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Yahoo! Emoticons for Custom Smilies 2.3 (shpemu)
description plugin | | |
I use Custom Smilies 2.3 plugin. However, I prefer Yahoo! emoticons. This is a tweak to allow use of those emoticons with Custom Smilies 2.3.
2.9.224-03-20105 23300
Super Secret (Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz)
description plugin | | |
Tries its best to keep your blog super secret. Makes your blog private, with no traces of people knowing a blog exists. A 404 Not Found is returned in
324-03-20101 03700
Recent Posts With Authors Widget (Yonat Sharon)
description plugin | | |
Shows a list of recent posts with the author of each post - for multi-author blogs.
2.9.224-03-20102 22300
Disable wp new user notification (Corey Salzano)
description plugin | | |
This code disables the automatic email sent to the blog admin each time a new user creates an account.
2.9.224-03-20102 77000
Emma Email Signup (Peter Anselmo, Studio66)
description plugin | | |
Emma Email Signup is a plugin to add an email signup form for your Emma account in your Wordpress site.
2.9.223-03-20102 17800
description plugin | | |
Analyzer II allows the automatic tagging of pages generated by WordPress.
2.9.223-03-20101 59700
link favicons db (yun77op)
description plugin | | |
Fill empty link_image and link_description field in table wp_links where link_image is retrieved via Google S2 Converter and link_description is the s
EasyDealz Schnäppchen Widget (Denis Freund)
description plugin | | |
Dieses Plugin zeigt in der Widgetleiste die aktuellsten Schnäppchen von EasyDealz.de an.
Block Top Spammers (Martin Lormes)
description plugin | | |
Block Top Spammers displays a list of your top spammers' IP addresses. It also generates a blacklist for your .htaccess file.
2.9.223-03-20103 89300
HTMLComment (Henry Hartley)
description plugin | | |
A very simple plug-in that allows you to hide a part of a post using standard HTML comments.
wpNamedUsers (Andrias Sundskarð)
description plugin | | |
Intranet / Extranet plugin for Wordpress that allows users to specify which users and/or groups can access specific posts or pages.
2.9.223-03-201012 56700
WP-Tube (Sam Rudge)
description plugin | | |
Automaticaly import your YouTube videos into your Wordpress blog as posts
2.9.223-03-20109 56800
Picbox (Ben Kay)
description plugin | | |
Plugin used to overlay images on the current page is a sexy way.
2.9.223-03-20106 631801
DigaCultura PVR (Sergio Dinis Lopes)
description plugin | | |
Permite que os seus leitores enviem os seus conteúdos para o portal Diga Cultura.
QRZ Search (Tom Epperly)
description plugin | | |
Provide a simple widget form to search for amateur radio call signs on QRZ.com.
Custom Categories RSS (Ján Bočínec)
description plugin | | |
Grab RSS only from specific categories.
2.9.222-03-20101 71000
FlashPoll++ (AtteroMedia)
description plugin | | |
FlashPoll++ is a Flash based poll builder with a lot of customization options.
2.9.222-03-201014 7261001
WP Fellowship Stream MyBible Insertion (Fellowship Stream)
description plugin | | |
Easy to use Wordpress plugin to insert Fellowship Stream MyBible to your posts, pages and sidebar.
BoobTube (Keith Vance)
description plugin | | |
Boobtube is a really simple plugin with a widget to show YouTube videos on your blog.
Category View Row Action (Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz)
description plugin | | |
Adds a 'view' to the category row action, allowing you to quickly see all posts by that category
Time Between Comments (Levani Melikishvili)
description plugin | | |
Set time interval between comments.
Shadowed Headers (Dietrich Koch)
description plugin | | |
Headers h1 and h2 and block elements with class=shadow are given a fine shadow to create a 3d effect.
2.9.222-03-20102 47600
Google Buzz This Button (BuzzTh.is)
description plugin | | |
Displays Google Buzz This button for easily sharing an article to google buzz.
Sidebar Photoblog (Hassan Jahangiry)
description plugin | | |
An easy to use photoblog plugin helps you to share your daily photos on your sidebar. With slideshow, photo archive, nice effects and ability to show
2.9.221-03-201043 642801
(EH) From Mail (Eric Hamby)
description plugin | | |
Lets you change the default Wordpress email and email from name.
2.9.220-03-20101 05900
PC Ktai content selecter (wackey)
description plugin | | |
PC Ktai content selecter is a plug-in that switches the content displayed with the personal computer as the cellular phone.
2.9.220-03-20103 25900
No IE Welcome (gnarf)
description plugin | | |
No IE Welcome allows you to inform Vistors of a specified IE Version to Update their Browser. Also a different Theme can be used for these Visitors.
2.9.220-03-20102 18800
eTicker (Tukker)
description plugin | | |
Create a flash ticker like message on your WordPress site.
2.9.220-03-20102 61800
Trash Manager (Daniel Frużyński)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to delete Posts, Pages and Comments without moving them to Trash first. Additionally it restores all Are you sure? questions.
2.9.920-03-20103 315201
FreebieSMS Free SMS (freebiesms)
description plugin | | |
FreebieSMS Free SMS plugin for wordpress that earns you money as people send SMS from your site. We pay 50p ($1) for every SMS received.
2.119-03-20103 46200
YouTube Post Type (Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz)
description plugin | | |
Allow the user to add YouTube videos into the WordPress. YouTube videos represent a post.
319-03-20107 06700
Valuecommerce Site Registration (wackey)
description plugin | | |
Valuecommerce Site Registration can be displayed only by inputting necessary attestation tag to the management screen when cooperating on the blog scr
SuperRSS by Leo Balter (Leo Balter (leonardo.balter@gmail.com))
description plugin | | |
Totally in Portuguese-Br yet, this add a very customizabole rss or atom feed. Made after the standard wp rss plugin.
AdCaptcher (razvaniacob, razvantirboaca)
description plugin | | |
AdCaptcher.com enables you to build custom captchas. You need an AdCaptcher account to administrate your custom captchas.
2.9.219-03-20103 48700
Simpler iPaper (Frederick Ding)
description plugin | | |
This plugin for WordPress 2.5 and above simplifies the embedding of Scribd iPaper documents in blog posts.
2.9.219-03-20107 31100
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