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Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support (NeoEGM, Arne Brachhold)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. qTranslate Compliant version by NeoEGM.
2.9.230-09-200976 46500
Custom Cursor BujanQWorkS (heru kurniawan)
description plugin | | |
Custom Cursor BujanQWorkS you can change your cursor in accordance with the blogs you selected.
2.8.230-09-20091 86600
Auto Group Join (Brent Layman)
description plugin | | |
Automatically join members to groups based on user profile fields. Requires BuddyPress
2.8.430-09-20093 72500
Forum Post Notification (Brent Layman)
description plugin | | |
Receive an email when a new post is created in bbPress via BuddyPress
2.8.430-09-20093 52900
Content and Image Teaser (Divine Developer)
description plugin | | |
Allows users to limit the number or words that are displayed when they want the excerpt or content of a post to appear.
2.8.430-09-20091 14000
WPreso Video FeatureBox (WPreso)
description plugin | | |
WPreso Video FeatureBox is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a list of Featured Videos slides from your video posts or video category.
2.8.429-09-20094 66900
Show Content by User Level (Nicholas Caporusso)
description plugin | | |
This simple plug-in hides content from all users except those that exceed a specific user level.
2.7.129-09-20092 40600
BP-FBConnect (Andy Peatling, Adam Hupp)
description plugin | | |
Enables members to log in to a BuddyPress enabled install with their Facebook account. Based on wp-facebookconnect by Adam Hupp. Requires a Facebook A
BuddyPress29-09-200914 54900
In The Loop (Eric Marden)
description plugin | | |
Be in the loop! Easily add any HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP to the begining or end of a post. Great for when plugins forget to add this ability.
2.9.229-09-20092 44900
star-ganalytics (Star)
description plugin | | |
Simplest Google Analytics plugin. Add Google Analytics into the WordPress.
pixelstats (Timo Fuchs <pixelstats@arrogant.de>)
description plugin | | |
Tracks views of all individual articles, even if viewed on front page, category pages and RSS feeds.
2.7.129-09-20097 28000
Private Page Forbidden (Weston Ruter)
description plugin | | |
Instead of serving a 404 Not Found error with the 404.php template, send a 403 Forbidden error and set $wp_query->is_403 and load 403.php if it exi
Category Text (Michele Menciassi)
description plugin | | |
category text allows you easily to add a widget for a Category Text-Box.
2.8.428-09-20094 17800
WP-TagTip (Eduardo Daniel Sada)
description plugin | | |
An sexy way to show a related post of one specific tag.
2.8.428-09-20091 54500
Ion Snytax Highlighter (John Ciacia)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows users to highlight code.
2.828-09-20091 09300
Best SEO iTranslator for Wordpress (Dragos Mocrii)
description plugin | | |
Translate your blog in 40 languages and get tons of new traffic sources.
2.8.428-09-20095 27600
The Excerpt re-reloaded (Luca Biagini)
description plugin | | |
This plugin does something more than the built-in excerpt function. It lets you choose excerpt length, allowed html tags, the link text to full post,
28-09-200923 33300
WordPress PayPal Donation (Thomas Stachl, Alberto Buschettu)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a PayPal donation button to posts and/or theme.
2.8.427-09-200910 72100
WikiLink (Eduardo Daniel Sada)
description plugin | | |
An easier way to link to Wikipedia.
2.8.427-09-20092 44000
PicsPlz.com Photo Sharing (Mike Duncan)
description plugin | | |
Lets users on your blog exchange pics about any topic using the PicsPlz.com service.
Bookmarks exclude & add extra params (WebsiteFreelancers.nl)
description plugin | | |
Widget to show bookmarks with exclude option, extra params are possible
TinyMCEComments (mk)
description plugin | | |
A simple hack to enable WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE on the comment field.
2.8.426-09-200971 66500
TwitterFools Trending Topics (Twitterfools.com - A Member of The Fools Network)
description plugin | | |
This is a simple plugin that adds a widget with a list of the Twitter Trending Topics
2.8.426-09-20091 59500
Dashboard: Pending Review (Viper007Bond)
description plugin | | |
Widget for the WordPress dashboard to display posts pending review.
26-09-20095 11900
Restrict Registration (David Baumgold)
description plugin | | |
Use simple blacklists and whitelists to control who can and cannot register on your blog.
2.8.426-09-20091 5371001
Thickbox Announcement (Fabian von Allmen)
description plugin | | |
With the Thickbox Announcement plugin you easily can set-up an announcement, which will be displayed in a thickbox (lightbox).
2.8.425-09-20096 16200
分享家:AddFeed订阅按钮(Widget) (高飞)
description plugin | | |
适合中文网站的AddFeed订阅按钮,支持WP 2.8+的Widget。【如果之前安装过1.0版本的,请卸载后重新安装】
2.825-09-20091 46100
AddThisChina(分享家:收藏&分享按钮) (高飞)
description plugin | | |
适合中文网站的AddThis按钮,含有主流中文收藏分享按钮。方便读者分享, 增加网站流量![2009-09-25]新增颜色样式配
2.825-09-20093 27800
Location Map (Daniel Beacham)
description plugin | | |
Location Management Tool for stores with brick and mortar locations. Fully customizable integrated map allows for multiple locations per city as well
25-09-20091 52700
DraugiemSay (Ingus Rukis)
description plugin | | |
DraugiemSay allows you to notify all your friends in draugiem.lv social network about new posts in your blog automatically.
2.725-09-20091 28400
Google Chrome Frame For Wordpress (Horia Dragomir)
description plugin | | |
Congratulations! You've got the Google Chrome Frame for Any Wordpress Theme and Blog Plugin, bringing IE up to standards.
2.8.425-09-20091 75700
Fortunate Random Quotes (Mike Macgirvin)
description plugin | | |
Fortunate provides a random quote or quotation (also known as a 'fortune cookie') for your blog.
2.8.425-09-20095 65400
Amazon Showcase Wordpress Plugin (Aaron Forgue)
description plugin | | |
A plugin for showcasing items from Amazon. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN number of any product and optionally enter an Associate ID.
2.8.425-09-200949 35700
LIci WP (LIci team [ Alexander Timofeev, Vlad Jdanov ])
description plugin | | |
LiveInternet crossposting plugin
2.8.224-09-20095 221201
MEVIO Publisher (Mevio, Inc)
description plugin | | |
Cross publish from your mevio.com media account to your Wordpress blog.
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