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TagCloud html5 (Bjoern Teichmann)
description plugin | | |
Tag cloud on html5 steroids based on tagcanvas-JS from http://www.goat1000.com
2.9.208-06-20106 43900
dtSlider (Daniel Morrison)
description plugin | | |
Quick and easy shortcode implementation of Niall Doherty's Coda-Slider 2.0 http://www.ndoherty.biz/.
3.0.508-06-20101 76900
Encoding.com WordPress Plugin (Encoding.com)
description plugin | | |
Encoding.com WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add video into your blog.
2.9.208-06-20102 16500
Hikari Enhanced Comments (Hikari)
description plugin | | |
Comments are enhanced with new features that make them more visible and becoming more exciting in website structure.
2.9.208-06-20106 58600
WP-Sphinn It (michellemacphearson)
description plugin | | |
Adds a "Sphinn It" button to your blog posts so people can vote for you dynamically at Sphinn.com. Allows custom configuration of button position on
WP-PlugIM (michellemacphearson)
description plugin | | |
Adds a "Plug This" button to your blog posts so people can vote for you dynamically (never leaving your site) at PlugIM.com. Allows custom configurat
Random Thumbs (Gabriel Lucas)
description plugin | | |
Este plugin cria blocos com o conteúdo de alguns posts capturados aleatoriamente e os exibe também aleatoriamente.Uma forma de chamar a
AJAXed Twitter for Wordpress (Alexander Hofbauer)
description plugin | | |
AJAXed Twitter for Wordpress displays your public timeline in your blog.
3.0.507-06-20102 22700
Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers (Keith Dsouza)
description plugin | | |
Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers allows users to notify unconfirmed subscribers from FeedBurner email subscriptions.
2.9.207-06-20104 956201
NEVISTAS News (Hotel News Resource)
description plugin | | |
Displays news items from selectable Nevistas News RSS feeds, inline, as a widget or in a theme. Multiple feeds allowed. Caching.
2.9.207-06-20101 58500
InvestorGuide.com Stock Ticker Link (InvestorGuide.com)
description plugin | | |
This plugin automatically looks for ticker symbols like (AAPL) or (GOOG) and link the tickers to investing research pages at InvestorGuide.com
2.9.207-06-20101 97600
DTM iCal Events Agenda (Kevin Lanteri & Nicolas Bui)
description plugin | | |
Manage a full iCal-like Calendar within your blog. Powered by the fantastic works of Stefano Verna and Maarten Hus, now completely integrated with wor
3.0.507-06-20102 66700
Buhsl Captcha (Gennadiy Bukhmatov)
description plugin | | |
Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form. WPMU and BuddyPress compatible.
2.9.207-06-20101 62700
addPostFooter (Georgi "Joro" Kodinov)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows plugging HTML or a result of evaluating PHP code as a footer after the post body in the single post display window.
3.0.006-06-20102 11700
Object Collections (Frankie Roberto)
description plugin | | |
Adds 'objects' as a type of page you can edit within Wordpress. Suitable for use by collectors or small museums.
Soup.io feed (Matt Hammond)
description plugin | | |
The soup.io feed widget plugin allows you to place a feed from your soup.io account in the sidebar. Simply set your soup.io username in widget setting
Quick Amazon MP3 Clips (Josh Highland)
description plugin | | |
Add an Amazon MP3 Clip player to your posts. Just add [mp3 artist="ARTIST NAME" album="ALBUM NAME"] anywhere you want.
3.0.506-06-20101 54900
Blogger Chat (Cruelty Graves)
description plugin | | |
Ein Plugin, dass einen Java-Chat auf pjIRC-Basis im Dashboard generiert. Es bietet Zugang zum #bloggerchat auf freenode.
2.9.206-06-20102 74800
Facestream (Peter Hofman)
description plugin | | |
Synchronises facebook with activity stream and back.
WP 2.9.2,04-06-201010 71100
BuddyPress Private Messages for Followers Only (r-a-y)
description plugin | | |
Allow members to send private messages only **if** the recipient is following them. Requires the BuddyPress Followers plugin.
WP 2.9.2 &04-06-20104 0721001
Facebook Social Plugins (Olivier Lussier)
description plugin | | |
Add Facebook social plugins to your blog.
2.9.204-06-201056 4381001
Tiny Table Of Contents - TinyTOC (Marijan Šuflaj)
description plugin | | |
Plugin that enables you to create table of contents in your posts and pages. It's very simple to use from your editor.
2.9.204-06-20103 87400
FriendFeed Status Updater (Saint_Byte)
description plugin | | |
Ru: обновляет статус в соотвествие с вашим постом в wordpress блоге En: updates the status of a match wit
FaceBook Status Updater via email (Saint_Byte)
description plugin | | |
Обновление статус через почту
Bing404 (Cal Evans <cal@blueparabola.com>)
description plugin | | |
Bing404 transforms your standard "We can't find that" to "Maybe one of these is what you are looking for".
2.9.204-06-20103 69700
FormSpring.me Question Widget (Noah Coffey)
description plugin | | |
Easily allows you to place a FormSpring.me question box on your sidebar and a shortcode to display your recently answered questions on any page or pos
3.0.504-06-20105 11600
Yicker-Microblog Tool (LloydSheng)
description plugin | | |
Best tools for sina microblog.
3.0.003-06-20101 04500
TwentyTen: No Max Editor Width (Dion Hulse)
description plugin | | |
TwentyTen is a great new theme for WordPress, However the Visual editor is limited to 640px content width, This restores it to full width editing
03-06-20101 74500
V7N Rss Feed (Guy)
description plugin | | |
Adds a customizeable widget which displays the latest threads from v7n. It can be integrated anywhere in the blog. This newsticker shows up the last f
3.0.503-06-20101 25400
Ajax Comment Preview (Michael D Adams)
description plugin | | |
Visitors to your site can preview their comments with a click of a button.
3.3.203-06-201035 240863
BuddyPress Private Messages for Friends Only (r-a-y)
description plugin | | |
This plugin only allows friends and site administrators to send private messages on your BuddyPress site.
WP 2.9.2 &03-06-20108 5061003
Draft Notifier (Michael D. Adams)
description plugin | | |
Draft Notifier sends a notification email to your blog's admin address when a post written by a Contributor is Submitted for Review.
3.0.503-06-20108 68300
Attachment Page Comment Control (moggy)
description plugin | | |
Gives you the ability to turn comments and pings on or off for individual attachment pages within your media library.
3.0.503-06-20102 23700
Wordpress Event Calendar (TruthMedia Internet Group)
description plugin | | |
Allows complex calendar management
3.0.503-06-201021 35700
youthmedia (Youthmedia team)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to integrate Youthmedia photos into your own site. Currently it supports your personal, your friends and recent-pictures.
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