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Webleister SocialStream (Webleister GmbH)
description plugin | | |
Show posts from different social media plattforms (YouTube,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Wordpress) on your site as site content.
PW Image Cleaner (Pimwick, LLC)
description plugin | | |
PW Image Cleaner will show you unused images within your WordPress site and let you download a CSV list of the detected images.
Responsive Scrollable Table (pandasilk)
description plugin | | |
Wordpress Responsive Scrollable Table plugin makes tables within WordPress content area responsive.
Easyteasers (Johannes Bouchain)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin for dynamically adding image and text teasers for posts and pages.
WP SMART FAQ (Rahul Kumar Singh)
description plugin | | |
Wordpres FAQ plugin based on Custom Post Type. WP Smart FAQ intergated with custom jquery accordion.
Mcl Clean head (Saori Miyazaki)
description plugin | | |
This Plugin is clean of head tag in your theme. ( Remove → wp_generator meta tag / rsd link tag / wlwmanifest link tag / wp_open_sans style tag / re
WM Common Coupon Label for WooCommerce (Web Mumbai)
description plugin | | |
Common coupon label for all coupon
Campus Explorer Widget (Campus Explorer)
description plugin | | |
Enable Campus Explorer widgets on your site today.
Chuffed.org Widget (Greg Tangey)
description plugin | | |
The plugin will add a widget to your WordPress install to display Chuffed campaigns.
AIWIS (ITkamer)
description plugin | | |
AIWIS is the World’s Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System. He talks with your…
Free Shipping Domination for WooCommerce (Radish Concepts)
description plugin | | |
Disables all other shipping methods when the free shipping method is available (either through coupon or price requirement).
RainbowPayPress (Marat Nepomnyashy)
description plugin | | |
Easy way to accept credit card payments via Stripe by embedding Stripe checkouts via shortcodes.
Price Robot for WooCommerce (Algoritmika Ltd)
description plugin | | |
The plugin calculates optimal price for products in WooCommerce. Can work as advisor or in automatic mode.
Gleam Shortcodes (Gleamfuture IT Services)
description plugin | | |
Add a simple list of shortcodes to WordPress in order to display the current user information.
Custom Post Type Sticky (Abhay Yadav)
description plugin | | |
Extends sticky post functionality to custom post types in a way that is identical to default posts.
SendToSMS Sharing Button for Jetpack (Scott Vandezande)
description plugin | | |
Add a SendToSMS button to Jetpack Sharing
Doge Mode (Lukas Juhas)
description plugin | | |
Turns your site in to Doge Mode!
Digital Publishing Tools for WordPress (Studio Mercury)
description plugin | | |
Digital Publishing Tools for WordPress allows anyone to create HTML articles for Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEM Mobile) directly from WordPress.
Shoppingtail WooCommerce (Shoppingtail)
description plugin | | |
Shoppingtail Integration plugin for WooCommerce.
Zedna Ref Code Generator & Access Gate (Radek Mezulanik)
description plugin | | |
Generate unique code for users to allow them to access your website.
Premium Link Cloaker Lite (Yudhistira Mauris)
description plugin | | |
Awesome yet easy-to-use link cloaker, designed for affiliate marketers. 100% newbie friendly.
Geo Metadata (Bloom)
description plugin | | |
A simple and easy way to geotag your posts.
M4WP Portfolio (Made4WP)
description plugin | | |
A Made4WP plugin. This plugin adds the custom post type "Portfolio" and it's related features such as taxonomies or meta boxes.
4.513-04-201612 12500
WP Call to Action Widget (WPEka)
description plugin | | |
A text widget with an image or icon and a call to action button.
4.5.305-08-20162 10900
ExortPress Simple Photo Gallery (Omar Tariq)
description plugin | | |
A very simple plugin to show your photos in a gallery view as a slider.
WP Active Support (David Kitchenham)
description plugin | | |
WP Active Support provides a simple way to keep an eye on the core and plugins of your WordPress website.
DMC User List (Larry Wakeman)
description plugin | | |
Create user lists in posts and pages.
DMC Media (Larry Wakeman)
description plugin | | |
Create media players with optional download link by category or singly.
Meepi (Daniel John Marsden)
description plugin | | |
A free tool that builds email lists, increases social shares, gathers feedback, runs competitions all within your own site. Can be triggered by exit i
Priceline Partner Network Wordpress Plugin (Priceline Partner Network)
description plugin | | |
Easily add the Priceline travel widget to your own website in just a few clicks.
Gravity Forms BSN (Martijn Schipper - Elephantcs.nl)
description plugin | | |

Dutch BSN mask & validation for Gravity Forms

Arashtad Toggle Plugin (Amin Shahrokhi)
description plugin | | |
Arashtad Toggle Plugin creates unlimited Toggle widgets on WordPress websites.
Affiliates Manager Mad Mimi Integration (wp.insider, wpaffiliatemgr, affmngr)
description plugin | | |
An addon for the Affiliates Manager plugin to sign up affiliates to your Mad Mimi list
Dynamic Populate Button Maker (Greg Whitehead)
description plugin | | |
Generate a link that can be used where a dynamic populate via query variable is used like in some form systems.
Woo Data Updater (Mehul Kaklotar)
description plugin | | |
A woocommerce add on to support data updater with WP-CLI.
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