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Featured Bloggers (Don Gilbert)
description plugin | | |
Creates an author profile at the bottom of every post. The data is pulled from the about the author section in the users profile. Includes an admin pa
3.0.506-08-20101 00500
WordPress MS Proxied Authentication (Ryan Lee)
description plugin | | |
Allows remote login of a proxied MS site.
Buddypress Humanity (Adam J Nowak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a security question to the Buddypress registration page.
3.1.405-08-201010 2021001
dGal (Daniel Theiss)
description plugin | | |
Create an Image-Gallery in 5 simple Steps (with Lightbox-Support!) | This plugin is now available in a new version as SimpleGal.
3.0.505-08-20101 56200
mg-wp2tsina (Mike Gaul)
description plugin | | |
3.0.505-08-20104 20800
Yahoo Messenger Emoticons (Andrei Dutu)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is design to replace the wordpress default smilies with the emoticons used on Yahoo Messenger
3.0.505-08-201010 43700
WP-log-robots (netroby)
description plugin | | |
WP-log-robots is a wordpress plugin, we could used it to loged the search engine robots activity.
3.1.405-08-201017 55300
Handy-News (Markus Knopp)
description plugin | | |
Aktuelle Handynews in Deinen Blog.
The Big Picture by Rotten Tomatoes (Flixster, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Display the Rotten Tomatoes Box Office List on your blog.
3.0.504-08-20101 38800
Custom Word Cloud (Bryan Nielsen)
description plugin | | |
Creates custom word cloud images based on page content or POST variable named content.
3.0.504-08-20104 10200
QQ Weather (webbeast)
description plugin | | |
This pulgin generates qq weather for WordPress Blog. data from qq.com
1.0.004-08-20101 25500
Hook News (Noppadol Sukprapa)
description plugin | | |
HookNews API
Sentralize (Sentralize)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress integration with Sentralize C-2-C Service
BBCode (bOingball)
description plugin | | |
version: 1.1.2 Implements Extended BBCode in posts.
04-08-20107 129801
Online Map (Prasanna)
description plugin | | |
Its use to track the people online, what they are doing in your site… it shows the people who visits your site in map, the points which glow show the
online_count (Prasanna)
description plugin | | |
This Vertical scroll slideshow gallery v2 plug-in will create the vertical scrolling Blind all slideshow gallery at side sidebar widget see live demo
WP Random Blog Description (Daniel Straub)
description plugin | | |
Replaces the Blog Description every hour, day, week or month randomly. You can define as many Blog Descriptions as you want.
3.1.404-08-20102 04000
scroll_announcement (Prasanna)
description plugin | | |
This Vertical scroll_announcement create the vertical scrolling scroll_announcement at side sidebar widget see live demo.
Custom fields in RSS (Gonahkar)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds post custom fields in rss feed.
3.0.504-08-20102 3331001
Simple scheduled posts widget (Maksymilian Sleziak)
description plugin | | |
Simple show future posts.
3.0.504-08-20101 42000
DaeColor (DaeVision.com)
description plugin | | |
DaeColor the first category color coding plugin for wordpress by DaeVision inc.It's a simple plug-in that adds the category name and a colored block t
04-08-20101 05500
Simple Page Widget (Gorm Haug Eriksen)
description plugin | | |
Creates a widget out of any page.
3.0.504-08-20101 23500
FlasHTML5 Video (Hook)
description plugin | | |
A Wordpress implementation of the FlasHTML5 Video Javascript Library.
3.0.503-08-20104 0451001
Seoslave Wordpress Plugin (Seoslave)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically show links from the SeoSlave.com link exchange system on your web site. The more links you display, the more backlinks
03-08-20102 050201
Style Press (GrandSlambert)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow you to add CSS style definitions to your entire site, or individual posts or pages.
3.0103-08-20102 36400
Buddypress Friends (Adam J Nowak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a widget to Buddypress that displays the friends for the current user that is logged in.
3.2.103-08-201014 49300
TOC For Wordpress (Luke)
description plugin | | |
Inserts a Table of Contents into posts, using the [toc] Shortcode.
3.0.503-08-20101 75900
JP Social Bookmarks (Jonathan Preece)
description plugin | | |
Adds social bookmarks to your website
3.0.503-08-20103 76100
Proxy Poster (Lerie Taylor)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow administrators to post proxy lists from selected sources.
Pro Twitter (Haotik)
description plugin | | |
Allow you to have a lot of twitter options on your blog.
3.0.503-08-20101 84000
WP-vSphereStats (Nicholas Weaver)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.6
Tozz slideshow gallery (Prasanna)
description plugin | | |
This Vertical scroll slideshow gallery v2 plug-in will create the vertical scrolling Tozz slideshow gallery at side sidebar widget see live demo.
3.0.502-08-20101 00700
Custom Type Recent Posts (Merlinox)
description plugin | | |
A plugin for wordpress to select which custom type on "Recent Posts" widget.
3.0.502-08-20101 08800
Mobile version with Onbile Plugin for iphone, blackberry , smartphones, mobile theme. (Daniel Perez, Onbile.com)
description plugin | | |
Author URI:www.onbile.com Plugin URI:www.onbile.com/plugins/onbile_wp/ Plugin to send newsletters, manage lists of subscribers, shipping selective, c
3.1.402-08-201018 74900
Speakpress (AvatR OHG)
description plugin | | |
Speakpress offers a way to read every kind of german and english text (blog posts, static pages, hidden text-fragments) to your visitor.
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