Split order by weight for WooCommerce

“Split order by weight” plugin can split an order automatically into multiple orders based on the weight of the items in the cart.

Author:SunArc (profile at wordpress.org)
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Plugin version:1.0.1
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Last updated:06-08-2021
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“Split order by weight” Plugin allows splitting an order into separate orders based on weight.

This Plugin can be used to split an order automatically into multiple orders based on the weight of the products in the cart. The customer will receive different order ids for their ordered cart.

With different order ids, customers can view all the order ids in their Order History and track each item separately.

Split order for WooCommerce Features

A) Default Condition

  • When the condition is Default then the order is split irrespective of any weight.
  • All items in the cart available will be splitted into a seperate order.
    Example: If an order has 4 products then the order is split into 4 different orders no matter what the weight of items are.

B) Split by Weight

  • When we enable this option, a threshold weight value is set in woocommerce settings.
  • Split by weight means order splits only if the total weight of products comes under threshold weight.
  • In case of more than one item in order, the number of split orders depends on the total occurrence of this case.

A brief Markdown Example

We can understand the work process of the Plugin with the below-given example.

This Plugin will split order by weight into multiple orders based on the specified weight in the configuration. If the weight is 1lbs and the cart has a below scenario then it will split as below scenario.

Example: Cart Items

  • We have set 2 Kg as threshold weight in the backend and we have 5 products in order out of which only two products have weight 1 kg others have weight less than 1 Kg. Then the order will split in 2 different orders having different order ids. In first order, two items with 1 kg weight each and the rest of items will be in next order.

P1 = 1 Kg
P2 = .6 Kg
P3 = .3 Kg
P4 = .1 Kg
P5 = 1 Kg

Then it will be split like:

Order 1 = P1 + P5,

Order 2 = P2 + P3 + P4,

Note: Here is P means = Product.

Developer Help

Bug reports and feedbacks are always welcome. Report here.


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