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WP-Flickr (Jon Baker @ Clockwork Objects)
description plugin | | |
Insert photos into your posts and pages, browsing your Flickr PhotoStream, Favorites or Sets, directly from the WordPress admin.
2.5.028-04-200817 01200
OddsPress (Bryan Kelly, Bryan Paddock)
description plugin | | |
OddsPress is a fully integrated Football Match Betting Odds plugin for Wordpress.
2.528-04-20082 85900
IWG Hide Dashboard (Thomas Schneider)
description plugin | | |
"Hide Dashboard" hides the dashboard for all users with the capability "hide_dashboard".
2.528-04-20089 71800
BlogBlogs UserInfo Plugin (Rafael Dohms)
description plugin | | |
This plugin grabs user information from the BlogBlogs Index, and displays information box for registered BlogBlogs.com.br users.
2.328-04-20081 27800
Comments Number Restore (Satollo)
description plugin | | |
Restore the comments number after the 2.5 upgrade.
2.5.128-04-20081 31400
Leopard Admin (Teddy Hwang)
description plugin | | |
"Leopard Admin" is a plugin that skins the administration panel of the popular blogging platform, WordPress.
2.528-04-200827 59600
WP Simple Sitemap (Jens Törnell)
description plugin | | |
A sitemap is good for users and perfect for search engines. WP Simple Sitemap is a Wordpress plugin that automatically lists all your posts.
2.527-04-20086 18700
WatchMyBack24 (Sebastian Schwaner)
description plugin | | |
WatchMyBack24 is a powerful spamfighting plugin against comment or trackback spam.
2.526-04-20081 00600
mBox (Hanok)
description plugin | | |
mBox allows you to easy include slideshow galleries into Wordpress posts, pages and sidebar using the pictures uploaded, flickr account or a folder.
2.325-04-200811 58800
WP-Live-Chat (Bondage Radio)
description plugin | | |
Chat Meets Blog - A Love/Chat Relationship. An IRC web client for your blog.
2.5 and WP25-04-200843 833602
Flickr Recent Photoz (Phalkunz Ponlu)
description plugin | | |
Current Book (Josh Harbaugh)
description plugin | | |
Want to show your readers what book you're reading? That's just what this plugin does coincidentally.
3.0.525-04-20083 32600
Rbl-listtag (Raymond BERTHOU)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.0.0 Display of the last comments or post filtered by categories or tag .
2.324-04-20081 20600
Nicedit For Wordpress (kalapacengkir)
description plugin | | |
Replaces the default Wordpress editor with Nicedit
AdSense Revenue Sharing 1.2 (MaiQ)
description plugin | | |
Share your revenue with you friends and co-authors.
2.5.123-04-200814 28100
EasyGals (Walter Vos)
description plugin | | |
EasyGals automatically generates a thumbnail gallery for posts with images attached to them.
2.523-04-20081 65200
Tag Uncomplete (Alex King)
description plugin | | |
Disable the tag auto-complete feature in WordPress 2.5+.
2.523-04-20086 95900
Wp2Tumblr (Antonio Perrone )
description plugin | | |
Send your posts automatically on Tumblr.
2.5.*23-04-200814 39400
Query Inside Post (Julien Chauvin)
description plugin | | |
Displays a custom list of posts to the current one.
2.522-04-20082 91300
eyebees-swarming-widget (Eyebees)
description plugin | | |
Eyebees widget is a tool for bloggers and site-owners..
2.5.122-04-20082 02400
description plugin | | |
Allows you to display your post titles in any font, colour and background colour. Comes with a selection of fonts to get you started.
2.322-04-20084 73900
WP Plugin Stats (Nemanja Avramović)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is made for WP plugin developers. It can show download stats in your Wordpress page/post.
2.521-04-20086 08700
Comments-RBA (Atilus, LLC)
description plugin | | |
This plugin gives wordpress the ability to strip comment text of breaks, p's, nl's, and white spaces before and after comment text before being writte
Pipzoo Polls (pipzoo)
description plugin | | |
Import your Pipzoo polls and votes on your Wordpress's blog. It's very simple to use when you write your articles !
Dashboard Lite (Michael Dale)
description plugin | | |
Removes incoming links, dev news and planet news off the dashboard.
2.220-04-20086 32900
CodePress Plugin for WordPress (bobef)
description plugin | | |
Converts the theme editor and plugin editor text areas in the admin panel to syntax-highlighted fields.
2.520-04-20083 04800
Post Ideas (Aaron Robbins)
description plugin | | |
Keeps track of all your blog article or post ideas including a working title, possible keywords, source links and descriptions.
2.520-04-20085 32300
postTube (Alakhnor)
description plugin | | |
postTube is a playlist addon for wordTube.
2.520-04-20083 96800
Restore Exact Time (Nick Ohrn)
description plugin | | |
Changes the date columns in the post and page interfaces to display exact times that a post or page was published.
2.520-04-20081 92800
Counter (Erik Sefkow)
description plugin | | |
This plugin insert a counter script into your wordpress blog. There are several designs and configuration possibles. You also can run this counter wit
2.9.220-04-200850 08500
WP-Syntax Colorizer (Arash Keshmirian)
description plugin | | |
A plugin allowing you to easily set all the WP-Syntax color settings in one place and configure WP-Syntax to fit your theme.
2.519-04-20084 54600
WP-Affiliate (jstroh)
description plugin | | |
Easy affiliate link masking and more. Now Featuring: Commission Junction Search Capabilities! Click Tracking! Download It Now!
2.519-04-200847 3031001
Authenticate (Aaron Campbell)
description plugin | | |
Instantly requires that users be logged in to visit your site. Also serves as a good base for expansion. No interface, just activate and go! Requires
2.5.119-04-20085 18400
MyCSS (Yaosan Yeo)
description plugin | | |
Add theme independent CSS stylesheet to your blog, supports direct editing via admin panel.
2.519-04-20086 99100
My thumbshot (Mythumbshot)
description plugin | | |
allows visitors to preview your external links by using Mythumbshot.
2.2.318-04-20082 19400
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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