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Iyzico Payment Gateway for Paid Membership Pro (FTI Technologies)
description plugin | | |
Iyzico paid membership pro is the simple and lightweight implementation of iyzico.com payment service for paid membership only.
Custom Template for LifterLMS (brainstormforce)
description plugin | | |
The selected custom template will replace default LifterLMS course template for non-enrolled students.
5.121-02-20196 4661004
SIW TO (Specialist in Websites)
description plugin | | |
Dit is een administratie tool voor het bedrijf Specialist in Websites. De tool zorgt voor…
5.3.320-03-20204 1501001
WP Airbnb Review Slider (LJ Apps)
description plugin | | |
Download and display your Airbnb business reviews in your Posts, Pages, and Widget areas with a review slider!
5.4.108-04-20205 80410021
Menu Item Duplicator (Mathieu Hays)
description plugin | | |
Menu Item Duplicator enhances your menu administration by allowing to duplicate menu items.
5.0.028-10-20181 1611002
Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM (CRM Perks)
description plugin | | |
Send Contact Form 7, CRM Perks Forms and many other contact form submissions to dynamics crm Online.
5.4.113-04-20201 2691007
Custom Meta (TheLinx)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a widget that is like the default Meta widget, but customizable. (You can specify what links to show).
2.722-01-200935 3351001
WP Multi Author (aagjalpankaj)
description plugin | | |
One post, multiple contributors!
Search Engine Insights for Google Search Console (Alin Marcu)
description plugin | | |
Verify site ownership on Google Search Console! Analyze the Google Search Console stats, to see your site's performance on Google Search.
5.4.112-05-202013 3611002
Smart YouTube and Twitch Embed (SwiftNinjaPro)
description plugin | | |
Easily embed responsive lazy loading YouTube/twitch videos, playlists, and channels using shortcodes. Also add a…
Serious Duplicated Terms (Jordi Cabot)
description plugin | | |
Merge duplicated tags and categories to simplify and better organize the content and navigation of your site
Cache Buster (Daniel Li)
description plugin | | |
Adds a filter hook for all CSS, JS links by replacing ?ver values with the last modified time using PHPs filemtype
5.0.412-06-20191 3041001
Github Wordpress Widget (Pgogy)
description plugin | | |
Allows a user to add a widget to show their Github repositories on their site.
4.5.204-06-20163 7651001
School Management – Education & Learning Management (Weblizar)
description plugin | | |
School Management System is a WordPress plugin to manage school and its entities such as…
5.4.121-05-202012 3911003
Math Comment Spam Protection (Michael Woehrer)
description plugin | | |
Asks the visitor making the comment to answer a simple math question. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot
3.0.508-08-201091 4581001
My Coderwall Badges (Francesco Lentini)
description plugin | | |
gets your badges from coderwall website and let you show them on your blog.
Online Status inSL (Gwyneth Llewelyn)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to show your Second Life online status on any WordPress blog (multiple widgets and shortcodes are possible)
4.531-03-20163 9131001
PadiAct (Claudiu Murariu)
description plugin | | |
Enables PadiAct to be used on your Wordpress installation.
3.4.224-01-20141 6561001
Retrospective (Tiago Madeira)
description plugin | | |
Retrospective plugin displays last posts or posts from a specific category in a nice-looking "retrospective" way using a shortcode.
3.3.202-02-20121 3751001
WyPiekacz (Daniel Frużyński)
description plugin | | |
Multi-Author Blog Toolkit - check if posts submitted for review/posted satisfies set of rules, enforce these rules, delete abandoned drafts and more!
3.2.913-10-201115 5811005
Restrict Content Pro – bbPress (Sandhills Development, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Adds support for restricting bbPress forums and topics to paid members with Restrict Content Pro
5.2.208-07-20195 9431002
Diary & Availability Calendar (Rootsy)
description plugin | | |
Manage and display your availability with an easy-to-use diary & calendar
3.4.203-10-20125 0321001
Dashboard Widget Sidebar (IO SoftGame)
description plugin | | |
Enable regulare widgets to be used as Dashboard Widgets in admin.
4.221-04-201510 3351008
Easy Featured Content (Nick Ohrn of Plugin-Developer.com)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to mark content as featured and use the designation in your queries and via a template tag.
3.9.123-05-20144 0691002
Guroot Captcha (Jonathan Fleury)
description plugin | | |
This is a "draggable" captcha. Images have to be dragged into ascending order.
MW Auth (Takashi Kitajima)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows only users to authenticate to WordPress.
3.9.131-05-20141 4441002
Ahmeti Wp Güzel Sözler (Ahmet İmamoğlu)
description plugin | | |
Harika sözleri arşivleyebileceğiniz ve istediğiniz sayfalarda paylaşabileceğiniz bir eklenti...
3.5.212-02-20141 6881001
Simple Language Switcher (Mathieu Decaffmeyer)
description plugin | | |
A simple and lightweight plugin that displays a customizable language switcher.
3.5.205-09-201315 1721002
Advanced Custom Fields: NextGen Gallery Custom Field (Jeroen Reumkens)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides an extra field for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to support the NextGEN Gallery plugin.
3.7.110-11-20137 9981002
Generic Affiliate System, for Marketpress or Woo-commerce (diegpl , pkelbert, Rafael Nariz , Thiago MobilonDonate)
description plugin | | |
Affiliate plugin for any e-commerce system. It is only update the afiliados.xml at root folder with your products, price and imgs.
2.8.631-10-20134 2181001
Mytory Markdown (mytory)
description plugin | | |
The plugin get markdown file URL like github raw content url. It convert markdown file…
5.0.925-10-20197 2361007
BuddyPress Notification Widget (BuddyDev)
description plugin | | |
BuddyPress notification widget allow site admins to show BuddyPress user notification in widget.
5.3.021-11-201930 6151006
Mobius Conversion Tracker (Mobius Media)
description plugin | | |
Mobius Conversion Tracker allows you to place Google's conversion tracking code onto pages with an easy to use shortcode
4.2.707-03-20161 1571002
TWD SMTP Mail (jaydp)
description plugin | | |
TWD SMTP Plug-in help you to deliver E-mails from your WordPress Weblog using your suggested SMTP Server.
3.8.2415-04-20141 1881007
WP Youku (suifengtec)
description plugin | | |
3.9.112-05-20144 7121002
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