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Fuelling (TJC)
description plugin | | |
Control your fuel consumption!
Advanced Theme Search (klick on it)
description plugin | | |
Free yourself from the limitations of the standard theme search delivered by WordPress core. List themes that have been updated within the last X mont …
PINQ – Inquiry Management solution with Contact Us page (Piclaunch)
description plugin | | |
This is my work to the community of WordPress, I hope people will use it and share their feedback for continues improvement in future.
Alive5 (Alive5)
description plugin | | |
Alive5 - SMS Made Simple.
WP Simple FAQs (Kapil Yadav)
description plugin | | |
WP Simple FAQ plugin is a simple extension for adding FAQ section in website. And from admin settings multiple questions and answers can be create and …
Woocommerce 2 Factor Authenticator (miniOrange)
description plugin | | |
Supports push authentication, soft token, email verification, security questions.
Essential Widgets (Catch Plugins)
description plugin | | |
Essential Widgets is a WordPress plugin for widgets that allows you to create and add amazing widgets with high customization option on your website w …
4.9.824-08-201828 12900
Postqueue Feeds (Palasthotel (Jana Marie Eggebrecht))
description plugin | | |
Gives you feeds for Postqueues.
Snapcall (Snapcall)
description plugin | | |
The digital call button to convert more customers with voice in your WooCommerce shop.
Content Upgrade (InkThemes (Krish))
description plugin | | |
Note: Please refer the screenshot images to understand the complete working of the content upgrade plugin.
Date/Time Fields for Gravity Forms (EFE Technology)
description plugin | | |
Create a new custom field for "GravityForms" plugin called "Date/Time" field.
Email Subject Remove Site Name (Cenk YA─×MUR)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will remove the site name in the mails in your WordPress site
Word Switcher (Bilal Akil )
description plugin | | |
Enables the usage of the Word Switcher NPM module and a [word-switcher] shortcode! Bring your own animations - it's as easy as adding a couple of …
TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker (TruVisibility, LLC)
description plugin | | |
Checks your posts for plagiarism before publishing. Provides checks history and detailed reports with plagiarized fragments and links to them.
Xoo Sort (Peter Valenta)
description plugin | | |
Sorts the My Sites listings in a WordPress Multisite installation alphabetically.
Smart System Eat Delivery by xCloud.pro (xCloud.pro)
description plugin | | |
Professional System for Food Delivery. This plugin will integrate The Booking Form from xcloud.pro with your WordPress website.
WooCommere Invoice Me (Anas)
description plugin | | |
WooCommere Invoice Me Payment Gateway Extends WooCommerce Payment Gateway allow selected customer to checkout without payment.
LH Table of Contents (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
create a wiki like TOC (table of contents) in your posts or pages using shortcode.
Woo Product Addons Cart Editable Fields (Liam Bailey (Webby Scots))
description plugin | | |
The WooCommerce Product Addons plugin is a popular one. This plugin allows users to edit or add custom (text) addon entries in the cart.
Sarv Email Marketing (Sarv)
description plugin | | |
Sarv Email Marketing platform allows you to experience how easy it's to create beautiful and personalized email campaigns.
Coin Auth (dustyfresh)
description plugin | | |
Deter and monetize brute force attacks on your WordPress site with proof-of-work authentication. Similar to Google's reCAPTCHA at authentication.
Review Me Now (reviewmenow)
description plugin | | |
Show Google Places Reviews on your WordPress website who are registered with http://reviewmenow.com
MCPing (Tutorialwork)
description plugin | | |
This plugin shows the status of your Minecraft server using a shortcode and a widget
WP30 By Who (Terry Tsang)
description plugin | | |
"WP30 By Who" is a simple add-on that enable a small bar for label "Designed by" and social media icons links at the bottom.
Kntnt's Row Closer for Beaver Builder Page Builder (Thomas Barregren)
description plugin | | |
WordPress plugin that allows a row in a layout created with Beaver Builder's Page Builder to be visible for a visitor until she clicks on a confi …
SmetLink (Pawel Jankowski)
description plugin | | |
Use your WordPress to forward links from your browser into your inbox. This plugin works with SmetLink Chrome extension.
Social Sharing Buttons by ThemesMatic (ThemesMatic)
description plugin | | |
Plugin Documentation: https://www.themesmatic.com/documentation/social-sharing-buttons
27-11-20172 89000
Custom Posts For Product (Milind Deshpande)
description plugin | | |
Builds custom posts for different product with thumbnails,price,tags,featured image under different categories.
Answerbase Product Q&A for Woocommerce (Answerbase)
description plugin | | |
Add Q&A to your product pages to answer customer questions, build your email marketing list, increase conversions and grow search traffic.
info-banner (Philipp Dalheimer)
description plugin | | |
Add a really cool and customizable information-banner to your blog. For free.
Icons for Plugins – TxToIT (Pablo Pacheco)
description plugin | | |
Icons for plugins displays icons for WordPress plugins on the plugins list page, on admin
Game Showcase (Erik Saulnier)
description plugin | | |
Adds the ability to showcase games on your site.
Target Content lite (Robert Dempsey)
description plugin | | |
Target content to users based on conditions that you can set. Like logged in or out, their name, role, referred from a URL, check URL parameters, days …
WP-OliveCart (Olive Design.)
description plugin | | |
Free e-commerce system plugin
4.9.820-09-20182 11300
WordPress + SharePoint Online (info@wpo365.com)
description plugin | | |
Enrich your corporate Wordpress intranet with a seamlessly integrated SharePoint Online Search Center. Start today and join millions of others by disc …
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