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WP-TweetButton (CoderPlus)
description plugin | | |
Automatically adds the new Official Twitter Tweet Button to your Blog.Easily Customizable from the Dashboard(with Tweet Syntax, hash tags and much mor
3.0.525-08-20107 48100
Wordpress Multiple Author Ad management (Manthan Raval)
description plugin | | |
The plugin is ideal for blogs with multiple authors and acts as an incentive for making quality posts.
3.0.525-08-20105 06000
bbAggregate (Bjorn Wijers )
description plugin | | |
Create streams of sitewide aggregated content from your multisite WordPress installation with bbAggregate
3.0125-08-20101 67800
Hilight Sticky (tomheng)
description plugin | | |
you can hilight your sticky post as you want
3.0124-08-20101 21400
FT TriOutNC (Glenn Ansley)
description plugin | | |
This plugin creates a widget containing your most recent TriOutNC checkins.
ZYX Classical Circular Clock (Xavier Faraudo, ZYX3D and the Wristwatch Web Warlocks)
description plugin | | |
A simple and configurable Flash clock. There is a widget, a shortcode and a template tag.
2.9.224-08-20101 33700
AsrVerifyCode (Asr)
description plugin | | |
Asr verify code was displayed in the image under the comment form or login form.
Remove Author Column (Pratik Sinha)
description plugin | | |
Removes the author column on edit posts page coz it doesn't make sense on a single author blog.
3.0.524-08-20102 36900
Random Joke (GigaCart)
description plugin | | |
Random jokes widget helps you display random jokes everywhere on your blog. Over 25,000 jokes in 75 categories. Cheer up your blog readers :)
324-08-20102 46300
Wordpress Easy Feed (Zander Janse van Rensburg)
description plugin | | |
A plugin which allows you to easily include items from your favourite feeds.
3.0.524-08-20105 34500
MyPW for WordPress (MyPW)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to implement the MyPW One-Time Password system into WordPress.
Daily Fitness Tips (WorkoutBOX)
description plugin | | |
Daily fitness and weight loss advice from the personal training team at WorkoutBOX.
2.824-08-20105 80000
Groupon Widget (Matt Loseke, Steven Walker, Keith Norman)
description plugin | | |
Plugin URI: http://keithnorm.github.com/groupon-wordpress-widget Groupon widget plugin for displaying Groupon deals
3.0b24-08-20103 17300
TinyUploads Photo Uploader (TinyUploads)
description plugin | | |
TinyUploads is a fast and simple way to get images online. Automatically resize and upload pictures for your blog.
3.0.524-08-20104 74400
Free Feedback Form Plugin (Peter Bui)
description plugin | | |
Add the Kampyle code required to integrate it to your WordPress site
2.723-08-20103 40700
Yunus Emre Dîvanı (Süleyman ÜSTÜN)
description plugin | | |
Yunus Emre'nin, aruz ölçüsüyle ve hece ölçüsüyle yazılmış şiirlerinden toplanmış dîvanından, seçme beyit ve dörtlükleri gösteren b
Sensiri (Adam J Nowak)
description plugin | | |
The Sensiri player is a nature sound controller, designed to load and play nature sounds from our online database.
Excerpt character limiter (Matteo Trapella (Habla Webdesign))
description plugin | | |
It will basically add a character countdown to the panel titlebar, and it will truncate the text when available characters drop to zero.
3.0.523-08-20101 93500
Active Extra Fields (Lod Lawson)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows validation of custom fields.
3.1.423-08-20101 81500
rusocialbuttons (Alexander Kriventsev aka seomaverick)
description plugin | | |
Sharing articles to social networks
2.123-08-20102 72700
WP-Picasa (Oskari Rauta)
description plugin | | |
WP-Picasa adds support for displaying picasa albums/gallery on posts or pages using customized Jon Design's Smooth Gallery as a embedded viewer.
3.0.523-08-20107 28400
World Flags (Behrooz Sangani)
description plugin | | |
Add country flags anywhere in your Wordpress blog using simple shortcodes and/or widgets, or show visitor country flag based on their IP address.
3.0.523-08-20104 97500
WordPress Facebook Bar for 123 Web Messenger (123flashchat)
description plugin | | |
123 Web Messenger Plugin can be used to put your facebook bar (demo page) in WordPress. And you may easily get a free host service by simply selecting
2.8.623-08-20104 90100
Contestant Rating (Andrew Alba)
description plugin | | |
Contestant Rating is a plugin that allows wordpress users to rate post(s) in a single post using a classic five star method.
3.0.523-08-20109 55700
Ramazan (Arif Nezami)
description plugin | | |
Shows a Calendar of Iftar and sehri Timing on Sidebar of your blog/site. At current it supports 'DHAKA', 'SYLHET', 'CHITTAGONG', 'RAJSHAHI', 'NILFAMAR
Get Menu Joomla (Roger Torres - Email: roypool@gmail.com)
description plugin | | |
Get Joomla menu, you get a menu and displays it in joomla wordpress plugin is specially designed for those who use wordpress joomla and in addition,
3.0.523-08-20102 76400
Kas Latex (Wladimir A. Jimenez B.)
description plugin | | |
Add latex language in your post and page.
Easy Verification (Allan Collins)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will allow you to easily verify your WordPress website with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! SiteExplorer.
3.0.523-08-201013 61400
Calendar Header Bar Image (Sithu Thwin)
description plugin | | |
Substitute text with appropiate image for calendar week days.Representation of week days and images are Sunday=Galon Bird,Monday=Tiger,Tuesday=Lion,We
3.0.523-08-20101 13800
Menu-item-ancestor (Valentinas Bakaitis)
description plugin | | |
Adds a menu-item-ancestor class to every menu item that has descendants.
3.0.523-08-20101 40500
Editor Tabs (Ross Johnson)
description plugin | | |
Clean up the editing pages in the administration panel by turning all of the modules and meta box's into dynamic javascript tabs. No more scrolling wa
3.1.423-08-20106 66700
Flower Photos (blumenversand)
description plugin | | |
Flower Photos puts beautiful flower descriptions and photos in your blog. Add the shortcode [flower-photos] to display the content.
Rotating Links Widget (Ján Bočínec)
description plugin | | |
This plugin add widget which displays random links on your website.
3.0.522-08-20102 86600
Smartlines (Michael Camilleri)
description plugin | | |
Smartlines intelligently adds HTML paragraph and break elements where WordPress forgets.
Tweetly Updater (Michael Zehrer)
description plugin | | |
This plugin sends Twitter updates on new or edited posts, uses bit.ly.
3.0.522-08-201015 80700
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