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embedbolcom (SWIS)
description plugin | | |
Registers embedbol.com as an oEmbed provider allowing for easy embedding of products from bol.com.
Post Read Limited by Specified Category (Johnlei)
description plugin | | |
100% FREE website functionality.
Yoti Connect (Moussa Sidibe)
description plugin | | |
Yoti is a digital identity platform that simply allows a user to securely log in to your WordPress site faster, password free!
Bibliomundi Woocommmerce (Aires Gonçalves)
description plugin | | |
We are the Bibliomundi , a distributor of digital books available and this plugin.
Multilingual Polylang (Aptivate)
description plugin | | |
This plugin, which requires polylang
Slider by BestWebSoft (BestWebSoft)
description plugin | | |
The best responsive slider plugin for your WordPress website. Create beautifully animated slides just in a few clicks.
Stock Market Overview (Stockdio)
description plugin | | |
Stockdio's Stock Market Overview contain a plugin and a widget that provide the means to display a categorized list of equities, market indices, …
Landing Lion Landing Pages (Landing Lion)
description plugin | | |
Landing Lion is the easiest and fastest landing page builder to create landing pages for your brand.
Small Package Quotes – UPS Edition (Eniture Technology)
description plugin | | |
Real-time UPS quotes from UPS. Fifteen day free trial.
description plugin | | |
SYNQ Video, the best way to add video uploading and embedding to your WordPress site!
Custom Text Selection Colors (Troplr)
description plugin | | |
This simple plugin lets you change text selection colors when you select or highlight paragraphs or text on your website.
Listings WP Customizer – Custom Property Listings (MyThemeShop)
description plugin | | |
Customize your property listings with this simple plugin that allows you to style the Listings WP property listing plugin using simple colorpickers an …
Wpali Easy Justified Gallery (ALI KHALLAD)
description plugin | | |
Create unlimited galleries and display them in a responsive justified image grid and a pretty lightbox.
WooCommerce complimentary greetings card (Mrinmoy Dalabar)
description plugin | | |
Let you customers choose a complimentary greetings card on checkout page.
Realty Portal – Advanced Search (NooTeam)
description plugin | | |
Stable tag: 0.3.3 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html An add-on to manage agents and their information rig …
Forms: 3rd-Party Inject Results (zaus)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to include results from a Forms 3rdparty Integration submission by flattening the response and inserting it within the original contact for …
LRF speed converter (Fabrizio La Racca)
description plugin | | |
Convert time/distance (either mins/km or mins/mile) to distance per hour (kph or mph).
Horsemanager (Olland.biz)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows members from Horsemanager to add their horses on their website using the Horsemanager API.
WP_Mail delay for Amazon SES (Robert)
description plugin | | |
Amazon SES provided me 14 outbound e-mails a second, while many mailers, like KNews, require to send about 50 mails quickly per 10 minutes.
WC Easypay pk (Polywebtech TM.)
description plugin | | |
WC Easypay PK is developed to provide checkout experience with Easypay(Pakistan). This plugin is compatiable with woocommerce.
D3GB (David Barrios, Carlos Prieto)
description plugin | | |
A module to produce interactive genome browsers.
IP Address (Tawhidur Rahman Dear)
description plugin | | |
Display Visitor's IP address in your website. Recommended for Hosting service provider
Woocommerce Gateway XEM (Robin Pedersen)
description plugin | | |
Accept XEM payments in you store automatically over the NEM network. Real-time convert EUR, USD, BTC to XEM.
SSV Users (moridrin)
description plugin | | |
SSV Users is a plugin that allows you to manage members of a Students Sports Club the way you want to.
Backlink Monitoring Manager (Syed Fakhar Abbas)
description plugin | | |
Backlink Monitoring Manager plugin that lets you track your Link Building campaign. Add your link and check if it is do follow or no follow, live or n …
WooCommerce Cash On Delivery Plus Fee (Nigamo)
description plugin | | |
Add fees to your store Cash on delivery payments
DVLA Search (dvlasearch)
description plugin | | |
The DVLA Search Plugin provides subscribers to the DVLA Search API a widget, customisable results page, and shortcodes for use on custom pages.
WP Chase Payment (Rohit Shrivastava)
description plugin | | |
Form to capture card details and process the payment.
Traki Analytics (Traki)
description plugin | | |
Link up your WordPress website with Traki
Sharing Club (Manu Z.)
description plugin | | |
Share books, dvd, tools, toys or any object with your community. Your users can easily lend, borrow and rate items and you know who borrowed what.
InfoGalore Folders (SIA Info)
description plugin | | |
Organize your file attachments into folders and subfolders. Use shortcodes to include folder contents and file links in your posts or pages.
WpRightOnTime (WpRightOnTime)
description plugin | | |
Every WordPress schedule right on time! Make sure your scheduled events happen exactly when you want. Use it to automate your backups, newsletters, s …
Kunze Law (Kunze Medien)
description plugin | | |
The Kunze Law Plug-In import remote content into a post, page or widget using a shortcode.
EchBay Admin Security (Dao Quoc Dai)
description plugin | | |
Protect Your Website Admin Against Hackers & Modify Login Page Design ( Nhiệm vụ: chặn mọi truy cập trực tiếp vào trang quản trị wordpress dưới dạ …
Taro Clockwork Post (TAROSKY INC. )
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin to expire post with specified date.
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