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WP Spammer (Игорь Тронь)
description plugin | | |
Antispam for WP-comments. No spam. No captcha.
salonMonster online booking app (salonMonster software)
description plugin | | |
Let client's book 24/7. The easy way to add your [salonMonster.com online booking](https://salonmonster.com, 'salonMonster.
WP AutoTags (Zhys)
description plugin | | |
英文:Often publish articles and updates people loves forgets to set tags when editing an article, the article automatically add keywords tag.
4.9.706-07-20184 45800
simple automatic add link facebook (David Alcaraz Moreno)
description plugin | | |
This plugin show automatically your title, description and you post image in facebook when you add a link in the time line. Not needs configuration.
3.5.218-11-20151 48900
NetAtmoSphere (Martin Teni)
description plugin | | |
This plugin gives you the ability to display the weather data provided by your Netatmo weather station on your Wordpress website.
LS oEmbed support for Scratch Mit (lenasterg, NTS on CTI.gr)
description plugin | | |
Add oEmbed support for https://scratch.mit.edu projects in WordPress posts, pages and custom post types.
wp-h5p-xapi (Tunapanda)
description plugin | | |
This plugin stores all xAPI statements generated by H5P in a remote LRS.
4.9.624-05-20182 86500
Moodgiver Redirect (Antonio Nardone)
description plugin | | |
mg Redirect is used to redirect post/pages to a user defined url (internal or external) using a simple shortcode.
PCF Contact Form (PC Futures)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin by PC Futures that creates a contact form that can save submissions to a database, which can be viewed in the WordPress backend.
Finch.io (Finch.io)
description plugin | | |
Reduce time spent on fixing your website's design by working directly on it, tweaking and editing your site's visual elements live.
Fahrenheit Marketing Automation with SharpSpring (Fahrenheit Marketing)
description plugin | | |
Automatically add SharpSpring JavaScript snippets for pageview tracking, shopping cart tracking, and Gravity Forms form tracking.
Psalm 119 (Chasm Solutions)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.1 Add an encouraging exerpt from Psalm 119 to the admin section of your Wordpress.
APTMI Trip (PT Apta Media Indonesia)
description plugin | | |
Lengkapi halaman utama Anda dengan plugin pencarian penerbangan pesawat Whitelabel Anda
TS Webfonts for Standard Plan (Morisawa Inc.)
description plugin | | |
4.7.307-03-20171 11700
Multisite Site Index (Nick Halsey)
description plugin | | |
Display an index of all sites on a multisite network with a widget or a shortcode ([site-index]). The site icon, title, and tagline are displayed by d …
4.912-11-20171 20700
Vanilla Adaptive Maps (Jeremy Carlson)
description plugin | | |
Map any address with a shortcode. Mobile users get a static map; desktop users will see a google map.
4.3.122-09-20152 71900
Post Hit Stats (WPEka Club)
description plugin | | |
This plugin tracks each post hit by user. Admin will be able see a report of all the views in given period of time. Posts list will show Hits count ag
Cadot Site Link (dohaibac@gmail.com)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin help you to make referral link to other sites very easy with form and widget
IP.Suite ( IP.Board 4 ) Latest Topics in Wordpress (ZeroBurnner)
description plugin | | |
If You Want To Show Your Comunity Latest Topics in Wordpress ! See This !
Bait Stream for Twitch TV (Graecyn K.)
description plugin | | |
Alert visitors to your live Twitch stream with an unobtrusive popup alert.
4.3.123-09-20151 51300
Pz-Talk (poporon)
description plugin | | |
BP Add Post Updates to Activity (Venutius)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds post updates (revisions) to the BuddyPress Activity Stream, other post-types are selectable, as is the minimum time before re-updatin …
Category Checkbox List Tree (Thien Do)
description plugin | | |
This plugin supports indenting the order of categories.
Prodotti (RSW Studio)
description plugin | | |
Plugin per la gestione di immobili per agenzie immobiliari e imprese edili
Papi compatibility for WPML (log.OSCON, Lda.)
description plugin | | |
Papi compatibility for WPML
Paginate Atom Feeds (duncanjbrown)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds link rel="next" and lin rel="prev" to the head of your atom feed.
SportsPress for Football (Soccer) (ThemeBoy)
description plugin | | |
SportsPress for Football is an extension for SportsPress, an all-in-one sports data plugin that helps sports clubs set up a football website.
4.914-11-201738 93800
Gameconfs Widget (Jurie Horneman)
description plugin | | |
A widget with a list of game conferences and events from Gameconfs.com.
Content Randomizer FREE (Davy Hoerr)
description plugin | | |
This plugin randomly shuffles content around in an article using a simple short code to create dynamic articles and pages that change on each visit.
Survey Advantage Reviews For WordPress (Survey Advantage)
description plugin | | |
Display your Survey Advantage Reviews on your WordPress installation!
Display text domains (Pavel Riha)
description plugin | | |
Simple loading text domains loading mapper
Viber Sharing Button for Jetpack (Valerio Souza, WordLab Academy)
description plugin | | |
Add Viber button to Jetpack Sharing
4.2.509-10-20151 82500
Public Good (Public Good)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you embed widgets in your content that enable your readers to take action (donate, volunteer, call their representatives, learn more, …
WordPress ToolBar Custom Link (Varun Sridharan)
description plugin | | |
Add Custom Link In WordPress Admin Tool Bar
Kerusso Dropshipping for WooCommerce (Kerusso)
description plugin | | |
Start selling over 1000 Kerusso products quickly and easily from your WooCommerce-powered store.
30-09-20161 17400
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