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WP Saint (Team WP Saint)
description plugin | | |
Implements web analytics like a magician. We took care of all your headache. Deploys data…
Gutenblocks (smartcat)
description plugin | | |
A collection of powerful advanced blocks for Gutenberg editor
BP Events Calendar (WPdrift)
description plugin | | |
The Modern Tribe's Events Calendar add-on that integrated into BuddyPress, and allow users to post events directly from their profile.
WP Custom Admin Login Lite – Free WordPress plugin to make a customized admin login page (8Degree Themes)
description plugin | | |
WP Custom Admin Login - WordPress Plugin to make a Customized Admin Login Page allow you to beautify your wp-login page with quick easy templates.
SB data importer – WP all import add-on (Scripts Bundle)
description plugin | | |
SB Data Importer is allows you to import ads, listing in minutes if you're using Adforest.
Cusmin Themes (Cusmin)
description plugin | | |
WordPress admin panel and login page themes
ArianeLab (Guillaume Leroy )
description plugin | | |
ArianeLab enables you to re-engage your customers through web push notifications. In under 5 minutes setup push notifications for your site.
WooCommerce Uviba Payments (Uviba LLC)
description plugin | | |
Uviba Payment is totally free payment gateway system. There will not be a charge because we will give back every cents in Uviba own currency (in bonus …
Woocommerce Order Calendar (Deepak Shrama)
description plugin | | |
Allow the customers orders show in Calendar Woocommerce.
Clickback WEB (The Clickback WEB Community)
description plugin | | |
Clickback WEB adds a small line of code to your WordPress site so you can identify companies who have visited your website but haven't converted.
Track Logins (Stephen Carr)
description plugin | | |
Logs and shows the logins for all users. Records a time and date stamp as well as logs the users IP address and username for all users that login.
Teams of Tennis (Volker Riecken)
description plugin | | |
show all games of a tennis team or club from the BTV site inside an iframe, manage game availability of players
KiwiPress (Scott McGann (cantelope))
description plugin | | |
KiwiIRC is a time-tested, web-based IRC client which can be added to any website with a few clicks.
Crypto Live Widget (Xgenious)
description plugin | | |
Coincap Widget plugin allow you to easily create realtime cryptocurrency price and history char shortcode and show up anywhere on your site.
Pando Extra (WpPug)
description plugin | | |
Overview This is a companion plugin for the PandoWP theme, it add all functionalities that are plugin-territory to the PandoWP theme.
Paid Downloads Savano Gateway (Savano team)
description plugin | | |
پرداخت اینترنتی با درگاه پرداخت آنلاین ساوانو
WooCommerce wallee Subscription (customweb GmbH)
description plugin | | |
Plugin to process Woocommerce Subscriptions with wallee.
Coming2Live – WP Coming soon & Maintenance mode (coming2live)
description plugin | | |
Coming2live plugin help you to set up a Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page with some simple clicks.
Frais.pro (Eoxia)
description plugin | | |
frais.pro allows you to fill your expense very easily, send to the accountant directly in * .csv. Export with photos for archives.
KMM Timeshift (Krone.at)
description plugin | | |
Large Scale Revision System for WordPress, that also supports postmeta and ACF custom fields. this plugin is managed at http://github.
Team Member Slider (Xgenious)
description plugin | | |
Teams Slider Shortcode Collection Is a Teams Slider shortcode collection for WordPress, it's lightweight and high efficiency to help you build any Teams Slider design quickly.
Presswell Art Direction (Presswell)
description plugin | | |
Control how custom image thumbnail sizes are defined, cropped, and generated.
Responsive Tabs For WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) (vcaddon)
description plugin | | |
Display your content in responsive tabs using visual composer(WP Bakery Page Builder).
VW Notes & Files Downloader (VowelWeb)
description plugin | | |
Optoins to download notes and files for candidates(student/staff members).
Codup WooCommerce Gift Product (Codup.io)
description plugin | | |
This plugin gives you the ability to add gift wrapping on your order.
Rave Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateway (Tunbosun Ayinla)
description plugin | | |
Rave Easy Digital Downloads payment gateway allows you to accept payment through multiple payment channels…
Attach element from activity (Marko Maksym)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to insert an element from the activity cycle to the beginning.
Contact Form 7 – CareCAPTCHA Extension (NOAH - Menschen fuer Tiere e.V.)
description plugin | | |
With this plugin you can extend your contact form with an extraordinary captcha.
GeekSeller (GeekSeller.com)
description plugin | | |
Who created this plugin? This plugin was written by GeekSeller, LLC; an official Jet and Walmart API integration partner. GeekSeller helps merchants s …
KMM Flattable (Krone.at)
description plugin | | |
Provides a simple API to publish a post including post meta to a simple flattable. Source code is managed at http://github.
Request a Quote for WooCommerce (Prodjex)
description plugin | | |
The simplest request a quote plugin for WooCommerce
Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce (WebToffee)
description plugin | | |
Generates Sequential Order Number for WooCommerce Orders
Utopian Images (Paul Sandberg)
description plugin | | |
This bullet-proof thumbnail script finds all possible sources for a post or term's image including…
Adivaha (The Adivaha Team)
description plugin | | |
Save your time and automate your Hotel landing pages with Adivaha Hotel API Plugin. Plugin make sure all your hotel information is up to date by fetch …
EVS Age Verification (Electronic Verification Systems)
description plugin | | |
The EVS Age Verification App automates integration with IdentiFraud Consumer+ to allow for true age verification to meet compliance requirements withi …
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