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Multisite MediaSync (seangruenboeck)
description plugin | | |
Multisite MediaSync syncs the Media Posts in WP Posts tables for all blogs within a multisite installation. And it makes sure that all uploads are onl
Plot.wp (Dewey Dunnington)
description plugin | | |
Add JSON-based plots to posts and pages using the plotly.js API
Find My Audience ()
description plugin | | |
The Find My Audience WordPress plugin is a blog promotion tool which searches Twitter for people and conversations who may be interested in your work.
C4D Edd Download Time (Coffee4dev.com)
description plugin | | |
Set download time for product
Extra Attachment Fields (Giannis Kipouros)
description plugin | | |
Author: Giannis Kipouros Author URI: http://www.digitalworks.gr Add extra custom fields to attachments at media library.
mypace Custom Meta Robots (Kei Nomura (mypacecreator))
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to edit meta robots tag at every singular post(posts, pages, custom post types). This is a very simple plugin.
CC Easy Popup (cygnusplugins)
description plugin | | |
CC Easy Popup is a compatible responsive Popup dialog box anytime in your website. Just add the content in the setting page and enjoy the Popup. 100%
Cherry Testimonials (JetImpex)
description plugin | | |
A testimonials management plugin for WordPress. Integrated with Elementor page builder
4.8.122-08-201731 46600
Brisqq intra-city delivery in 1-hour timeslots (Brisqq Ltd.)
description plugin | | |
WooCommerce extension enabling your store to offer same day (or future date) deliveries and returns in 1-hour timeslots within central London.
Shortcode Loan Calculator (SAGAIO)
description plugin | | |
Provides a shortcode [shortcode_loan_calculator] that returns the sum of the values provided in loan and multiplier.
Hide the Dragons (Jesse Petersen)
description plugin | | |
Hide the dangerous "dragons" in the dashboard that will bite and devour a site without proper WordPress know-how.
Additional Email for order by Category (Meldin Xavier)
description plugin | | |
Additional Email for order by Categories
Para Birimi (Ozibal)
description plugin | | |
Convert 19 different currencies. / 19 ülkenin para birimini çevirir.
WooCommerce ChannelEngine (ChannelEngine)
description plugin | | |
With ChannelEngine you will get the means to instantly connect to your favorite marketplaces, comparison engines, affiliate programs and others.
WP Custom Sidebars (mnmlthms)
description plugin | | |
Create unlimited sidebars for pages/posts easily without writing a single line of code!
4.7.317-11-20161 03100
TNIT Filter Gallery Plugin (Topnotch Inv)
description plugin | | |
Just another filterable gallery plugin for Beaver Builder Plugin. Simple but flexible and extendible.
Zedna Multisite Sidebar Widget Duplicator (Radek Mezulanik)
description plugin | | |
Create a duplicate of all widgets in master site for each newly created sub-site.
User Dropdown Menu (SAGAIO)
description plugin | | |
Text Domain: sagaio-udm Insert a dropdown menu with a icon button, based on Bootstrap 4.0 Dropdown.
4.721-12-20161 00300
Cherry Trending Posts (Template Monster)
description plugin | | |
Adds rating and views count for posts and custom post types.
4.6.118-11-20165 98900
Real Performance BenignSource (BenignSource)
description plugin | | |
This is a professional tool to optimize your website! Real Performance Search Engine (SEO) & Performance Optimization in Real Time! No Caching! R …
iyzico-payment-module (KahveDigital)
description plugin | | |
KahveDigital tarafından geliştirilen iyzico woocommerce ödeme modülü.
11-04-20172 82600
Question Answer - DW Import (pickplugins)
description plugin | | |
Import Question & Answer form DW Question & Answer plugin.
All For Adsense (Friedrich Schmidt)
description plugin | | |
Insert Google Adsense on your blog in less than 70 seconds. Support themes standard, mobile and responsive.
4.7.322-11-20162 62200
Minimum Order Amount (EasyCPMods)
description plugin | | |
With Minimum Order Amount you will be able to set a minimum amount for users orders on Classipress theme.
Posts Navigation Slider (Jack Doyle)
description plugin | | |
The Posts Navigation Slider will add navigation arrows to the specified posts creating a horizontal slider effect among posts.
Cuelinks - Affiliate Marketing Tool (Cuelinks)
description plugin | | |
Cuelinks is a 2-minute Content Monetization tool which converts relevant keywords & links in your content into affiliate links automatically.
4.6.125-11-20161 62100
Backlink Checker SEO (metricbuzz, taniafi786)
description plugin | | |
Backlink Checker SEO tool shows an instant result of earned backlinks to your site.
Ultimate Youtube Slider (Ultimate Social Widgets)
description plugin | | |
Add a dynamic YouTube video player directly onto your website by downloading Ultimate Youtube Slider today.
Ultimate Ultimate Pinterest Slider (Twitter Widget)
description plugin | | |
Ultimate Pinterest Slider is an awesome tool for your websites. Enjoy the limitless fun with pinterest using our Ultimate Pinterest Slider.
hubsine Social Share (Hubsine)
description plugin | | |
Hubsine Social Share is a simple social sharing plugin for WordPress from Cocorico Social plugin.
Menu Extension for bbPress (Sergius Manzhak)
description plugin | | |
You can now add bbPress links in your WP menus.
Jobcast Recruiting App (ryanstgermaine)
description plugin | | |
Jobcast is a Facebook Recruiting App that makes it possible for employers and recruiters to build fully branded career sections on their company Faceb
Light Slider (SaturnThemes)
description plugin | | |
Lightweight and responsive slider WordPress plugin
Jasmine Test Runner (Tim Elsass)
description plugin | | |
Run Jasmine tests right inside of your WordPress admin.
sermon.net display (Michael Gyura)
description plugin | | |
A plugin that brings in your sermon.net data (sermon audio, sermon video, pdf) for display on your WordPress website.
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