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Blogthis (J-P Stacey)
description plugin | | |
Adds a set of blog-this links: links to digg, del.icio.us and technorati by default. The images reside in wp-content/plugins/blogthis-icons/ and need
10-11-20062 16700
Page Dump (Trevor Turk)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to dump the content of your Wordpress Pages onto a single webpage. Enable the plugin and append "?page_dump=1" to your site's U
Blicki (Automattic)
description plugin | | |
Blog + Wiki = Blicki
03-11-20063 09600
Per post anonymous comments (Choan C. Gálvez <choan.galvez@gmail.com>)
description plugin | | |
Per post anonymous comments is a plugin that allows bypassing the "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" for specific posts and pages.
02-11-20062 36400
Down on me (Choan C. Galvez <choan@alice.0z0ne.com>)
description plugin | | |
Rewrites the header tags in your posts one level down. To be used in multipost pages.
My Technorati Tag Cloud (Matt Ericson)
description plugin | | |
This will download your technorati tags and display them as a tag cloud
23-10-20061 40300
Technorati Blog Roll (Matt Ericson)
description plugin | | |
This will include your favorites from Technorati
Filosofo Enroll Comments (Austin Matzko)
description plugin | | |
Filosofo Enroll Comments lets users sign up to receive emails when new comments appear.
23-10-20061 30500
Filosofo Home-Page Control (Austin Matzko)
description plugin | | |
Allows you to put pages on the same permalink level as the blog's directory and to set which page you want to be the "home" page. Go to Options &raqu
23-10-200610 97600
IMAP Authentication (Norman Rasmussen)
description plugin | | |
Authenticate users using IMAP authentication. WARNING: Make sure the secret key is non-blank, otherwise anyone will be able to login as a valid user b
Dashboard Tiddly (Andy Smith)
description plugin | | |
Dashboard Tiddly is a plugin to add a TiddlyWiki (http://tiddlywiki.com) to your dashboard.
05-10-20061 36200
JAW Popular Posts Widget (Thomas Watson Steen)
description plugin | | |
Adds a sidebar widget that shows the most popular posts. Requires the Sidebar Widgets plugin from Automattic and the Popularity Contest plugin by Alex
26-09-20066 95300
Multiple Authors (Mark Jaquith)
description plugin | | |
Obsolete multi-author plugin. Use Co-Authors or Co-Authors Plus instead.
26-09-20065 23100
Page Hover Titles (Mark Jaquith)
description plugin | | |
Lets you set a "hover_title" custom value that will be the text shown in the "title" element of page links when using the wp_list_pages() function.
26-09-20061 42600
DokuPress (Tiago Bilou)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows one to use the Dokuwiki Markup in an post by encapsulating it within a <wiki> tag
description plugin | | |
Display links to your network profiles in WordPress
WordPress From/Where (Elliott Back)
description plugin | | |
Logs requests from search engines and determines what keywords are being used to find your posts!
26-07-20061 01600
DjVu-Integration (Tony Wieczorek)
description plugin | | |
Adds the ability to easily manage large volumes of DjVu files for the display of scanned documents.
Top Categories (Bill Rawlinson)
description plugin | | |
Display your top x categories by post where x is the number of categories you want to display
2.516-06-20061 68200
Travelog Plugin (swift)
description plugin | | |
Travelog adds a geographic dimension to WordPress by helping you keep track of the places you've been. You can create trips, add locations to posts ("
15-06-20061 17900
Flickr Widget (Donncha O Caoimh)
description plugin | | |
A widget which will display your latest Flickr photos.
12-06-200646 600801
Filosofo Old-Style Upload (Austin Matzko)
description plugin | | |
Filosofo Old-Style Upload restores for WordPress 2.0+ the Upload feature found in earlier versions.
09-05-20062 56100
Holler (majelbstoat)
description plugin | | |
Holler is a customisable contact form that uses AJAX to send messages without leaving the current page. It can be configured to send to a choice of a
02-05-20064 78900
Library Thing widget (Chris Rose)
description plugin | | |
Adds a sidebar widget to display your LibraryThing widget
09-04-20062 01500
Search All (Cori Schlegel)
description plugin | | |
Adds capability to search pages, attachments, draft posts, and comments to the WP default search, with an admin console to contol options.
08-04-20062 69500
HTML-Tidy (m0n5t3r)
description plugin | | |
Clean and format the post using HTML Tidy
05-04-20061 85900
Search Docs (Owen Winkler, Andrew Sutherland)
description plugin | | |
Get Codex and WordPress Support Forum search results directly in any page of the Admin panel. This plugin is a collaborative effort of Owen Winkler an
03-04-20063 52000
Blogger API Client (Ryan Lee)
description plugin | | |
Re-posts published posts to anything that implements the Blogger API (such as Blogger itself or Drupal) with directions back to the original Wordpress
27-03-20061 51900
Content-negotiation (m0n5t3r)
description plugin | | |
Automatically select the best content type based on what the browser accepts
X-Valid (majelbstoat)
description plugin | | |
This plugin attempts to take arbitrary posts and comments and transform them into valid XHTML, a standard that describes how web-pages should be writt
23-03-20063 46500
Image Replacement (Glenn Slaven)
description plugin | | |
Use javascript to replace html tags with images to create image headlines.
23-03-20062 69900
Image2Post (Constantinos Kouloumbris)
description plugin | | |
This is just an update so thinks will work with the new version of Wordpress 2.0.1. It has not been tested on any other version. If you are updating f
21-03-20061 17300
WP-Mail-Validator (Marcus Kimpenhaus)
description plugin | | |
WP-Mail-Validator could be configured to take a 3 step mail validation: 1. syntax 2. host 3. mx-record of mailserver.
18-03-20061 44400
SpamKit Plugin (Michael Cutler)
description plugin | | |
Prototype, uses Time-Based-Tokens in the comment form [by Gerard Calderhead]. If Wordpress receives a comment-post without the token, or with an inval
Extrainc (mck)
description plugin | | |
Allows for user specified files to be automatically included. This prevents the need to edit the actual WordPress files and any errors due to upgradi
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