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WP Replacer (ykjsw)
description plugin | | |
Automatic replace the post content
3.0.501-08-20103 28000
Feed Wrangler (Ivan Kanevski)
description plugin | | |
FeedWrangler is a utility for creating and editing custom feeds.
3.0.501-08-201023 39900
Custom Content Types (Ian Whitcomb)
description plugin | | |
Create and manage custom content types from the back-end of WordPress
3.0.531-07-20106 45500
BP Move Topics (Normen Hansen)
description plugin | | |
Lets you move all forum topics from one forum to another.
WP 3.0, BP31-07-20101 69000
doarmoip (Andre Luiz)
description plugin | | |
Requer at least:3.0 testado ate: 3.0.2 Tag: 3.0 estavel
31-07-20101 46200
Gouel (Laurian Verré)
description plugin | | |
Gouel provides an interface to create maps linked with your posts.
Thesis Footer Tool (GrandSlambert)
description plugin | | |
Provides a simple way to manage items in and around the footer of a Thesis Theme.
3.0.531-07-20104 82000
WP AutoBuzz (Godlessons)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to automatically add full posts to Google Buzz
3.0.531-07-20102 30200
Cool Ryan Easy Popups (Cool Ryan)
description plugin | | |
Add beautiful unblockable popups to entice your readers with messages, opt-ins, and more!
3.0.531-07-20108 53900
Wipe slideshow gallery (Prasanna)
description plugin | | |
This Vertical scroll slideshow gallery v2 plug-in will create the vertical scrolling image slideshow gallery at side sidebar widget see live demo.
3.0.531-07-20101 00900
Network Ping (Sean Fisher)
description plugin | | |
Network standard ping list, for WordPress.
3.0.531-07-20102 57100
Flash Media Playback (Peter Elst)
description plugin | | |
The Flash Media Playback plugin allows you to easily embed a video component hosted by Adobe based on the Open Source Media Framework ().
3.0.531-07-20104 64300
Silverlight Media Player for WordPress (Tim Heuer)
description plugin | | |
Silverlight Media Player for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify media URL (either normal download or Smooth Streaming) to embed video in the
3.0.030-07-20102 67100
RTLer (Louy Alakkad)
description plugin | | |
This plugin, RTLer, generates the RTL stylesheet for you from your theme's 'style.css' or any other CSS file.
3.0.530-07-20109 9271002
Twitter Trackbacks Bar (Alecsy)
description plugin | | |
Twitter Trackbacks Bar is plugin to integrate tweets that mention your post into your blog. It separates the trackbacks and the pings of comments.
WP Gold Charts (Gold.de)
description plugin | | |
Mit WP Gold Charts lassen sich im Artikel/in der Seite und in der Sidebar aktuelle Charts von den Edelmetallen Gold und Silber anzeigen.
3.0.530-07-20102 33200
description plugin | | |
With this plugin you can insert a search form hotels Booking.com.
2.130-07-20102 69600
qoate-all-in-one-box ()
description plugin | | |

Adds a box in one of the corners of the window, where a custom message can be shown.

Undo Publish (ign)
description plugin | | |
Undo Publish let's you stop posts from being published for a few seconds after publishing.
Contributors Plugin for SEO (SEO ORG)
description plugin | | |
Plugin to allow blog owners to reward regular posters with a backlink.
YouTube Uploader (Dan Harabor)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to upload your videos on youtube without leaving wordpress. Useful especially for video blogging sites.
3.0.529-07-201014 187201
WP Post Type UI (Henrik Urlund)
description plugin | | |
Admin UI for creating dynamic post types and taxonomies in WordPress
3.0.529-07-20106 14400
WP Internal Mail (GRX3)
description plugin | | |
WP-Internal-Mail is a web-based mail system similar to gmail, yahoo, etc, without a pop interface. It will transform your site into a mailbox using p
2.129-07-20101 79600
Word Definition Links (Nicolas Bouliane)
description plugin | | |
Inserts subtle links to definitions, Wiki articles and translations of words in multiple languages using short tags.
IE6 Support for Twenty Ten Theme (Alexei Teplyakov)
description plugin | | |
This plugin brings Internet Explorer 6 support for the new default Wordpress theme Twenty Ten.
3.2.129-07-20103 66000
Enable Site Ping WPMU (Sean Fisher)
description plugin | | |
Enable site ping for a WPMU site.
3.0.529-07-20103 12500
Nicer Permalinks for Korean (Art Shim )
description plugin | | |
A simple plugin to remove encoded permalink which directly encoded from title in Korean
Metamatic for WordPress (metamatic.net)
description plugin | | |
Simple friend list and friend feed functionality.
Qik Stream (Dan Perron)
description plugin | | |
A small plugin that adds your live stream from Qik.com to your sidebar.
2.8.428-07-20101 87800
Notes TermControl (David Mårtensson)
description plugin | | |
Control which HTML tags that can be used in term descriptions. *(Terms are for example post tags or post descriptions).*
Random Post Box (Mattias Wirf)
description plugin | | |
The Random Post Box plugin places a box anywhere on the blog, where it loads random posts one-after-the-other.
3.0.528-07-20104 92500
EasyQR (Muhammad Jauhari Bin Saealal)
description plugin | | |
This plug in allow you to display your contact information (or other) in QR Code form.Just drag the widget into suitable location and you're done.
3.0.828-07-20101 54600
Category Post List (James Wilkes)
description plugin | | |
Gives a complete list of categories and all the posts in them.
3.0.528-07-201013 1881002
DeleteCustom (Marta Garabatos)
description plugin | | |
DeleteCustom helps you to delete the custom fields of your posts. Very easy to install and use.
3.0.528-07-20103 92100
Auto Subscribe RSS Feed (Julian Widya Perdana)
description plugin | | |
Automatically prompt subsription message to promote and make visitor subscribe your feed every they post a new comment
3.*28-07-20106 61700
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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