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A Capture Contact Form (and tab) by AWebVoice.com (AWebVoice.com)
description plugin | | |
Get a contact form and a contact button. Capture your visitors and turn them into customers!
3.1.408-07-20116 25900
(a) QR Code (Anton Shevchuk)
description plugin | | |
QR Code for your blog
2.524-12-20081 60500
(a) QR Code Google (Anton Shevchuk)
description plugin | | |
QR Code for your blog (based on Google Charts API)
2.524-12-20081 69600
(a) RSS More (Anton Shevchuk)
description plugin | | |
This is a plugin that allows you to additionally export RSS with the full text of the articles. Your reader can now select what RSS he wants to read h …
3.0.020-10-20102 72700
(a) Slideshow (Anton Shevchuk)
description plugin | | |
Slideshow for your blog Based on [(a)Slideshow jQuery Plugin](http://slideshow.hohli.com)
2.701-11-201025 33400
A Te (Gianni Diurno)
description plugin | | |
Displays the lyrics to the Lorenzo Cherubini (aka Jovanotti) song "A Te" in the top right corner of the admin panel.
A to Z Category Navigation Widget (Anblik Web Design Company)
description plugin | | |
This Widget will show A-to-Z listing of all the categories and its subcategories in alphabetical order
3.2.120-07-20114 16300
A Year Ago (Robert Jones)
description plugin | | |
Creates a link to the post from exactly one year ago. Works only with one-post-per-day blogs and is designed primarily for photoblogs.
a2zVideoAPI widget (Sandeep Verma)
description plugin | | |
Author URI: http://blog.svnlabs.com Other: Curl must be on your server to use this plugin. This widget tested to latest version of wordpress.
A7 Simple Events (Aaron Holbrook)
description plugin | | |
Adds event post types to your site. Easy to use interface for adding and managing events.
NO SSL Flash Upload (Aaron A. Kelley)
description plugin | | |
Turns off SSL for the Flash uploader when you have FORCE_SSL_ADMIN enabled, in case you are having trouble getting it to work ("IO Error").
3.2.101-05-20123 01200
Javascript A-B Split Tester (Randy Hunt)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides a mechanism by which you can do A/B split testing of Javascript functionality
AB-Video (Andreas Bachmaier)
description plugin | | |
Allows the user to embed Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion movie clips by entering a shortcode ([youtube ] / [vimeo ] / [dailymotion]) into the post area.
3.0.528-12-20108 18900
Abandon Themes Admin (Abban Dunne)
description plugin | | |
This is a WordPress plugin that adds an admin options page to your theme and all the main options a theme designer would need.
3.2.129-03-20121 72800
Abbreviations for WordPress (MrXHellboy)
description plugin | | |
Wrap abbreviations for search engine optimization and support other applications
NSTDA Widget (DreamBuilder Inc.)
description plugin | | |
search for ABDUL social tagging system
ABDUL TAG Widget (DreamBuilder Inc.)
description plugin | | |
search for ABDUL social tagging system
ABDUL Widget (DreamBuilder Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Chat with ABDUL
3.024-07-20101 26600
aBitGone CommentSafe (Anthony Williams)
description plugin | | |
CommentSafe is a very simple plugin which removes (X)HTML tags you specify from your comments.
2.7.119-02-20091 24000
About The Autor (H.-Peter Pfeufer)
description plugin | | |
Provides a sidebarwidget with some information about the author of a blogarticle.
3.8-alpha02-11-201310 17200
Absolute Links (ICanLocalize)
description plugin | | |
Prevents dead links between any post or page by guaranteeing that all links always point to the current addresses (permlinks).
2.705-02-20095 18200
abuse.ch httpBL check (admin [at] abuse {dot} ch)
description plugin | | |
Check if a visitor is listed on httpBL.abuse.ch, see http://dnsbl.abuse.ch/faq.php#about_httpbl for more information.
3.0.529-08-20102 67900
Plugin Name: accelerate your advertising (Tomas Zhu)
description plugin | | |
Copyright (c) 2008 Released under the GPL license http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt
3.0.507-07-20103 47700
Accept Signups (clearcrest)
description plugin | | |
Accept signups by email. Data available from admin panel. Intended for use with external subscription services or your own email client.
4.008-09-20141 09100
Accesible _blank (Cristian Eslava)
description plugin | | |
Open links in a new window but in a accesible way. Abre enlaces en una nueva ventana cumpliendo los estándares de accesibilidad.
2.709-02-20092 25100
Access Expiration (Justin at Multinc)
description plugin | | |
For each post or category, you can limit the number of views and the amount of time that an item remains viewable by each user after he or she first
2.612-09-20082 58000
Access Keys (Aaron Harun)
description plugin | | |
Add Access Keys to Category and Page navigation menus to make your website far more accessible.
2.506-04-20086 73400
Accessibility Abbreviation (Hailstorm)
description plugin | | |
Add abbreviation-tags via TinyMCE to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Accessibility Access Keys (AccessibleFuture.org)
description plugin | | |
Lets a WordPress administrator create an maintain site-wide access keys for easy navigation.
3.802-11-20132 78900
Accessibility Language (Hailstorm)
description plugin | | |
Add language-tags via TinyMCE to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
3.2.107-07-20111 60400
Accessible External Text Links (Jean-Marc Delisle)
description plugin | | |
I created this plugin to make external text links more accessible to people with disabilities
3.917-04-20141 75400
Accessible RSS News Ticker (Pixline)
description plugin | | |
Display latest posts or RSS news in an accessible/unobtrusive scroll box. Based on Chris Heilmann's DOMnews 1.0.
2.5.101-10-20079 54600
Accessible Tag Cloud (Toon Van de Putte)
description plugin | | |
Accessible replacement for the default tag cloud
3.2.127-11-20111 30800
AccessibleYouTube (Jannick Bolten)
description plugin | | |
This is a very accessible and custom made YouTube-plugin for WordPress.
3.3.205-02-20121 11000
Accordion Wordpress Plugin (P Dayaparan)
description plugin | | |
Contributors : P Dayaparan Plugin Name : Accordion Plugin URL : http://www.spicyexpress.net/wordpress-plugin-2/ Donate link : http://www.spicyexpress
29-07-20085 28300
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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