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Simple Featured Image Finder (mentorgashi)
description plugin | | |
Simple Featured Image Finder helps you to find and use copyright free images for your posts or pages with ease
YITH GeoIP Language Redirect for WooCommerce (YITHEMES)
description plugin | | |
Redirect your pages to other URLs based on users' origin.
WP Responsive Holiday/Events Calendar (Vsourz Digital)
description plugin | | |
Beautiful way to show your upcoming Holiday and Events in WordPress.
Aptivada for WP (aptivada.com)
description plugin | | |
Easily add contests/promotions to your WordPress site using our plugin
WordPress Admin10X (Brandon Liles)
description plugin | | |
This plugin improves the performance of Wordpress Admin when a wordpress instance has many users.
Report For WooCommerce (woocommercereport)
description plugin | | |
Report For WooCommerce
Product Display for Zen Cart (That Software Guy)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to easily display products from your Zen Cart installation on your WordPress blog…
Jine Optins Popups & Bars (Jayasri Nagrale)
description plugin | | |
Grow your email list fast & increase profits with JineOptins. Create engaging widgets customized for…
Force User SSL (Martin Teley)
description plugin | | |
This plugin forces logged in users to use SSL.
Hide Cart & Price For Visitors Woocommerce (Drazen Duvnjak)
description plugin | | |
This plugin hides price and add to cart button on woocommerce shop for non registered users.
ImgTurk (Johny Pringles)
description plugin | | |
ImgTurk for WordPress is a lightweight and fast Instagram sidebar widget.
Natterly (aTech Media)
description plugin | | |
An official plugin created to make it easier to embed the Natterly live chat box.
Manage TinyMCE Editor (Daniele De Santis)
description plugin | | |
Add buttons to TinyMCE, WordPress' default visual editor.
scrollToTop (Roman Sarvarov)
description plugin | | |
Create your own back to top button or full-height bar and simple customize it as you want.
Adtoniq for Google Analytics (David Levine for Adtoniq)
description plugin | | |
Assure accurate Google Analytics data.
Give to ZBS CRM Connector (https://zerobscrm.com)
description plugin | | |
Combine the power of Give WP and Zero BS CRM (Automatically track donors and donations in Zero BS CRM).
Logo slider (Infoseek Team)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is created for logo slider.
NOCacheAdminca (ATs.M и Владимир @Grom1k)
description plugin | | |
Adds the plugin disables caching in the admin well helps to lose that work in the admin panel and writing articles for the website (useful links in ad …
SiteBy Verification (SiteBy)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to add your site verification tag to your site.
Material FAQ Manager (Jetendra Pradhan)
description plugin | | |
Display your faq and help page with latest material style design, Popout effect display answer.
Facebook Message (Omegatheme)
description plugin | | |
Facebook Message is a Wordpress plugin allow put your facebook live chat box on your website, visitors can chat with you via Facebook Message.
Advanced Custom Fields: Price Field (Maciej Czerpiński)
description plugin | | |
ACF Price field with number formatting.
Empty Widget (KODE7)
description plugin | | |
If you want to replace a default widget of a theme with blank emptyness, this plugin is your solution.
CollectionPress (KnowledgeArc)
description plugin | | |
CollectionPress provides a variety of features for building author or researcher pages within Wordpress. Items archived in DSpace can also be display …
Pagezii Blog SEO Plugin (Pagezii)
description plugin | | |
Pagezii Blog SEO automatically creates detailed blog post metrics, including SEO scores, shares and reader profiles. Monthly author reports provide au …
Private Site with Custom Login Page (Global ISP)
description plugin | | |
Make your website private! Only logged in users can view your website. Perfect for intranets…
WP Arena Coupon Feed (Jazib)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a widget to your WordPress Dashboard that pulls in the most recent deals and coupons from WPArena.com.
Discussions Tab for WooCommerce Products (Algoritmika Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Creates a discussions tab for WooCommerce Products
The Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin – WP Media Manager Lite (AccessPress Themes)
description plugin | | |
Homepage | Product Page | Demo | Documentation | Support | Upgrade To Pro
ACF – Image sizes (Digital Arm)
description plugin | | |
ACF Image Sizes allows you to choose which image sizes are generated for ACF image and gallery fields. This approach means you won't end up with …
Boast Display (Web Ascender)
description plugin | | |
Display Boasts on your Wordpress site to help customer confidence and SEO.
WooCommerce Addon for PayUbiz (wapinfosystems)
description plugin | | |
Woocommerce addon for accepting payment using PayUbiz
WooCommerce 3D Secure (Bankart) Payment Gateway (Gregor Zorc)
description plugin | | |
Implements 3D Secure Payment Gateway provided by Bankart (http://www.bankart.si). Supports MasterCard and Visa.
Pressfore Preloaders (pressfore)
description plugin | | |
Best free wordpress preloaders plugin for creating stunning spinners/preloaders which will be displayed while your page is loading.
Business Directory Mobile App Manager (Tiny Screen Labs)
description plugin | | |
This plugin works with the Business Directory Plugin to create iPhone and Android mobile apps.
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