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WP-UnFormating (Masarki Kondo)
description plugin | | |
WP-UnFormating is a simple plugin. As a result, the content enclosed with special tag releases the format.
2.3.309-05-20081 10500
CSS:Greyscaper Admin color schemes (Paolo Tresso (aka Pixline))
description plugin | | |
Greyscaper admin CSS for WordPress 2.5+.
trunk08-05-20082 00100
Linked Image (Wessley Roche)
description plugin | | |
Links the first image in your post to the post itself
2.5.108-05-20085 3611002
WP Explorer (Chris T.)
description plugin | | |
WP Explorer is an easy way to list directories and files on your server.
2.5.108-05-20085 29400
Sociallist (Codemaster)
description plugin | | |
Allow websurfers to save and share interesting pages. The plugin appends widget for popular social bookmarking sites to the end of blog’s posts.
2.5.108-05-20084 35400
DBC Backup (Chris T.)
description plugin | | |
DBC Backup, is a simple way to schedule daily database backups using the wp cron system.
2.5.108-05-200835 37300
Blogs Perú Ping (Willy Henostroza)
description plugin | | |
Envia pings de manera automática a blogsperu.com cada vez que publiquemos una nueva entrada o editemos alguna entrada.
Browser_Stats (Jason T. Dicks)
description plugin | | |
Keeps track of what browser your viewers are using and display it in a widget. tracks unique hits.
Video Search Pop N Code (Hone Watson)
description plugin | | |
Plugin with Google Ajax Search for Videos plus Code and Placement
2.506-05-20082 09800
Retro-Dashboard Admin Theme (Mike Walsh)
description plugin | | |
This plugin implements an admin theme which results in the Dashboard looking similar (but not exactly) to how it looked prior to the 2.5 release.
2.5.106-05-20083 09400
Skinnytip Tooltip Generator (Elliott Brueggeman)
description plugin | | |
The Skinnytip Tooltip Generator is a Wordpress plugin that allows easy creation of JavaScript pop-up tooltips while creating content.
2.506-05-20083 93200
LMB^Box WordPress Plugin API (Thomas Montague)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress Plugin API class that allows plugin developers to have a standard management class for their plugin.
YATCP (Joachim Praetorius (yatcp@organisiert.net))
description plugin | | |
YATCP allows you to have threaded comments (i.e. reply to existing comments) in your wordpress.
2.505-05-20084 0841001
punbb_recent_topics (IG based on the plugin made by Nick [LINICKX] Bettison)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is based on the phpbb_recent_topics pluging made by Nick [LINICKX] Bettison http://www.linickx.com/archives/392/recent-phpbb-topics-on-wor
Filosofo Gravatars (Austin Matzko)
description plugin | | |
Add Gravatars to your WordPress theme in a way that customizes easily and degrades nicely.
2.9.205-05-20087 10500
Post Is Clear (Jody Cairns)
description plugin | | |
Adds <br clear="all"/> to the end of posts, to ensure images and objects don't wrap into successive posts.
PHP.Text Widget (Serguei Dosyukov)
description plugin | | |
Simple SideBar PHP enabled Widget. Specify and execute arbitrary PHP code as your sidebar block.
2.5.105-05-20082 11500
Last.fm Post Extension (Steffen Görtz)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin automagically adds the last scrobbled Song to your published Post.
2.505-05-20082 22900
No Categories (Herman Andresen)
description plugin | | |
Simply disables the usage of categories in your WordPress blog.
2.5.104-05-20084 20200
GZIP Output (Austin Matzko)
description plugin | | |
Allow GZIPped output for your WordPress blog. Restores functionality removed in WordPress 2.5.
2.8.303-05-200813 9801001
Blogroll Links Page (Mark Allen)
description plugin | | |
Outputs your blogroll links organized by categories into a post or page.
2.303-05-200833 14100
Fun with Random Comment Forms (Andrew Rickmann)
description plugin | | |
Replaces the comment form with randomised field names to prevent automated comment spam.
2.503-05-20081 24800
Randomosity (Trevor Burnham)
description plugin | | |
Displays a random excerpt from one of your posts.
description plugin | | |
Adds Lightbox to WordPress 2.5 Gallery Feature
2.502-05-20087 03800
WP-GoogleTrends (Neacsu Alexandru)
description plugin | | |
Google latest hot trends on your wordpress sidebar.
2.5.202-05-20084 58600
WP-Pligg.it (Bruno Ricci)
description plugin | | |
Aggiunge un bottone ai vostri articoli per proporli e votarli su Pligg.it. Automatico, facilissimo e personalizzabile.
2.502-05-20081 13800
Shadowbox (Matteo Magni)
description plugin | | |
Questo plugin integra in wordpress le funzionalità di shadowbox di Michael J. I. Jackson.
02-05-200811 59600
DownloadMusic (Sean Hagen)
description plugin | | |
Plugin to list all audio files uploaded to a blog, and let users download them in a zip file.
2.502-05-20082 89300
Semisecure Login for WordPress 2.5 (Adam Lee)
description plugin | | |
Semisecure Login increases the security of the login process using client-side MD5 encryption on the password when a user logs in. JavaScript is requi
2.5 (not c01-05-20081 45000
WP-Gravatar (Rune Gulbrandsøy)
description plugin | | |
Gives your users Gravatars, MyBlogLog and/or OpenAvatar avatars. Please use http://gravatar.bloggs.be for more information, feedback and questions! Th
2.601-05-2008108 564201
WP-Offload (Blagovest Buyukliev)
description plugin | | |
Improve the overall performance of WordPress by delivering static content from external cache servers.
30-04-20083 28000
BE - Main Category Selector (Alejandro Carravedo)
description plugin | | |
Main Category Selector for WordPress 2.5+.
lexicon (Andreas Schipplock)
description plugin | | |
Create an easy to use lexicon.
2.5.130-04-20082 7151001
LMB^Box Child Theme Hierarchy (Thomas Montague)
description plugin | | |
Allows child themes to use their template files before the parent theme's template files.
Austin Tech Events Calendar (Dusty Reagan)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows for the integration of a Google calendar into a Wordpress blog. Specifically the door64.com Austin tech events calendar.
2.5.129-04-20086 70900
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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