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blogmappr (blogmappr.net)
description plugin | | |
Bindet Geo-Tags, in den <head>-Bereich ein.
Social Profiles (Joost de Valk)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to give your registered community members the option to show links to their social networking profile next to their comments on
2.6.208-10-200810 88300
zd-dugg (timglenn@zerodistortion.org @ NIMBUSBLUE.com)
description plugin | | |
Adds a sidebar widget of digg links using Digg API
Manageable (Aaron Harp)
description plugin | | |
Inline editing of the date, title, author, categories, tags, status and more on both posts and pages without leaving the "Manage" admin sections. No n
2.6.207-10-200819 76600
Mail From (Andrew Hamilton)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin that allows you to change the default wordpress@example.com email address that WordPress sends it's email from, and the name of the
2.707-10-200848 9601005
BlinkoTV Broadcaster (Eyepartner Development Team)
description plugin | | |
The BlinkoTV Broadcaster Plugin gives any WordPress user the opportunity to create their own broadcasting station, by signing up for a BlinkoTV accoun
07-10-20081 06400
Permalink Validator (Rolf Kristensen)
description plugin | | |
Validates the URL used and if not matching the official permalink then it issues a HTTP 301 or HTTP 404 message.
2.606-10-20089 03800
VerticalResponse Opt-in Form (VerticalResponse)
description plugin | | |
Adds opt-in form to sidebar
06-10-20081 01100
Members Only (Andrew Hamilton)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin that allows you to make your WordPress blog only viewable to visitors that are logged in.
2.6.206-10-2008168 788706
Flickr Photo Album (Joe Tan)
description plugin | | |
This Flickr plugin for WordPress will allow you to pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site.
2.706-10-2008149 157202
VR-Visitas 2.0 ()
description plugin | | |
The repository for this plugin haschanged. You must go to [VR-Visitas 2.1](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/vr-visitas/)
2.6.206-10-20081 72400
SelfLink (Awaken Razor)
description plugin | | |
Here is a short description of the plugin. This should be no more than 150 chars. No markup here.
2.6.206-10-20081 07200
Picasa Image Express (Scrawl)
description plugin | | |
Browse, search and insert photos from any public Picasa Web Albums into your Wordpress pages and posts.
2.6.206-10-200824 80400
Feed Key (Andrew Hamilton)
description plugin | | |
Feed Key adds a 32bit (or 40bit) key for each of your users, creating a unique feed url for every registered on user the site. This allows you to rest
2.6.205-10-20084 23300
Password Protect enhancement (Rich Pedley)
description plugin | | |
Enhance the password protection for posts and pages. Optional setting to display an excerpt, and change the current 'This post is password protected.
2.6.205-10-20085 32500
Populair Tags (Johnny Mast)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds a tag cloud of the most used tags by the blog author(s).
2.6.204-10-20081 35400
Static Page eXtended (Stephen Ingram)
description plugin | | |
Inline PHP in posts and pages. Posts and pages can redirect based on category, id and title. Pages may be replaced by external php scripts. Pages and
2.6.203-10-20084 59200
CountPosts (Ivan Djurdjevac)
description plugin | | |
CountPosts - Plugin for counting visit for every post separately.
2.6.202-10-20086 33700
Adsurfari (kofic)
description plugin | | |
Broken Links Remover (Rajesh (Techblissonline Dot Com))
description plugin | | |
Automatically remove the bad and broken links from the view of human visitors and search engine robots.
3.1.3 (wil02-10-200819 6261001
Vocabulary Words (earlytorise)
description plugin | | |
Become a more persuasive writer & speaker ... build your confidence and intellect ... just by spending 10 VERY enjoyable minutes a day
2.6.102-10-20081 24100
Vodpod Videos Widget (Vodpod and Crowd Favorite)
description plugin | | |
The Vodpod plugin allows bloggers to add an interactive video gallery to their blogs, allowing their readers and visitors to watch videos they've coll
2.6.201-10-200825 25300
Futurama Quote Generator (Akop Karapetyan)
description plugin | | |
This is a simple plugin that writes a random quote from TV's best short-lived show, Futurama.
LAP – Leos AdSense (leossilny)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows add AdSense code to your posts with different ID. Useful, if you have authors of your pages with their own AdSense settings.
2.5.130-09-20081 20800
Best Foot Forward (Jon Dyer)
description plugin | | |
Best Foot Forward provides an easy way for you to automatically create a featured post list using Wordpress tags like "featured", "favorite", etc.
2.830-09-20082 05400
SVEJO.NET Buttons (Калоян К. Цветков)
description plugin | | |
Тази приставка ще ви помогне лесно и бързо да поставете бутоните на SVEJO.NET.
2.6.230-09-20083 98800
ThreeSixtyVoice (S Rose (stevey[dot]eu))
description plugin | | |
ThreeSixtyVoice is a Wordpress plugin developed from the initial ideas behind the 360Voice plugin by David Larrabee of Squidpunch.com.
G4B Photo Gallery (Gavin Vickery)
description plugin | | |
A simple yet powerful photo gallery plugin for Wordpress.
2.6.230-09-200814 90500
Search Congress (Chris Mahoney)
description plugin | | |
Sidebar widget plugin to allow searching of the THOMAS Congressional database.
OpenSearch (Jeff Waugh)
description plugin | | |
Add OpenSearch discovery and querying to your WordPress site.
2.628-09-20081 95100
Public Stats (Florin Ercus)
description plugin | | |
This widget can display the number of unique visitors your blog received since the last 00:00AM. It can also show the Public user's ip, browser and op
28-09-20082 18400
ComplexLife (Db0)
description plugin | | |
A powerful lifestreaming plugin which provides a historical views of your activities online by aggregating it from any service you use.
2.627-09-20082 60700
no-nofollow (hgn)
description plugin | | |
removes the nofollow-attribute in links
2.6.227-09-20081 96100
PhotoJAR: Post Thumbnail (James Rantanen)
description plugin | | |
PhotoJAR: Post thumbnailer displays a post thumbnail for posts with galleries - additional options when paired with a javascript viewer.
2.6.227-09-20083 29300
Alter Feed Links (David Roberts)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to change the URI of links to feeds e.g. to direct readers to FeedBurner feeds rather than the plain WordPress feeds.
2.5.126-09-20081 03400
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