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Amazon Associates Wishlist (Ian Wootten)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to allow display of amazon wishlists upon your blog, whilst earning a associates referral fee for yourself or someone else.
2.805-12-20091 108201
SK WP Settings Backup (Skpstorm)
description plugin | | |
Import / export plugin settings.
2.8.605-12-20091 28800
Sk Latest Post Widget (Skipstorm)
description plugin | | |
This plugins adds a widget with the latest posts from your forum.
2.8.405-12-20091 33800
SK Multi User Ads (Skipstorm)
description plugin | | |
Displays user ads on their own articles.
To Title Case (Ryan McCue)
description plugin | | |
Automatically convert post titles on-the-fly, using Kroc Camen's port of John Gruber's title case.
2.9.205-12-20095 90300
Viralogy Twitter Sidebar (Viralogy, Inc.)
description plugin | | |
Shows your visitors your most recent tweets and current tweets around tags you're interested in. More info at: http://www.viralogy.com/
2.8.605-12-20092 32900
Disable Magpie RSS Cache (Bala Krishna)
description plugin | | |
Use this plug-in to disable magpie rss cache and display feed content instantly.
2.8.605-12-20091 21200
fw-quick-langswitch (Myriam Faulkner)
description plugin | | |
Display flags to switch languages. This plugin only uses the locale files from wordress or buddypress and eventually your theme.
2.9.205-12-20091 78000
Widgets2Editor (Dragan Vuletic)
description plugin | | |
Enables inserting of almost all widgets output into the visual editor, as static HTML blocks, witch can be changed once inserted into editor.
2.8.604-12-20091 21900
WP-Filler (DanRice)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you insert filler text into any page or post (Lorum Ipsum standard).
Show Future Posts on Single Post (Stanley Dumanig)
description plugin | | |
Lets you show Future or Schedule Post on Single Posts. It also enables comments for future posts.
2.9.204-12-20094 9631003
Improved Plugin Installation (ImprovingTheWeb)
description plugin | | |
Allows for plugin installation simply by submitting the wordpress plugin name or URL. Also includes a bookmarklet.
2.9.204-12-200913 81400
Add Users Sidebar Widget (OLT UBC)
description plugin | | |
Creates a sidebar widget that allows site users to add themselves to a blog based on predefined conditions.
2.703-12-20096 97900
South Africa Sociable Plugin (Justin Hartman)
description plugin | | |
Automatically add links on your posts to popular South African and International social bookmarking sites.
2.9.203-12-20094 34300
Gatorpeeps Tools (Afrigator)
description plugin | | |
Gatorpeeps Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Gatorpeeps account.
2.9.203-12-20091 13200
Jini WPMU Blog Control (Scott Faisal)
description plugin | | |
Allows site admins to set a limit on blogs allowed to be created per user. Applies both to blogs at registration or after a user has been registered.
Url Tokens in Post Content (Talha Anwer)
description plugin | | |
Url Tokens for Post Content Replaces Tokens like %upload_path% with environment specific upload url.
Dev and Staging Environment Plugin (Matthew O'Riordan)
description plugin | | |
Provides developers with the ability to run separate Dev and Staging environments without having to manually change configuration settings.
2.8.603-12-20091 04700
Google Map V3 for IDN (Raphael Berrhoun)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will embed a google map using shortcode or as a widget. This plugin is a different version of Simple Google Map. It enables to insert maps
2.8.503-12-20097 81600
Lyza Loop (Lyza D. Gardner)
description plugin | | |
Quickly code custom loops with re-usable templates and useful variables. Easier custom loops for theme developers.
Comment-Images (Trevor Fitzgerald)
description plugin | | |
Comment Image Embedder is a very simple plugin that, once installed, lets your visitors add an image to their comments.
2.9.202-12-200913 08600
MakeMeHappy (MakeMeHappy)
description plugin | | |
Acest plug-in va ajuta sa publicati listele de cadouri din MakeMeHappy in blogul vostru ca si widget intr-un bara laterala ---------------------------
PeoplePond Online Identity Widget (Al Castle)
description plugin | | |
Extends the reach of your PeoplePond profile & verified identity. Displays a badge detailing who you are & where you can be found.
2.802-12-20091 32700
Weather Postin' (Matthew Richmond)
description plugin | | |
Saves current weather information when a post is published. Weather information is then displayed after the post's contents.
2.8.602-12-20092 20200
Andy's Crumbs (Andrew Bellamy)
description plugin | | |
Allows for breadcrumbs in a Wordpress Installation with little effort.
2.8.602-12-20091 19200
Submit to Any for WordPress (Jonathan Ellse)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is for bookmarking your posts into many popular bookmarking sites and giving readers the chance to subscribe to subscribe to your feed.
2.8.602-12-20093 86600
uuHello Search Integration on BuddyPress (Mark Ma)
description plugin | | |
uuHello is a Vertical search engine. expert at Travel, Live, Shopping and e-Commerce domain. uuHello Search Integration on BuddyPress(http://usi.uuhe
Open Post (Naif Amoodi)
description plugin | | |
Open post plugin allows anonymous unregistered users to comment on selected posts, when you have a register to comment blog.
3.0.502-12-20091 28200
Sweet URLs (mrbuom)
description plugin | | |
Clean permalink
WP Plugin Installer (Pete Mall)
description plugin | | |
Allows the user to install the development version of a plugin for testing purposes.
2.8.601-12-20091 44400
Share on Orkut (Gautam)
description plugin | | |
Adds the Share on Orkut button at the end of each post.
2.8.601-12-20091 99700
Yahoo News Feed (Vladimir Prelovac)
description plugin | | |
Yahoo News Feed allows the news from your site to appear automatically in Yahoo News.
2.9.201-12-20097 18900
Link 2 Wiki (互动百科)
description plugin | | |
Category Sub-Blogs (Michael Shynar)
description plugin | | |
Partition your blog into several sub-blogs using categories. This allows for supplying a unified blog in addition to "specialized" sub-blogs.
2.8.601-12-20091 33700
Kanema Images On Demand (Eduardo Pacheco)
description plugin | | |
Let the pictures on your blog loaded only on demand, ie, the User is only charging what you want, making browsing faster and saves bandwidth. Also wor
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