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Admin Toolbox (Richard Lerma Design & Development)
description plugin | | |
Manage an array of administrative options improving user control and resource management.
5.4.203-07-20206 09400
Display Custom Post (Techno Found)
description plugin | | |
Display Custom Post provides a simple way to show your custom posts in a post or page using a simple shortcode.
5.2.703-07-20203 3421002
Social Chat Widget (⚡ by Callbell) (Callbell)
description plugin | | |
WhatsApp free live chat button to connect and communicate with your website visitors
5.4.203-07-20204 0181007
My Affiliate Link (Ludwig Media)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that creates shortcodes for use with any affiliate cloaking service or plugin. Formats affiliate links so they aren't indexed by the sea …
Gutenberg Blocks – Gutentor Page Builder for Gutenberg Editor (Gutentor)
description plugin | | |
Advanced yet easy, Gutenberg editor page builder blocks. Create a masterpiece, pixel perfect websites using…
5.4.203-07-2020160 7239814
Store Locator Plus® for WordPress (Store Locator Plus®)
description plugin | | |
Add a location finder or directory to your site in minutes. Premium add-on library extends functionality with cluster markers, more map controls, cate …
5.4.203-07-2020633 35884190
PressForward (Aram Zucker-Scharff, Boone B Gorges, Jeremy Boggs)
description plugin | | |
PressForward provides an integrated workflow for curating content aggregated from the web.
5.503-07-202034 719887
CiviCRM Admin Utilities (Christian Wach)
description plugin | | |
CiviCRM Admin Utilities modifies CiviCRM's behaviour and appearance in single site and multisite installs.
5.4.203-07-202015 6501005
Multilocation Google Map (Miroslav Nedelchev)
description plugin | | |
Multilocation Google Map allows you to set your own Google map inside your page with…
5.4.203-07-20201 48400
Offline Site (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Offline site, coming soon, development site. Easily activate maintenance mode for your website.
5.4.203-07-20201 4911001
Contact Form 7 Preview (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Preview Form before save in edit form for Contact Form 7.
5.4.203-07-20203 0731001
Custom Setting (MoiVui)
description plugin | | |
Disable comments, emojicons, block editor. Add JS/CSS into header/footer. Auto remove all tag (script, style, link, meta) in post content, meta value.
5.4.203-07-20202 36200
Adsense Code (photoboxone)
description plugin | | |
Ads code, Ads widget, Google Adsense.
5.4.203-07-20203 04400
SMTP Mail (photoboxone)
description plugin | | |
SMTP settings, mail function, send test, save data ( phpmailer ). It is very easy…
5.4.203-07-202021 851804
Super Web Share (Super Web Share)
description plugin | | |
Super Web Share helps to easily add native share prompt to your website for easy page/post sharing in less than a minute.
5.4.203-07-20201 7311006
Nines Music (不问归期_)
description plugin | | |
03-07-20201 43200
Press Release Distribution (Press Release Distribution)
description plugin | | |
Press Release distribution marketing tool for WordPress. Press Release distribution tool for your news, Submit free press releases directly to the edi …
Official Integration for Billingo (Bokor & Vizmeg GbR )
description plugin | | |
Hivatalos Billingo összeköttetés WooCommerce-hez.
5.4.202-07-202014 756804
Invelity SPS connect (Invelity)
description plugin | | |
Plugin Invelity SPS (Slovak parcel service) connect je vytvorený pre obchodníkov na platforme Woocommerce ktorý potrebuju automaticky exportovat údaje …
Mang Board WP (Hometory)
description plugin | | |
MangBoard is bulletin board for your community website. (Gallery,Calendar,Forum, Form,FAQ)
5.4.202-07-202058 1847214
Comm100 Live Chat – Chat Plugin for WordPress (Comm100 Live Chat)
description plugin | | |
Comm100 Live Chat WordPress Chat Plugin enables you to have a 360 degree view of…
5.4.202-07-202037 741708
GDPR, CCPA, DPA Full Compliance (NinjaTeam)
description plugin | | |
Get full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, DPA and other privacy regulations.
5.4.202-07-20204 2781002
WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator: Efficiently force regenerate thumbnails in bulk (or single) (devowl.io)
description plugin | | |
Single or bulk regeneration of thumbnails (resized uploaded images) and creation of a custom structure…
5.4.202-07-20204 937804
WordPress Real Category Management: Content Management in Category Folders with WooCommerce Support (devowl.io)
description plugin | | |
Organize content like posts, pages or WooCommerce products in category folders. Mass content management made…
5.4.202-07-20203 0161002
BlossomThemes Toolkit (blossomthemes)
description plugin | | |
BlossomThemes Toolkit provides you necessary widgets for better and effective blogging.
5.4.202-07-2020257 0971004
Genesis Simple Edits (StudioPress)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you edit the three most commonly modified areas in any Genesis theme: the post-info (byline), the post-meta, and the footer area.
5.4.202-07-20201 349 1658831
WordPress Email Template Designer – WP HTML Mail (Hannes Etzelstorfer // codemiq)
description plugin | | |
All in one email template design solution for Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce,…
5.4.202-07-2020216 9819857
Contact Form – Form builder with drag & drop for WordPress by Kali Forms (Kali Forms)
description plugin | | |
Kali Forms is the most powerful & user-friendly WordPress form plugin. Easily add contact forms,…
5.4.202-07-2020223 6149423
Email Customizer for WooCommerce (ThemeHigh)
description plugin | | |
Email Customizer for WooCommerce helps you customize your WooCommerce Emails with a visual template builder. Style up your emails with one or two colu …
5.4.202-07-202017 241969
Post Views for Jetpack (Jeremy Herve)
description plugin | | |
Display the number of views for each one of your posts, as recorded by Jetpack Stats.
5.502-07-20205 5381007
Judge.me Product Reviews for WooCommerce (Judge.me)
description plugin | | |
Judge.me collects, manages and displays reviews for your shop, including photo reviews, in-email review, reminders,…
5.4.202-07-202018 82910091
Smart Marketing SMS and Newsletters Forms (E-goi)
description plugin | | |
Poupe Tempo, Aumente Tráfego e Transforme Oportunidades de Negócio (Leads) em Clientes Fiéis!
5.4.002-07-202071 396100111
Payment for BANKNET Gateway in Viet Nam (Hiep pham)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce plugin with Payment for BANKNET in Viet Nam only.
5.4.202-07-20201 0421001
WooCommerce Clover Payment Gateway (Zaytech)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce Clover Payment Gateway allows you to receive orders from your WooCommerce Wordpress website and have it sent directly to your Clover POS.
5.4.202-07-20202 4451001
Parse.ly (Mike Sukmanowsky ( mike@parsely.com ))
description plugin | | |
The Parse.ly plugin real-time and historical analytics to your content through a platform designed and…
5.4.202-07-20209 6461001
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