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Elastik Addons for Elementor (azexo)
description plugin | | |
Elastik is a sections/elements framework with high quality and modern design.
iPay Ghana WooCommerce (iPay Solutions Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
iPay Ghana WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce store. It enables you receive…
WP Faq Builder (WPManageNinja)
description plugin | | |
WP FAQ plugin that lets you create FAQ set by drag and drop builder. You can easily build amaizing FAQ for your site and show that in any place in Wor …
HootKit (wphoot)
description plugin | | |
HootKit is a great companion plugin for WordPress themes by wpHoot.
5.010-12-20184 29300
Lotto (Oligalma)
description plugin | | |
This plugin consists in a widget which displays random lotto numbers when clicking on a button.
Transform (Net Innovations LLC)
description plugin | | |
Transform reads URL or file JSON/XML data feeds and converts those feeds to HTML using Dust or XSLT, acting as a controller in an MVC architecture.
Core Settings (Korol Yuriy aka Shra )
description plugin | | |
Fights against unnecessary WP core settings, removes needless metas and links from header html section.
CornelisRoute (Cees Rijken)
description plugin | | |
Simple distance calculator based on Google Maps. Enter a source and a destination and submit your form!
Easy Quote (Azraf Anam)
description plugin | | |
Easily add quote functionality. User can select service category & items and will see the price and (optionally) with a contact form.
SavTee SEO (owlweb)
description plugin | | |
Save time when SEO editing and edit the SEO relevant areas in a tabular overview.…
perfectPortfolioHelper (Thanasis Mpalatsoukas)
description plugin | | |
The plugin is not for general use, but its a helper plugin for my main theme
Checkbook: Digital Checking for WooCommerce (Checkbook.io)
description plugin | | |
This plugin enables Checkbook.io Payments through WooCommerce.
Schedule Builder Online (Henrik Sandström)
description plugin | | |
Create stunning schedules and share them by easily embedding them directly into your posts/pages of your blog/website.
AWEOS Offcanvas Menu (AWEOS)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin creates a nice looking and mobile friendly sidemenu. It requires the Divi Theme.
Secure Admin IP (Michal Novák)
description plugin | | |
Simply restrict access to your WordPress admin for the specific IP addresses.
Demetra Chat (Demetra Chat)
description plugin | | |
Demetra Chat é um chat bot configurável e gratuito para seu website. Aumente suas conversões com um chatbot: 0 envolvimento humano e disponível 24x7
Refback (David Shanske)
description plugin | | |
Enable Refbacks on your WordPress site
nps-computy (computy)
description plugin | | |
Free monitoring of the NPS index (Net Promoter Score) for your business. Simply add shortcode to the right place of the site, the rest of the work we …
Social_Chat (LetsCMS)
description plugin | | |
Social chat is very simple and intuitive module that allows you to manage a chat.
WP Brand Logo Slider (Hasibul Islam Badsha)
description plugin | | |
WP Brand Logo Slider is a wordpress plugin to display your brand logo or client logo on your WordPress website!
All in one metadata (My Language Skills)
description plugin | | |
Extended Metadata for Wordpress and PressBooks.
MF2 Feeds (Matthias Pfefferle)
description plugin | | |
Microformats2 Feeds for WordPress
Bike Rental Manager Calendar (Bike Rental Manager)
description plugin | | |
Putting your online booking calendar from Bike Rental Manager on your website.
Vast Package (deTheme)
description plugin | | |
Add-On for Vast Theme
Streaming Companion For Mixer (janoriacorven)
description plugin | | |
Version 1.2 Released!
Bookalet (BnB Select Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Easily add Bookalet calendars to your WordPress website for online booking of holiday lets
有赏 You Shang (Fens Liu)
description plugin | | |
有赏「You Shang」是一款能为WordPress便捷加入微信、支付宝打赏/赞赏功能的插件。
Mail Komplet (Webkomplet, s.r.o.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will connect your WooCommerce shop to your account on Mail Komplet.
WooCommerce Gateway Juspay (Team Juspay)
description plugin | | |
Juspay's is a SaaS layer on top of Payment gateways to simplify integration, improve robustness and ease the management of diverse and rapidly ev …
CXMap (CXMap)
description plugin | | |
Customer Experience Analytics for Growth Hacking. Supports WooCommerce 2.x.
NebuCore (The NebuCore Team)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce extension to send order data JSON to NebuCore on successful WC order.
WC Minimum Order Amount (Hannah Swain)
description plugin | | |
Add the option for a WooCommerce minimum order amount, as well as the options to change the notification texts for the cart and checkout pages
ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce (ActiveCampaign)
description plugin | | |
ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce enables you to create abandoned cart automations and send emails to your contacts who abandon carts.
4.9.827-11-20181 59600
Woo Timepayment Gateway (Jason Coleman)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to offer TimePayment financing to your customers during WooCommerce checkout. You must have a free TimePayment vendor account f …
Admin Bar Wrap Fix (KZeni)
description plugin | | |
Fixes the wrap behavior of the WordPress admin bar when it has too many items. Keep it neat; don't spill/overflow into the content.
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