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PWA (XWP, Google, and contributors)
description plugin | | |
WordPress feature plugin to bring Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities to Core
Woocommerce Paypal INR (Pramod Jodhani)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to make use of Paypal as payment gateway while selling products in Indian Rupees (INR) currency.
Hide CPT category from URL (Shashank Kumar)
description plugin | | |
This plugin helps in hiding custom post type category from the url and only shows the actual page name.
Consultar CNPJ (Consultar CNPJ)
description plugin | | |
Um simples consultor de CNPJ, porém eficaz.
Invoices for WooCommerce (RapidDev | Polish technology company)
description plugin | | |
Easily add functionality related to taxes and issuing invoices.
ConvertKit for Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
ConvertKit for Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing brings the power of personalization to WordPress with ConvertKit.
G Meta Keywords (Sinan Yorulmaz)
description plugin | | |
G Meta Keywords (GMK) is a simple but useful WordPress add-on that allows you to easily add the keyword insertion field removed from many Search Engin …
shishi-odoshi (Craig Wayne)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin is intended for developers only. It is intended to assist with preventing errors thrown from edge cases.
WP Anywhere Widgets (yudiz)
description plugin | | |
Get Shortcode for each widget used in sidebar area
Consolto VideoChat (Consolto Team)
description plugin | | |
The #1 Video-chat Plugin, heavily used 1-stop-shop solution for consultants/advisers as well as site owners that want to increase conversion.
Post Like (Aamer Shahzad)
description plugin | | |
Post like is a simple ajax based post like/unlike plugin that help your visitors to like posts. Counter shows number of post likes.
WP Giosg (Cyclonecode)
description plugin | | |
This plugin integrates the live chat from giosg.com.
Text Domain Inspector (Sti3bas)
description plugin | | |
Text Domain Inspector is a plugin that helps to inspect text domains of translatable strings
Advanced Custom Fields: Image Aspect Ratio Crop Field (Johannes Siipola)
description plugin | | |
ACF field that allows user to crop image to a specific aspect ratio
Ninja Shop (Ninja Shop LLC)
description plugin | | |
Ninja Shop, a simple eCommerce plugin, is the quickest way to start selling your products with WordPress.
Kitsu API List (Filipe Mendonça)
description plugin | | |
The Kitsu API List allows you to retrieve anime or manga from Kitsu and show it on your WordPress website.
Qualpay Payment Plugin (Qualpay)
description plugin | | |
Qualpay Payment Plugin for WooCommerce
KRSP Frontend File Uploader (KRSP Digital Agency)
description plugin | | |
KRSP Frontend File Uplader makes it easy to add a simple and intuitive image and file uploader.
Ni WooCommerce Customer Product Report (anzia)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce product customer report show the list of customer who purchase that product.
SafetyForms – Create forms with Real-time Email Validation (Henrique Rodrigues)
description plugin | | |
This is the SafetyMails plugin for creating validated forms and providing email verification in real…
Dynamic CSS URLs for Flywheel CDN (Brandon Kidd)
description plugin | | |
Ensures the Flywheel CDN path is used in dynamically generated CSS url parameters.
Kommento (George Cyriac)
description plugin | | |
Plugin lets you embed Kommento Comments (https://kommento.webospace.com) in your Website or Blog
description plugin | | |
eSMS - là plugin dành riêng cho khách hàng sử dụng dịch vụ của eSMS, giúp quý khách gửi tin nhắn vào số điện thoại của khách hàng khi sử dụng Contact …
Readministrator (Read Only Administrator) (Dhanendran)
description plugin | | |
Allowing users to see the admin settings page. Just Seeing, No edit allowed :) These users will have all the privilege of editors along with that they …
Institute Management (Weblizar)
description plugin | | |
Institute Management is a comprehensive plugin to manage institute related activities such as courses, enquiries,…
Radish Concepts Cookie Consent (Radish Concepts)
description plugin | | |
'Radish Concepts Cookie Consent: they way to manage all types of cookies on your website
WP tarteaucitron.js Self Hosted (Ricci Dorian)
description plugin | | |
This plugin aims to integrate and ease the use of tarteaucitron.js in WordPress. It's developed with the creator of the service tarteaucitron.js.
flc forma.lms connector (Joint Technologies srl)
description plugin | | |
forma.lms connector automatically keeps WordPress users synchronized with a forma.lms platform and provides a SSO system to it.
Tcard WP (Cloanta Alexandru)
description plugin | | |
Tcard WP is a plugin that lets you add beautiful cards to your website. You can pick from one of the 6 pre-made cards, each with 60 color variations o …
Free IP Lookup Widget (Hide My IP)
description plugin | | |
Allows your visitors to see their IP address and location on your Wordpress site.
Additional Script or Style (Navanath Bhosale)
description plugin | | |
Additional Script for Header and Footer
description plugin | | |
The plugin enables you to run a WP MLM network with WordPress website. This is the ideal plugin to keep track of expenditure, income, downline member …
EmployeeSalary (Rushabh Shah)
description plugin | | |
This is the plugin which would help Employee Salary to "Add Employee Salary" instead of "Add Posts". It also adds the Employee Sal …
VoguePay plugin for WooCommerce (kunlexzy)
description plugin | | |
Voguepay WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept payment from local and international customers on your store.
Geo Masala (jhotadhari)
description plugin | | |
Add interactive Leaflet Maps. A new block for gutenberg: 'Geo Masala Map'
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