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Alientech Stats (Alientech)
description plugin | | |
Alientech Stats is a powerful real time website visitor activity tracker. It will monitor your website visitors actions live and in real time.
CrossPeak OMS for WooCommerce (CrossPeak OMS)
description plugin | | |
Easy eCommerce Order Management
Radix Helper (codeglimthemes)
description plugin | | |
Used for Radix Multipurpose theme.
PushRDV (Keole)
description plugin | | |
Allow your customers to take an appointment via PushRDV.com
4.5.606-02-20171 27800
TCBD Author URL Changer (Md Touhidul Sadeek)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will enable change author url in your Wordpress theme.
GP Random Post Widget (Giang Peter)
description plugin | | |
Create Random Post Widget in your theme Wordpres.
Surface Slider (SketchThemes)
description plugin | | |
Surface Slider Plugin is a richly featured, upgraded slider plugin that makes it very easy to create multiple sliders with number of slides on each sl
WP REST API multilanguage (over WMPL) (elemind.com)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to request a language with your WP-API and WPML site.
Custom Image Sizes by 99 Robots (99 Robots)
description plugin | | |
Custom Image Sizes by 99 Robots is a quick and simple way for you to…
4.9.407-03-20181 97800
Ebay Affiliate System for WordPress (Abbas Khalil)
description plugin | | |
Ebay affiliate system is a simple and easy to use plugin which allows you to display ebay affiliate products on your wordpress blog or website using e …
4.8.118-08-20171 18000
TwitchPress UM Extension (Ryan Bayne)
description plugin | | |
Ultimate Member roles based on your visitors Twitch subscription plans. Makes it possible to limit…
Snappic for WooCommerce (Snappic)
description plugin | | |
Easy Instagram + Facebook retargeting ads that work!
Bootstrap Slider By themescode (Imran Emu )
description plugin | | |
Twitter Bootstrap based professional WordPress carousel slider plugin.
FF Communitymap (Andi Bräu)
description plugin | | |
Displays the freifunk community map and/or the freifunk community table
DB details (Hideokamoto)
description plugin | | |
description plugin | | |
The most powerful push technology. Reach your users at any time, wherever they are, and increase CTRs and convert website visitors into subscribers.
Dismiss Browser Update Nag Dashboard Widget (Luciano Croce)
description plugin | | |
dismiss browser update nag dashboard widget when it is activated or if it is in mu-plugins directory
Hatena Connect (wanakijiji)
description plugin | | |
Connect your wordpress blog with Hatena to get notifications on Hatena website, app, chrome extension.
FundaMine Annotation Tool (Tarkeshwar Singh)
description plugin | | |
FundaMine enables Medium.com style inline comments, highlights and tweetshots on blogs and media websites. All this with a one click install!
WP jQuery Persian Datepicker (Mohammad Hasan Behzadi)
description plugin | | |
A great plugin to implement custom styled by themes.
4.3.409-05-20161 48500
Easy Post Embed Code (Hugh Lashbrooke)
description plugin | | |
Give you and your readers the ability to easily copy any post's embed code.
Social Menu Icons (Ronald Huereca)
description plugin | | |
Social Menu Icons allows you to use the built-in WordPress menu system to create social menus should your theme not support it.
WL Tweet List Widget (Weblogiq)
description plugin | | |
WL Tweet List Widget provides easy and quick use in your blog. You can customize the Twitter tweet list in an easy way.
Go To Top Button (artalex)
description plugin | | |
Add a button that allows visitors to scroll smoothly to the top of the page.
Web Push Notification (Bassem Rabia)
description plugin | | |
Boost your readers engagement and send a smart Web Push Notification to your users each time you have new posts.
Buddy Community Stats (danbp)
description plugin | | |
Display a basic community stats widget
4.6, Buddy17-08-20161 42600
Hello Designers (Prime Responsive Websites, based on work by Matt Mullenweg)
description plugin | | |
Instead of the hope of a generation that few developers are alive to remember, we've modified the classic Wordpress plugin to provide some tangib
Protected Registration (Mostafa Kassem)
description plugin | | |
A powerful Plugin to protect your Wordpress registration page.
They Said So (theysaidso.com)
description plugin | | |
Embed quotes in your wordpress sites either in widgets or inside your articles using this plugin. Elegant! Stylish and simply the best!
Question Answer – Related Questions (pickplugins)
description plugin | | |
Related questions list for Question Answer plugin.
WS Jobvite (Ravi Kumar)
description plugin | | |
WS jobvite provides you to easy way to display joblist from jobvite using Jobvite API.
Create Own ShortCode (Venugopal)
description plugin | | |
This plugin helpful for create your own shortcode for your content and image . You can put this short code in post, page, widget.. etc
Overstock Affiliate Links (reiftauati and travishoki)
description plugin | | |
Create monetized links to millions of products in seconds. We support 9 different SHORTCODE types including carousel, rectangle and skyscraper.
Bot System - Makale Sistemi (Mechatronian)
description plugin | | |
Makale Sistemi bir uzaktan ve otomatik konu ekleme eklentisidir http://makale.mechatronian.com ile etkileşimli çalışırlar.
Open Badge Factory (Discendum Oy)
description plugin | | |
Open Badge Factory is an Open Badge management system. Set up automatic badge awarding rules, and users will earn badges.
4.5.206-06-20161 68400
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