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ChristmasSprite – Christmas CountDown (ChristmasSprite.com)
description plugin | | |
Allow you to put nice flash banner with number of days till Christmas
2.622-10-20084 17800
login required (Stefan Nicolae)
description plugin | | |
Permit access to your blog only to the logged in users
2.6.321-10-20084 59800
Add No Follow Links (podz)
description plugin | | |
Version 1.2 This plugin is no longer maintained.
2.621-10-20082 54500
The Frooglizer (Alan Lewis)
description plugin | | |
Fun little plugin to data mine new niche keyword ideas from Froogle and Google Suggest.
2.6.221-10-20081 40600
Lifestream.fm (Robert Buzink)
description plugin | | |
Provides a sidebar widget for your Lifestream.fm lifestream.
2.6.221-10-20082 14400
Figment Thinking Wordpress Database Table Optimizer (Marion Dorsett)
description plugin | | |
The WordPress Database Table Optimizer plugin will automatically make sure that your WordPress MySQL database tables are always optimized.
2.6.221-10-20082 03000
Wikipedia Autolink (Cristiano Fino)
description plugin | | |
Link automatically all the highlighted words with the syntax [w:{term}] on the definition from Wikipedia.
2.6.221-10-20083 19000
Larsens Calender (Lars Köster)
description plugin | | |
This calender allows you to manage and display your events. There are a lot of setting options; German, British and American format styles for output.
2.619-10-200816 42000
Most Comments (Nader Cserny)
description plugin | | |
Display posts with the most comments, as a widget or on a page using the template tag. Customize the look with specific settings.
2.618-10-20086 74700
Count Posts (Andrew Hamilton)
description plugin | | |
Count Posts is a simple plugin that provides a template function to count posts, as well as filtering by category and over time in days. The function
2.6.218-10-20084 24500
WP Post Thumbnail (Stanley Yeoh)
description plugin | | |
This plugin enable bloggers to upload images, crop and save it as post thumbnails without manually copy-n-paste custom field values. For theme develop
2.6.218-10-200868 54900
Alt-Link-Text (Tim Holt)
description plugin | | |
Alt Link Text can be used to modify the link text and title attributes of links in page lists, and to remove pages from page lists completely.
2.6.117-10-20082 8741001
Custom More Link (Michael Weingaertner)
description plugin | | |
Customize your `<!-- more -->` read more link, remove anchor, customize CSS class, add markup or nofollow...
2.717-10-200810 91200
Bridaluxe (Plugin-Developer.com)
description plugin | | |
Instantly add a complete Bridaluxe affiliate store to your WordPress blog.
2.6.217-10-20081 78000
NxShortCode (Bjoern R. Salgert)
description plugin | | |
Provids Shorcodes
2.516-10-20081 05500
Wp2BB (Alfredo de Hoces)
description plugin | | |
Wp2BB integrates WordPress and PhpBB. It automatically creates new topics in your forum for the new posts and/or pages in your blog.
2.6.216-10-200816 50700
Shout Button Adder Thingy (Mike Flynn)
description plugin | | |
Add a Shout This! button at the bottom of each of your posts for toastedrav.com/shout
Shirtinator (Frank Bueltge)
description plugin | | |
Insert your personal Shirtinator Creator wrapped into WordPress without any popup or iframe.
2.9-rare15-10-20082 75000
wp_title_tooltips (LL19.com)
description plugin | | |
Add title tooltips in your wordpress. Upload wp_title_tooltips to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Change <?php the_title(); ?> to <?php w
PageGlimpse Bubble (RADSense Inc)
description plugin | | |
PageGlimpse Bubble integrates PageGlimpse web page previews in your Wordpress blog.
2.615-10-20081 06000
ClearSpam (Eric Mann)
description plugin | | |
Painlessly purge spammy comments from your WordPress database to save space.
2.6.215-10-20081 43700
Pre Date Future Post (Brodie Thiesfield)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to set posts to appear automatically in the future, but have a post date in the past.
2.6.214-10-20082 7091001
Comment-stats (christianlittle)
description plugin | | |
Shows month-over-month statistics for all of your blog comments. To see your stats, activate this plugin and then go to Comments -> Comment Stats.
Kish PR (Kishore Asokan)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to check Pagerank of any website or webpage. Display pagerank of your blog pages
2.114-10-20081 23900
Twitter To TTF (Kieran Masterton)
description plugin | | |
Takes a Twitter ID and grabs the latest Tweet and displays it in a TTF
Profilactic (Anish H. Patel)
description plugin | | |
WP-Profilactic publishes your LifeStream or informs readers where to find you online by parsing your aggregated activity mashup from Profilactic.
2.714-10-20085 22600
WP Comment Remix (Jason DeVelvis)
description plugin | | |
WP Comment Remix adds a plethora of new options and features to Wordpress.
2.5.114-10-200815 8141001
Tweet Rooster (Go Global Gadget, LLC)
description plugin | | |
This is the first version of tweet rooster. It's a widget that allows people to twitter directly from your blog.
2.6.213-10-20081 60800
Interactive Video Plugin (Kaltura)
description plugin | | |
Add interactive video capabilities to your blog! Enhance your WordPress blog with a full video experience. Enable playing and editing of video remixes
2.6.213-10-200867 50700
Text2Image (Mario Spinaci)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows to convert the text to an image, like this one has the option to use the web, even font that the visitor has not in your PC.
WP-iPaper (Stuart Marsh)
description plugin | | |
Embed Scribd iPaper in your blog.
WordPress Single File PHP Gallery (Mitnik)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Single File PHP Gallery is a gallery in one single PHP file.
2.6.213-10-20083 9571001
Accesible _blank (Cristian Eslava)
description plugin | | |
Busca todos los enlaces fuera de tu dominio y les añade rel="external". Todos los enlaces que tengan el atributo external se abrirán en una nueva ventana. Searches the text for links outside of the domain of the blog and open them in a new window but in a accesible way.
2.712-10-20081 93400
WP Recent Tags (Andrew Zhang)
description plugin | | |
Provide a widget to show the hot tags of your recent posts.
2.6.212-10-20082 17400
SociBook (Erik Sefkow)
description plugin | | |
Adding social bookmarking links to your blog!
2.511-10-20087 47900
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