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Callback widget Pulsar (Pulsar)
description plugin | | |
The quick connection button for the website.
CC-Clean-Head-Tags (Clearcode)
description plugin | | |

This plugin removes unnecessary html tags from the head section as well as version numbers from style/script links.

Zuzu Hot or Not (Tiguan)
description plugin | | |

A simple and lightweight plugin that lets visitors to decide whether a story is hot or not.

Go to Post ID (Matej Kravjar)
description plugin | | |
Provide input in admin bar to jump to edit post page by post ID. Only users that can "edit_posts" will see it.
Common Links (UaMV)
description plugin | | |

Common Links allows you to add regularly used links to the search results when linking text content of your post.

Add your common links from the *Tools* menu. Then, when linking content, begin typing the link title or URL to pull up and insert the link.

WooCommerce Awaiting Review Products (Fausto Rodrigo Toloi)
description plugin | | |
This plugin creates a TAB on the Woocommerce My Account page called "Waiting for Review", making it easy to review all products purchased.
Bouclier anti-haine Respect Zone (Alex SEBBANE)
description plugin | | |
Remplace les insultes des commentaires par des licornes et autres icones. Replace all insults in comments with licorns and others icons.
ISBN Book Search (Haseeb Ahmad Ayazi)
description plugin | | |
Add ISBN Book seach widget in the Sidebar of your any website.
WooCommerce OnePage Shop (UpScaleThought)
description plugin | | |
Tags: woocommerce, products, woocommerce product, Quick Shop, Quick list, Product Quick List, WooCommerce quick list, WooCommerce category Menu, WooCo …
25-01-20172 04100
Codeprey - Mi Post Order (Codeprey team)
description plugin | | |
To Add change order field on category page.
Allingroups (linterweb)
description plugin | | |
Allingroups lets you automatically publish a message, as if you were writing each one individually, to all of the Facebook groups that you select.
Plink URL Shortener (alisaleem252, PersianLink)
description plugin | | |
Automatic wordpress link shortener, shortens posts, pages, categories, affiliate links, shorten external links or any URL via plink.ir
DMOPress (2464420 Ontario Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Build amazing websites powered by Places. Built for tourism offices, tour operators and other Destination Marketing Organizations.
SEO Custom Fields (Dmytriyenko Vyacheslav, Denis Pishniak)
description plugin | | |
Plugin customized the title, add description and keywords for category and tag pages
Business Era Extension (Manesh Timilsina)
description plugin | | |

Plugin to extend features of Business Era Theme. This plugin registers custom post types, widgets and custom fields for the Business Era theme. It is meant to use only with Business Era theme.

Please find zip of Business Era theme at: http://demo.manesh.com.np/business-era/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/business-era.zip

As this theme (Business Era) is under review queue ( https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/37545 ) above link for zip file is provided.

Please check demo of theme and plugin at: http://demo.manesh.com.np/business-era/

4.7.126-01-20173 38800
Jannes & Mannes Social Media Auto Publisher (Jan Henkes)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you automatically publish your posts to connected social media.
wp-xapi-lrs ()
description plugin | | |
Lets your WordPress site to act as an xAPI Learning Record Store.
BuddyPress Extend Fields (Sergey Gordienko)
description plugin | | |
Additional fields for BuddyPress Groups
Revert WooCommerce Image Gallery (Wooassist)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce v2.7 will have zoom effect on the product images and some merchants may not have uploaded high-resolution images for their products and th
wp-repo-tracker ()
description plugin | | |
Track issues from a code repository, and show them on your WordPress site.
RAWR for WordPress (RAWR)
description plugin | | |
You got information - we got conversation! Rawr widgets sit right within the story and help your users to express and share their opinion with others.
Enecto WL plugin (Enecto WL)
description plugin | | |
Turn your Google Analytics data from your Wordpress site into company leads for your sales staff! Requires a free trial account on wl.enecto.com
Crumble (gocrumble)
description plugin | | |
The simplest way to share business files.
Translator with Baidu Service (JoyBin, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Translate your site in many languages with this plugin from JoyBin, Inc. The translating service provider is Baidu.
Better AdSense (Przemysław Mysiak)
description plugin | | |
Better AdSense is fast method to insert Responsive Google Adsense ads to your website. Earn more!
Automatic Post Categories (Andreas Kviby)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically connect posts to categories depending on content in posts.
Causality (Effy Elden)
description plugin | | |
Causality: promote your cause, and have an effect on your supporters.
4.6 tag: t29-01-201713100
Magic Content for Siteorigins Pagebuilder (Andreas Kviby)
description plugin | | |
WooRocks Magic Content for Siteorigins Page Builder lets you control output of content created inside Siteorigins Page Builder Rows using criterias li …
4.7.507-05-20172 70700
Payfacile (Payfacile)
description plugin | | |
Payfacile shortcode
ConvertBar Auto Embed WordPress plugin (ConvertBar)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically add the correct embed code for your ConvertBar to your website's header.
MM Comment Field Ratings (Manidip Mandal)
description plugin | | |
Adds a customizable 5 star rating field to the worpress native comment form..
ALFAcoins for WooCommerce (alfacoins)
description plugin | | |
Enable your WooCommerce store to accept Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum with ALFAcoins!
JGC Contact Info Widget (GalussoThemes)
description plugin | | |
This plugin creates a widget to display your profile/bussiness information.
4.913-11-20171 03300
WP Twitch Status (Nicola Mustone)
description plugin | | |
WP Twitch Status is a free plugin for WordPress that uses the API from Twitch to retrieve the data of a specified Twitch stream to show its status on
Subscription Creator – unlimited subscription form with any style (wpbiker)
description plugin | | |
Easily create a subscription form with any style. Create subscription form with Preview
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