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Twshot for WordPress (Gürkan OLUÇ)
description plugin | | |
Quickly add your post links to twshot and update your twitter statues with this twshot link
2.8.526-11-20091 14400
WP Manage Plugins (Matt Martz, Brad Williams, Brian Messenlehner, Scott Basgaard)
description plugin | | |
An easy way to give you more control over the plugins section of WordPress
2.8.625-11-20093 4081001
P2P Social Networker (Pepijn de Vos)
description plugin | | |
P2P social networking in between blogs, no central server involved.
2.9-rare24-11-20092 36000
WP Tag Ads (Jorge A. Gonzalez)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress eBay plugin, ads are displayed based on the post tags or custom tags you assign to a post in your WordPress blog.
2.8.624-11-20099 07600
Google Talk Chatback Widget (Mike Duncan)
description plugin | | |
Lets users on your blog chat with you live through Google Chatback. If you are offline it links to your contact form instead.
2.8.624-11-20095 903201
Role Approved Comment (Jason Judge)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow any specified role to have their comments automatically approved.
PJW Mime Config (Peter Westwood)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to extend the list of mime-types supported by the builtin uploader.
2.9.224-11-200931 1731001
bbRedirector (Bjorn Wijers )
description plugin | | |
bbRedirector makes it easy to redirect a page to another location using absolute urls.
2.8.624-11-20091 34500
WP Answers (Andrés Nieto)
description plugin | | |
Convert your Wordpress into a comunity of questions and answers.
2.824-11-20099 41900
Angular (Adam Abrons)
description plugin | | |
Add <angular/> javascript tag to pages.
2.8.624-11-20091 07800
WP Gallery Image Shortcode (David Potter)
description plugin | | |
Adds the [wpgalleryimage] shortcode for inserting into a post or a page one of the images you uploaded into your WordPress gallery.
2.8.524-11-20092 48200
Odio el Lunes (Arturo Aparicio y adaptado por: Rafael Casaucao)
description plugin | | |
El plugin muestra una cuenta atrás hacia el viernes.
ObfuscaTOR (Ryan Day)
description plugin | | |
This plugin grabs Tor bridge information and displays that information in an obfuscated form.
2.8.524-11-20091 72400
Ewire Donation (Ewire)
description plugin | | |
A smart and easy way to receive donations.
Friend Connect Commenting Plugin (Mauro Gonzalez)
description plugin | | |
You can now allow visitors to log in with their FriendConnect ID, and leave a comment with that same ID or override wordpress comments system and repl
2.9.023-11-20093 95800
Advanced Spoiler (Choen, Young-Min)
description plugin | | |
Show or hide contents(text, image etc.) with animated effects wrapped by spoiler markup tag([spoiler][/spoiler]).
2.8.623-11-200943 3521001
Jay's WordPress Admin Theme (Jay Robinson)
description plugin | | |
Designates a monospaced font in the HTML editor. Maybe more in the future...
2.823-11-20091 30500
Funny Pranks Videos (abhijit Gaikwad)
description plugin | | |
Greet your site visitors with the funny pranks videos. Any suggestions are always welcome. Please contact me at gaikwad.abhijit@gmail.com
Scriblio III Connector (Casey Bisson)
description plugin | | |
Imports catalog content directly from a III web OPAC, no MaRC export/import needed.
Remove BuddyPress Admin Bar (Alessandro Raffa)
description plugin | | |
This plugin simply removes the BuddyPress Admin Bar. It's ready-to-use: just activate it; no options needed.
2.7.122-11-200910 52100
Hackadelic SEO Table Of Contents (Hackadelic)
description plugin | | |
Easy to use, freely positionable, fancy AJAX-style table of contents for WordPress posts and pages.
2.8.622-11-20098 44700
Szeryf (Łukasz Więcek)
description plugin | | |
Zadaniem Szeryfa jest maskowanie rzeczywistego adresu wszystkich publikowanych załączników. Część ścieżki do każdego z załączników jest za
Featured Posts Slideshow (Dennis Nissle, IWEBIX)
description plugin | | |
Featured Posts Slideshow is a wonderfull Wordpress Javascript Slideshow. It displays as many Post's images as you want.
2.822-11-200921 81500
Skloogs MegaSena (Philippe Hilger)
description plugin | | |
Este plugins permite mostrar os resultados da mega-sena aos usuários e algumas estatísticas.
2.8.422-11-20091 49900
WP PHPList (Jesse Heap)
description plugin | | |
2.9.222-11-200936 3151001
Portfolleo ()
description plugin | | |
Copyright 2009 James Eggers (email : james@jameseggers.com) This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms
2.821-11-20091 73500
Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared (Jake Goldman (10up))
description plugin | | |
Recommended Reading gets the shared items from your Google Reader account. Includes easy configuration, widget support, ability to embed in a page or
2.8.621-11-200916 24200
Google Maps Geocoder (Karl K)
description plugin | | |
Google Maps Geocoder is a simple plugin that uses Google Maps Geocoder to determine latitude and longitude. Shortcode for inserting maps in posts or
2.8.4a21-11-20093 54500
subversion-log (Mathieu Lory)
description plugin | | |
This plugin displays a list of the most recent commits to an external subversion repository, along with the commit comment.
XHTML and Mobile YouTube (Terence Eden)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to simply embed YouTube videos in an XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant manner. Also allows links to Mobile YouTube for phones
20-11-20091 04300
Anonymous Posting (Wojciech Langiewicz)
description plugin | | |
Anonymous Posting plugin allows anonymous user to write their own posts using special page, no access to WP panel is needed.
2.8.620-11-20093 66200
Sparkplug (Beau Lebens)
description plugin | | |
Provides a widget (or template tag) to show a small sparkline chart with your the number of posts per day.
2.8.620-11-20091 37400
Additional image sizes (Walter Vos)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to create additional image sizes (in addition to the thumbnail, medium and large size that are default) for your blog.
2.9.220-11-200915 38100
Yet Another Multi-Site Manager (Joe Jacobs)
description plugin | | |
Allows blogs to be created on multiple domain names while maintaining only one main site for all domain names.
2.8.619-11-20094 46000
JSON feed (Chris Northwood (modified by Dan Phiffer))
description plugin | | |
Provides feeds in JSON form
2.9.219-11-20094 57800
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