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multiupload imageshack (jessai)
description plugin | | |
multiupload imageshack upload your images to imageshack.
06-02-20092 80200
Social Profilr (Active Innovation)
description plugin | | |
Sidebar Widget To Display Eye Candy Icon to Display Your Social Network Profile
2.706-02-200914 81800
ebayStore (Roya Khosravi)
description plugin | | |
For ebay store owners. Imports your products from your ebay store and allows you to sell products through your wordpress website/blog.
2.706-02-20093 50500
SEO Headers (Jason Capshaw)
description plugin | | |
SEO Headers allows you to change the headline without changing the page title.
2.706-02-20091 26700
Nofollow Archives (Jonathan Kemp)
description plugin | | |
Adds the "nofollow" rel attribute to archive links.
2.706-02-20091 23400
Google Charts (Vizion Interactive, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to add Google Charts to your WordPress site
2.706-02-20091 87500
Jabbify (Justin Meyer)
description plugin | | |
Adds the Jabbify chat script to all of your pages.
06-02-20091 35500
twitterLink for WordPress comment (Rogi073)
description plugin | | |
to use twitter as word press comment system via twitterlink
2.706-02-20091 03000
Moblog (V.J.Catkick)
description plugin | | |
Twitter timeline based moblog on your sidebar. If you post image file onto twitter, this widget automatically pulls most recent image from supported i
2.706-02-20091 06200
Bloggy till Wordpress (Filip Stefansson)
description plugin | | |
BloggyFeed shows your latest messages from Bloggy.
PS google website optimizer setting (Kazuyuki Koshiba)
description plugin | | |
To manage and output the script of Google Website Optimizer. Manage scri
2.705-02-20092 16500
ICanLocalize Comment Translator (ICanLocalize)
description plugin | | |
Manages human translated blogs and allows you to administrate, create contents and moderate comments in your native language.
2.705-02-20091 66100
ICanLocalize Translator (ICanLocalize)
description plugin | | |
Allows running multilingual WordPress sites with zero management. Automatically creates and updates translation when you edit.
2.705-02-20094 97200
Absolute Links (ICanLocalize)
description plugin | | |
Prevents dead links between any post or page by guaranteeing that all links always point to the current addresses (permlinks).
2.705-02-20094 71000
WP User Registration (偶爱偶家)
description plugin | | |
Allows users choose own password and other item when register, and put word verification in registration interface.
2.505-02-200912 72500
Fighting The Lyrics (Mike Robinson)
description plugin | | |
Got tired of Hello Dolly lyrics, and being a Peter Gabriel fan, wrote this instead. That's it.
Widget Locationizer (ToMuse.com)
description plugin | | |
Widget Locationizer permits you to define where you want your widgets to appear. You may specify the tags, categories, and page/post IDs for which a
2.704-02-20095 40100
Twitterlinker (Thursday's Child)
description plugin | | |
It automagically linkifies @name in the text.
widget lea (jessai)
description plugin | | |
Requires at least:
widget download (jessai)
description plugin | | |
Requires at least:
03-02-20094 14400
admin-comment (jessai)
description plugin | | |
Requires at least: You can choose color of admin's comments
03-02-20093 38200
Blogcamp Flyer (BlogCamp France)
description plugin | | |
BlogCamp Flyer provides you a widget to promote future meetings of BlogCamp.
2.703-02-20091 17400
Simple Events List (Mark Barnes)
description plugin | | |
Output a simple list of future events. Each event must have it's own post or page.
2.7.103-02-20094 51200
Dodo (Stelios Petrakis, Christos Zigkolis)
description plugin | | |
Dodo is a Wordpress plugin that personalizes your blog homepage to any of your registered users.
2.7.003-02-20091 39300
Feedburner Text Count (Hakan Yamanoglu (Teknoloji Herseyim))
description plugin | | |
Feedburner Text Counter is show your Feedburner Subscribers Count like text based.
2.703-02-20091 56400
simply-picasaweb (Bill Rawlinson)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to display images from your public PicasaWeb albums on your blog.
2.703-02-20091 01700
CMF Ads Widget (Stuart Ryan)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to enable the simple addition of CMF Ads advertising code as a Wordpress Widget.
2.703-02-20094 41800
WP Tool Tips (Brian Hert)
description plugin | | |
Let you include word definitios or explanations, in a tool-tip style.
2.703-02-20092 00200
WP News Slider (Angeline Strauss)
description plugin | | |
Show a widget with news that you add in your blog.
2.703-02-200911 45800
Dynamic Favorites (Travis Ballard)
description plugin | | |
Populates the favorites drop down menu, introduced in 2.7, with links based on actual page accesses. Lists the pages you actually use most.
2.8.403-02-20091 65000
GitPress (Enrico Bianco)
description plugin | | |
GitPress provides a widget for listing a GitHub user's repositories.
Curs BNR (Bogdan Bocioaca)
description plugin | | |
Preia zilnic cursul BNR si-l afiseaza pe blog.
2.703-02-20091 31500
Contextual revenue plugin by Advtise (Matthuffy)
description plugin | | |
Insert Advtise.com Partner revenue code in to your posts on the fly and start earning revenue.
2.703-02-20091 63500
WP Background Tile (Sam Burdge)
description plugin | | |
Insert a tiled background image into your wordpress template
2.703-02-20095 11200
Random Tumblr (V.J.Catkick)
description plugin | | |
Sidebar widget which displays one photo from your tumblr entries randomly. This widget pulls only photo image which you uploaded and/or rebloged.
2.703-02-20091 41000
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