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Add UROK.su Catalog (UROK.su XML Team)
description plugin | | |
Этот плагин добавляет каталог видеороликов из UROK.su на ваш сайт.
HexoSearch Button (HexoSearch)
description plugin | | |
HexoSearch button allows visitors to vote for your blog posts to boost their ranking in HexoSearch - the world's first flash-actionscript search engin
Styled Pagination (Chris Kruse)
description plugin | | |
Add simple pagination to your site with images and display Text (PAGE 1 OF 21)
2.829-07-20093 51400
FriendFeed Widget (Adrián Moreno Peña)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to add a sidebar widget to your theme where you can show a list of your recent online activity, with the data provided by Frien
2.8.229-07-20092 19100
Category Teaser (Craig P Jolicoeur)
description plugin | | |
Displays the excerpt from the latest post in a certain category with link to full post
2.8.229-07-20091 73500
WordPal (Dan O'Riordan)
description plugin | | |
Now you can turn your wordpress blog into a money-making membership site. Charge for subscription membership, to read posts etc. Support is via Eagleh
28-07-20091 38300
Akismet Spam Counter Widget (Ben Bewick)
description plugin | | |
A sidebar widget that allows custom display of the amount of spam blocked by akismet.
2.8.228-07-20092 44700
Post-Ticker (Chris Wright)
description plugin | | |
Inserts a scrolling text banner (or ticker) with Entries or Comments RSS feeds, or a more selective list of posts
2.728-07-200911 09500
Blippr Reviews (Andrea Olivato)
description plugin | | |
Unofficial Mashable like Blippr plugin that lets users review anything directly from your blog.
Bluesky Feed ()
description plugin | | |
Bluesky Feed WordPress plugin allows users to add feed to many social feed sites, mostly in Chinese.
Bookable Events (Francesca 'sefran' Secondo)
description plugin | | |
Plugin that makes a post 'bookable', using the custom fields.
2.7.127-07-20092 96600
Shockingly Big IE6 Warning (matias s)
description plugin | | |
A shockingly BIG or SMALL warning popup with customizable message about the dangers of using IE6. And now an option to crash IE6.
2.8.227-07-200923 03900
Stumble! for WordPress (Brendon Boshell)
description plugin | | |
Stumble! for WordPress extends WordPress to support a "random article" feature, similar to StumbleUpon's StumbleThru. Increases pageviews.
2.827-07-20095 65400
Dubber (Franco Traversaro)
description plugin | | |
This plugin can easily override the translation of WordPress and any other plugin, in order to customize any text of your WP installation.
Selective RSS (Jesse R. Adams (DualTech Services, Inc.))
description plugin | | |
This is a simple Plugin that allows you to embed RSS feed items into Pages or Posts.
2.827-07-20095 94800
Ghost blog (Adam Lai)
description plugin | | |
This plugin would help you ghost some of your blog post,then when you change one, the other ghost version will change automaticly
Ghost blog (Adam Lai)
description plugin | | |
This plugin would help you ghost some of your blog post,then when you change one, the other ghost version will change automaticly
Private WP 2 (Neo Lee)
description plugin | | |
Makes your blog (including RSS feeds) accessible only to logged in users.
2.8.227-07-20094 572601
WP Update Message (Jens Törnell)
description plugin | | |
Add a short note about the latest changes in the current post or page.
2.826-07-20092 19800
Sitemap Generator For WordPress MU (Jiang Jilin)
description plugin | | |
Automatically generate standard XML sitemap for WordPress MU, which supports the protocol including Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Ask.com, and others. No
2.8.126-07-20099 03400
Contextual Partnership Link Advertising Plugin (ContextualPartnership)
description plugin | | |
The Contextual Partnership Plugin allows you to exchange contextual advertising links with hundreds of other quality bloggers completely hands free.
2.826-07-20092 10900
WP-Wurfled (Libor Sigmund)
description plugin | | |
WML and XHTML-MP extension for Wordpress, allowing mobile devices to access your blog.The device recognition is performed by WURFL.
CP Import (John Luetke)
description plugin | | |
Import your College Publisher archives into Wordpress
I recommend (Matt Hart, Arno Grbac)
description plugin | | |
Trust-based marketing widget for WordPress. Promote your blog and increase page relevance by displaying products and services that you (and optionally
2.826-07-20093 50000
Community Ads (Ömer ÜCEL)
description plugin | | |
Yazarların gönderdiği içeriklerde kendi reklamlarının görüntülenmesini sağlamaya yarayan bir eklenti.
bg-import | Импортиране на блогове от Blog.bg и Log.bg (Kaloyan K. Tsvetkov)
description plugin | | |
Прехвърляне от популярни български блог-хостинг услуги в WordPress блогове.
BuddyPress Stats (Jobjörn Folkesson)
description plugin | | |
This plugin adds an admin page with some bar graphs with basic statistics from your BuddyPress installation.
2.8.125-07-20094 75800
Fat Free CRM Lead Form (Bryce McDonnell)
description plugin | | |
A very simple plugin to add a contact form to your WP site that automatically dumps the form submission into your Fat Free CRM
2.8.025-07-20091 20200
Short Post URLS (Dan Cameron of Sprout Venture)
description plugin | | |
Shortened Post URLs for twitter or any other social network that may need a short url. Default short URL is http://siteurl.com/p/175 ( where 175 is th
2.8.225-07-20091 57300
Add Your Comment Link (Aaron Dwyer)
description plugin | | |
Includes an in your face "add your comment" link at the bottom of each of your posts (not pages)
2.8.225-07-20091 54400
Page Style (Vinícius Borriello)
description plugin | | |
Allow pages/categories to have different styles by adding a CSS Class (the Page Name or Category/Tag Slug) to the BODY
2.8.424-07-20091 94400
etruel Stock in list for eshop plugin (etruel)
description plugin | | |
Plugin for eshop plugin. Show a clickable "out of Stock" in one column in the list of posts then you do not need edit a post for change this value.
2.8.224-07-20093 03800
Digg me plugin (Ian Sani)
description plugin | | |
This plugin will automatically add digg button to all your post. See the demo here.
2.6.524-07-20091 27400
Tactile CRM Contact Form (Paul Bain)
description plugin | | |
This plugin allows you to easily push contact form information from Wordpress into your Tactile CRM account. Tactile CRM is a simple, easy to use [CRM
2.8.224-07-20091 86400
WP low Profiler (Robert Mahfoud)
description plugin | | |
*** THIS PLUGIN IS DEPRECATED. PLEASE REPLACE BY WP Hide Post *** - Enables you to write "low profile" posts/pages that are hidden on some parts of yo
2.8.224-07-20093 20700
Plugin NameTestedUpdatedDownloadsRating %Rated By
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