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Country Info Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) Button (Behzod Saidov)
description plugin | | |
Adds a visual editor button for pulling country info from The World Bank API.
Redirect and Log (Scott Grant)
description plugin | | |
Allow any page to redirect somewhere, logging the IP and timestamp of each visit.
MenuWizard (Pieter Raskin)
description plugin | | |
Use this plugin to show your various menus from MenuWizard seamlessly in your WordPress website.
DGS Puan Hesaplama (Sefa Sungur)
description plugin | | |
Kolay ve hızlı bir şekilde DGS (Dikey Geçiş Sınavı) puanı hesaplaması yapabileceğiniz WordPress eklentisi.
Oswald (Jay Oswald)
description plugin | | |
Oswald is a plugin to easily enqueue development libraries, this also allows updating of libraries easily
Real-time Updates for PayPal Analytics (Control)
description plugin | | |
Receive PayPal analytics in real-time to your Control account via WooCommerce. Get alerts to your iOS and Android devices, when key events occur.
WooToolbelt (Watkinson Website Development)
description plugin | | |
Wootoolbelt is an amalgamation of many tweaks that we needed on some of our clients websites to alter various aspects of WooCommerce.
Woocod load more post (Sanjaya Dulal)
description plugin | | |
WordPress All in One Load more post for all type of post type and custom post type with custom taxonomy and category.
Allingroups (linterweb)
description plugin | | |
Allingroups lets you automatically publish a message, as if you were writing each one individually, to all of the Facebook groups that you select.
Validator.pizza (Validator.pizza)
description plugin | | |
Prevents visitors to use a disposable email address when they comment or register to your…
WP Crop Stop (Alex Egorov)
description plugin | | |
Just stop cropping images.
NXTBridge (scor2k)
description plugin | | |
Show Nxt assets information on yours Wordpress sites.
DAP TO LICENSE KEY (Sumit Chattha)
description plugin | | |
To generate the license key once DAP user created
User Recording For WordPress (RedNao)
description plugin | | |
User recording specially created for WordPress sites.
Event Registration Pro Calendar (EventRegistrationPro.com)
description plugin | | |
Event Registration Pro Calendar is a Wordpress Plugin for accepting online registrations for events, training classes, conferences, and seminars.
Feed Excerpts For Divi (Jerry Simmons )
description plugin | | |
Enable excerpts in the Blog Post Feed for posts that use the Divi Builder Text Module
WP Nanobar.js (Wouter Postma)
description plugin | | |
A simple WordPress loading bar using the nanobar.js script written by Jacobo Tabernero.
Urlbox Screenshots (Chris Roebuck)
description plugin | | |
Take screenshots of websites and display them on your wordpress site using urlbox.io
Simple Homepage Facebook Image (Lapzor)
description plugin | | |
Let's you set an image used for social Sharing (such as Facebook and Twitter) for you homepage / blog page. It does NOT do anything for single po …
Islamic Content Archive For The Faith (EDC Team (E-Da`wah Committee))
description plugin | | |
Your Way to Understand Islam.
Islam for Christians Archive (EDC Team (E-Da`wah Committee))
description plugin | | |
Islam for Christians: Your way to a better understanding of the true message of prophet Jesus.
Plugin Security Info (Daniel Unterberger)
description plugin | | |
Displays Plugin Security Infos. It shows how risky and old a plugin is.
Crowdskout WP (George Yates III)
description plugin | | |
Easily connect your Crowdskout account to your WordPress site.
IP.Board Search (The Krotek)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to search for IPS Community Suite (former IP.Board) topics and posts right from WordPress.
Warna Rainbow (Warna™)
description plugin | | |
This feature makes the color of the link be colored like a rainbow when in hover To see demo actions click this link
Wallable – Social Networking Plugin (VTGroup)
description plugin | | |
Wallable is a social networking WP plugin. Is is a full features with private wall, dashboard, connections, with all what you want.
Meepi (Daniel John Marsden)
description plugin | | |
A free tool that builds email lists, increases social shares, gathers feedback, runs competitions all within your own site. Can be triggered by exit i
Qp Payment Gateway (Binary Limited)
description plugin | | |
Quickpay Gateway Fast and convenient way to process card payments.
Traffix - Simple Integration for Google Analytics by Themeco (Themeco)
description plugin | | |
Simply drop in your Google Analytics code snippet, select where you'd like it to be output, and you're good to go!
Open hybrid (Bui van nguyen)
description plugin | | |
Plugin for the OpenHybirdWordpress, OpenHybirdWordpress is a opensource project to build mobile applications use phonegap and wordpress.
Social Login (Coffee4dev.com)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin allows users login by Facebook or Google
WP Relevant Ads (SebeT)
description plugin | | |
Display relevant Ads or any other content based on their terms (categories, tags, etc..)
Woocommerce EFTsecure gateway (CallPay)
description plugin | | |
Take instant eft payments on your WooCommerce store using EFTsecure.
CollectionPress (KnowledgeArc)
description plugin | | |
CollectionPress provides a variety of features for building author or researcher pages within Wordpress. Items archived in DSpace can also be display …
MacTrak for FindMeSpot (Spot Tracker) (Shaun McCance)
description plugin | | |
... See it at: www.ChasingTheSunrise.org/tracker ... A WP plugin to save Find Me Spot (Spot Tracker) GPS route data and messages to your wordpress blo …
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