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Advertise World (Devisd Pty Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Advertise World allows website owners to generate ad revenue by displaying ads that are immune to Ad Blockers.
4.7.124-01-20171 33200
HandL YouTube Extra (Haktan Suren)
description plugin | | |
Get more from your YouTube videos...
Case Study Ninja (Lara Brook)
description plugin | | |
Case Study Ninja enables you to create, manage and publish all your case studies, easily – add them to your site with our Wordpress plugin.
Custom Posts Builder (Prince Singh)
description plugin | | |
Best custom posts & taxonomy manager plugin for wordpress
cLazy Load (munyagu)
description plugin | | |
Set up Unveil Lazy Load jQuery plugin to your site.
Verify domain for Apple Pay with Stripe (Memberful)
description plugin | | |
Adds the domain association file to enable Apple Pay on the Web for your Stripe account.
4.827-09-20161 74800
hiWeb Export Posts (Den Media)
description plugin | | |

Export Selected Posts in to JSON file and Import in to other WordPress Site.

Free National Lottery (On Your Mind Ltd)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is intended to make it easy for you to install the Free National Lottery widget on your WordPress website.
Woocommerce Custom Delivery (pluginbazar)
description plugin | | |
This is a plug-in to maintain your ordering in specific delivery time.
Don't Stage Me Bro! (Josh Mallard)
description plugin | | |
Let your team (or future self) know whether or not it's cool to overwrite an existing staging site on WP Engine
KBucket (Optimal Access Inc.)
description plugin | | |
KBucket Curated Pages
Custom Search Filter (seosbg)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.0 Custom Search Filter is easy to use. Custom Search Filter WordPress plugin allows you to Custom Search Filter fields in your theme.
NS Custom Css (NsThemes)
description plugin | | |
This plugin help to write easly custom css with no code required! Works with a lot of themes!
Hey Admin (Aidan Holland)
description plugin | | |
This simple to use plugin will change the standard Admin Greeting from 'Howdy' to 'Hey'.
Simple mobile content adder (zendkmobileapp)
description plugin | | |
Best for mobile content ads insert, Add custom content to your posts, pages and/or footer
Fb Share Count (Yousan_O)
description plugin | | |
A plugin adds a function that shows Facebook share number with v2.7 Facebook API.
Admin Top-Menu (Denis Tkach (Dencodes))
description plugin | | |
Move any menu items from the sidebar to the admin bar - to the new dropdown Top-Menu.
Translate WordPress with Google Languages Translator (Leonard Hall)
description plugin | | |
Simple and powerful Google Translator plugin. Use it with a shortcode or with a widget, and make your website multilingual and accessible to everybody
4.6.130-09-20161 95800
Real-time Updates for PayPal Analytics (Control)
description plugin | | |
Receive PayPal analytics in real-time to your Control account via WooCommerce. Get alerts to your iOS and Android devices, when key events occur.
Picture Gallery (VideoWhisper.com)
description plugin | | |
Picture Gallery plugin enables users to share pictures in galleries. Can integrate galleries for custom posts.
4.8.122-08-20171 51100
Visfeed (Visbridge)
description plugin | | |
Calendar booking, E-sign and payment processing for rental properties or anything that can be rented daily or hourly.
ACME Amazing Search (Mirko Bianco)
description plugin | | |
Acme Amazing Search is a simple google style ultra fast search engine that allows you to search anything inside WordPress.
description plugin | | |
PLEENQ is a plugin which allows you to link objects within your images to any other website. Make money through affiliate links! See a desktop demo
Enhanced Catalog Images for WooCommerce (Iconic )
description plugin | | |
Enhance your WooCommerce catalog images with multiple effects.
Data Generator (Guriev Eugen)
description plugin | | |
Data Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows a WordPress developer to create demo data.
WP Lazy Loaded Images (Logan Graham)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to enable lazy loading for all images using WordPress image functions.
Mage Product Select for ACF (Nick wan)
description plugin | | |
Mage Product Select for ACF Base on ACF Field Type Template. If you want to select MAGE products in your ACF field only, return you the Ids.
AutoShortLink (Prasad Kirpekar)
description plugin | | |
Forget the hassle of creating shorte.st shortlinks manually. This Plugin do that for you.
OpenPolls Launcher (OpenPolls)
description plugin | | |
Easily install OpenPolls Launcher using this simple plugin.
Local Listing Pro (Advice Interactive Group)
description plugin | | |
List your business across the most internet on the most important local directories and search engines.
4.7.612-10-20171 15600
Shopally WordPress plugin (Shopally)
description plugin | | |
Help you to display shopally products in the posts or pages.
TSTFullwidth (Anushka K R)
description plugin | | |
The custom wordpress plugin to make twenty sixteen theme full width.
Corporate Portfolio powered by ASSIST (Assist)
description plugin | | |
Plugin for displaying Testimonials and Team
QuantumCloud PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking (QuantumCloud)
description plugin | | |
QuantumCloud PageSpeed Friendly Analytics Tracking plugin adds the tracking code to all pages of your WordPress site.
ACF Token Input (Navneil Naicker)
description plugin | | |
Bringing the functionality into ACF similar to Facebook whereby you can search and select multiple items
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