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Shadowbox Plugin 1.0 (Víctor Simental (vicmx))
description plugin | | |
Versión 1.0 de Shadowbox Plugin
11-11-20081 32500
OfflineMode (Zorex)
description plugin | | |
Display a splash page to tell your visitor that your site is currently under maintenance.
2.6.311-11-200815 74900
Featured Posts List (SAN - w3cgallery.com & Windowshostingpoint.com)
description plugin | | |
The Display specific multiple posts on sidebar.
2.6.311-11-20087 82200
MeetingList (RickB)
description plugin | | |
Create and manage a list of meetings through your WordPress install
iPhone Google Map Tracking (Andy Whitlock)
description plugin | | |
This plugin displays a Google static map based on your latest update to instamapper.com
2.6.210-11-20082 21200
Scriblio flickr Importer (Casey Bisson)
description plugin | | |
Imports flickr photos.
fdsPhotoFEED v1.0.0 (Nurul Ferdous)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin for grabbing images and image info from SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa etc RSS feeds.
2.6.310-11-20081 81600
FeatPlug (Huseyin Uslu)
description plugin | | |
Featplug is wordpress plugin that can mine your Wordpress site and generate 'featured' section using the found items.
2.6209-11-200820 98700
CatFeed (eb.lv)
description plugin | | |
Adds category, tag and comment feed auto-discovery links. Category feed links are added only to category views, tag feed links to tag views and commen
2.709-11-20081 57300
Remove Prototype (John McKenzie)
description plugin | | |
Removes the annoying prototype.js call from wp_head()
2.6.309-11-20081 00700
Last.fm Sidebar (Harrison Gulliver)
description plugin | | |
A dynamic Wordpress sidebar widget to display recently played tracks from the Last.fm service.
2.709-11-20083 89200
WP-EasyDigg (JAY)
description plugin | | |
Give your readers a button to digg your post.
2.7 beta 208-11-20085 90200
mu (Mark Bockenstedt)
description plugin | | |
mu (Microblog Updater) is a plugin that farms out links to your posts to your microblogs.
2.607-11-20081 53700
SW EditJavaScript (ScuderiaWeb)
description plugin | | |
テーマエディタで.jsファイルを編集するためのプラグイン。 This is a plugin to edit the JavaScript file in the theme editor.
MSN-Notifier (tension)
description plugin | | |
A wordpress plugin to synchronize your MSNSpace whenever you publish a post.
2.6.205-11-20082 13200
End Content (Lee Doel)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to add content to the end of pages, posts or both.
2.6.305-11-20081 87000
WP-HoneyPot (Stuart Ryan)
description plugin | | |
Provides a simple means to integrate tools provided by Project Honeypot to capture spammers and link harvesters that visit your blog.
2.6.305-11-20082 05200
Digg This O' Mine (Phoenixheart)
description plugin | | |
Place a "Digg This" button at the end of your posts, pages, or anywhere at your choice.
2.6.305-11-20086 49600
SW HierarchicalTitle (Scuderia-Web)
description plugin | | |
タイトルをパンくずのような階層表示にします。 This is a plug-in that makes the title a hierarchical display like the topic path.
CommentMailer24 (Sebastian Schwaner)
description plugin | | |
CommentMailer benachrichtigt LeserInnen des Weblogs bei neuen Kommentaren zu abonnierten Postings.
2.6.204-11-20082 42300
Grab a Feed (Nitzan hermon)
description plugin | | |
Displays items of a feed of your choice
EmailThis (Vaclav Papousek)
description plugin | | |
EmailThis provides an easy way for visitors of your site to send your posts via email.
2.603-11-20084 04900
ZuneStats (zMastaa)
description plugin | | |
Displays your Zune Stats on your sidebar, i.e. Recently Played Tracks, Most Played Artists, and Favourite Tracks
2.703-11-20081 36800
Plaxo-Badge (plaxoMike)
description plugin | | |
Add a Plaxo Badge to your WordPress blog. You can display your Plaxo profile info on your Plaxo badge.
2.6.303-11-20081 20000
DOAJ Export (Jonathan Brinley)
description plugin | | |
Adds a feed for exporting your data using the DOAJ article XML schema.
2.603-11-20081 7941001
SocialVibe (Sean Bluestone)
description plugin | | |
A quick and easy WordPress SocialVibe Plugin with some extra options. Related Links: * Plugin Homepage
2.6.303-11-20081 59400
Rails Integration API (robbpdx)
description plugin | | |
The Rails Integration_API plugin enables single sign-on between a Rails application and any number of Wordpress installations.
2.6.303-11-20081 60900
slidoox (devoox)
description plugin | | |
A custom slider for your blog. You can add text, html,images...
2.6.202-11-20084 30600
Results Count Remix (Rick Beckman)
description plugin | | |
Adds both the number of displayed posts as well as the total number of returned posts to search and archive pages.
Hangman game (Marcel Hollerbach)
description plugin | | |
Put a simple hangman game on your wordpress site
2.602-11-20081 91700
Friday Morning Report (abesh)
description plugin | | |
Dislays an Archive of Friday Morning Report shows.
Random Quran Verse Widget (Munawar Rangoonwala)
description plugin | | |
Displays a random Quranic Verse on your widgetized sidebar from a text file.
2.601-11-20081 82000
CommentMilk (johncow)
description plugin | | |
CommentMilk will parse the URL's in comments, and also manages contests through comments.
2.501-11-20081 11900
GitHub Code Viewer (Matt Curry)
description plugin | | |
GitHub Code Viewer automatically pulls a file from and displays it in a blog post.
2.631-10-20081 59800
WordPress Carbon Footprint (Sean Bluestone)
description plugin | | |
WordPress Carbon Footprint is a simple plugin for WordPress which works out and displays the carbon footprint of your blog. It works out how many word
2.6.331-10-20081 52500
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