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YAPB Bulk Uploader (Joost Reuzel)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds the possibility to mass upload images to a YAPB-enabled blog using the WordPress flash-uploader.
2.9.213-02-20109 52600
Daily Chess Puzzle Widget (Adrian Hanft)
description plugin | | |
The Chess Puzzle Widget adds a daily chess puzzle to you blog's sidebar.
2.9.213-02-20102 23000
ImageRotate (Leonhardt Wille)
description plugin | | |
Alternative implementation of GD's imagerotate() function.
2.9.213-02-20102 62900
ShopperPress DataFeed Importer (Ryan Bayne)
description plugin | | |
Inject any CSV file data into the WordPress database as new Posts with ShopperPress DataFeed Importer, try the demo now!
2.8.612-02-20105 23300
XHTML5 Support (Weston Ruter)
description plugin | | |
Allows templates to serve XHTML5 markup by adding the necessary JavaScript shim for IE7+ and by converting all new elements to divs and spans with app
Dashboard Notepads (Johan Ström)
description plugin | | |
Add up to 3 notepad widgets to your Dashboard. Disable the default widgets if you like. Great for admins to globally message users.
2.9.212-02-20105 10900
WP Box Simple (Becuwe Adrien)
description plugin | | |
This plugin Permit to create , edit and delete a simple box .
1.912-02-20101 80200
wp-markKeyword (Conis)
description plugin | | |
This plugin can high light keyword after someone searchecd it, which supports the search engines like google, baidu, ask, yahoo&bing.
2.9.211-02-20102 55700
Website Audit Splittesting (Peter Knight)
description plugin | | |
Adds a conditional statement for splittesting uses. In combination with the widget logic plugin you can easily splittest widgets. With theme editing y
Flash CountDown Plugin (Flex-Blog.com (Arjan Nieuwenhuizen, Roelof Albers))
description plugin | | |
A count down plugin made in Adobe Flash and Flex.
2.9.211-02-20103 36900
Extended Admin Post Filter (Cozmos Labs)
description plugin | | |
Adds multiple filters (including custom taxonomies) in the posts management screen.
2.9.211-02-20102 55700
TwitterPad (Martin Hawksey)
description plugin | | |
TwitterPad allows twitter users to automatically collect tweets using custom search strings which are added to a specified page or as a new blog post
2.9.211-02-20101 79500
video-flv-converter (Anthony Niroshan De croos Fernandez)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will convert all your uploaded video files into .flv format enhance the performance and to reduce the file size.
2.9.211-02-20104 10900
bizSugar.com Vote Button (Tim Grahl)
description plugin | | |
Adds a Bizsugar voting button to your website. Visitors to your site can vote via the button that appears in your blog articles. The button automati
2.9.X11-02-20101 14700
Folder2Page (Luke Niland)
description plugin | | |
Folder2Page allows you to use images in a folder on your webserver as an image gallery
2.9.211-02-20101 34900
WP Super Secure and Fast htaccess (Andrea Pernici)
description plugin | | |
This essential .htaccess rules plugin allow you to improve security and speed of your wordpress blog.
2.9.211-02-20104 62000
BuddyPress My Friends Widgets (Sarah Gooding)
description plugin | | |
My Friends Widgets
wpmu 2.9.111-02-20104 83900
SLRedirectPlugIn (Steffen Liersch)
description plugin | | |
This plug-in can generate redirections to relocated pages or posts. Furthermore an alternative implementation of wp_redirect can be installed for the
2.9.211-02-20101 44000
Rename groups (Maksim Trofimenko)
description plugin | | |
That plugin provides easy renaming of user roles.
WP Video Tutor (IQ Ace, LLC)
description plugin | | |
WP Video Tutor puts video tutorials in the help section of the WordPress Admin Panel.
2.9.211-02-20101 65900
Simply Tweeted (Gerald Yeo)
description plugin | | |
A no-frills, twitter updater(title and url) when post/page is published. Can be used as a standalone plugin or integrated with the URL Shortener Plugi
Twiogle Twitter Commenter (Twiogle)
description plugin | | |
Pull comments from Twitter based off of your tags in your posts.
3.0.511-02-20103 90000
Simple Buzz (Antonio Bustamante Mirayo)
description plugin | | |
Simply displays to the visitor the last Google Buzz status updates of a Google user.
2.9.211-02-20101 22900
ThrivingBookmarks (Daniel Raftery)
description plugin | | |
Add attractive social networking bookmarks to your sidebar, providing links directly to your various social networking pages.
2.111-02-20101 53700
DD Page Widget (Mladen Milentijevic)
description plugin | | |
Adds a widget that can outputs single page with thumbnail and page excerpt on any widgetized area.
2.9.211-02-20102 01000
Sociable-Italia (Andrea Pernici)
description plugin | | |
Automatically add links on your posts, pages and RSS feed to your favorite social bookmarking sites.
2.9.211-02-201010 62400
Silverlight Gallery (Regart.net)
description plugin | | |
Add a Silverlight gallery to your wordpress posts, witch uses the post attached images
9.111-02-20107 68200
GStaticMap (Lorensius W. L. T)
description plugin | | |
GStaticMap lets you embed Google static map in your blog pages using a predefined tag. It conforms to Google Static Maps API V2
My Read More (Miguel Azevedo e Castro)
description plugin | | |
This plugin replaces the default "read more" with custom text, AND adds a chosen number of the post-title-words to it, so all your links are unique.
2.9.210-02-20105 98900
Twitpic Expander (Jackson Laycock)
description plugin | | |
Twitpic Expander scans posts for twitpic URL's and automatically expands them and shows an image.
Bambuser for Wordpress (Mattias Norell)
description plugin | | |
Embed livestreams and clips from Bambuser.
3.3.210-02-20102 10600
WPC Disable WordPress Plugin Updates (Eric Hamby)
description plugin | | |
WPC Disable Wordpress Plugin Updates removes the Wordpress plugin update feature.
Url Giver (Craig Farnes)
description plugin | | |
Url Giver is a plugin which lets you display hidden urls on the posts you wish.
DhResume (Fabien Roulette)
description plugin | | |
Provide a service which is like a resume directory.
Error Reporting (Mittineague)
description plugin | | |
Logs Errors to file and/or Sends Error Notification emails. Records Ping Errors and displays them in a dashboard widget.
2.9.210-02-20104 95900
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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