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wp-create views (indian-manpower.com)
description plugin | | |
All the information you need about this plugin can be found here: wp-create-view Readme.
1.011-07-20091 17900
YANewsflash (stratosg)
description plugin | | |
YANewsflash (Yet Another Newsflash) plugin helps you create newsflashes in the easiest way possible! Just enter the text (HTML also allowed), the dura
2.811-07-20092 03600
Pushit (mobilstart.se)
description plugin | | |
Pushit is a mobile mash-up that enables SMS recommendations from your Wordpress installation!
2.7.110-07-20091 55200
Link Summarizer (Christoph Erdle)
description plugin | | |
Link Summarizer appends a list of the links referred to in a post at the end of a post automatically. You can also configure the output position when
2.810-07-20096 4751001
WP RSS Cache Flusher (Aaron Russell)
description plugin | | |
WP RSS Cache Flusher is a simple plugin for flushing the Magpie RSS cache from WordPress' database.
2.810-07-20091 58700
play-button (Igor Prochazka)
description plugin | | |
"play-button" lets you place one or more simple mp3 play buttons to your posts, pages or widget contents.
2.8.210-07-20094 82700
Alan Partridge Random Quote (Alex Payne)
description plugin | | |
Alan Partridge hits WordPress! To show a random quote on your site just put <?php alanpartridge_quote(); ?> in your template.
Remote Database Backup (Binny V A)
description plugin | | |
Lets you create and download SQL dumps of your wordpress database for backup.
2.810-07-200927 15100
Grooveshark Widget (Raul MATEI)
description plugin | | |
This widget offers you a simple way to integrate Grooveshark Widget into your Wordpress sidebar.
2.8.110-07-20092 52100
Twitter Friends Widget (Paul McCarthy)
description plugin | | |
Displays your Twitter friends with their profile images in the sidebar.
2.7.*10-07-200918 31300
WP Gallery EXIF Reader (Charles Jones)
description plugin | | |
Extract EXIF information when using the gallery shortcode.
2.810-07-20092 33800
Hackadelic Discreet Text Widget (Hackadelic)
description plugin | | |
A smarter text widget that can be used to display table of contents in the sidebar.
2.809-07-20091 24500
Cosmic BP User Signup Password (Brajesh Singh)
description plugin | | |
Cosmic BP User Signup Password plugin allows buddypress site owners to let new user choose their own password at the time of registration.
wpmu 2.7.109-07-20095 08200
Small Pommo Integration (Ulrich Kautz)
description plugin | | |
A Wordress 2 Pommo Implementation
2.8.009-07-20091 57800
Stack Overflow "GamerTag" Style Reputation Widget (Steve Robbins)
description plugin | | |
XBox Live "GamerTag" style widget for displaying your Stack Overflow rep.
2.709-07-20091 85700
List Latest Posts Titles (Sachethan G Reddy)
description plugin | | |
List Latest Posts with Title plugin allows to fetch all latest posts in a given category without any further work.
2.809-07-20091 85700
UK Weather Observations (Clive Publishing)
description plugin | | |
The UK Weather Observations plugin for WordPress displays recent local weather observations based on RSS feeds published by the BBC.
2.809-07-20092 33100
Flash Hangman Game (Petre Anghel)
description plugin | | |
A cool flash hangman game for your blog. Just create a new post or page and enter the tag [HANGMAN] .
09-07-20093 286201
GTalk (Anshi Solutions)
description plugin | | |
A Gadget that brings Gtalk on your website
2.709-07-20091 77300
NFCBC SEO Light (Oliver Bockelmann)
description plugin | | |
Nofollow Case by Case light version for Comment Author URLs only: No link for very small comments, nofollow link for small comments, follow links for
09-07-20091 24100
Custom Rel (John Leavitt)
description plugin | | |
This plugin lets you set your own values for the link relations 'next' and 'prev' which appear in the head part of your posts.
PR Checker (Stratos Geroulis)
description plugin | | |
PR Checker makes link list building easier than ever.
2.808-07-20092 03700
Random Code Generator (Joe Casabona)
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin that genrates a random string of characters and stores it in a database. Good for generating promotional codes
Add To digg (John Osborne)
description plugin | | |
This places an add to digg button to the bottom of a post.
2.807-07-20091 10900
WP-Menu (Vizion Interactive, Inc)
description plugin | | |
Customizable hook to pull Page Navigation into a theme. Page Exclusion, Inclusion, Site Map, Top Level, Secondary menus and more
2.8.207-07-200914 03100
Planet Wordpress (Anil Makhijani)
description plugin | | |
This plugin automatically creates a Planet configuration file from your wordpress links section.
WordPress Wordle (Murray Woodman)
description plugin | | |
Outputs text based on tags in your blog suitable for pasting into the Wordle form. The plugin provides a shortcode and a template tag.
2.806-07-20092 04000
Spam-Free Contact Form (Nischal Maniar)
description plugin | | |
Spam Free Contact Form Plugin.
2.806-07-20093 66100
OnLoad'er (Morten Høybye Frederiksen)
description plugin | | |
A shortcode for loading content via AJAX on page load with a spinning load indicator.
2.806-07-20091 00000
AccessQontrol (Arnan de Gans)
description plugin | | |
To make your site private, or not...
2.906-07-20099 58100
WP2Laconica (Original author Gary Jones mod by bm9ib2r5)
description plugin | | |
WP2Laconica generates updates for laconica.
wp-wave-shortcodes (Joshua French)
description plugin | | |
Gives you a shortcode to embed a Wave in your WordPress page/post.
2.9.206-07-20091 47200
Web Music (Ignacio Cuppi)
description plugin | | |
Web Music is a plugin for Wordpress that lets you insert music players or recordings in your blog post. This makes it easy to add music to the post in
2.706-07-200910 32000
WG Twitter Widget (Marco Buttarini)
description plugin | | |
Twitter Widget Highly configurable, with image and last twit of users
2.806-07-20094 06700
twittifier (DaHouseCat)
description plugin | | |
Notifica a tus Followers en Twitter cuando haz escrito un nuevo post.
2.806-07-20091 11800
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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