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Twitter Feed (umarbajwa)
description plugin | | |
Twitter feed plugin to display your Twitter posts on your website.
CustumFieldSearch (custmu filed search plugin)
description plugin | | |
It is a plugin to search for custom fields.
Simple FB Feeds (Amy Beagh)
description plugin | | |
Simple FB Feeds provides immediate access to your Facebook pages, Facebook posts, Facebook news updates, Facebook videos and Facebook photos.
Podamibe 2Checkout (Podamibe Nepal)
description plugin | | |
A perfect plugin for online payment using 2Checkout.
Official Pricerunner Product Feed (Modified Solutions ApS)
description plugin | | |
Get your product catalog listed on Pricerunner with this new official plugin from Pricerunner.
a-folio (a-idea studio)
description plugin | | |
Manage and display your portfolio projects using a customizable grid layout
SEO Spider Tool (bharatkambariya)
description plugin | | |

You no longer need to check the how many h1 is available on your page. Simply activate the plugin and visit the setting page to SEO Spider Tool and check the how many h1 is available on your pages.

Marktfeed (EasyAds)
description plugin | | |
Publish and manage your ads automatically on Marktplaats.nl with Marktfeed | Free setup by the Marktfeed team
WP Featured Image Widget (Nanhe Kumar)
description plugin | | |
Provides a widget that displays the featured image for a post or page with custom settings.
multi Scheduler (bdtask)
description plugin | | |
Multi Scheduler – Appointment Booking and Schedule Plugin Easy schedule
4.2.1214-02-20171 07500
Upscribe oEmbed Provider Support (Upscribe)
description plugin | | |
Embed Upscribe's beautiful newsletter signup forms anywhere on you Wordpress website.
Surbma - SalesAutopilot Shortcode (Surbma)
description plugin | | |
A simple shortcode to include SalesAutopilot forms into WordPress.
WP Raffle ( System ) (Plonta Creative)
description plugin | | |
WP Raffle (system) is an advance system plugin for wordpress web application (build) for automatic raffle online.
Tournament Bracket Generator (Blake)
description plugin | | |

Tournament Bracket Generator provides an easy way to create a stunning bracket for any sport or event. Tournament Bracket Generator creates the bracket based on 4 setting fields in the settings page. The bracket is generated from the admin dashboard and then placed on any page using the [bracket] shortcode.

4.7.120-01-20176 79300
Zedna Bulk Custom Fields Update (Radek Mezulanik)
description plugin | | |
Change your post custom fields by bulk update.
LH Woocommerce Invoicing (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Adds membership functionality to LH Teams.
Flyt URL Shortener and Sales Tracker (flyt)
description plugin | | |
Allow admin user and end user to short URL and post in any social media for site reference. Also track site sales and sales reference sites/social me
Viral Loops for WooCommerce (Viralloops)
description plugin | | |
Use referral marketing to boost your sales. Powered by Viral Loops.
4.8.804-02-20191 17700
Webshop Keurmerk (Riotweb.nl)
description plugin | | |

Widget that is made for dutch webshops that shows an image so customers know they can trust the webshop.

AH About Widget (Andreas Hecht)
description plugin | | |
Easy to use "About me" profile widget with several settings, which is using your Author Bio, Description and Author Gravatar.
Menu Restrict for Anonymous users (Venugopal.)
description plugin | | |
This plugin restricted the seleted menu so anonymous user won't access this menu item links directly
Birthday mails bp (alexhal)
description plugin | | |
Sends birthday emails to members on their birthdays
JGC Facebook Page Widget (GalussoThemes)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin that creates a widget to display Facebook Page Plugin.
MetGIS Weather (Bergwerk Web & Multimedia OG)
description plugin | | |
Your high quality weather plugin with pinpoint forecasts worldwide! Also for remote areas. Customize your layout and design.
SJ HTTP/2 Server Push Optimization (sandesh055)
description plugin | | |
SJ HTTP/2 Server Push Optimization for JavaScript and CSS resources enqueued in the page.
description plugin | | |
WPLMS Learnpress Migrate helps users to migrate all Learnpress courses to WPLMS courses
Font Icons (Mindaugas Bartusevicius)
description plugin | | |
Enables easy use of the Font.lt icons font set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted using either HTML, shortcode, or a built-in TinyMCE plugi
Pz-DirectHTML (poporon)
description plugin | | |
Content Unlocked: Content Marketing (Contentoro)
description plugin | | |
For FREE, easily add Content Marketing & SEO ideas and strategies to your website with…
WP Art Gallery (Mic [m@micz.it])
description plugin | | |

This plugin adds a full immersive gallery to a page.
No thumbnails, no distractions. Only one image a time. Fullscreen!

See it live here: http://micz.it/wordpress-plugin-art-gallery/example-gallery/
How to: http://micz.it/wordpress-plugin-art-gallery/how-to/

Source: https://github.com/micz/wp-art-gallery/

LH Multisite User Bio (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Allow users in a multisite to have different biographies or descriptions on the different sites in the network
LH Restricted Post Status (Peter Shaw)
description plugin | | |
Restrict access to posts, pages, and cpts by user role
CS Add Social Fields to Admin Area (Chetan Satasiya)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will add Social Profile Fields into the user detail page.
Artur Store Reviews for WooCommerce (artur.com)
description plugin | | |
Artur Store Reviews is a tool to collect reviews from your customers.
Hide Footer Links (Easy Blog Networks)
description plugin | | |
Hide Footer Links will try to hide all footer links and copyright info from your theme.
4.7.301-03-20174 47500
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