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ShopyBot for WooCommerce (Shopybot)
description plugin | | |
ShopyBot WooCommerce - Facebook Chatbot for your E-Store. It's a Showcase with your products in the Facebook Messenger in a few clicks with ChatB …
WooCommerce Addon Product (Rajan V)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce addon product plugin which is use to add additional products for base product
Site Speed Monitor (Code Parrots)
description plugin | | |
Site Speed Monitor allows you to monitor your website load times automatically while tracking it's performance.
WPeMatico Custom Hooks (etruel)
description plugin | | |
Addon for WPeMatico. Allows you to execute PHP actions and filters right from your WordPress admin panel in order to create custom behaviors in your c …
Traction External Links Speed Bump (Team Traction)
description plugin | | |
Activates a speed bump on all external links and gives site owner the ability to enter a list of domains or specific links that when clicked will not …
BNE Facebook Like Box Widget (Kerry Kline)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a simple Facebook widget like box for your WordPress sidebar or custom widget areas.
Top But(ton) (Andrew Smerdov)
description plugin | | |
Show responsive button scroll top on site.
Library Bookshelves (Jon Lorang)
description plugin | | |
Create bookshelves that link to your library catalog. Use shortcodes and widgets to display book covers in Slick carousels.
WhatsApp Chat for WP (Domenico Buttafarro)
description plugin | | |
Chat starts support via whatsapp message...
Lisa Templates (Pierre Minik Lynge)
description plugin | | |
Easily write templates filled with custom data that can be loaded through a shortcode.
Product Price Filter (Omegatheme)
description plugin | | |
Product Price Filter – Shows a price filter slider in a widget which lets you narrow down the list of shown products when viewing product categories.
Theme And Plugin Upgrades (WP Hound)
description plugin | | |
Easily upgrade your themes and plugins using zip files without removing the theme or plugin first.
Periodic Table Element of the Day (Greg McBrien)
description plugin | | |
Learn the Periodic Table one element at a time. This plugin will randomly display a Periodic Table element each day.
Hello Darkness (wpdarkness)
description plugin | | |
This is a modified Hello Dolly plugin, created for educational purposes. In the future versions of the plugin, more hooks and filters will be added.
Disable Images Compress (Artem Sannikov)
description plugin | | |
Плагин Disable Images Compress позволяет отключить сжатие изображений при загрузке на сайт.
Remove more (Artem Sannikov)
description plugin | | |
В WordPress, при разделении записи с помощью тега "Далее" страница обрезается и ссылка на вторую часть поста имеет атрибут /#more.
FOMO Pay Chinese Payment Solution (fomopay)
description plugin | | |
FOMO Pay is a one-stop payment solution that enables international merchants to accept Chinese payment methods like WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc
Recent Post (Infoseek Team)
description plugin | | |
This is plugin for creating a widget for recent post. In it user can select number of posts to be displayed in front end.It shows post's featured …
Subscription Management for Infusionsoft (Pirate & Fox)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to create a subscription management page for your Infusionsoft account on your WordPress site.
Google Invisible reCaptcha by ThreatPress (ThreatPress)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to integrate the new Invisible reCAPTCHA into your WordPress site.
AddC (Shaygan Shokrollahi)
description plugin | | |
a Plugin for access to before and after the title and content posts
Gravity Forms Entries in Excel (SQUID Media)
description plugin | | |
Download all entries for a specific form to an Excel-file (.xls) without being logged in via secret url.
WooCommerce Moip Official (Apiki WordPress)
description plugin | | |
Official Moip plugin built with the best development practices. Based on V2, new REST Moip’s API, providing more speed, safety and sales conversion.
Mansplainer (Morgan Estes)
description plugin | | |
Fixes comments to be more technically accurate, naturally.
Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications (Subscribers.com)
description plugin | | |
Web push notifications for your website. Available in Chrome & Firefox (desktop) with support for Android and Safari coming soon.
Ultimate Forms (Etoile Web Design)
description plugin | | |
Easily create contact forms that can be used to create emails or a database of form responses
Cute Facebook LikeBox With Messenger And Events (Sophia & Tyler Zey)
description plugin | | |
Facebook Timeline, Events, And Messenger lets you easily add a Facebook box to any widget area on your site. Get more Facebook likes, more clients mes …
Rest Routes (Alex Paredes, Brad Payne)
description plugin | | |
Activate WP REST API routes for custom post types that were registered by another plugin or theme.
Branded SMS – WooCommerce Order SMS Notifications (Branded SMS)
description plugin | | |
A plugin for sending SMS notification after placing orders using WooCommerce
WordPress responsive google map (SOftas)
description plugin | | |
A Responsive Google Maps plugin to display locations on the google maps and show custom message on a marker click action.
Plugins Alphabet (Julien Maury)
description plugin | | |
Adds an alphabet index on plugins page. Supports multisite !
Filestack WordPress Upload (Filestack)
description plugin | | |
Allow your users to upload images and media assets from Facebook, Google Drive, Webcam and more without ever leaving your WordPress site.
Presbooks OpenStax Import (Brad Payne, Alex Paredes)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin that extends Pressbooks to let you import books from OpenStax.
AS Metabox (anuislam)
description plugin | | |
As Metabox Easy To Use WordPress Metabox Framework.
Before After Images Slide (Omegatheme)
description plugin | | |
Visualize the differences between two images with this plugin. Simple to use, fully responsive and supports touch navigation, OT Before & After im …
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