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WooCommerce Force Free Shipping (Vendidero)
description plugin | | |
Automatically selects and forces free shipping within WooCommerce cart and checkout if is applicable.
Paragon Profile (Kingsley Paragon)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Login, Registration, Profile, Password Recovery, Secure Ajax Forms, styled to your need, with options to adjust colors, All bootstrap. Wooh
Chrome SSL Fix for WordPress (Stefan Vasiljevic)
description plugin | | |
Fixes the problem with Google Chrome v44 forcing SSL on WordPress websites. You should deactivate when Chrome updates to new version.
3.4.226-07-20151 03500
This is staging (Label your site) (Alexander Vasilev)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will give you the option to add random label in the admin panel or on the front panel to indicate if this is staging (development) environ
WP Before After viewer (Fadi Ismail)
description plugin | | |
WP Before After Viewer plugin let you display two images in very nice way to compare them.
NewsmanApp (newsmanapp)
description plugin | | |
NewsmanApp for WordPress - create and send newsletters from your blog posts, newsletter sign up…
Custom CSS for Wordpress (Chetan Prajapati)
description plugin | | |
The Easy and Lightweight Plugin to add custom CSS to your wordpress website. This plugin will help you to override Theme or Plugin CSS.
4.6.123-10-20163 79200
xowl-client (OXE development team)
description plugin | | |
This plugin improves the default TinyMCE editor to recognize entities on all the user's posts.
Pagamentos Multibanco para WooCommerce by euPago.pt (uebe)
description plugin | | |
Portuguese payment method that allows you to make payments by Multibanco (ATM).
Acumulus (Buro RaDer, http://www.burorader.com/)
description plugin | | |
The Acumulus plugin connects your Woocommerce store to the Dutch SIEL Acumulus online financial administration application.
4.9.515-05-20185 97500
DBtools (Hands Off)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress plugin for DB maintenance and backup
Customizable XML Feeds (Chris W. Gerber)
description plugin | | |
Custom XML feeds with adjustable post counts, word counts, and image sizes.
4.2.327-07-20151 23000
Article Status Email Notifications (Victoria Holland)
description plugin | | |
Based on the Pending Submission Notification plugin by Razvan Horeanga Send email notifications to the admin whenever a new article is submitted for …
EDD Steem (ReCrypto)
description plugin | | |
EDD Steem lets you accept Steem payments directly to your Easy Digital Downloads shop (Currencies: STEEM, SBD).
Cart66 Cloud Aweber (Reality66)
description plugin | | |
Integrate Aweber email sign up forms with Cart66 Cloud
Followize (Followize)
description plugin | | |
Receba os leads gerados através do seu site diretamente no Followize.
cbStatic (demispatti)
description plugin | | |
Donate link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XLMMS7C62S76Q Requires at least: 4.5 Tested up to: 4.
PageBatcher (Kevin Freitas, Frayd Media)
description plugin | | |
Create a hierarchy of pages in bulk along with an accompanying menu.
XE Author List Widget (Xieno Devloper Team)
description plugin | | |
XE Author List Widget Plugin displays list of authors. It also displays authors Email avatars. XE Author List Widget Plugin displays list of authors
WorldNet Payment Gateway (Kevin Pattison (WorldNet TPS))
description plugin | | |
Extends WooCommerce with WorldNet TPS Hosted Payment Page redirect gateway.
CSV Format (Anton Andriievskyi)
description plugin | | |
Read and output any CSV data in WordPress: filter, sort, output in tables, lists or any HTML.
Custom Admin UI (Happy Brain)
description plugin | | |
Customize the WordPress admin User Interface.
4.815-06-20171 31300
A3H Pono Rez Reservation Interface for WordPress (Erik L. Arneson)
description plugin | | |
Add A3H Pono Rez interfaces, reservations, and tours to your WordPress site.
Postscript (Barrett Golding)
description plugin | | |
Data visionaries and multi-mediators, make any post sing with scripts and splendid with styles, all from within WordPress.
RP Cleaner (Rohit Poonia)
description plugin | | |
RP cleaner is a kind of plugin which gives user to beautify his / her dashboard as per his / her needs.
Tap&Trust (Matiks)
description plugin | | |
Tap&Trust detects malicious links in comments and blocks them (with the WOT API - Web Of Trust).
Block & Disable All New User Registrations & Comments Completely (Chris Flannagan)
description plugin | | |
This simple plugin blocks all users from being able to register no matter what, this also blocks comments from being able to be inserted into the data
4.5.205-06-20161 48600
Upcoming Events for EventBrite (Kyle McKee)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a widget that displays a list of upcoming events from eventbrite.
DataFlexor (Andrew Fielden)
description plugin | | |
DataFlexor is a data management framework to allow easy extension of WordPress content.
Paid Memberships Pro Click & Pledge Gateway (Click & Pledge)
description plugin | | |
With Click & Pledge, Accept all major credit cards directly on your Paid Memberships Pro website/membership levels with a seamless and secure chec
Pataphysics (Henri Bourcereau)
description plugin | | |
Enable a shortcode which displays dates according to the Pataphysical Calendar
WP Page Speed and Optimization (Xaraar)
description plugin | | |
WP Page Speed and Optimization
Simple Telegram (Marcel Schmilgeit)
description plugin | | |
Postet neue Artikel oder aktualisierte in einem Telegram-Kanal.
4.5.423-12-20161 31700
DeMomentSomTres Woocommerce Minimum Purchase (Marc Queralt)
description plugin | | |
This plugin for woocommerce shows a message when user doesn't reach a minimum sale amount
Woocommerce Product RSS Widget (BuddyBoy)
description plugin | | |
RSS Feed Widget with customizable slider. Feed title, description, image and many other things which you can control.
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