Last updated date is more exact now

last updated date Last updated date of plugin is very important attribute as the majority of WordPress users consider to select recently (at least this year) updated plugins. As developer of WordPress plugins I update them from time to time. I saw after commit of next version to repository, that public WordPress plugins directory some times doesn’t change last updated date, while shows the latest version of plugin correctly. Working on synchronization of plugins database with WordPress repository I met with this subject again. shows and returns via API old last updated date for some plugins, which were updated recently according to WordPress plugins repository.
Thus, I decided to get last updated date not from, but from their plugins version control system directly. Any file activity (modify, add, delete, copy) of plugin author at WordPress plugins repository changes “Last updated” date for that plugin here at
Finally, while this issue is not fixed, we all together have now more exact information about WordPress plugins here at, then at the main and primary source WordPress plugins directory.