilder is a visual live CSS editor that helps you change the design of your website with ease.
Crowdskout WP (George Yates III)
description plugin | | |
Easily connect your Crowdskout account to your WordPress site.
Admin Bar Addition for WooCommerce (Algoritmika Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Admin bar addition for WooCommerce.
SelfAssemblySites WP Video User Guide (WebsiteDoctor)
description plugin | | |
Embeds a WordPress video user guide right into your WordPress Dashboard.
Twitch Team Select (Anthony Lester)
description plugin | | |
Stable tag: 0.7 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html Inserts your Twitch Stream Team…
Extraordinary Comments (CK MacLeod)
description plugin | | |
Highlight (or bury) extraordinary comments, and display them in a widget, archive, or both. (Extends "Featured Comments.")
SMNTCS Custom Logo Link (Niels Lange)
description plugin | | |
Allows to customize the logo link.
SoloCalendar (Overseas Services LP)
description plugin | | |
SoloCalendar simplifies process of adding booking form to your site
WP Is Connected by Azed (Azed - Cyril Chaniaud)
description plugin | | |
You want to show specific content for each user role ?
JR : Dashboard Widget Editor (Jack Russell)
description plugin | | |
You can add widgets to the dashboard.
tas2580 Link Icons (tas2580)
description plugin | | |
Display an icon after all external links.
autometa's SUMUS (JorgeAmVF)
description plugin | | |
It reproduces publication excerpts in pages or posts simply via: [sumus].
Wp Custom Scroll (Abhay Yadav)
description plugin | | |
This plugin use for wordpress custom scroll on whole page.
Oopcee (Oopcee (www.oopcee.com))
description plugin | | |
Ultimate plugin to help your website conversion rate: visitor recordings, live chat, heatmaps. Better woocommerce analytics. Free widget by oopcee.com
Runkeeper Recent Activities (Ginchen)
description plugin | | |
Displays a widget showing your latest Runkeeper activities. May also be called from a shortcode.
Buy It Installed Button for WooCommerce (BuyItInstalled)
description plugin | | |
Add a Buy It Installed Button on your woocommerce store.
Woocommerce Customer Order Status (Purvik)
description plugin | | |
Display previous order of customer from your admin order page
WooAdvance Settings (Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides Advance configuration option for woocommerce store website. User can do additional configuration from woocommerce settings itsel …
What’s New Popup Generator (Kazuki Yanamoto)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will popup what's new section. You can make ten lines by your own and also adding links. What's new button can be created insid …
Aathichoodi (Surya)
description plugin | | |
Displays random Aathichoodi quotes over the website.
PushBots – Web Push Notifications (PushBots)
description plugin | | |
Reach out to your Wordpress visitors with desktop push notifications. Now supporting Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
WooCommerce Payment Gateway – monetivo (monetivo)
description plugin | | |
Improve customer experience and conversions by accepting payments from polish banks directly on your WooCommerce site.
WP Consent Receipt (Oliver Maerz)
description plugin | | |
A Consent Receipt plugin for Wordpress.
OBOP Premium (Yves Bochatay)
description plugin | | |
The ad-free alternative ! This plugin helps you to integrate Obop in your website for your premium contents
Mp3 Quran Translations In English by TrueMuslims.Net (TrueMuslims.Net IT Support)
description plugin | | |
Mp3 Quran Translations in English plugin is the first WordPress plugin that allows you to display a playlist for the translations to understand the me …
HelpBox Information (Josh Fisher)
description plugin | | |
Displays a floating helpbox on your site populated with questions from the questions page
Last-USERS-Dashboard-Widget (Dmitry S.⚒ (Ben-Ja))
description plugin | | |
Widget for Dashboard WP. Shows last (10) registered users and their activity. (shown for role 'admin' or 'editor') Russian: Дат …
Responsive Facebook and Twitter Widget (Jakub Skowroński)
description plugin | | |
Display Facebook and Twitter on your site in beautiful box which slides in from page edge in a handy way! Using our Rocket Fast widget you can gain ne …
Widget GitHub Organization (Roberto D'Amico)
description plugin | | |
This Wordpress Widget show recent GitHub events of a specific Organization.
Premise Time Tracker (Premise WP)
description plugin | | |
Track time spent on projects. This plugin comes with a Chrome Extension to easily create…
Chimp (Chimp Team)
description plugin | | |
Migrate your WordPress data to Chimp. Posts, comments, users & media.
Woo Purchased Products (Mithu A Quayium)
description plugin | | |
The plugin to help a logged in user show list of products purchased by him in his account
Replace Thumbnail with oEmbed (Palasthotel (Kim-Christian Meyer))
description plugin | | |
Replaces the thumbnail image with the oEmbed element from the first line of the content.
Cookie Notification (johsjensen)
description plugin | | |
Displays customizable cookie notifications. Includes a preview function for viewing your changes before your users do.
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