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002 PS Custom Post Type (Wang Bin)
description plugin | | |
Manager custom post type setting ./config/ps-custom-post_type-config.php. If you want to update from the most recent version,Please be careful not to
011 Ps Custom Taxonomy (Wang Bin (oh@prime-strategy.co.jp))
description plugin | | |
add items for taxonomies.
3.3.218-01-20131 24700
03TALK Personal Conference Call (Zimo Communications Ltd)
description plugin | | |
The 03TALK Personal Conference Call plugin allows you to create, edit and display your free and anonymous conference call from within Wordpress.
2.9.201-02-20102 66800
0mk Shortener (Boris Kuzmanov)
description plugin | | |
0.mk Shortener генерира кратка врска за Вашите написи користејќи го македонскиот кратач
1 Blog Cacher (Javier García)
description plugin | | |
1 Blog Cacher is a WordPress plugin that caches your pages in order to increase the response speed and minimize the server load.
2.3.117-12-20076 22000
1-Click-AdSense Plugin (gig)
description plugin | | |
1-Click-AdSense automatically inserts optimized Google Adsense Ads into all of your Blog Pages within seconds. Click and monetize.
3.0.530-11-20106 10600
Harrix MarkdownFile (Sergienko Anton)
description plugin | | |
Display Markdown files with syntax highlighting in Wordpress.
+1 for Wordpress (David Goldstein)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a Google +1 button in the footer of the current post or page.
3.1.404-05-20151 25300
1 Source Cleaner (momizibafu)
description plugin | | |
Reduce the size of the source code by removing the line blake and white space.
千易网盘(新版) (歪SIR)
description plugin | | |
317-12-20112 11700
Relap - recommendation engine embedded into site (Igor Golubev)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides content recommendation
Language saver for splash pages using WPML (These Days - Joren Van Hocht)
description plugin | | |
Remember the users language on the splash page and redirect them to the remembered language of the user.
Version 4.11-05-201663200
123Formulier for WordPress (123Formulier.nl)
description plugin | | |
Contact Form plugin from http://www.123formulier.nl
4.2.327-07-20153 09200
12seconds Widget (Chandima Cumaranatunge)
description plugin | | |
Display 12seconds video status updates on your WordPress blog.
2.7.129-03-20091 95100
140follow (Daniel B.)
description plugin | | |
140follow removes NOFOLLOW from author link if the comment has more than XXX characters.
2.8.406-10-20092 99500
网易连接 (yAnGmU)
description plugin | | |
使用网易微博账号登陆 WordPress 博客,并且留言使用网易微博的头像。
1g-music-fav (Ye Xiaoxing)
description plugin | | |
This plugin gives you a widget that you can share your 1g1g.com music fav data to your visitor. 这个插件提供了一个小工具,您可以用它来向您的访客展现您在亦歌的音乐收藏数据。
1g1g Music Bar Widget (1g1g.com)
description plugin | | |
A simple music bar opens, controls a 1g1g player and shows the current playing lyric. (亦歌音乐栏,控制亦歌播放,显示当前歌词。)
2.9.205-03-20105 89000
1gWordpress (Ye Xiaoxing)
description plugin | | |
Change Name to 1g-music-share, please search it.(更换名字为1g-music-share,请更换。)
1r.hu Rövidítő (Webdew)
description plugin | | |
1r.hu Widget for your Wordpress blog.
WordPress Signup Forms (1shoppingcart.com)
description plugin | | |
add a mailing list signup form to your blog
2.721-12-200911 03800
1silex4wp (lexayo)
description plugin | | |
Provide your visitors a Flash equivalent of your website / Convert your WordPress blog into a Flash application.
2.8.111-10-20091 07800
2-4 comment fix (Ján Varhol)
description plugin | | |
This fix replace your comment count to go with most of central european languages. Thare was a gapwhen word "Commments" was the same for counts greater than 1. But for example in Slovak and Czech there is different word when count is from 2 to 4. So there was gramatical error. This will fix it.
229-11-20072 53000
20 de Julio Colombia (Jose Daniel Canchila)
description plugin | | |
20 de Julio día de la Independencia de Colombia, agrega la bandera de nuestro país.
27coupons (diffion)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will create a widget which will display latest discount coupons of Indian shopping websites from 27coupons.com.
3.9.109-05-20141 64900
DosCero.Menu (2cero.com)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to create a custom menu bar. Once you create the content, you can associate it with the menu. It's simple and easy to change the styles!
3.1.404-07-20111 22600
2D Barcodes (Christian Doerfel)
description plugin | | |
The Wordpress Plugin 2D Barcodes creates automatically a 2D-Barcode to every post you have produced.
2.6.104-09-20082 08800
2Focus Bookmark Plugin (loly)
description plugin | | |
Плагин позволяет читателям добавлять записи блога в Сервисы Закладок
2.716-02-20091 03700
2Parale for WordPress (Andrei Baragan)
description plugin | | |
Allows WordPress users to quickly and easily insert 2Parale product links into posts and pages.
2State Widget (Darren/James @ 2StateReviews)
description plugin | | |
A widget to display user votes.
3.819-12-20131 13000
3 Sheep Signatures (3 Sheep Ltd)
description plugin | | |
Allows adding a custom signatures to posts and pages using shortcodes.
300form (Michael Schröder )
description plugin | | |
Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, these 300 lines of code are meant to protect your forms from malicious invaders.
30bwidget (Thorsten Ott)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin that provides shortcodes and sidebar widgets to integrate 30Boxes.com calendars within your Blog.
2.7.124-02-20092 01100
SMS Marketing and Text marketing for business through TXTImpact plugin (SMS Marketing)
description plugin | | |
SMS Marketing, Text Marketing and Text Messaging service through TXTImpact plugin allows to collect mobile numbers, name, and emails from blog or webs …
4.9.725-07-20183 36100
360 Panorama Embed (Mike Richwalsky)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to easily embed a panorama created using Occipital's 360 Panorama App.
3.7.109-12-20135 44900
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