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WordDraw (Evgen Burzak)
description plugin | | |
WordDraw enables you and your visitors to draw comments.
3.0.506-10-20102 08900
Wave a 3D Flag (Jörg Sontag)
description plugin | | |
Show your opinion with your flag. This Widget shows a 3D-Flag of an Image that you want to show.
1.006-10-20102 01200
Like in Vk.com (Ilya Chekalskiy)
description plugin | | |
Добавляет к постам виджет «Мне нравится» из социальной сети ВКонтакте (vk.com).
3.3.206-10-20107 30000
Ajax Login/Register (jesox)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides a smooth way for the user to login and register at any wordpress site
3.0.505-10-201030 52500
Liebeszitat (SingleboerseVergleich.com)
description plugin | | |
Displays a random Love is... quote (in German). Stellt ein zufaelliges Liebe ist... Zitat dar.
Plugin Name: Add To Bohemiaa (Bohemiaa Social)
description plugin | | |
Plugin Name: Add To Bohemiaa Version: 1.1 Plugin URI: http://www.bohemiaa.com/ Description: Adds a footer link to add the current post or page to a Bo
Wikio Buttons (Wikio)
description plugin | | |
Install Wikio buttons on your blog!
3.0.505-10-20106 73200
CGM Event Calendar (Ryan Farrell)
description plugin | | |
Creates a classes and events calendar for your site. Handles repeating entries and provides multiple views.
3.0.505-10-201017 10200
Add To Bohemiaa (Bohemiaa)
description plugin | | |
Plugin Name: Add To Bohemiaa Version: 1.1 Plugin URI: http://www.bohemiaa.com/ Description: Adds a footer link to add the current post or page to a Bo
EURAXESS Jobs Vacancies (Euraxess)
description plugin | | |
EURAXESS Widgets are small applications bringing EURAXESS functionalities to your website.
3.0.505-10-20101 05500
Kreditkarten Validierung (Stefan Spirkl)
description plugin | | |
Kreditkarten Validierung in Wordpress
ImgCache (Iron_Feet)
description plugin | | |
Cache the imgs from other domains. 为其他站点下的图片作缓存。
wp-simplepasswordchange (Frederic VUONG)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.1
wp-simplemeetingconfirmation (Frederic VUONG)
description plugin | | |
Version: 1.8.3
3.0.505-10-20103 88700
Custom Post Type Category Pagination Fix (jdantzer)
description plugin | | |
Fixes 404 error when attempting to view paginated custom post type category listing page greater than one
3.0.505-10-20108 93100
Easy Tickets (Paxman)
description plugin | | |
Plugin that enables simple support ticket system.
3.0104-10-20101 64400
Selective status list (publicvoid)
description plugin | | |
Widget shows list of tweets from specified user which are marked by a specified keyword.
Easy Reader (Greg Priday)
description plugin | | |
Easy Reader is a WordPress plugin that lets your readers open an easy to read version of your blog posts.
3.0.504-10-20101 47200
Genesis Layout Manager (WPChildThemes)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to modify Genesis Theme Framework layout for homepage, singular, archive, search, and 404 pages via Genesis theme settings.
3.0.504-10-20106 40300
Genesis Footer (WPChildThemes)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to modify Genesis-powered-website footer via Genesis theme settings.
3.0.504-10-201018 48200
Plugin Name ()
description plugin | | |
jQuery Delivery Boy (Ian Huet - http://www.kestrelid.com)
description plugin | | |
Version 0.3 Loads a CDN hosted jQuery library or reverts to the local jQuery library. There is also a Settings screen for adjusting which script it a
KK Tip Tricks (Krzysztof Furtak)
description plugin | | |
Plugin displays randome messages such as quotations, tips &tricks, newsflash in any place on a webpage.
3.0.504-10-20101 28200
Archivist (Ben Huson)
description plugin | | |
Gives you a few extra function for the archives widget including limiting the amount of archives to show and wether you want to display yearly, monthl
3.3.204-10-20101 79900
Facebook iLike (Tierra Innovation)
description plugin | | |
Facebook iLike is a powerful tool that allows you to utilize the new "Facebook Like" functionality within your WordPress install.
3.0.504-10-201013 79600
Dynamic Headers (Dan Cannon)
description plugin | | |
Dynamic Headers does just what you think it would based on the name - it allows you to create highly dynamic header space on your WordPress site.
3.0.504-10-2010157 9671002
Tweet Lovers (Jacco)
description plugin | | |
Tweet Lovers shows the Twitter profile pictures of the ones you are following or your followers in a widget.
3.3.203-10-20102 37500
Bluemelon gallery (bluemelon)
description plugin | | |
This plugin provides an easy and efficient way how to connect with your bluemelon gallery.
3.0.503-10-20105 13000
Scripts Gzip (Edward Hevlund)
description plugin | | |
A Wordpress plugin to merge and compress the CSS and JS links on the page.
3.0.503-10-201030 471964
WP-Amazon-Search widget (Zahid Khan)
description plugin | | |
Add slick looking Amazon Search widgets to your blog posts in a brain-dead simple way! Just say [search] to add a Search widget anywhere on your blog.
2.503-10-20102 58600
Hikari Featured Comments (Hikari)
description plugin | | |
It adds 3 new custom fields to comments (Featured, Buried, Children buried), allowing you to add special properties to each of them.
3.0.503-10-20101 72700
WordPress Publication Repository (Joan Junyent)
description plugin | | |
It allows to manage a publication repository and exposes metadata in order to be indexed by Google Scholar
3.0.503-10-20101 3421001
WP-TweetButton Plus (unijimpe)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allow insert Tweet Button on your blog or site.
3.0.503-10-20102 56300
Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar (Patrick Cohen (pcwriter))
description plugin | | |
This plugin aggregates all Buddypress directory and Wordpress page links into the BP Adminbar. All BP pages are collected in a Community dropdown, and all WP pages appear in dropdowns that respect whatever page order you have set in your WP backend. As of this version, you can also use this plugin simply to style your adminbar without adding anything to it.
WordPress03-10-20107 51200
elFinder (studio 42 + jibiel)
description plugin | | |
Operate your files right from Wordpress admin panel using gorgeous elFinder.
3.0.503-10-20104 91600
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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