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Bid13 Auction Feed (Bid13 Storage Auctions)
description plugin | | |
This plugin uses the bid13.com API to pull a feed of auctions and display them.
Helpful Features (OXSN)
description plugin | | |
We help make WordPress easier through a series of helpful features.
Quiz Importer Plugin (Prasad Tumula)
description plugin | | |
WP Quiz Importer plugin can import MS Word quiz questions into wordpress quiz providers such as WpProQuiz, LearnPress, LearnDash, and Quiz and Survey …
Saphali LiqPay for donate (Saphali)
description plugin | | |
Stable tag: trunk License: GPLv2 or later License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
RT_Goods (RT_Goods)
description plugin | | |
Redtram Goods Informer is an ad unit that consists of an image, brief description and price of a product or service. This kind of advertising has a hi …
File Manager (mndpsingh287)
description plugin | | |
File Manager provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders.
4.8.118-08-2017168 7828658
EchBay Admin Security (Dao Quoc Dai)
description plugin | | |
Protect Your Website Admin Against Hackers & Modify Login Page Design ( Nhiệm vụ: chặn mọi truy cập trực tiếp vào trang quản trị wordpress dưới dạ …
Gravity PDF (Gravity PDF)
description plugin | | |
Automatically generate, email and download PDF documents with Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF.
4.8.118-08-2017216 33598152
Quttera Web Malware Scanner (Quttera team)
description plugin | | |
The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin scans your WordPress website for known and unknown malware…
4.8.118-08-2017270 3008424
Page Title Splitter (Chris Steman)
description plugin | | |
Lets you set breakpoints on your title for your posts, pages and custom post type page without having to add html tags to the title in the textfield.
4.8.118-08-20171 49500
Agoda Affiliate Partners Text Link Generator (Agoda)
description plugin | | |
This tool was built so that our affiliate partners can easily generate text links in…
WP Simple Iconfonts (awethemes)
description plugin | | |
A dead simple, icon fonts manager for WordPress. Provides integration for icon bundles and icon providers throughout WordPress.
Tabulate (Sam Wilson)
description plugin | | |
Manage relational tabular data using the full power of your MySQL database. CSV import/export; access-control; foreign-keys; and lots more.
4.8.118-08-201710 6491005
WP IMAP Auth (A. Parecki, R. Magliocchetti, L. Schmid, M. Müller)
description plugin | | |
Use IMAP accounts to login in to WordPress. Replaces the regular authentication.
Persian Gravity Forms (hannansoft)
description plugin | | |
Persian Gravity Forms
4.8.018-08-201742 6799415
First Order Discount Woocommerce (WooExtend)
description plugin | | |
First Order Discount Woocommerce allows admin to offer discount to their customers on their first…
Planaby Shows and Events Widget (Planaby)
description plugin | | |
Simplify event promotion with Planaby Widgets on your website. Post once to planaby.com and events are also listed in the mobile app, your site and un …
Logic Hop (Logic Hop)
description plugin | | |
Logic Hop brings the power of personalization to WordPress. Now you can automate your website to show the right content, to the right person, at the …
bbPress Notify (No Spam) (Vinny Alves (UseStrict Consulting))
description plugin | | |
This is a modification of the original bbPress-Notify plugin, after several failed attempts to contact the author requesting that he add the no-spam c …
4.8.118-08-201742 6689816
Frontend Dashboard (vinoth06)
description plugin | | |
Frontend Dashboard is bundled with huge list of custom features which can easily customise the User profile, Posts, Login, Register, Custom roles on c …
Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita (vCita.com)
description plugin | | |
Let clients book appointments & services on you website - get more bookings and business with the #1 online scheduling system out there.
4.8.117-08-2017230 6597889
LifterLMS Labs (Thomas Patrick Levy, codeBOX LLC)
description plugin | | |
A collection of experimental, conceptual, and possibly silly features which improve and enhance the functionality of the LifterLMS core.
4.8.117-08-20173 7211002
Advance Canonical URL (Usman Ali Qureshi)
description plugin | | |
A WordPress plugin to avoid duplicate content throughout the website with advance settings.
Authorizer (Paul Ryan)
description plugin | | |
Authorizer limits login attempts, restricts access to specified users, and authenticates against external sources (e.g., Google, LDAP, or CAS).
4.8.117-08-201712 8941007
Mroonga (Yasuhiro Horimoto)
description plugin | | |
Fast and rich full text search features for WordPress!
Grid (Palasthotel (in person: Benjamin Birkenhake, Edward Bock, Enno Welbers))
description plugin | | |
Grid is a containerist landingpage editor.
4.8.117-08-201721 6291001
WooCommerce Shipping Pro with Table Rate (XAdapter)
description plugin | | |
User friendly Weight and Country based WooCommerce Shipping Plugin. Dynamic Weight Based Shipping Rates, set Shipping Rate for Country Groups
4.8.117-08-201731 0578216
WooCommerce iDEAL Gateway (HoverDevelopment)
description plugin | | |
Payment gateway for WooCommerce that allows iDEAL via Stripe. This does not require a Chamber of commerce number!
Popup Maker™ – Best Rated (WP Popup Maker)
description plugin | | |
Create any popup imaginable! Customize your popups from head-to-toe and give your site more utility, usability, and conversions.
4.8.117-08-2017952 758981302
Our Team Showcase (Smartcat)
description plugin | | |
The best way to display your employees, team members, or any type of list. Multiple appealing templates,SEO friendly, re-order functionality.
4.8.117-08-2017152 4767031
NativeFeeds (NativeFeeds)
description plugin | | |
Customise WordPress site with product offers feeds.
RumbleTalk Live Group Chat – HTML5 (RumbleTalk Ltd)
description plugin | | |
560,000 websites are already using RumbleTalk HTML Chat room, Join NOW!
4.8.117-08-201783 4518428
feuerball3D – Plugin für 360° Animationen (Florian Bube)
description plugin | | |
This plugin is the easiest way to implement animations which are created with feuerball.design software.
Notificare (Notificare)
description plugin | | |
Smart push notifications for WordPress websites.
LifterLMS (Thomas Patrick Levy, codeBOX LLC)
description plugin | | |
LifterLMS, the #1 WordPress LMS solution, makes it easy to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses.
4.8.117-08-2017102 6898644
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