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Current Date & Time Widget (Chris Jean)
description plugin | | |
Provides a widget that shows the current date and time given a specified timezone and format.
2.5.102-07-200820 79900
AWStats Script (Jorge Garcia de Bustos)
description plugin | | |
Adds the HTML script tag and JS code that AWStats requires to enable collection of browser data like screen size and browser capabilities.
2.5.101-07-20083 0161001
jMaki Accordion (Karthik Bala)
description plugin | | |
It allows you to provide multiple panes and display them one at a time.
01-07-20082 74300
Semimanual Breadcrumbs (Mads Jensen)
description plugin | | |
Displays breadcrumbs as you want it.
Email Protect (John Kolbert)
description plugin | | |
Automatically protects email address in posts, pages, and comments by converting them into safe alternatives (such as an images or obfuscated text) to
2.5.101-07-20084 45200
AS-PDF (Aleksander Stacherski)
description plugin | | |
This plug-in generates PDF documents from posts. Very useful if you plan to share your posts in PDF format
2.5.101-07-200811 34900
Sidebars (Daniel)
description plugin | | |
Create and apply sidebars to certain pages / posts.
2.5.130-06-20084 88000
Rot13 Email Protection (9tree)
description plugin | | |
Protects all email addresses and mailto: links on your blog from email harvesters using rot13 encryption and/or text mode.
2.5.130-06-20082 10800
bhJaikuWidget (Emmanuel Ostertag alias burningHat)
description plugin | | |
Add up to 9 sidebar widgets to display your Jaiku Updates
friendsroll (76design)
description plugin | | |
Let your readers show they are part of your community. Brought to you by Thornley Fallis and 76design.
toplinks (76design / Thornley Fallis Communications)
description plugin | | |
Let your readers show they are part of your community. Brought to you by Thornley Fallis and 76design.
UTF-8 Convertor (Andrei)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is design to convert all the characters that appear on your blog posts to UTF-8 English text only
2.529-06-20081 45500
tWPtter (bochgoch)
description plugin | | |
tWPtter micro-blogging plugin that allows the addition of a micro-post carrying widget or page to your blog.
2.5.129-06-20081 62600
Waktu Solat Malaysia / Malaysia Prayer Times (Muhammad Hafiz Bin Harun @ kurt_penang)
description plugin | | |
Display Malaysia Prayer Times.
-29-06-20081 29100
Datepicker i18n (Dan Coulter)
description plugin | | |
Globally translate your jQuery UI Datepicker instances.
2.729-06-20081 68800
FriendFeed Comments (Glenn Slaven)
description plugin | | |
Puts the comments and likes from FriendFeed on your posts.
2.6.1 blee29-06-20088 87000
Content by Country (Simon Emery)
description plugin | | |
Description: Adds the ability to target post content by a visitor's country location.
2.5128-06-20081 53200
Quick SMS (Martin Fitzpatrick & Alex P. Gates)
description plugin | | |
Quick SMS allows visitors to your blog pages to send you SMS messages direct to your mobile phone, wherever you are.
2.3.328-06-200829 57700
Runescape Profile (Bradley Moore)
description plugin | | |
Have your runescapes characters on your wordpress blog.
WP Euro 2008 (Sven Kubiak)
description plugin | | |
Displays results and games of the UEFO EURO 2008.
2.5.127-06-20083 47100
Clicky Statistics (Eric Leung)
description plugin | | |
A plugin to retrieve Clicky statistics of your website via Clicky API 2.0 with cache supported.
2.5.126-06-20086 30100
FriendFeed Activity Widget (Evan Sims)
description plugin | | |
The FriendFeed Activity Widget is a WordPress widget pulls your FriendFeed stream and shares it with visitors to your blog.
2.5.126-06-20088 74000
Massive Replacer (Sumolari)
description plugin | | |
Massive Replacer lets you replace a string determined by a different.
2.5.126-06-20081 86600
WP From Email (Skullbit.com)
description plugin | | |
Override the default 'WordPress ' from name and email address.
2.5.126-06-200814 4921002
Google SERP Checker WP Plugin (Thamizhchelvan)
description plugin | | |
Will check your serp for the given keyword
2.5.125-06-20083 86000
TFS LOLcat (Ben Millett, Dougal Campbell)
description plugin | | |
A text filter that will convert your posts and comments to LOLcat-style language.
2.8.125-06-20081 09600
BBCode (Viper007Bond)
description plugin | | |
Implements BBCode in posts.
24-06-200815 572801
MediaText Ad Wrap (Jimmy Vu)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin to wrap MediaText zone tags around content and/or comments
Pimp my Feed (Pierre Markuse)
description plugin | | |
Adds Text and/or HTML-Code before and after posts in your Feed. For example a copyright notice or a legal disclaimer.
Baby Countdown Timer WordPress Widget ()
description plugin | | |
Displays a baby countdown timer in your wordpress sidebar.
2.523-06-20081 99900
Revver Video WordPress Plugin (Revver)
description plugin | | |
Videoblogging made easy. Create your own monetized video sharing solution with full user management and user video responses.
2.3.223-06-20088 38200
Daiko's YouTube Widget (Rune Fjellheim)
description plugin | | |
Adds a sidebar widget to display random YouTube videos of your own choice. Uses a ThickBox pop-up player or VideoPlayer widget to play the videos.
2.523-06-200824 48700
Kontera Ad Wrap (Jimmy Vu)
description plugin | | |
Simple plugin to wrap Kontera zone tags around content and/or comments
2.5.123-06-20082 26200
eBay Relevance Ad Integration (Daniel Kemper)
description plugin | | |
Das eBay Relevance Ad Plugin integriert eBay Relevance Ads in Ihren Wordpress Blog
curreX (miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG)
description plugin | | |
curreX is an AJAX powered Currency Conversion widget for WordPress sidebars.
2.5.122-06-20084 292201
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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